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Ogden Road Accident Results in DWI Arrest. House Fire on Stonewall Lane

stonewall2Arrest: A one-car car accident involving a head on strike of a tree at the corner of Ogden and Kent roads at 12:40 a.m., March 26, resulted in the arrest of a 22 year-old from Scarsdale. His name has been withheld at his own request. Upon arrival at the accident scene, police observed the driver standing outside a 2004 red Dodge pickup truck that had hit a tree over the pavement lines on Ogden Road. He appeared "disheveled and disoriented." Police noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, as well as glassy and bloodshot eyes. He was asked to perform field sobriety tests, which he failed. According to the police report, he had "difficulty following basic instruction and was unsteady on his feet while walking." An alco-sensor test revealed the presence of alcohol on his breath, with a reading of .10. At that time, he was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated (first offense). He was handcuffed and searched. The search revealed two Ziploc bags in his pockets. One bag contained a green, leafy substance identified as five grams of marijuana. Another bag contained eight prescription pills, later identified as Alprazolam. He was given a Datamaster test at headquarters, which revealed his blood alcohol content to be .09 percent. A license plate check of the car revealed that he was not the owner. The owner was identified as a White Plains man. The owner was contacted by White Plains police in order to obtain information related to the suspect's use of the car. The owner later told police he wanted to report the car as stolen. Based on all information, the suspect was additionally charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of marijuana, operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of at least .08 of one percent, open container of alcohol in a vehicle, third-degree unauthorized use of a vehicle, fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property involving a vehicle. He was released on $250 bail and ordered to appear in Scarsdale Village Justice Court on March 29.

House fire
A contractor working on a Stonewall Lane house reported a fire in the attic March 24. Upon arrival, police saw a light smoke condition around the roof and chimney. Firefighters stretched hose lines to the house and attacked a fire affecting the second floor and attic. The wall next to the fireplace was opened to check for fire. It was noticed there was fire in the walls of the fire-floor, and firefighters were evacuated from the second-floor and attic. Firefighters then directed efforts to the first floor and basement to check for and extinguish any fire that was there. Fire detected in these areas was knocked down. This enabled firefighters to then attack the pockets of fire on the second-floor and attic. An aerial device was directed to the roof, and firefighters made two vent holes in the roof. Roof ventilation was hampered by six inches of spray foam insulation in the attic. Firefighters performed overhaul and salvage. A Westchester County cause and origin team was called to determine the source of the fire.

Police Chase Man on Dirt Bike
A reckless driver on a Yamaha dirt bike was chased by Greenburgh Police around 5 pm on March 29 when he recklessly drove into oncoming traffic and onto sidewalks to evade capture. He started out on Knollwood Road near Westchester Community College and then drove south on the Bronx River Parkway. Officers saw him come to a stop near the County Center and then proceed onto the sidewalk on Tarrytown Road where police tackled him.

He was identified as Mark Haughton, age 24 and charged with DWAI Drugs, Reckless Driving, Resisting Arrest, Reckless Endangerment, Unlawful fleeing a police officer and Criminal Mischief. All listed charges are A-misdemeanors. Haughton was also charged with multiple vehicle and traffic violations.


Identity theft
On March 23, a Church Lane man reported that an unknown person made multiple attempts to obtain fraudulent credit cards in his name and file a false tax return. In at least three cases, the potential creditor sent a letter to the man requesting further information. The man also received a letter from the IRS, stating his tax return had been filed but requesting further information. The man notified the creditors and the IRS that the applications and tax return were fraudulent.

On March 25, a Boulevard man reported receiving calls from Kohl's collections department regarding overdue credit card bills. The man, however, never had a credit card account with Kohl's. Further investigation revealed that someone opened a fraudulent account in the man's name. The account has a credit limit of $1,000, and it accumulated at least $826 in unpaid charges. The man informed Kohl's representatives that the account was fraudulent. They closed it and are following up.

