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President Obama Quotes Six Year-Old Scarsdale Boy in U.N. Speech

alexDoes anyone know Alex? In his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday September 20th, President Obama quoted a six year-old boy named Alex from Scarsdale. In remarks about the crisis in Aleppo, Syria, Obama read from a letter he received from Alex who invited Omran Dagneesh, an injured Syrian boy to come live with him and his family and to be his brother.

We doubt that Alex knew his words would be read at the Leader's Summit on Refugees at the United Nations when he wrote them – but he does us all proud.

Watch the video here – and read the transcript of Obama's speech here. And if you know Alex, please ask him to get in touch with us at or at 914-980-4803. We would love to speak to him:

Here is what the President said:Aleppo-airstrike-Omran-Dagneesh

We can learn from a young boy named Alex, who lives not far from here in Scarsdale, New York. Last month, like all of us, Alex saw that heartbreaking image -- five-year-old Omran Daqneesh in Aleppo, Syria, sitting in that ambulance, silent and in shock, trying to wipe the blood from his hands.

And here in New York, Alex, who is just six years old, sat down and wrote me a letter. And he said, he wanted Omran to come live with him and his family. "Since he won't bring toys," Alex wrote, "I will share my bike and I will teach him how to ride it. I will teach him addition and subtraction. My little sister will be collecting butterflies and fireflies for him...We can all play together. We will give him a family and he will be our brother."

Those are the words of a six-year-old boy. He teaches us a lot.

The humanity that a young child can display, who hasn't learned to be cynical, or suspicious, or fearful of other people because of where they're from, or how they look, or how they pray, and who just understands the notion of treating somebody that is like him with compassion, with kindness -- we can all learn from Alex. Imagine the suffering we could ease, and the lives we could save, and what our world would look like if, seeing a child who's hurting anywhere in the world, we say, "We will give him a family and he will be our brother."

Note from the Editor: On September 22nd we received this note from Roy Gordon offering a free bicycle to Omran: He says, "Hello My name is Roy Gordon. I was hopping you could help me. I live in Ohio and after reading the story about the 6 year-old boy that wrote President Obama the letter I broke down in tears. What got me is generosity this little boy had and how this child can teach all of us a valuable lesson about sharing. So i wanted to share a gift of brand new bike. I do assembly and repair work for a company. I often come across brand new bikes that get returned to the company that were never used. I happen to have one that I safety checked and I would like to give it to this boy who wrote the letter so he could give it to the boy from Syria if and when he comes. You can contact me via this email address If you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it."

(Please contact and we will put you in touch with Roy)

Scarsdale Friends Design and Launch New Product

janesharonScarsdale residents and friends Jane Och and Sharon Prince recently launched a new product called Guac-Lock that keeps guacamole fresh – without browning – so you can make it now and eat it later. We spoke to them about designing and developing their new product and asked what our readers and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the process:

How did you get the idea for Guac-Lock and what does it do?
One day we were discussing how much waste there is when making guacamole because it is so difficult to store and thought – "there has to be a solution". So we put our heads together to design a storage and serving container that removes all of the air from the container to prevent oxidation and browning of the guacamole.

How did you go about designing it?home-page-device
We worked with an industrial designer and engineering team to design a product that was both functional and aesthetically beautiful. It took many months and iterations to come up with the final design.

Where did you turn to get it manufactured? Did you have to create a mold?
We worked with a reputable agent in Hong Kong to identify a manufacturer in China to make the molds and manufacture the product.

Where are they being made? And how many have you ordered?
The product is being manufactured in China. We have an ongoing production schedule to stay ahead of demand for the products.

How is the product being distributed?
We partnered/licensed the Guac-Lock to Casabella, a company prominent in the housewares business. We are working with them to distribute the products.

Did you need to purchase warehouse space and find a fulfillment center?
We did not need this once we decided to license to Casabella.

How are you handling the back office administration?
We handle the back office administration as a team with the cooperation if Casabella. As a partnership, we bring many different skill sets to the company.

Did you need a lot of start-up capital?
The company needed some start up capital for product development and services but it was not prohibitive.

