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Village Residents and Shopkeepers Reports Stolen Property, Shoplifting and Identity Theft

findmyphoneStolen: A Torrence Place woman reported her daughter's cell phone – a white iPhone 6 – was stolen from Scarsdale Middle School April 4. The girl left the phone in a zipped book bag in her locker while she was at lunch. When the girl returned to the locker to retrieve her book bag, the bag was unzipped, and the phone was missing. The "Find My iPhone" feature identified the phone's location at a street in the Bronx. The woman notified New York City police and drove to the location in an attempt to retrieve the phone. Upon arrival, the area was taped off as an active crime scene, and NYPD units were investigating. At that time, the woman reported the stolen phone to Scarsdale police.

An employee of LF Stores on Boniface Circle reported a teenage girl stole two shirts from the store April 7. One shirt was black, and the other was white. Together, they were valued at $258. The teenage suspect was described as white, approximately 5'6" tall, with a thin build and wearing a gray sweatshirt, leggings and sneakers.

On April 7, a Webster Road man reported his sister's computer's CPU was stolen from her house while he was staying there while she was away. The man told police he wanted to make a cup of tea at approximately 5:40 p.m. and realized the teapot was missing. He said he then decided to check her house to see if anything else was missing. That is when he realized the CPU was also missing. He said he last saw the CPU at 7 a.m. that morning before his sister left for the airport.

On April 8, the owner of La Dentelliere, on East Parkway, reported two wine glasses were stolen from her store. She said she saw a man place the glasses beneath his coat and walk out of the store. He was described as white, with blond curly hair, approximately 40-50 years old and approximately 5'10" tall. Police canvassed the area but did not see the suspect.

Identity theft
On April 4, a Lockwood Road man reported someone fraudulently attempted to purchase an Apple iPhone 7 with his credit card information March 6. The man received an email about the order and immediately cancelled it.

On April 4, a Sycamore Road man reported someone assumed his identity and stole $3,500 from his personal bank account at a Chase Bank branch in Oklahoma. A second attempt to withdraw $4,500 from another bank in Oklahoma was not successful because a bank representative called the man, and he was able to flag the attempt as fraud. The suspect was apprehended and taken into custody in Oklahoma.

On April 5, a Graham Road man reported his personal information was used to fraudulently open two credit cards with Chase Bank. The fraud was quickly discovered, and the accounts were closed.
On April 8, a Brite Avenue man reported receiving a Sprint bill under his name, for an account he never opened. The bill was past due, for an amount of $36.97. He notified Sprint, and the account was closed.

On April 8, a Foxhall Road caller reported three credit card accounts in his name were opened fraudulently. In total, the credit cards accumulated approximately $2,500 in charges. The man was working with the creditors to close the accounts.

Dead on arrival
An 85-year-old woman was found dead in her wheelchair at her home at The Scarsdale Ambassador April 9. According to nursing home staff, she had been wheeled to a public area outside the dining room before she became unresponsive. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps medics pronounced her dead, and her family members were notified. Her name was not released.

Missing person
On April 5, the supervisor of a group home on Post Road called police to report that a resident left the house without her medication on April 4. She was concerned about the resident's wellbeing because she did not have her medication with her, although she followed proper protocol for leaving the house. The supervisor said she had spoken with a woman at The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses, in White Plains, who had seen the resident at that location on April 4. The resident told the woman she was unhappy with her life at the group home and allegedly "knew how to live on the street." Patrol contacted local police departments and hospitals, looking for the resident. They reached out to the resident's, associates and doctors. The resident's sister reported she had spoken with the resident a few days earlier. She said the resident told her she was unhappy with life at the group home and was taking all her money to be able to stay at a White Plains hotel. The resident allegedly said she would kill herself when the money ran out. The sister later contacted the group home and said the resident was with her at her New Rochelle house. New Rochelle police were notified and a detective arrived at the house. The resident was taken to Saint Vincent's hospital for evaluation.

On April 6, a Meadow Road resident reported suspicious behavior from a white teenage boy with dark hair, wearing a fluorescent green hoodie and tan shorts. The boy first emerged from the resident's backyard and walked to the front yard curb by the roadway. When the resident attempted to confront the boy, the boy took off running. Moments later, the same boy returned and appeared to be hiding against a tree near the roadway. The resident then observed the boy retrieve a small package from a gray compact car. Once again, the resident attempted to confront the boy, but the boy ran away. Patrol canvassed the area heavily for any suspicious activity with negative results. Patrol also canvassed the resident's backyard for any signs of criminality with negative results.

A landscaper was seen removing furniture from a Ferncliff Road house, and a neighbor thought it was unusual April 8. Police consulted with the homeowner, who said the landscaper had permission to remove the furniture.

A taxi driver and a Palmer Avenue man were arguing over a taxi fare April 5. Police advised the men that their dispute was of a civil nature. The men were able to reach an agreement regarding the fare while police were on scene.

MTA police requested assistance on the platform of the Scarsdale train station regarding a "possible sexual act between a male and female" on the train at 4 p.m., April 8. Upon arrival of the train, the conductor advised police that a man had not paid his fare and was acting inappropriately with a passenger on the train. Police escorted the man off the train without any incident. MTA police officers arrived at the platform and detained the man.

