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Deadline Extended for Village Boards and Councils


There is still time to apply to serve on Scarsdale's Village Boards and Councils. This year, there are openings on most Boards and Councils. While incumbents may be reappointed to fill some of the positions, many of those serving are not eligible for reappointment. The Committee strongly encourages residents to apply for these positions. New terms will begin April 5, 2010.

Trustee Robert Steves, Chair of the Personnel Committee, said it is also helpful for Scarsdale residents to provide written suggestions of individuals who should be considered for appointment. Interested residents are also encouraged to submit their own names, together with a brief listing of community service and relevant professional background. Please submit contact information including email addresses. The information may be submitted in one of two ways:

Via the Village Website – At, click “read more” under Volunteers Needed for Boards and Councils (located under Village News on the home page). On the next screen, complete the on-line form under “Boards and Councils Nominations” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Via Village Hall – Alternatively, the information may be forwarded to Robert Steves at Village Hall, 1001 Post Road, Scarsdale NY 10583

All materials should be received at the Village website or Village Hall by March 16, 2010. Residents should feel free to contact the Village Clerk, Donna Conkling with questions by telephone at 914-722-1175 or e-mail at

Nominations should be made in writing and should include information on the candidates’ civic involvement, work experience or other qualifications in sufficient detail to help the Village Board evaluate the prospective candidate. Nominations should be submitted via the Village website or sent to Trustee Robert Steves at Village Hall, 1001 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 by February 26, 2010.

The following are the appointed Boards and Councils, terms of office, and their responsibilities:

BOARD OF APPEALS - (5 years - one term). Rules on appeals from zoning requirements, including setbacks; on permits for construction of swimming pools and tennis courts, and on non-conforming uses.

BOARD OF ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW - (3 years - two terms). Its basic purpose is to preserve the character and appearance of the Village. Review of all applications involving construction of buildings, or additions to, or reconstruction of existing buildings affecting the exterior appearance.

PLANNING BOARD - (5 years - one term). Advises Village Board on master planning; rules on applications for sub-division of lots, street designations, construction in wetland areas and non-residential buildings.

BOARD OF ETHICS - (5 years - one term). Possible conflicts of interest or other
issues of ethics affecting Village personnel are referred to this Board by the Board of Trustees.

CABLE TELEVISION COMMISSION - (5 years - open-ended terms). Administers and monitors the Cable Franchise Agreements with the Village and encourages use of the cable access channels.

CONSERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL - (2 years - open-ended terms). Advises the Village Board on such matters as programs, areas, facilities, public relations and other matters pertaining to conservation of the environment.

COMMITTEE FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION - (3 years - two terms). Determines if a structure located in the Village for which a permit for demolition has been requested is a structure of historical importance.

LIBRARY BOARD - (5 years - one term). Responsible for the administrative and operating policies of the Scarsdale Public Library. Operates independently of the Village Board and selects its own President.

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES - (2 years - open-ended terms). Advises and assists the Village Board in matters of concern to residents with disabilities. Assists with programs and activities, increases public awareness of the needs of the disabled, acts as liaison with other Advisory Councils, and promotes participation in community affairs by disabled persons.

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON HUMAN RELATIONS - (2 years - open-ended terms). Considers and recommends actions at the request of the Village Board to foster mutual respect and understanding among all members of the community.

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON PARKS AND RECREATION - (2 years - open-ended terms). Promotes the recreation program in the Village and advises the Village Board on the use of Village parks for recreation purposes, recommends the use or non-use of all open space, and acts as a liaison between the Village Board and the community on all matters relating to recreation.

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON SCARSDALE SENIOR CITIZENS - (2 years - open-ended terms). Advises and assists the Board of Trustees in all matters concerning the senior citizens of the Village of Scarsdale.

TOWN BOARD OF ASSESSMENT REVIEW - (5 years – open-ended terms). This Board reviews property grievances filed with respect to assessments.

