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Is It Time for an Insurance Review?

advocatephoto(This is sponsored content from Advocate Brokerage of Scarsdale)
Another year is coming to an end and as your thoughts shift toward celebrating the holidays, winding down the year and making plans for 2018 to be a year filled with success, we wanted to share this:

The more your insurance agent knows about their clients, the better they can serve you.

The reason – aside from getting to know some really great people – is that the more we know about your life and the things you value most, the more we are able to educate you on the best choice for your insurance portfolio.

We love to take the time to educate each client we serve but we need to know about some of the new and exciting things happening in your life. For example...are you traveling more frequently? Did you get married this year? Have a baby? If you are already parents, has your child gotten their driver's license or gone off to college? Are you ready to up or downsize your home? Did you move? Have you purchased any fun toys such as a boat or snowmobile? Did your business grow?

So give us a hand and let us know about the events that occurred during 2017. Some could have an effect on your insurance. Below is a list of questions related to your home, auto and business insurance that are designed to start a conversation. If after reading them you feel prompted, please, give us a call.

If you own a car, tell us about any changes to the cars or drivers in your home. If you purchased a new vehicle, got in an accident or added a driver to your policy, you have already notified us and we have worked out the details. There are however other factors that can affect your automobile policy such as:

• A teenager is coming of age and learning to drive for the first time.
• Your teen driver has a GPA of 3.0 or above.
• A child who now owns their own vehicle and purchased their own insurance policy.
• A child who went away to college.
• You sold an automobile to a family member.
• Someone in your family took a defensive driving course.

If you own a home, tell us about any changes to your home (or homes). Even if the changes seem minor to you, they can still have an effect on your homeowners policy. Here is a list of questions to get you thinking:

• Is someone in your home traveling more frequently?
• Did you add a Central Station Fire/Burglar Alarm?
• What about a Whole House Water Leak Detection System?
• Has your property value increased or decreased dramatically?
• Have you done any home renovations?
• Did you add pieces to your jewelry, art or wine collections?

Advocate Brokerage Pro Tip:

If your 2018 plans include the purchase or renovation of a residence, get us involved during the planning stages. We have extensive experience with the things that can go wrong. Often, they are things that would never occur to you. Tragedies such as a total house fire or water leak that causes major damage can be prevented with a bit of planning. For this reason it might be a good idea to get us involved early and take the necessary steps to protect your investment.

If you own a business, tell us about the ways your business has expanded, grown or changed. Advocate wants to help our commercial customers understand their risks and do what we can to protect the business they have worked hard to build. Please reach out to us if any of the following things have taken place in 2017:

• You've had a successful year and significant increases in sales and income.
• Your business has expanded or added a new location.
• You've done renovations to your property.
• You have purchased new equipment.
• You have hired new employees.
• You have experienced a data breach, have any reason to believe a cyber breach is possible or you have not yet discussed the potential of cyber risks in your business with an Insurance Specialist.

Remember that the more we know the better service we are able to provide. If you are new to Advocate Brokerage or if you do not currently do any business with us, let the Insurance Specialists at Advocate Brokerage do a no obligation review of your insurance....the results may surprise you.

On behalf of the entire staff at Advocate Brokerage, we hope you enjoy a very happy and healthy holiday season and we send best wishes for a successful 2018.

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