How are you promoting it?
We are promoting the product through traditional sales medium, online advertising, email marketing campaigns and media placements.

How can you protect your concept - did you apply for a patent?
We have applied and have patents pending for the product.

Did you consider selling the concept to a larger company?
Yes – as noted above. We were introduced to Casabella at our first showing at the International Housewares Show and immediately connected with them. After months of discussions we decided to license to Casabella and take advantage of their expertise, particularly in the areas of sales and distribution.

How did your professional backgrounds help you to pursue this idea?
Our professional backgrounds gave us the business knowledge of the steps to take and processes to consider when starting the company. Most interesting is that neither of us had any background in design, manufacturing or the housewares business. We have learned an incredible amount along the way and have loved increasing our knowledgebase in this area.

Where do you see this going in the future? Can Guac-Lock be used to store other perishables?
We are excited to launch other product lines as extensions of the Guac-Lock and we are currently in development of these lines.

What advice would you give to readers who have an idea that they would like to develop?
Go for it! The best thing we did was to run with an idea. Don't let anything get in your way and just because it is not out there doesn't mean it can't be done!

Where can readers purchase their own Guac-Lock and how much does it cost?
The Guac-Lock is just $19.99 can be purchase on, at Bed Bath and Beyond, on, or

Off to College

nanetteScarsdale parents and kids are busy packing up cars and boarding planes for the much-anticipated move to college this week. After years of test preparation, searching for the right college, applying and finally getting in, the anticipation is over, and the journey has begun.

Here are a few Scarsdale students and parents who have made the trip. Did you take your son or daughter to college? Share your photos with us by emailing them to

zoecollegegliatta2noahandbenzuckerlyonsweissmanCornellIMG 3861

At Work on Labor Day

DonnaAlbaneseWhile most of us shopped and got ready for barbeques or a relaxed weekend, some Scarsdalians were busy this Labor Day.

Donna Albanese

Profession: Driver and Dispatcher
Place of work: Central Taxicab Service, Scarsdale Station

My colleague cooks well and has got a turkey and potatoes. I don't cook so I have brought melons and cake, and we will set up a buffet table. We are all working voluntarily here today.

Miguel BrownBrown
Profession: Gas Station Attendant
Place of work: Heathcote Gulf Station

I hope to be able to get out early for some fun. Maybe half day today!

fuentesLino Fuentes
Profession: Cook
Place of work: Metro Deli, Five Corners

No need for a holiday on Labor Day. We are very busy today. People need breakfast.

Coach Paul Brooks and his Soccer team
Profession: Head coach, soccer
Place of work: Scarsdale High School

We kick off the season with an away game today. It is a special day to bond with the boys and to set into motion the short and long term goals we have for the SHS Varsity Team. We will celebrate later.


Deborah Skolnik
Profession: Working Mom

What Labor Day holiday? I hit the Westchester mall and Greenwich for back to school shopping. I've been trying to do tons of holiday laundry. I still have to help my older daughter clean and organize her room, to help her start the new school year focused.


Anne DiLorenzo Passes Away at 92

dilorenzo2Anne (Dash) DiLorenzo (11/29/1923 – 8/14/2016)
Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Anne DiLorenzo, 92, of Scarsdale, passed away peacefully in her sleep Sunday night. She is survived by her loving husband of 74 years, Dominick DiLorenzo, her son, Robert DiLorenzo (Loretta), her two daughters, Barbara DiLorenzo (Richard Kelsey) and Patricia Provenzano, her five grandchildren, Kate DiLorenzo (Will Brennan), Stefan Provenzano (Patricia), Claire Paquin (JP), Sarah DiLorenzo, and Nadia Provenzano, and her five great-grandchildren, Thomas and Ian DiLorenzo, Chloe and Ursula Paquin, and Luna Provenzano-Hernandez. DiLorenzo1

A wake will be held Wednesday, 8/17, from 2-4pm and 7-9pm at Edwin L. Bennett Funeral Home in Scarsdale. A funeral mass will be offered on Thursday, 8/18, at 10:30am at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Scarsdale.