Reader Feedback from the Storm

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The weekend storm wreaked havoc on Scarsdale, damaging homes and cars and leaving many in the dark. With schools closed, no heat, television or phones, life came to a stop. Fortunately the site stayed up and could be used as a communications vehicle. The Village television channels and email system were down so the Mayor asked us to send out updates to you about what was going on. With roads and communications blocked, it was terrific that users could share information on

Many users sent in comments and photos of the storm to share and here are some of them:

In the words of Ron and Carole Parlato, we were “at war with nature. All we can say is thank you for what we have been given. When you think about the storm on Saturday evening it wasn’t so bad. All of our buildings and toys can be replaced. It makes you think that the most precious assets are our friends, neighbors and family. They are one of a kind and can never be replaced.

We should all appreciate the Scarsdale government, Building Department, Village employees, Police and Firemen who are doing an amazing job to protect the welfare and safety of our community. That you for those wonderful people in our life.” Here is how it looked from their neck of the ‘dale.

Other residents expressed concern for our safety. One reader wrote in, “are the police increasing the patrols of areas that are blacked out? Especially at night during the blackout?”

Some were pleased that was able to keep them informed:

“Thanks so much for your invaluable service in keeping us updated. What a great website and email list you have created. Way to go. Please keep the info coming.”

“What a valuable community service you are providing!”

“Thank you. This is so helpful.” Mayor Carolyn Stevens also sent her thanks "for helping us to get the information out. You have performed a public service."

Other’s sent in pictures of the startling scenes that surrounded them. You can see some of them here.

Thanks to everyone for making your community website.