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Police Report: Burglar Arrested for Two Scarsdale Break-ins and Driver Arrested after Leaving Scene of Accident

Pulled Over ClipartA car accident at Palmer Avenue and Mamaroneck Road at 6:30 a.m., Jan. 26, resulted in the arrest of a driver who left the scene. Diana Carolina Rodriquez, 28, of Miami Beach, Florida, was charged with leaving the scene of the accident after her 2003 Ford allegedly ran a red light and hit a car at the intersection of Mamaroneck Road and Palmer Avenue. The driver of the other car was injured and taken to White Plains Hospital Center. Rodriquez did not stop at the scene. Police caught up with her at Sage Terrace. She said she did not stop because her front seat passenger was injured, and she wanted to take him to the hospital. The injured passenger was conscious but not responding. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps took the injured passenger to Westchester Medical Center. Firefighters assisted in the accident. Following Rodriquez's arrest, she was released on her own recognizance with an appearance ticket for Jan. 31.

Burglar ArrestedHoxha
On Wednesday, January 31th, 2018, the Scarsdale Police Department arrested Orgen Hoxha, age 22, of Overlook Terrace, New York, NY and charged him with two counts of Burglary 2nd Degree, a Class C Felony. This latest arrest by the Scarsdale Police is the result of the combined investigative efforts of a Multi-Jurisdictional Law Enforcement Task Force that included the Scarsdale PD, New Rochelle PD and the Westchester District Attorney's Office.

Mr. Hoxha was charged with the November 30th, 2016 burglary of a Walworth Avenue residence, and the October 26th, 2016 burglary of a Wildwood Road residence. He was originally arrested by the Scarsdale Police department in February of 2017 where he was stopped by patrol officers at the scene of a burglary on Drake Road. Mr. Hoxha, who is currently in the Westchester County Jail, was arraigned in the Scarsdale Justice Court on these two latest burglary charges and remanded back to the Westchester County Jail with no bail.

Car Theft
On Jan. 22, a Scarsdale Avenue Avis-Budget Group car rental agent reported a 2017 red Ford Fusion had been stolen from his location. The car had been returned, with its rental fee paid, on Dec. 27. That was the last time the car was noted at the rental station. After realizing the car was not in inventory, the agent carefully checked the inventory records to make sure there was not a clerical error. Corporate management was notified.

On Jan. 25, a Fayette Road man reported a payment issue with his gardener. He said he has given at least seven checks, representing monthly gardening payments, to workers employed by his gardener. Apparently, those checks were never given to the gardening company itself.

On Jan. 26, a Boulevard woman reported someone altered and fraudulently cashed a check from her account. The check had originally been issued to a person known to the woman and sent to that person in a holiday card. However, that person never received the check. The woman then issued a second check to the person, which was declined for insufficient funds in the account. While following up on the declined check, the woman learned the original check had been altered and cashed. The person who cashed the check was unknown to the woman. Chase Bank was informed and is investigating the matter.

Computer Scam
A Wakefield Road woman reported contacting an Amazon representative to assist with a return Jan. 25. During this encounter, the woman said she granted access to her computer to an unknown individual that was contacted through an unknown source. The individual successfully gained access to the woman's computer, requested a $200 payment and asked for credit card information. The woman did not provide the requested information. She was concerned her personal information may have been compromised. Patrol provided the woman with identity theft information and advised her to monitor her accounts and credit report.

Disorderly Conduct
A woman in her 40s was "yelling and screaming" at people on the southbound train platform at the Scarsdale train station Jan. 27. Police escorted her off the platform and MTA police responded to the scene, where they took over the incident.

A Brewster Road woman called police at 5:15 p.m., Jan. 23, and reported concern about her husband. She said she last saw her husband around 12:30 p.m., for work. She was worried because it was dark and he allegedly does not like to drive at dark because of poor vision. She further said her husband had a physical therapy appointment on Central Avenue at 5 p.m. for which he would be late. She told police she thought he would not be at the appointment because he does not like driving on Central Avenue. Police helped the woman contact the physical therapist's office, and the therapist reported the husband was, in fact, at the appointment.

Two Post Road siblings called police to report concern about the unknown whereabouts of their two sisters, 12 and 13. The children's mother had been taken to White Plains Hospital Center earlier that day, and none of the children had a key to the house. When the older siblings returned home from school, they saw their sisters' backpacks outside the house. They went to a neighbor's house and called police. They eventually learned their aunt had picked the sisters up in a taxi and taken the sisters to the hospital to be with their mother. Police went to the hospital and confirmed this information. The children's father said he would pick up the children and let them stay with him until their mother was released from the hospital.

