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Enjou Chocolat Disappears and Enricos Expands

Add Enjou Chocolat on Garth Road to the ever-growing line-up of disappearing Scarsdale retailers. When you find yourself yearning for chocolate you won’t find Enjou. The store is dark, there is no explanatory note on the window and the store appears to be in the midst of a renovation. Their chocolate covered pretzels were a favorite in my house and made great gifts at Christmas. Enjou will be missed. Here one day, gone the next, stores seem to vanish overnight.

In Hartsdale, Enrico’s Bakery will be moving into larger quarters in the storefront previously occupied by Hartsdale Farms. Enrico’s, which always appears to be doing brisk business, will expand their line of products. In addition to cakes, breads, cookies and pastries, Enrico’s plans to offer bagels, smoked fish and cheeses. Perhaps they are attempting to fill the void left by the Cheesery that closed earlier this year.

Despite their Italian roots in the Bronx, Enrico’s already sells kosher goods, and with the addition of smoked fish and cheeses, they may be aiming to serve the Jewish community with catering and smoked fish platters for special occasions and holidays. They plan to move into their new space down the block in July.

Neighborhood Day at the Fox Meadow Tennis Club

The Fox Meadow Tennis Club, founded in 1883, is one of the oldest and most respected tennis clubs in the U.S. and is recognized as the 'Founding Club of Platform Tennis'. They hosted numerous national championship tournaments, and count many nationally ranked players and champions among their members.

On Saturday, June 19th from 2 - 4 pm the Fox Meadow Tennis Club is having a Neighborhood Day party for any members of the community who are interested in playing some tennis, meeting club members, or seeing the newly renovated club house.

Refreshments will be served and families are welcome. Tennis whites are required for anyone who would like to play tennis during the event.

Fox Meadow Tennis Club
14 Wayside Lane
(914) 723-9743

9 Tips for Battling Mold in Your Home

Spring showers were here early, but they brought more than expected … a record rain fall, with power outages and hurricane force winds. Now, the sun is out and we are all relieved that historic rains and flooding are over. However, even though the water dried up, there may be a funny smell in your basement. Is this what everyone fears…MOLD? Before you pack up the family and leave, you have other options.

First a little background, often folks forget that mold occurs naturally in the environment. In some cases, the fungus mold, can be beneficial, such as in foods like bread made with yeast, some of your favorite cheeses -- and, don’t forget penicillin. What we should remember is that there are many types of mold -- some are fine, but some types may be harmful. Then, there is the amount of Mold present. Mom always said that “too much of a good thing can be bad.” All this holds true for mold in homes and buildings. Mold is fine outside these structures, but when a “growth that appears to be mold” begins inside a building, like in our homes, the process of this growth can result in a “mildew” smell. This is an indicator that your home, office or structure is becoming unhealthy.

High humidity, standing water or high moisture levels, all resulting from flood water being held in the structure of a home, such as inside our sheetrock, can cause mold spores to grow and multiply. Organic materials found in homes and buildings such as wood, paper, drywall, insulation and carpet provide food sources for mold to grow. This increase in the level of mold spores can result in health issues and concerns in a relatively short time.

What are the signs or factors to watch for? Here are some rules of thumb to identify a potential mold growth issue, especially if there was a flood, even for a short time or small quantities of water your home, or business:

  • Visible mold that can be any color (brown, green, black, etc.)
  • Strong musty odors
  • Excessive humidity after the water is gone

What to do?

In most cases, there is no need for panic, but here are some actions that you can explore:

  • Bleach is not your friend. While the visible mold may be gone, the air may still be humid and contain mold spores that can enable mold to grow again.
  • Fresh air is great! Open windows and doors during nice, cool, dry days to lower humidity levels in the affected space.
  • Central air can spread the spores to the whole structure through your duct system and may not help to alleviate the issue. Try to keep vents closed and the system off, if there is any growth suspected, until a professional can use a fungicide to stop the growth.
  • Explore services that can help you remediate a visible or potential mold issue. An independent Indoor Air Quality/Environmental professional has the expertise to inspect a home or building and call it a “mold growth” as well as detailing the best course of action.
  • Hire a reputable and established company that is ‘trained’ in mold remediation. Some general contractors may not be trained or know the proper process’ to alleviate a mold situation, and make sure that your home and family are safe again.
  • While any work is being done, anyone with respiratory concerns or immune deficiencies should not be present or enter an affected room. Plus, ensure that the workers have contained any rooms with plastic or other barriers during the process, keeping the spores out of the rest of the house.