Patrol was flagged down in front of Chase Bank on East Parkway at 4:40 p.m., April 8. Patrol learned that a man inside Chase Bank was screaming and causing alarm. Patrol spoke with the man, who said he was upset because an ATM "took his checks without registering the transaction." The man apologized for causing alarm and advised he would call Chase Bank to rectify the matter. A Chase ATM technician was on scene to help the man further.

A Deerfield Lane resident was concerned about possible danger from a falling tree April 3. Police looked at the tree and confirmed it was leaning. Police could not determine if the tree was on village property and advised the resident to follow up with Village Hall. Police put caution tape around the tree in the meantime.

A Heathcote Road resident complained that someone removed a block of curbing and allegedly "used a shovel to make a path for water to flood her property" April 4. Patrol examined the scene and observed that a block was missing from the roadway curbing. It was not clear how this block became dislodged. The highway department addressed the situation and promised to cement a new block in place after the rain stopped.

Water was flooding from the property of Fenway Golf Club onto a Seneca Road yard April 6. Patrol helped the homeowner notify Fenway Golf Club management to address the issue.

Cars and roadways
At 1:30 a.m., April 3, police noticed a parked car with its trunk open and items unsecured. The registered owner was advised and said he must have inadvertently hit the "open trunk" button while attempting to lock the car. There were no signs of criminality, and the owner closed the trunk and locked the car.

Police stayed with the driver of a disabled car on Post Road until a tow truck arrived April 3.

A car stalled on Post Road April 4. Police stood by and directed traffic until a tow truck arrived.

Callers reported a raised manhole cover on Reynal Crossing April 4 and 6. Police twice moved the cover into its proper position.

A driver got a flat tire on Popham Road April 4. A tow, from AAA, was estimated to arrive within the hour. Police put flares around the car for safety.

Police called a tow truck for a car that ran out of gas on Mamaroneck Road April 6.
A caller saw three unlit flares on Heathcote Road April 8. Patrol removed them from the roadway.

A 2008 Chrysler, registered to a Flushing man, left the roadway on Bypass and hit some trees on an embankment April 8. The driver left the scene, and the accident was discovered by a passerby sometime after it occurred. Police went to the scene and found the car locked, with no keys in the ignition. The car was towed to the police impound lot around 1:40 a.m., April 8.

On April 8, Con Edison and the water department were informed about water seeping from a gas valve cap at Willow Lane and Sheldrake Road.

A driver almost struck a cat on Madison Road and rang the doorbell of house near to where the accident nearly occurred April 8. A woman answered the door, but the cat in question was not her cat. Police helped sort out the confusion.

Illegally parked cars were observed on Potter Road April 9. The cars were moved by their registered owners.

Four car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A Sage Terrace man complained that a neighbor's contractors were on his property while repairing the neighbor's fence April 3. The contractor said he only entered the man's property for a few minutes while setting the fence. He said he understood the man did not want anyone on his property and he promised to comply with those wishes to the best of his ability.

Police reunited a lost dog with its owner April 3. The owner was issued a summons.
A caller reported finding a lost dog on Brewster Road April 4. While police were en route, the owner arrived and was reunited with the dog.

Patrol picked up a loose dog on Brambach Road and returned it to its Lee Road owner April 9.

A sick raccoon was reported on a Brite Avenue doorstep April 5. Police noted the raccoon appeared to be in a "deteriorating state ... moving slower and appearing to be ill." The raccoon was funneled into a safe area in the backyard and shot with one service round. The highway department picked up the carcass and disposed of it.

Village code
Police removed illegally posted advertising signs from Weaver Street and Hutchinson Avenue April 5. The sports business that posted the signs was issued a summons.

Police told a man soliciting on Greenacres Avenue April 7 that he needed a permit to solicit. The man left the area.

Lost and found
A NY State driver's license, belonging to a Springdale Road man, was found on Weaver Street April 8.

On April 9, a woman found a wallet and brought it to headquarters. She was unable to tell police where she found the wallet. The wallet contained at least four ID cards, each bearing a different name for people whose addresses were in Ardsley and Hartsdale. Since there were multiple ID cards in the wallet, police were unable to identity the wallet's owner.

The source of an unusual, but slight, odor in a Franklin Road garage was unidentified April 3.

A Crest Lane resident reported ground water seeping in the basement April 4. There was approximately one inch of water, which was too shallow for firefighters' pumps. The resident was advised to vacuum up the water.

On April 5, contractors reported drilling into an electrical source at a home on Ridgecrest North. Firefighters shut down the main breaker in the house. They opened up a wall where the contractors had been working to check for burning due to a light smoke condition in the house. There were burn marks and signs of charring. Con Edison and the building department responded to check for safety and the integrity of the electrical system. Firefighters determined there was no extension or further burning. They ventilated the house.

A Penn Boulevard resident reported a gas meter hissing in the house April 5. Con Edison determined it was a normal sound of the gas regulator.

Firefighters shut down utilities in a flooding basement on Mamaroneck Road April 6.

Firefighters helped a Brite Avenue resident pump a large amount of water from the basement April 6.

Firefighters called Con Edison about a gas odor on Cooper Road April 6. They stood by until Con Edison representatives arrived.

Minor flooding was reported in a Farley Road house April 6. Firefighters advised the resident on a course of action.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a street gas valve leaking water on Willow Lane April 8.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents in the village and on the Hutchinson River Parkway. They responded to one false carbon monoxide alarms and 12 false fire alarms, caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, a burnt baby bottle, construction dust, a battery being changed and pipe soldering.

This report, covering police and fire department activity from April 3-9, was compiled from official information.

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