Phone Call
A Park Road doctor received a phone call at home from the father of a patient and asked police to document the incident. The father inappropriately called the doctor at home to discuss the daughter's care. The father did not threaten or harass the doctor in any other way.

A man was seen lying down with a backpack and a flashlight on a Fenimore Road lawn at 10 p.m., Jan. 25. The man got up when he was observed, and he headed toward the train station. Police canvassed the area, but it was believed that the man got on a train.

A Fairview Road homeowner advised that construction workers at a neighboring demolition site asked his dog sitter if they could run extension cords from the homeowner's property to power equipment on the job site Jan. 26. The dog sitter denied the request. Patrol talked to the workers on scene. They admitted to asking for permission to run extension cords and stated they were denied. They said their boss was en route with a generator. Patrol deemed the situation to be in good order.

Police noticed a ladder leaning against the side of a house on Fairview Road and contacted the homeowner Jan. 27. The homeowner said the ladder had been left there following gutter cleaning. Patrol advised the homeowner to remove the ladder for security and safety reasons.

A Hampton Road woman reported a white woman with gray hair got out of a white SUV and took pictures of her house, using two cameras, Jan. 27. When approached the picture taker allegedly got into her car and left. Police canvassed the area but did not find the woman accused of taking pictures without permission.

An elderly man, who appeared disoriented, rang a Lincoln Road doorbell Jan. 27. The homeowner was not able to communicate due to a language barrier and called police. Patrol located the elderly man at a neighbor's house and spoke to a resident there, The resident said the man was the father of his son's wife, and all parties live at the house. The resident said the man has wandered off before and might be suffering from the early stages of dementia. Patrol advised the family to consider getting an ID bracelet for the man in case a similar incident happens in the future.

On Jan. 27, a Lee Road resident brought a revolver to headquarters for disposal. The resident found the unloaded gun in his attic. There was also a Westchester County Pistol Permit and a black and white photo of the gun's owner in the attic.

Ski Team

Cars and Roadways
A parked car was found with its door open while parked inside Christie Place garage Jan. 22. Police contacted the owner who said he deliberately left the door open. Nothing seemed to have been disturbed inside the car.

A grandmother accidentally locked her 4-year-old grandchild inside her car on Rochambeau Road Jan. 24. Patrol called Heathcote Gulf, and a technician was dispatched to open the car door. The child was unharmed.

The manager of a Saxon Woods Road parking lot reported a car has been parking in the lot for over one month. Patrol looked up information about the registered owner of the car. It was a local resident. The manager said he would contact the resident and ask for the car to be moved.

Patrol helped a driver moved a stalled car from Mamaroneck Road to a safe location to wait for a private tow Jan. 25.

The water department was notified about a water main break on Heathcote Road Jan. 27.

Callers complained about parked cars on both sides of Oak Lane Jan. 27. Patrol contacted the hostess of a dinner party who stated the party was ending soon and drivers would be leaving. The cars were legally parked, but the road's passageway was tight.

A caller reported a "reckless driver operating a minivan" on Black Birch Lane Jan. 28. Patrol went to the street and found a minivan parked and unoccupied. Nothing seemed suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Car Fire
A resident used a personally owned fire extinguisher to extinguish a car fire on Fox Meadow Road Jan. 22. Firefighters examined the car and determined an electrical issue in the headlights had caused the fire. The car had been parked, unoccupied, on the street for approximately 10 minutes before it caught fire. Arrangements were made to tow the car from the scene.

A Ferncliff Road caller reported someone "aggressively" knocked on his door and left Jan. 27. Patrol found no signs of criminality. Patrol canvassed the area but did not find anything suspicious.

A Cooper Road resident complained about a neighbor's barking dog Jan. 23. Police admonished the dog owner, who apologized and promptly brought the dog inside the house. Police issued a verbal warning.

A loose dog was reported on Post Road Jan. 24. Patrol followed the dog as it ran home and entered an unsecured gate on Gorham Road. A neighbor confirmed the dog lived at that house. Patrol secured the gate.

Lost and Found
On Jan. 22, a passerby turned in a piece of jewelry found at the intersection of Olmsted and Berwick roads. Police vouchered the jewelry at headquarters.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, Scarsdale Fire Department responded to 26 calls this week. Seymour shared some of the more notable incidents.

On Jan. 23, a Springdale Road resident reported a burning odor in the house. Firefighters found living room dimmers emitting a burning odor with burn marks around them. The dimmers were dated 1971. Firefighters removed the dimmers and capped the wires. Firefighters advised the resident to call an electrician for repair.

A person got stuck in the elevator at Christie Place parking garage Jan. 25. Firefighters and police were able to free the person from the elevator by accessing the elevator through the top hatch. The elevator was placed out of service.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 22-28 has been compiled from official information.


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