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Police Report: Woman Charged with DWI, Scarsdale Man turned over to NYPD for Hit and Run

pitbullOn Nov. 28, police arrested Jennifer Densen, 66, of the Bronx, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol content of .18 or more with no priors and operating a motor vehicle without insurance. She was stopped at the intersection of Chase and Popham roads following a rear-end collision with another car. After the accident, Densen failed field sobriety tests. She told police she had a hip injury that would impact her performance on the tests, and this was taken into consideration. However, she displayed other signs of intoxication, such as bloodshot and glassy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. Patrol attempted to administer a breath test, but Densen only inhaled instead of exhaled. She then told police she was a singing instructor and would not be able to provide a proper sample because she was not feeling well. Following her arrest, booking and processing at headquarters, Densen was released on $100 cash bail.

Hit and Run
On Nov. 29, patrol assisted New York City Police investigate a hit and run accident that occurred in New York City. Police found the car in question parked at Church Lane and Rochambeau Road. While investigating the car for signs of damage, the car owner came out to the car. He was the person sought by NYPD. NYPD was notified. Two NYPD officers arrived and took the car owner into custody and towed the car to an NYPD impound lot.

Car break-in
On Dec. 27, a Farley Road man reported someone entered his unlocked car and tossed items around from the glove compartment and trunk overnight. Nothing was reported stolen.

A Garth Road man reported a scammer called him, alleging his electricity would be cut off if he did not purchase and provide access numbers for $600 worth of Green Dot money cards purchased by CVS Nov. 27. The man purchased the cards but soon thereafter realized the call was a scam. He contacted Con Edison and confirmed that his account was in good standing. Police helped the man negotiate with CVS to obtain a full refund for the cards, which were intact and whose scratch-off access codes had not yet been revealed.

On Dec. 2, a Penn Boulevard resident reported receiving a package addressed to an unknown person. The package arrived at the resident's address via UPS. Police checked village records for the resident's house and found no history for the package addressee's name. The resident reviewed his credit history and found nothing unusual. The resident said he would arrange for UPS to pick up the package and return it to the sender.

Cars and roadways
On Nov. 27, police issued a summons to a driver, from Whitestone, NY, who was driving with a suspended registration without insurance.

Police issued summonses to illegally parked cars on Sherbrooke and Overhill roads Nov. 27.

Police notified the water department about water bubbling up through a street valve on Herkimer Road Nov. 29.

A man walking on Fenimore Road at 1:30 a.m., Dec. 1, was a Yonkers resident walking home. Police offered to call a taxi for him, but he refused.

A car stalled on Mamaroneck Road Dec. 1. Police followed it home after the driver got it to start again, as a courtesy.

A fire hydrant was reported to be leaking on Tunstall Road Dec. 1. Police notified the water department.

A man sitting in a parked car on Hazleton Road told police he was waiting to go to an appointment in White Plains Dec. 1.

A Fresh Direct driver called 911 to report he was not feeling well and could no longer drive his truck Dec. 1. He was stopped on Scarsdale Road in Greenburgh. Police and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps assisted Greeburgh police. Fresh Direct was notified, and another driver was sent to take over the truck. The man was transported to White Plains Hospital Center.

Police observed a car with open doors parked in Freightway Garage Dec. 1. The owner said his car is used for Chinese food deliveries. He opened the doors intentionally to allow the car to air out.

Eight cars accidents were reported in the village this week.

On Nov. 28, a Corell Road woman advised she was bitten by a neighbor's dog while out walking her own dog with her husband on Nov. 26. According to the woman, she encountered her neighbor and her neighbor's two dogs, and she walked over to say hello. When she did, one of her neighbor's dogs bit her left hand and caused her to fall to the ground, injuring her nose and forehead. Later that day, her husband took her to White Plains Hospital Center for treatment. An animal bite form was completed, and police are following up.

A Broadmoor Road woman reported a Griffen Avenue pit bull "strained and snarled" to get at her and dog, while both dogs and their owners were out for a walk Dec. 1. The dog, registered in Mamaroneck, does not have a history of complaints.

Police informed a Brite Avenue parry host that neighbors complained about noise Dec. 1. The party was ending, and the music had already been turned down.

Kids were walking home on Whig and Hampton roads at 11 p.m., Dec. 1. Police advised them to lower their voices.

Civil matter
On Nov. 28, A Drake Road resident reported a man entered his house without permission. The resident said he "exchanged words with the man" and escorted him out of the house. The man identified himself with a business card before he left the house. He said he had been hired by the resident's mortgage company to take photos and change locks on the house, which the bank was putting into foreclosure. The resident did not report the matter until six hours after it occurred. He explained the delay to police by saying he was a tutor and did not want to miss a session with a client. Patrol contacted the man allegedly hired by the mortgage company and verified the story. The man said he knocked before entering the house. He said the house was in "rough" condition with tarps covering a portion of the roof and the rear of the property "falling down." He thought the resident was not home, and he told police he often encounters squatters or other homeless people living inside structures that are up for foreclosure. After knocking the man said he opened the door and found papers piled "chest high" and other "hoarder-like" conditions. Once inside the house, the man heard music coming from upstairs. He announced his presence and went to the second floor. There, he encountered the resident, who confirmed he had not paid his mortgage for 18 months and had not had contact with his mortgage company in over a year. Police determined no crime had been committed. A report was generated for documentation purposes only.