Overall, this was a difficult spring for many local residents, but everyone has pulled together to get through it. Hopefully, the worst weather is over and we all can begin to enjoy the spring sunshine!

This article was written by Amanda Cohen and Hillary Sheperd from Servpro of Scarsdale/ Mount Vernon, with trained service professionals who can safely clean and restore your home or business.

Be True Yoga Opens in Scarsdale Village

Be True Yoga opens its doors on June 1 as the first green yoga studio in Westchester, right in the heart of Scarsdale Village. A multi-traditional studio with a core of highly skilled teachers, Be True focuses on alignment and a lifting of the spirit. Classes are offered at various levels for teens to adults with a strong mix of teachers and styles from Anusara to Iyengar to Vinyasa.

After teaching in her home studio in Scarsdale, for four years, Be True director Iris Cohen, responded to the need for a dedicated yoga space that would provide the vibe and energy of a New York City studio. She gutted a light-filled, high-ceilinged doctor’s office in the Harwood building installing bamboo floors and using reclaimed wood for all the millwork. Everything from the reception desk to the cubby walls to the yoga props is sustainable. The studio features artwork from local artists and students and the space will offer Sunday afternoon workshops on yoga basics, yoga therapeutics and nutritional counseling.

The decision to open a studio in the heart of the village rather than a shopping strip was deliberate. “I wanted the studio in the center of town where you could ride your bike or hop on and off the Metro North train before or after work; A place where you could shop in the village, eat lunch and do your errands without having to get into your car for every errand,” says Cohen.

One of the many pleasures of realizing the dream, was that there are an abundance of highly skilled, charismatic teachers right in Westchester who like Iris Cohen, trained in the rigorous Anusara yoga training program with the same top New York City teachers. Other waiting-list only Equinox teachers such as Cynthia Zimet, Melanie Hyman Tilles and Susan Malcolm were all looking to find a yoga studio home as was a Scarsdale-based Iyengar teacher, Nancy Kardon.

Be True invites the community to explore the transformative power of yoga with a summer special promotion of a $10.00 introductory class and a 5-class package at $82.50. Registration is available at the studio or online at More information about the studio’s mission, the classes and levels, teachers and contact information is also available on the website. Be True Yoga can be found at 14 Harwood Court, third floor, suite 326 in Scarsdale Village.

Rob Astorino to Address the Scarsdale Forum

Newly elected Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will talk about the challenges facing Westchester County and his plans for the future at the Scarsdale Forum’s annual general membership meeting on June 3rd. The meeting will be held in the Scarsdale Public Library Scott room at 8 pm.

The meeting will also feature our continuing look at Scarsdale's Boards and Councils and how they work. Scarsdale Arts Council Chair Ed Morgan, Committee For Historic Preservation Chair Lucas Meyer, Council on People With Disabilities Chair Alexis Kashar, and Advisory Council on Youth Chair Scott Bookner will all discuss their role in the Village and how their work affects our residents. Questions from the audience are welcome for all speakers.

Everyone is invited to a reception honoring the members of the presenting Boards and Councils at 7:45 pm in the Scott Room of Scarsdale Public Library. The meeting program starts at 8 pm. Admission is free and plenty of free parking is available.

The Scarsdale Forum (TVCCEF) is a 105 year old civic club dedicated to improving life in Scarsdale. The Forum informs Scarsdale residents about our Village's governing boards and issues reports and recommendations to them. Everyone is welcome and Scarsdale residents are encouraged to join and participate in the process. To join, or for more information about the Forum, please visit their web site at, or call our office at 723-2829.