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Police Report: Garth Road Woman Bitten by Dog; Speeding Driver Arrested on Post Road

turkeyQRDog bite: A Garth Road woman reported being bitten by a dog while she was taking a leisurely walk on School Lane July 24. The dog that bit her was part of a pair of dogs being walked by a 19-year-old School Lane boy. According to the woman, the dog lunged at her and bit her left wrist and forearm as she crossed paths with the boy near Brown Road. The boy gave the woman his contact information, and she returned home to meet her husband and drive to police headquarters to file a report. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps evaluated the woman's injuries. She refused transport to the hospital and said she would follow up at an urgent care medical center. Patrol contacted the dog's owner, who was a parent of the 19-year-old boy. The boy, the dog (named Charlie) and the boy's parents responded to headquarters with the dog's license and vaccination paperwork. The dog behaved in an orderly manner in front of patrol and did not seem dangerous. Patrol sent an Animal Bite Report to Westchester County Department of Health and informed the Garth Road woman that the dog's vaccination record was up to date.

Vehicle and traffic arrest
While conducting traffic enforcement on Post Road at 5:45 p.m., July 29, police noticed a car speed by at approximately 48 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. Police pulled behind the car and initiated a traffic stop. The driver told police he did not realize he was traveling at the rate of speed that patrol measured. The driver did not present a driver's license but told police he had a license. Patrol did a DMV check of the driver's name and learned the driver's driving privileges had been suspended with three suspensions on three separate dates. Additionally, there was an active warrant for the driver, issued out of New York City. The driver –Woodraw Yoon, 33, of Yonkers – was arrested and taken to headquarters. Yoon was charged with second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, speeding in zone and operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver. Scarsdale police notified the warrant unit of NYPD that Yoon was in custody in Scarsdale. A NYPD warrant officer stated the warrant unit could not pick up Yoon until Monday, July 31. Scarsdale police informed NYPD that Yoon could not be held in Scarsdale until July 31. Yoon was released on $250 cash bail, paid by Yoon and his father. Yoon was issued an appearance ticket for Village Justice Court, returnable on August 2, and Yoon was instructed to follow up with NYPD.

Arrest on warrant
On July 25, Richard Fabio Westphal, 40, of Scarsdale, was arrested on the strength of an active bench warrant issued out of Scarsdale on Feb. 18, 2009. Westphal was picked up by Scarsdale detectives after Westphal's release from Westchester County Jail on an unrelated matter. Village Justice Court was contacted, and Westphal was released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket issued for July 26.

Police called a Quaker Ridge woman after a 911 call was abandoned July 25. The woman said everything was OK, but dispatch heard her casually say, "Get out of my car" before the call ended. Police went to the scene. The woman's teenage daughter was sitting in the woman's car, refusing to get out after having a disagreement with her mother and father. Patrol helped mediate the situation, and the daughter got out of the car and went inside the house. The woman said she would follow up with a private counselor in the morning regarding an ongoing emotional issue with her daughter.

Just friends
A woman reported being "harassed" by a former employee of a village center deli July 28. According to the woman, the former employee used to chat with her and her friends at the deli. He sent her pictures and messages on Instagram in the past. He sent her a message stating, "How are you?" and a picture of a heart. She responded by saying, "I think you are a nice guy and [have] always been so friendly towards me; however, I think you're getting the wrong idea. [I'm] more than happy to be your friend, but it does make me feel uncomfortable receiving direct messages from you." The former employee responded, "I understand and am sorry if I gave you the wrong idea as well." The woman told police she saw the former employee outside he deli on July 28, and he approached her, said hello and walked away. The woman said she "felt funny" seeing the former employee and wanted to document the incident.

Welfare check
Police checked the welfare of Post Road kids and determined everything was in good order July 30.

Cars and roadways
A Cushman Road woman called police because a man was knocking at her door after 8 p.m., July 24, and his Honda CRV was parked in her driveway. Patrol spoke with the man and learned he was at the wrong address. He was looking for a house on Cushman Road, in White Plains.

Patrol helped a woman pick up her child from a River Road house while tree removal crews were working in the road to remedy a tree that was in danger of falling July 25.