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON TECHNOLOGY - (2 years - open-ended terms). This Council has a broad mandate in advising the Village Board and staff on technological matters. It is to provide advice, explore strategic options, and develop recommendations on how the Village Board can best utilize technology, including the Internet to improve efficiencies.

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON YOUTH - (2 years - open-ended terms). Advises and assists the Board of Trustees in responding to the needs of Scarsdale's young people; works to generate a favorable climate for growth and development of youth in the community.


JUDICIAL QUALIFICATIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE - (5 years - two terms). The Committee’s function is to assist the Citizens’ Nominating Committee and the Mayor, respectively with the selection of individuals who are qualified for the offices of Village Justice and Acting Village Justice.

REPRESENTATIVE TO SCARSDALE ARTS COUNCIL - (2 years - open-ended terms). At-large representative to the Scarsdale Arts Council Board. The Council’s mission is to encourage the arts to flourish in Scarsdale by, among other methods, improving communication among arts programs and by attracting grant support and to raise public awareness and participation in the arts.

Pursuant to the general policy adopted by the Village Board, guidelines for membership on Scarsdale's appointed Boards and Councils cover four areas:

1. Residency
Boards and Advisory Councils are comprised of residents of the Village. While comments from outside the community can be sought as needed, actions recommended or taken by Boards and Advisory Councils should ultimately reflect the views of Village residents.

2. Professional or Business Affiliation
Various professional skills and training are required by Village law or deemed desirable by the Village Board of Trustees for the successful fulfillment of some Board or Council charters.

3. Civic Interest and Involvement
The majority of the members of Village Boards and Councils are appointed by reason of demonstrated interest in Village affairs, through volunteer involvement. Scarsdale is the beneficiary of a long history of voluntary civic endeavors. Since the overriding purpose of Boards and Councils is to assure the continuation of high community standards, it is appropriate that members on Boards and Councils be those residents who have demonstrated willingness and initiative to work in support of this objective.

4. Specialized Knowledge
Certain Boards and Councils benefit by having one or more members with specialized knowledge. For example, the Cable Television Commission benefits by having people with knowledge of the communications industry; the Advisory Council on People With Disabilities would benefit from the experience of disabled persons; the Advisory Council on Youth would benefit from people who have worked with young people; the Advisory Council on Parks and Recreation would benefit from having a parent active in the Recreation Department's Elementary School Sports Program.

Calling Student Volunteers

The Scarsdale High School P.T.A. would like to remind students and parents about the volunteer opportunities available at SHS. Many outside volunteer organizations came to the Volunteer Services Fairs in September. In addition, SHS has many clubs that perform volunteer service. Many of these clubs have recently started initiatives to help the people of Haiti. Please click here to find contact information for the outside volunteer service organizations that attended the September Volunteer Services Fairs as well as the list of SHS Clubs. If your high school age student is looking to get involved in a club mid-year, they will be welcomed.

Hard copies of the club list as well as a list of service oriented student clubs (including student contact information) have been distributed throughout the high school. Students can find them in the main office, the Principal's office, the Dean's offices, the library circulation desk, and outside of Neil Ginsberg's office.

This year, the Volunteer Service Awards Ceremony is on May 10, 2010, at 7:30pm in the SHS Auditorium. If a student performs a minimum of 20 hours of community service with one organization during the school year, he or she will be eligible to receive a Volunteer Service Award on May 10th. Click here for more information on the Volunteer Service Awards.

Life Expectancy for New Yorkers Rises To An All-Time High

According to a recently released report by the New York City Department of Health, the average life expectancy for New Yorkers born in 2007 rose to an all-time high of 79.4 years — five months longer than those born in 2006.

It was the largest one-time life expectancy jump in New York's history.

"Helping people live longer, better lives is the core responsibility of government, which is why nearly every initiative we take on is focused on that goal," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. "The steady continued increase in life expectancy demonstrates the remarkable progress we have made and the need to continue to press forward with bold health policies."

In addition to increased life expectancy, the city made strides in decreasing mortality rates. The citywide death rate fell to 6.5 deaths per 1,000 people from 8.1 per 1,000 in 2006. The number of deaths due to HIV, drug-related deaths and cardiovascular diseases also dropped noticeably.

