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Westchester County Golf Courses to Open March 15

golfThe six Westchester County-owned golf courses are scheduled to open for the season on Wednesday, March 15, weather and conditions permitting.

Tee time reservations may be made online at Reservations may also be made by calling the individual courses. Walk up reservations will also be accepted at the courses.

The courses are Mohansic in Yorktown Heights; Maple Moor in White Plains; Saxon Woods in Scarsdale; Hudson Hills in Ossining; and Dunwoodie and Sprain Lake, both in Yonkers.

Any available E-Z Reserve spots will be sold at the courses. E-Z Reserve enables golfers with a Westchester County Park Pass to block out a regular Saturday or Sunday tee time for a period of 25 weeks.

Information about Westchester County golf courses is available at

Announcing the Winners of the Snowman Contest

Weinberg-Barro3Scarsdale residents made the best of a snowy situation last week by trying to build the best snow creation in the village. The Scarsdale Recreation Department received more than 20 entries into the snowman contest and the grand prize was won by the Weinberg-Barro family.

See photos of the winners here:




Aaack! It's back! It's Gak! Slime: The Newest Teen Obsession

slimeThe newest craze among kids and teens is not accessible on a device! Well, the recipes are, but it's actually an arts and crafts-type project that is a bit messy but quite fun to make. In fact it's not new ... just trendy. Some have even found a way to turn it into a business. Parents are claiming that their kids are "obsessed" and some have found themselves buying warehouse-size containers of glue for their eager offspring. Ladies and gentlemen, it's home-made SLIME (also known as Gak)!

"Bottle flipping ended in 2016 and slime is the new in vogue thing for kids in 2017," said one slime-enthusiast's mom. There are countless videos and recipes for slime. The most basic one uses Elmer's liquid glue and Borax: One can make crunchy slime,  borax-free slime, scented slime, colored slime, glitter slime, popping slime, magnetic slime and the list goes on. There are many alternative recipes for slime and some include other household products you may not want your kids to use like your contact lens solution and eye drops.

Kids who make slime have been dubbed "Slimers" and hashtags for #slime are abundant (see Instagram). If you don't want to make slime yourself but just want to have it to play with, you can purchase it on one of a myriad of Etsy slime shops or show up at Scarsdale High School (or Scarsdale Middle School) and any one of a number of students can point you in the direction of an entrepreneurial Slimer.

The person who alerted me to this new Scarsdale chemistry experiment has a daughter who said, that in addition to slime-making being fun, easy and customizable, it is good for relieving stress. "I never really thought about this," said her mom. "I mean, green tea and meditation maybe, but slime?" Yup. And now her daughter is concocting new versions of it all the time.

Lizette Smith's kids recently came home and begged her to let them make slime. "We made fluffy slime," she said. "We used Elmer's glue then added shaving cream and contact lens solution. You can add food coloring to this as well. It was yucky but it was fun!"

Another mom relayed the story of her 15-year-old's obsession with slime-making. "She is almost addicted to making this stuff. We have driven all over trying to find the clear Elmer's glue! Apparently, you can concoct your own colors this way. If you use the wrong glue," she added, "it comes out rock hard. And if you get it in carpeting, you thank the universe it happened under her bed. Oh, micro glitter makes it extra special!"

"Cleaning my bathroom 'lab' has a whole new meaning," snickered a mom of two. "And they discovered my Tupperware. But it's better than many other things the kids could be doing so I won't complain."

"My son has been making it and selling it," said a Greenacres mom. As a funny aside, he sent a cease and desist letter to the girls group that tried to copy his idea jokingly threatening legal action."

Another enthusiast reported that you can even make edible fluff using marshmallows and Nutella. (Now you're talking.)

Robin Mayer suggested that I go to CVS and hang out there after school. "Go to the aisle where they sell the Elmer's glue. You'll see 'tween girls buying as much as the can carry. It's actually amazing to see! My seventh grade daughter is totally obsessed with making slime."

"My daughter uses liquid starch instead of borax since it's less toxic," Theresa Harpster told me. "She even made stress balls by putting the slime into balloons. They're actually awesome! She uses borax for those."

Theresa shared with us her daughter's favorite recipe for slime:

Use two bowls.
In one bowl add around ½ a cup of Elmer's glue, food coloring and a bit of water.
In another bowl, put liquid starch and a little water.
Slowly add the liquid starch mixture to the other mixture until you get the texture desired.
You can add shaving cream to the glue mixture to make it fluffy or Styrofoam beads to it to make it crunchy. Glitter makes it prettier.

Inevitably slime will get stuck on their clothes. It will also get into your carpet and on your furniture. Magically and thankfully, there is a recipe for slime removal. You're welcome:

1. Remove excess slime
2. Saturate with white vinegar
3. Run warm water over the area

And if it gets stuck in your child's hair or your own, worry not, for just a spoonful of mayonnaise will help the slime come out.

Build a Snowman and Win a Prize

snowdorrJust in time for the big storm – the Scarsdale Recreation Department has announced the Snowman Contest.

Here's how it works:
If the snow arrives tomorrow as planned - build your best snowman or snowwoman, or snow animal.

Take a photo of your creation and send it with your family name and address to the Recreation Department at with the subject, "Snowman," and you'll be entered to win a prize.

Contest Rules:

-Each family may submit only one entry
-Your snow creation must be built at your own residence
-All snow creations must be freestanding
-Use as many props, costumes and accessories as you like
-Winners will be judged on creativity

Please note that photos of your snow creation may be included on the Village website or in their brochure. Have your family strike a pose next to your snow creation... it's your chance to be (sort of) famous!

All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, February 10th.

Judging will take place on Saturday, February 11th. (A judge may visit your home to get a closer look.) Winners will be posted on our website and notified via email on Monday, February 13th.

Impressions from the March

sam1Throughout my life I've heard of stories of people protesting for what they believe in. From the American colonies boycotting Britain in the 1700's to the civil rights movements of the 60's I learned that one does not need to be famous to have an impact on the world; if you believe something is wrong, go out, vocalize your opinion, and make that change.

This is what happened on Saturday January 21, 2017. Thousands of men, women, and children of all different races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic classes gathered in groups all over the country and even the world to protest for women's rights, partially due to the recent election of Donald Trump and his conservative views. Because of this, there will be a lot of changes in the not so distant future since the government is shifting from a liberal leader. The American people needed to show this new government what we care about and what we want and we did it. The women's march was the largest march in US history, gathering almost 3 million people nationwide. If that does not show Trump what we, as a nation can do, I don't know what will.

Being part of this march was a life-changing event. Walking among thousands of people from all different backgrounds, all fighting for the same cause, is an unforgettable feeling. Around me I could hear enthusiastic chants that united this massive group of strangers into a cohesive body. While marching, I was astounded by the amount of people sam2that showed up.

When I returned home that afternoon, I saw what the rest of the United States and world had achieved, causing me to feel even prouder of myself for being part of such a historic day.

Patti Smith's song, "The People Have the Power" truly encompasses the essence of the march. The song reads:

The power to dream, to rule
To wrestle the earth from fools
But it's decreed the people rule
But it's decreed the people rule
Listen, I believe everythin' we dream
Can come to pass through our union
We can turn the world around
We can turn the earth's revolution
We have the power

The march started off as an idea; a dream. Together we were able to turn that dream into a reality and set a strong tone for how the next four years will be; We will fight back. We won't sit around doing nothing. We will actively fight against the system to make a change for the better.

Photos and text by SHS Alternative School Junior Sam Blieden.