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Are Village Penalties Out of Whack?

moneyDear Scarsdale10583: Though I love living in Scarsdale, lately I feel that the Village is waiting to fine me excessively for minor offenses.

For the past 20 years, workmen and handymen have parked on the street in front of our home while they worked. However, in the past two months we have received three $30 tickets for parking next to our own front walk. The other morning we pulled the car up in front our house to load it for a big trip – and minutes later a policemen appeared and told us we were to be fined for parking in the wrong direction, as the front of the car was facing the wrong way.

And these fines are not limited to parking at home. Last week I was in the Village and parked on Chase meterRoad in front of the Christie Place Sales Office. I put money in the meter but later found out that one could only park there after 3 PM and was given a ticket. Why is this necessary when construction on Christie Place was completed long ago and the office appeared to be closed. I later found out that three of my daughters friends received parking tickets in the village that same day.

Two friends have told me stories of outrageous fines they received for violating the 15 MPH speed limit in front of the Scarsdale Middle School. One friend was stopped for speeding on a Jewish holiday when the school was closed. He was travelling 40 mph and paid a $400 fine.

Now there’s a new fee to pay. If you violate the watering restrictions, you are subject to a fine of $250 per day. And if you cut down a tree on your own property without a permit, you’ll be assessed $250 per tree; no matter what danger the tree poses to you or your home. And pity the poor landscapers … $100 - $200 fees for using a leaf blower? Where will this end?

Frustrated Taxpayer



Calling All Penn State Students and Alumni

A Penn State Student send off barbecue and cook out for incoming Freshman from Scarsdale and Edgemont High Schools, current PSU students, parents, PSU Alumni and friends will be hosted by Bob ( ' 62 ) and Terri Harrison at their Scarsdale home at 65 Fox Meadow Road on Monday, August 16th from 6 PM to 8:30 PM . There are eight incoming freshmen from Scarsdale High School and several from Edgemont High.

This event will give new PSU students an opportunity to meet with current students and alumni to share stories about Penn State as they join the Penn State Family of over 500,000+ living alumni, known as the Nittany Nation.

Current high school juniors and seniors from Scarsdale and Edgemont High Schools with an interest in attending Penn State are welcome to the event. Bob Harrison has been a volunteer Penn State Alumni recruiter for 19 years and has assisted many area students to achieve their dream of attending Penn State.

For those planning to attend, please RSVP to Bob at 914 725-0962 or



Concerned About Our Greenery

Here is a letter to Scarsdale Trustee Miriam Flissher from a Scarsdale10583 reader:  Dear Trustee Flisser, I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. I am aware of the issues at the Lowell Tooley waterfall sewer basin in Scarsdale and now understand why native vegetation is continually being cut down along the Bronx River Pathway(Greenway) and Parkway.  Unfortunately, I have been sickened by this.  It was my attempt at beautifying and sustaining what did not belong to me,(nor the village, or the county) that made me ill.

I am not looking for you condolences, I am only letting you know that I am disappointed that Scarsdale would willingly put peoples lives in danger. The soil is polluted, and the waters are poisoned.

I am wondering if anyone has truly inspected the Crane Road bridge lately. All you need to do is look at it from the underneath and see the structural problems. The surrounding wetlands around the work area has been devastated and destroyed beyond restoration.

The Popham Road bridge expansion has begun and obviously they are expanding more than just the roadway. Hopefully, they will do a better job than what they have done in the past, here and abroad. It scares me that so much faith is put into one company with such infinite possibilities of disaster.

I only wanted to "greenify" our natural areas, not watch them become a true sewer basin with electrical and gaseous fittings.

Yours truly,
Audrey Castiglione

Construction Noise

This letter was written to the West Quaker Ridge Neighborhood Association by a concerned resident: I live in Quaker Ridge.  I would like to know if anyone has raised the issue of construction noise on the weekends with the town.  The noise we have had this summer certainly rivals and surpasses the leaf blower issue.  And we have regulations in regards to leaf blowers.  

I do not think construction should be permitted on weekends or holidays.  This is what would occur in a condo or coop. I am near the construction site on Crossway and Rural.  The builder has been doing most of the outdoor work on weekends.  With the constant beeping of machines moving materials and dirt back and forth.  This goes on for the whole day and has prevented me and my family from being able to use our backyard.

I would be interested in any information in this regard and if anyone is already working on this issue or how to start.  There are a number of homes in this neighborhood that may be construction sites in the future, mine being one of them. Therefore I think various individuals might also be concerned.  I have already spoken to the town and the police.

Thanks for your response.
Sari Kaminsky

A Night or Two on the Town

After dining at the 808, the hip new hot spot for foodies, my friend Leslie and I strolled over to the new Yogo Joy for dessert. We commented on how great it was that Scarsdale is now blooming with hip new and tasty eateries. Rumor even has it that a new restaurant might be taking over the now vacant Water Works space.

After an evening of wining and dining, we decided to stroll Scarsdale Village. The night was young, but the village was a ghost town. All of the stores were closed.

Bellies full and mildly wine induced (no we weren't driving) we were ready to spend!

Since it was only 9:00pm on a Thursday night, we decided to window shop and with every block we strolled our disappointment grew stronger as we peered into each gone for the day shop.

Wouldn't it be great if on certain evenings during the week the shops opened their doors from say 7:00 to 10:00pm? It would be great for the after dinner crowd and the shops as well.

Going directly home after a great meal is so anticlimactic.

Everyone needs a night...or two on the town.

Just food for thought.

Written by Julie Rosenblatt