Lost and found
An LG cell phone was found in Freightway Garage and given to police Nov. 29.
A woman reported losing her U.S. Army ID card somewhere near Scarsdale Avenue Nov. 29.

On Nov. 29, contractors broke a gas service line from a Fox Meadow Road house. They plugged the broken pipe with rags to reduce the discharge of gas. The gas valve was turned off, and firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

An Ardmore Road homeowner reported an odor in the house Nov. 30. Firefighters determined a furniture spray used by the homeowner caused the odor. While checking the rest of the house, firefighters detected a slight gas leak in the basement. They called Con Edison and stood by until the scene was turned over to them.

Firefighters opened windows in a Fox Meadow Road basement to ventilate paint and varnish odors caused by recent painters' work Nov. 30. Further investigation showed paintbrushes left in a drywell behind the house that was connected to a basement stair drain. A gas meter detected readings, and Con Edison gas was called. Con Edison detected a leak at a gas valve. They isolated the boiler and began repairs.

On Dec. 1, a Weaver Street resident reported a burning odor in the house. Investigation revealed the odor was coming from a basement dehumidifier. Firefighters removed the dehumidifier and used a fan to ventilate the space.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 27 through Dec. 3 has been compiled from official information.

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#10 Neighbor 2017-12-08 15:09
I'm just stating what the detective communicated to me. He couldn't disclose all the facts of the case. Obviously I was concerned enough to do some follow up myself. But he was assuring me that he didn't think he was a threat to our community. Believe me, I will follow this closely as I am most concerned about his inappropriatene ss with the child.
#9 Danger 2017-12-08 14:17
Dear Neighbor

Which part of the story was exaggerated? If he talked to a 12 year old girl in anyway there must be some sense that he is dangerous. He drove away while trying be stopped, while not by police, men in uniform. He hit a school bus!!!!! He left the scene of an accident. All of these together mean that he is dangerous even if exaggerated unless there is a factual inaccuracy.
#8 Neighbor 2017-12-08 11:50
I contacted the precinct where he was arrested. Spoke to the detective who obviously couldn't give me details of their investigation, which was closed and turned over to the courts. But he inform me that the Daily News article was exaggerated and I didn't have to be overly concerned. He doesn't think he's some dangerous predator. He's a direct neighbor of mine and I have daughters so of course wanted information to best protect them. My assessment is he's a young man with some issues and hopefully won't be a threat to our community.
#7 Name 2017-12-07 20:54
It is a strange situation where you are happy to have opinion pieces and happy to have a comments section and use that to reply but then refuse (censor) comments you do not care for. You have shown inconsistencies in reporting of people’s names if they are on the police blotter and live in Scarsdale. You reply specifically to this NY arrest and I believe that you did not have his name. My comment that you censored was challenging you on the fact that in the past you have chosen to publish Scarsdale names when available and sometimes chosen not to and that seems strange.
#6 Not just this site 2017-12-07 18:38
The Goldberg story is not being reported on News 12 (broadcast or web), the LoHud site, or the FIOS site. Seems to have been spiked - I wonder why?
#5 Joanne Wallenstein 2017-12-06 16:33
When the police provide the resident's name, we include it. When they blackout the name, we don't have it! Simple as that. This is a decision that is made at the police department.
#4 Another concerned citizen 2017-12-06 15:07
I am disturbed that the news about Jeremy Goldberg is not more widespread either. Why isn't it being reported on?! This guys was attempting to lure a young girl into his car! This is a very (allegedly) dangerous man to be living amongst thousands of young children. So upsetting and I feel that people should know.
#3 Name 2017-12-06 14:37
Did the Scarsdale report have his name? There has been a long history of giving the name of an out of towner while often not naming a Scarsdale resident on this site. Sometimes you do name the Scarsdale resident but the majority of the time do not. Do you name the people you know but do not like and not name people that you either don’t know or do like? I would prefer more consistency.
#2 Joanne Wallenstein 2017-12-06 13:52
The incident you refer to occured in the Bronx and was covered by the New York City Police Department. The Scarsdale Police Department does not have the details of the arrest. We can only report information from original reports from our police department.
#1 Concerned Citizen 2017-12-06 13:41
Why doesn't this piece address Scarsdale resident Jeremy Goldberg who was arrested for trying to lure a 12-year old girl in the Bronx? It wasn't just a hit and run as reported in this article? Where are you getting this information? When the girl ran to the local fire dept, Jeremy crashed his car into a school bus and fled to his house on Church Lane in Scarsdale! How are you not addressing this perp that lives in Fox Meadow? Shameful! We should all be very concerned about this guy who lives in our town!

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