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Innovative Gifts from Scarsdale Entrepreneurs

infinitybagScarsdale innovators are busy creating unique products that will make novel holiday gifts. Check out these new offerings from Scarsdale neighbors and alumni.

Scarsdale native Hannah Fastov has designed a nifty gym/ lifestyle handbag that allows you to go from the gym to work to dinner or drinks with friends without having to stop for an outfit change. Her first bag, the Infinity bag, was born from personal experience and months of research. Complete with a separate shoe compartment, water bottle holder, snap in snap out infinitybag2pouch that can double as a cross body or fanny pack, padded lap top section, interior zip pocket, and machine washable laundry pouch, you will always be ready to tackle your day! The bag is available in all black and black with pink trim. She is currently working on larger version, a 'weekender' bag, as well as a backpack.

The bags are made by women for women. Tassels and hand woven straps crafted by a women's coop in Kyrgyzstan and a woman in Bhutan help women support their families and achieve financial independence. Also, all of the workers on the assembly line are women.

By a bag for yourself or as a gift at

cookiesJulie Dugoff Waxman of Fox Meadow recently launched a brand new chocolate chip cookie business. She is baking chocolate chip cookies in color that are beautiful and delicious. Customized colors and modern packaging make them a hit for special occasions and theme parties like holidays, Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays and corporate events. Place your order online and she will deliver your made-to-order color cookies. For more on Baked In Color, visit or email

Juliette Jacov, who grew up in Fox Meadow, is candlenow producing natural, vegan, clean-burning, and earth-friendly candles. She is passionate about minimizing her environmental impact and, as a candle addict, she wanted to create a guilt-free candles. She uses natural, US grown soy wax in recycled jars, tagged with unbleached cardstock tied on with all-natural organic hemp cord. The candles are clean burning and everything is water soluble so the jar is 100% reusable once the wax in gone.

Buy these candles from Sage and Sunflowers on Etsy here

Two Scarsdale moms have recently invented a new product that extends the life of fragrance on your skin. LINGER is a one-of-a-kind lasting scent primer that is clinically proven to extend fragrance welingerar. LINGER has been clinically tested and 7 out of 10 consumers stated that their fragrance lasted longer with fragrance primer LINGER.

Co-founders, Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas, are friends and colleagues who used their professional expertise to develop and market the product from their new company Scentinvent Technologies.

Caroline has extensive beauty, scent and sensory marketing expertise from Scent Marketing Inc, Clarins, LancĂ´me, Prada and Chanel and Abby is an entrepreneur, producer and digital media expert. Abby was the co-founder of Beautiful and held executive level positions at Showtime Networks, Inc., and Nederlander TV and Film.

You can be among the first to try Linger - purchase yours here.

SHS Senior Lauren Singer Awarded Scholarship for Scientific Research

LaurenSingerLauren Singer, a senior at Scarsdale High School, was one of six outstanding students from the NY Metro area to win a college scholarship from the Child Mind Institute. The scholarships were awarded to those "who have demonstrated exceptional promise in science and a specific interest in neuroscience." The students each received a $1,000 scholarship, awarded at On the Shoulders of Giants, the nonprofit's annual scientific symposium, which took place at the 2016 American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's annual meeting in New York City.

The awards were created to not only recognize outstanding achievement in science, and to nurture students' love of science and encourage them to continue their research and study of the brain.

Lauren provided this explanation of her research on autism:

"Previous studies showed that injections of a hormone called IGF-1 was effective in improving the social skills of individuals with autism. However, the injections were prohibitively expensive and could be invasive to some patients. My research tested a new compound in rats to see if it would induce the microglial cells in the brain to secrete IGF-1 on their own. I found that the treatment was successful. Additionally,
this compound is 75% less expensive and can be taken orally rather than as an injection, which makes the treatment less invasive. I chose to work on this project because I feel that scientists should think not only about creating effective treatments but also about ensuring that medication is economically accessible to everyone."

The summer following her junior year Lauren continued her research on autism to look for a biomarker in infants who have autism which has been previously identified through behavioral testing.

She did this research in the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Buxbaum at the Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai Hospital. At Scarsdale High School she was assisted by Ms. Schoenbrun, Mr. Prendergast, Mr. Szerlip, and Ms. Estersohn as part of the high school's science research program.

Lauren plans to major in cognitive science in college and continue to do research as an undergraduate.

About the Child Mind Institute
The Child Mind Institute is an independent nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. Our teams work every day to deliver the highest standards of care, advance the science of the developing brain, and empower parents, professionals and policymakers with resources to support children when and where they need it most. Together with our supporters, we're helping children reach their full potential in school and in life. We share all of our resources freely and do not accept any funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more at

Sales Data Shows That 2016 Valuations are in Line with Market Values

homesalesAn analysis of 75 home sales that occurred between mid-July and mid-October in Scarsdale shows that despite the objection of critics, the assessments were in line with actual sales prices. These 75 homes, which changed hands between July and October, were sold after the 2016 revaluation and represent about a third of the 225 homes that are sold in Scarsdale each year.

Calculations show that the average sale price of the 75 homes was $1,590,910 with an average assessed value of $1,450,553, meaning that on average, homes were assessed at 91.9% of the sale price, or sold for about 9% more than their assessed value.