The progress made in these areas has largely been the result of New Yorkers leading healthier lifestyles and improvements made in the treatment of heart disease and cancer, the two leading causes of death in New York City, according to Scarsdale resident Dr. Glenn Fishman, Director of the Division of Cardiology at NYU Langone Medical Center. "There is less smoking in New York City going on because of the new legislation," Fishman said. "[There is] just a lot more public awareness of healthy lifestyle, of what to eat, to try to get some exercise, and, I would also say the care of people with cardio-vascular disease is getting better."

Dr. Michael Perskin, director of the faculty group practice for the department of medicine, agreed and said better treatment and earlier detection is essential for these trends to continue.
"The key is that we need better treatment for cancer and earlier detection," Perskin said. "Medicine is moving in both directions. That's the strategy."

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HB Help for Haiti Benefit Concert and Peter and the Wolf

The Hoff-Barthelson Music School will feature two special concert events, one solemn and one lighthearted, in the month of March. Both events will be held at the Music School, 25 School Lane, Scarsdale.

In recognition of the dire need for Haitian earthquake disaster relief, the accomplished Hoff-Barthelson faculty members will present a special recital, Help for Haiti, on Sunday, March 14 at 1:00 pm. Proceeds for the recital, for which a minimum $20.00 contribution is requested, will be sent to Doctors Without Borders, an international medical humanitarian organization created by doctors and journalists in France in 1971. In 1999 Doctors Without Borders received the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts such as its work in Haiti.

Turning to a brighter event, Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, a treat for all ages, will be presented at the School on Friday, March 19 at 6:30 pm. The orchestral performance will feature the HBMS Faculty Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Chi-Chi Lin, with a guest performance as narrator by Ron Spivak. Not recommended for children under 3, tickets are $12 for ages 3-12, $18 for 13 – adult, and $6 for Hoff-Barthelson students under 18.

As part of the Peter and the Wolf festivities, the Hoff-Barthelson Preschool’s Recycled Materials Art Project will be on display. Each year the 3 and 4-year-olds in the HBMS Preschool listen to and hear the story of a particular piece of music - Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals in past years - and then build a 3D representation of that piece from a wide assortment of recycled materials. This year Peter and the Wolf has been rendered in brilliant colors from paper tubing, feathers, string, twine, egg crates, cardboard and the like! Currently on display in the Children’s Library at the Scarsdale Library, the entire project will be reassembled for display at the March 19 performance.

For information about either event: 914-723-1169,

Funds and Supplies for Good Causes

This week brought reports of volunteer efforts by area residents to raise money and supplies for Haiti and other good causes.

On Saturday, the SHS Track Team held a Run for Haiti. Track team members lined up sponsors to contribute as they ran around the track and accrued donations for their efforts. Coach Richard Clark was pleased to report that about three quarters of the teams' 92 members participated, and if all the pledges come in, the team will have raised $12,000 for the American Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. If you wish to add your contribution to the donation, contact

Also on Saturday, members of the SHS Breast Cancer Awareness ran their "Tickled Pink" sale during the freshman, J.V. and Varsity Basketball games. Club members had gathered donations from area retailers and baked cookies and cupcakes to sell at the event to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The club wishes to thank Jewels by Joanne, Landsberg Jewelers, Pamela Robbins, Searle, Wilson and Sons and Zachys for their contributions. Pictured here are club members Andrea Goldwasser, Jenn Simkins, Danielle Berger, Mallory Minster, Eve Muller (Secretary), and Harley Landsberg (President). For more information or to contribute, contact

The Greenburgh Police responded to the AFYA Foundation's appeal for medical supplies for Haiti. A portion of the supplies stored by the department for civil emergencies were due to expire soon and these were donated to AFYA on Tuesday 1/19. The Department donated bandages, burn kits, surgical sponges, stretcher sheets, oxygen masks, gauze, bandages, trauma dressings and aprons and gloves. These items were scheduled to be shipped on 1/22/10.