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Alternative School Recruitment Week

A-Schoolers will spread the word about the unique educational opportunity offered at their school during Alternative School recruitment week, this week at Scarsdale High School.

This year, A-school students are visiting freshman English classes on Tuesday February 2nd. The presentations will feature a video that was produced by A-school students and teachers last year. The video includes clips from community meetings, core groups, fairness committees, special A-School events, and our annual overnight trip. Following the video, the recruiters will talk about their personal experiences in the program and answer any questions the ninth graders may have about the school.

On Monday, February 8th at 8:00 pm, A-School students and teachers are hosting an information night for prospective students and parents. This meeting is the perfect opportunity to ask questions, become more familiar with the program, and clear up any misconceptions or skepticism parents might have about the program. Traditionally this meeting is held in the Alternative School building. However, after consecutive years of overflow crowds jammed onto the frigid A-School porch, the faculty decided to move the meeting to a larger room at the Girl Scout House. Last year, the A-School had more than twice as many applicants as spots in the sophomore class, and the final roster included twenty-six new sophomores and four new juniors.

The A-School selects students using a lottery system and applicant’s names are picked out of a hat. This allows the school to get a diverse group of students and eliminates the pressure on prospective students to “sell” themselves, as they could have to do if there was an essay or interview required for admission. For families who have had older children in the A-School it is difficult when younger siblings apply and do not get in, but no one gets priority treatment, not even the son of the A-School’s director, Howard Rodstein.

Everyone in the Alternative School is very excited about recruitment and is open to answering questions from the community. Students who want to apply can pick up an application form from the Dean’s office or Principal’s office. All forms must be handed in to the Principal’s office by February 12 in order to be included in the lottery.

Scarsdale School Board Seeks Four Candidates

The Scarsdale School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) seeks candidates for four seats on the Board of Education this year. Two seats currently held by Jill Spieler and Elizabeth Guggenheimer, who will both be completing their first term, are eligible for renomination to serve a second three year term. The two additional seats, one held by Jeff Blatt and one held by Joel Gruin, who is resigning, need to be filled.

All interested residents are encouraged to run. Please note the application deadline is February 21, 2010.

To learn more about the application process please contact Chair SBNC, Ken Keats, at 6 Thornwood Place, Scarsdale, New York 10583, email: Visit the web site - where you can view an informative video about the Scarsdale Board of Education.

Alternative School Students Meet the Working World

Some may believe that a January of internships for Scarsdale Alternative School students means an extra month off from school. However, the reality is that A-school students learn just as much and work as hard as their friends in the traditional High School program; they just do it differently.

Founded in 1973, the SAS internship program is one of the oldest high school internship programs in the country. In January, all Alternative School classes are excused to allow students to pursue an internship. In addition to an internship, most students continue to take a few courses at SHS and participate in winter after-school sports, which can sometimes make scheduling and transportation difficult. Students travel throughout Westchester, New York City, and even sometimes abroad to intern at a company or organization of their interest. This year, SAS is represented throughout the city and Westchester. Teenagers who were students just four weeks ago are now doctors, lawyers, realtors, interior designers, animal trainers, musicians, journalists, teachers, and politicians. Here is a sampling of experiences of just a few Scarsdale Alternative School students.

Junior Ryan Marx is working at Tommy Boy Records, an independent record label that focuses on hip-hop and dance music. Ryan’s main task this month is to research hundreds of different artists that are competing in the record company’s New Music Seminar Contest. He says, “My job is pretty stressful knowing that the lives of many young artists are in my hands.” Ryan has learned many new computer skills including how to create large quantities of labeled CDs. Also, working with the CEO of the label, Tom Silverman, has been one of Ryan’s favorite parts of the job. “So far, it has been a great learning experience and a great introduction to the music business.”

Senior Rachel Weinstock is working at the New York State Supreme Court in downtown Manhattan under the sponsorship of Judge Judith Gische, a civil court judge. Rachel is having an unbelievable experience. She has witnessed what goes on behind the scenes of the courtroom and attended various conferences. She has also observed two other judges preside over their courtrooms as well as a jury selection. Rachel loves the fact that her co-workers treat her as if she were a professional. She enjoys learning the ins and outs of the judicial system and finds it interesting to see why people are suing each other. Rachel says, “I like the job a lot and I am really going to miss it.”