In follow-up to a March 11 report that a Brite Avenue man's mail had been placed on an unauthorized two-week hold, the man came to headquarters on March 25 with additional information about possibly related criminal activity. The man told police he checked his credit report and learned that someone had fraudulently applied for a Citibank credit card in his name, without his knowledge or permission. One week later, the man received the fraudulent card in the mail. He called Citibank to cancel it.

Domestic matters
An Edgewood father called police because of a verbal argument with his 17-year-old son over the importance on doing one's homework March 20. Since the argument was only verbal in nature, police assistance was not needed.

An Edgewood mother reported her daughter's ex-boyfriend showed up at her house to drop off mail for her daughter March 25. She told the ex-boyfriend he was not welcome on her property. She asked police to communicate this message to the ex-boyfriend.

A mobile caterer who services a Reimer Road construction site told police he had a verbal dispute with the driver of a competing mobile coffee provider March 21. Following the dispute, the competing driver left the area, but the mobile caterer wanted to report he incident in case further problems arise.

A taxi driver reported a fare dispute with a Ridgecrest East passenger March 26. The issue was resolved without police intervention.

A Crawford Lane man returned home and saw footprints on his deck March 20. Police determined the footprints were made by an officer checking the house during a "dark house" check the day before.

Water and heat
Police turned off a running hose at the side of a Secor Road house and checked on the elderly resident inside March 22.

A hissing noise in a Fox Meadow Road house was determined to be caused by the house's forced-air heating system March 22.

A Parkfield Road woman reported a "possibly confused" man attempted to enter her house. She described the man as approximately 60 years old, with dark-skin, possibly of Indian or Hispanic descent, and wearing baggy jeans and a dark T-shirt. She said it seemed like the man thought the house was his and seemed surprised when he saw the woman. Once confronted, the man left the woman's property and allegedly went to a few more houses, attempting to enter the front doors. Patrol canvassed the area and local train stations. They did not find a man fitting the description. The woman said she did not believe the man had criminal intentions but may have needed assistance due to confusion.

Garage door
A caller reported a Penn Boulevard garage door was open while the homeowners were away March 25. Police closed the garage door and attempted to notify the homeowner. The keyholder, instead, was notified. The keyholder said the garage door had been opened because he was entering the garage to perform engine maintenance on a car.

Cars and roadways
On March 20 and 21, police issued parking summonses to the owner of illegally parked cars on Freightway Road.
On March 21, police noticed an occupied car, with its lights off and the engine running, parked outside the Chase Road post office at 2 a.m. Patrol questioned the driver, who was a Scarsdale resident, who said he and a friend were out playing "Pokemon Go." It was explained that this game requires players to travel to specific areas to advance.
On March 21, police issued one parking summons to the owner of an illegally parked Suburban on Sage Terrace.
Police called a towing service for a car with a flat tire on Post Road March 21.
Police issued parking summonses to the owners of illegally parked cars at Lockwood Road and School Lane March 21.
A tree fell on Richbell Road March 22. The highway department was called to remove it. Police stood by.
Verizon was notified about a fallen wire on Wayside Lane March 22.
Cablevision was notified about an open junction box at Crossway and Weaver Street March 23.
On March 24, a caller reported seeing a man with dark hair and a green backpack throwing rocks from the Fenimore Road bridge. The man was gone when police arrived.
Police issued a summons to a car parked left to curb on Hamilton Road March 24.
Patrol helped a driver get her car unstuck from ice and mud on the side of Palmer Avenue and Bansom Road March 25.
A group of bystanders helped a driver push her car free from a pile of snow on Palmer Avenue March 26.
Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Lost dog
A loose, golden-colored, mixed-breed female dog with a white face was found near the intersection of Murray Hill and Post Roads March 21. It was wearing a red collar. Attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful. The dog was picked up by New Rochelle Humane Society, along with a village code violation summons to be given to the owner.

A Harvest Drive woman reported finding a dead rabbit on her driveway March 24. The rabbit was missing its head. The woman said she thought the incident was worth documenting; so she told police. Police suggested the rabbit might have been injured during an incident with another wild animal, or it might have been dropped by a bird of prey. The woman advised no further follow-up was needed.