The total value of the 75 sales was $120.909mm, with assessed value at $110.242mm or 91.18%.

Furthermore, a breakdown of the sales into three groups, shows that the lower priced home, priced under $1 million were the most accurately assessed, at 98.64% of their sale prices.

Homes in the $1-$2 million range we assessed at 88.73% of their sale prices, with those above $2 million assessed at 91.14% of their sales value.

The data was drawn from MLS sales reports and assessed values shown on the Scarsdale Village website. We cannot ascertain if assessments were grieved and lowered - but this chart shows the current assessed values (AV) for the homes that were sold.

Surprisingly it appears that almost all of the homes on the list were under-assessed, with only 5 homes on the list assessed at more than 105% of their sale price, and of those, only 2 were assessed at more than 110% of their sale price (one at 115% and another at 119%).

Village Trustees, the Village Manager and the Village Assessor have been fiercely criticized for the 2016 revaluation, and though residents may be angry about the process and the timing, it appears that the overall results are in-line with market values. The claim that taxes on lower priced homes, valued at less than $1 million, had been unfairly increased is not borne out by the data which shows that sales prices for these homes has nearly matched the assessed valuations.

At the meeting of the Scarsdale Board of Trustees on October 25, Mayor Jon Mark gave extensive comments on the revaluation. Read what he said here:

Access the data here or review the chart below:


Vital Aging Fair Brings Senior Providers to the Village

albanoScarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Services in collaboration with the Scarsdale Library and the Scarsdale Recreation Department held their first Vital Aging Resources Fair at Scarsdale Library on Monday October 31. The information fair brought representatives from senior-focused businesses to meet local residents and share information about the services they offer.

Mary Ellen Saenger from SFCS chaired the event which was a big success and drew a crowd to the library.

Thanks to all the participants listed below:

Adult Day Care:
My Second Home

Assisted Living:
The Kensington
Atria Woodlands
The Osborne

Home Health Agencies:atria
Home Instead
Interim Healthcare
Visiting Nurse/Right at Home
Elderservices NY
Westchester Care at Home

Houlihan Lawrence
Julia B Fee/Sotheby's
William Raveis
Berkshire Hathaway

WestFair Rides
Ride Connect

Non-Profit Assistance
Scarsdale Woman's Club
Scarsdale Recreation
Scarsdale Library
Scarsdale Policevisitingnurses

Volunteer Organizations:
Alzheimer's Association

Financial Planning/ Personal Assistance
Charles Schwabcoleman
Silver Bills, LLC
A Dignified Life

Aging Smart
Loving Meditations
Sharp Again Naturally
Meal Delivery:
Meals on Wheels
Life Fone
Services for Blind
Jewish Brailleangelafeliciasanegerhurwitz


U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Draws a Crowd in Scarsdale

bharara1The top federal law enforcement officer for the Southern District of New York, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara filled the room at Scarsdale Golf Club when he came to address the Scarsdale League of Women Voters on Friday October 14. Bharara was invited and introduced by Scarsdale Acting Village Justice Cindy Dunne who served with and under Bharara in the U.S. Attorney's Office. She credited him with fighting terrorism and corruption and said he was committed to justness and fairness.

Bharara explained that though most people thinking his jurisdiction is only Manhattan, his office also covers several northern counties and the effects of his work extend around the globe to countries like Russia, Venezuela, Turkey, India and Switzerland.

He said, "We make cases against corrupt public officials and we try to bring justice
to broken correctional institutions. We protect the homeland and brought both the Times Square and Chelsea bombers to court." He added, "We are fearless, independent, and were proud of it. We believe no one is above the law, no matter how rich."

He referenced corruption charges brought against members of both houses of the NYS Legislature including Speaker of the NYS Assembly Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos from the NYS Senate for extorting no show jobs for his son Adam in exchange for official conduct. Bharara credited local DSC09954Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, who was in attendance at the luncheon, with testifying against Silver, in spite of the fact that she was dependent on him and Silver was known to be vindictive.

Bharara said, "There is a "show me the money" culture in Albany, " which he called a "bipartisan problem." He quoted a recent poll that found that 87% of people believe that corruption is a serious problem in New York State and only 4% thought the prosecutor has gone too far.

In addition to his focus on public corruption, Bharara's office is also working to stem opioid abuse, a growing problem in the U.S. where 78 Americans a day die from opioid overdoses. Citing trafficking of prescription drugs as one morelof the causes, Bharara said, "we are shutting down distribution channels including doctors, pill mills and peddlers and getting significant sentences." In addition to fighting drug abuse through prosecutions, his office will host educational forums on the issue, with one scheduled for December 1 at Pace University.

Saying his office remains optimistic in the face of some very tough challenges he said,
"We have a choice. We can imagine ourselves as Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill only to have it roll back down the hill. Or we can look at Archimedes who said,
'Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand starrlyonsand I shall move the earth itself.""

Asked during the question and answer period if he would continue to serve if appointed by the next president, he said, "I love my job and I am not tired of it and I will continue to serve."gosegreenpekarekflaggmillerbharardunne