Sophomore Jake Bank is interning with Coach S.W. at Fox Meadow Elementary School. He helps by making lesson plans, teaching classes, and doing demonstrations for the students. The gym classes are currently playing volleyball so Jake has introduced the kids to the over hand serve, forearm pass, and set. Jake has also had the opportunity to instruct classes on his own with only the supervision of an aide. Jake has found teaching to be challenging and fun and has enjoyed working with young children. He feels truly appreciated by Coach S.W. and the students.

Interning at L’Oreal is sophomore Claire D’Silva. Primarily in the marketing department, Claire has had the opportunity to work with both the Kerastase and Shu Uermura brands. Her main tasks are doing research on using social media as a marketing tool and meeting with various offices to compare the two brands. Claire’s main project is an hour-long presentation about what she learned through her research and some of her ideas for the company. She shared her work with the President and Vice President of Marketing for the two brands as well as the head marketers. Claire says, “It has been a great experience and I love it. This internship has given me the opportunity to apply many of the things I learned in school to a real life setting. I feel like I have become more independent, especially when navigating the city and subway system by myself.”

Senior Matt Jacobs is interning with Joan Frederick, one of Houlihan Lawrence’s foremost real estate agents. Matt has learned what to look for when buying and selling a house, how to relate to customers involved with a transaction, and many other aspects of the business. He also enjoyed meeting with potential clients in their homes. Matt says “It has been a great opportunity to learn about something I knew nothing about. Although at times I do some busy work, I feel it is essential to understanding what a first job is like and well worth my time considering the valuable knowledge I gain during the more active times. As a senior, this is my final A-School internship and I feel I have learned a lot about myself and what kind of work is I find to be most enjoyable.”

The SAS internship program gives students a taste of the real world. In order to get their assignment, the students have to contact prospective sponsors, schedule interviews, and act like mature professionals. Many students learn how to navigate the city and transportation systems and have to travel by themselves. Sometimes real life issues affect the internship. For instance, last year a student could not complete his internship at a Wall Street firm due to the financial crisis; and a student who wished to work in the theatre found that many Broadway shows had closed. Furthermore, SAS students get to witness the consequences of being late in the “real world,” and how being assertive can really make a difference in their work experience.

The January internship is a staple of the Alternative School curriculum, and has provided memorable experiences for generations of students.

Scarsdale Wrestlers' Winning Season

Photo by Dana SalzmanThe Scarsdale Varsity Wrestling Team finished the regular season with two wins during the week of January 25. On Wednesday January 27, they won their match against White Plains with a score of 62-15 and on Friday January 29, the team garnered an impressive 33-29 victory over their rivals in Edgemont to reclaim the prized Bronx River Cup.

Says, Coach Barney Foltman, "We've been wrestling well and winning," and their 13-5 record proves it. Scarsdale has also won two out of the four tournaments they attended, including the Edgemont and the Scarsdale tournament.  

A team of seniors and sophomores has used their skill and hard work to achieve a winning season. Sophomore Jacob Berkowitz has won two tournaments and has shown his strength at 171 pounds, while Erik Wahlberg at 189 pounds also went on to win the Scarsdale tournament.

This year the team has come together and has shown a great amount of support for one another.
Following their last dual meet against Edgemont on 1/29, Scarsdale hopes to do well in divisionals this coming week, and in sectionals during the week of February 8th. The team has built much camaraderie over the past three months and will work together to continue their success next year and for many years to come.   

Congratulations to Coach Foltman, captains Kevin Hill, Greg Kristoff and Kevin Zecchini and the entire team.

Photo by Dana SalzmanZecchini looks for hand control as he fights for a 6-2 victory over Urial Garcia of White Plains






Photo by Dana SalzmanMarcus takes control of the match as he wins and impressive 15-0 tech fall over Chris Rivera of White Plains.




Photo by Dana SalzmanTambunting takes control of his match as he wins a major decision of 12-0, over Tino Sofos of White Plains

All photos by Dana Salzman, Sophomore at Scarsdale High School

Scarsdale Raiders Basketball Team Registers Two Wins

The Scarsdale Raiders boys varsity basketball team had a winning weekend, beating Saunders 55-42 on Friday and Byram Hills with a score of 55-46 on Saturday. The team is now 7-6 for the season. Since Saturday was Breast Cancer Awareness night, the boys pitched in and wore pink laces on their sneakers.  Sophomore photographer Dana Salzman covered both evenings and here are photos of the games.