Motorists were stuck inside the Popham Road CVS parking garage because the gate would not open July 28. Patrol contacted Freightway garage attendants, who manage the CVS garage. Attendants were able to open the gate and allow cars to exit.

A woman on Stonehouse Road told police she could not find her car July 28. Patrol located the car parked on Autenreith Road and provided her with a courtesy ride to retrieve her car.

Police arranged a tow for a disabled car on Butler Road July 28.

The highway department was notified about a fallen tree at Fenimore Road and the Bronx River Parkway July 28. The falling tree damaged a streetlight and a staircase railing.

Patrol contacted the owner of a car parked on Pinecrest Road with its lights on July 29. The owner said it must have been a mistake. So, he turned the lights off.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen phone wire and branch on Greenacres Avenue July 29.

Police removed broken beer bottles and glass shards from Mamaroneck Road July 30.

Five car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A Johnson Road woman called police because a squirrel was loose in her house July 24. The squirrel ran under her kitchen counter. Patrol canvassed the kitchen for the squirrel, but it was not to be found. Instead, patrol discovered a hole at the bottom of some kitchen cabinets. This appeared to be the access point for the squirrel. The woman said she was waiting for an exterminator to come to the house and remedy the situation.

A Montrose Road woman reported "an unusual animal with wings" was on her front lawn July 28. She thought the animal might be "sick." Upon arrival, patrol observed a healthy wild turkey on the woman's driveway. The woman said her nanny had put out birdseed for the turkey. Patrol advised the woman to refrain from feeding the turkey, as food would only encourage the turkey to return.

Civil matter
On July 27, a Black Birch Lane man told police he had contracted with a moving company that allegedly charged him more than double the estimate to move the man's furniture. The company was allegedly holding the man's furniture at a warehouse in Queens, demanding payment of $4,000. Police advised the man that his complaint was a civil matter.

On July 25, a Webster Road man said he paid his gardener approximately $750 to replaced a yard fence but the gardener has not yet performed the work. The check was given to the gardener in April, and the gardener started the work. However, the man was concerned because he had not seen the gardener since June 3. Two weeks ago, the man contacted the gardener, and the gardener said he was experiencing domestic issues with his wife but would come to fix the fence as soon as possible. The Webster Road man asked police to help him get in touch with the gardener, and he suggested the gardener might have been arrested for something. Police tried to reach the gardener by phone, but the attempts were unsuccessful. Police advised the man that it was a civil matter and informed him about possible options.

Village code
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers on Fox Meadow Road July 25, Carthage Road July 26 and Fox Meadow Road July 27.

After a neighbor complained about noise, police asked a Leatherstocking Lane party host to lower the volume of music July 29.

Kids were having a noisy outdoor party at Heathcote and Carthage roads July 29. Patrol cautioned them about noise disturbance, and the kids agreed to move their party indoors.

An Olmsted Road man turned down loud music at 12:30 a.m., July 30, after neighbors complained.

Lost and found
A caller reported losing a black wallet somewhere in the village July 27. It contained cash and a gift card.

A man reported losing his wallet on Magnolia Road July 27. He left his contact information with police in case the wallet was found.

On July 29, a Fairview Road resident found cash on the road and gave it to police.

A Madison Road homeowner reported a problem with the igniter on her stovetop July 24. The igniter was stuck in the "on" position, and natural gas was leaking from the stovetop. Firefighters turned off power to the stove and advised the homeowner to seek repair.

Firefighters were unable to identify the source of a reported unusual odor in a Paddington Road garage July 25.

Leaking propane tanks for a Murray Hill Road generator were shut off by firefighters who were investigating a reported outdoor gas odor July 30. The homeowner was advised to repair the generator.

The electric motor of an attic fan in a Hampton Road house was causing an electrical burning odor July 30. Firefighters determined the motor had short-circuited and overheated. Firefighters advised the homeowner to replace the motor.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents in the village and on the Bronx River Parkway. They responded to eight false fire and carbon monoxide alarms, caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, construction dust and hair dryer heat.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 24-30 was compiled from official information.

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