An injured raccoon was found at the corner of Post and Murray Hill roads March 24. Patrol shot the raccoon and notified the highway department regarding the removal of its carcass.

On March 20, a Forest Lane woman and a Wakefield Road man each reported a man in a burgundy-colored four-door sedan remove "Voters' Choice" political signs from their respective yards. The man and woman allegedly received information that the signs needed to be placed at least 14 feet away from the street; however, each sign had only been placed three to five feet away from the street. According to police information, a representative from the highway department removed all signs illegally placed in the village right-of-way.

On March 20, a political sign was also reported to have been removed from a Fox Meadow Road lawn. The sign had allegedly been placed only seven feet from the road, which would have located it within the village right-of-way.

On March 20, a Ferncliff Road resident reported the theft of political signs from his property. No further information was provided.

Bob Berg of Tisdale Road reported signs were stolen from his lawn and the lawns of several of his neighbors. March 20. According to the candidate, three signs were removed from his property, without his permission or authority, sometime between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. He told police the signs had been placed approximately five feet from the curb. This meant that they had been positioned within the village right-of-way.

Village code
On March 20, police issued a village code violation summons to a Post Road homeowner who parked a commercial box truck in his driveway overnight.

Police advised a solicitor he needed a permit to continue going to door to door, marketing his services, in Scarsdale March 25. The solicitor was on Mamaroneck when police encountered him.

Lost and found
A taxi company manager reported a license plate was lost from one of his taxis March 20.
A license plate was found in a Crane Road parking lot March 21. A receptionist at the business location told police she had identified the owner and would attempt to talk with him or her.
Someone found a wallet and brought it to police March 22. Patrol located the owner, a Post Road man, and returned it to him.
On March 25, a Brewster Road mother reported her daughter lost a violin at Fox Meadow School Feb. 17.
A cell phone was found at the corner of Post and Fenimore roads March 25. It was password-protected and set to function in a different language, possibly Chinese, so police were unable to retrieve the owner's name and contact information. Police vouchered the phone at headquarters.

Firefighters notified Con Edison about gas odors on Meadow Road and a pavement crack in the Scarsdale Pool driveway March 20.
A loose fuel cap resulted in gasoline spillage in a Dolma Road garage March 31. This caused an odor that dissipated after the cap was secured and the garage was ventilated.
A leaking interior oil tank caused several gallons of fuel oil to spill on the basement floor in a Tyler Road house March 22. Firefighters used plug and dike putty to stop the leak temporarily. They placed absorbent pads on the oil in order to soak it up from the sump pump area. The oil company was contacted for follow-up.
Firefighters helped Greenville Fire Department with a structure fire in a kitchen located in a Central Park Avenue strip mall March 23.
A smoke detector was chirping in a Vernon Road house March 23. Firefighters determined the detector was old and advised replacement.
A two-year-old child accidentally got locked inside a Chesterfield Road bathroom March 24. Some firefighters observed the child through a window, while other firefighters worked with the door. With the homeowner's permission, a locking mechanism was disassembled and removed, causing minor damage to the door. The child was released from the bathroom, unharmed.
Slightly elevated levels of carbon monoxide were detected in a Secor Road house. No obvious signs of a carbon monoxide leak were detected. Firefighters deduced the cause might have been a car started in the garage, via remote key fob starter, with the garage door closed. Con Edison was called to check the safety of all gas-fired appliances.
This week, firefighters assisted at one car accident in the village. They responded to four false carbon monoxide alarms and nine false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, mistaken keypad activation, system testing, battery change, cooking smoke and construction dust.

From the Scarsdale Police: Autism Awareness Patch Challenge: April 2017

autismawarenessThe Scarsdale Police Department will be participating in the Autism Awareness Patch Challenge during the month of April 2017. During this period, Scarsdale Police cars will display the Autism Awareness Patch to publicly communicate their participation and express support for individuals with disabilities.

The Autism Patch Challenge endeavors to promote greater public awareness and acceptance of autism, as well as to call attention to local public safety efforts to recognize through special policies and practices the unique needs of persons with disabilities, including autism.

Scarsdale Police Department personnel undergo specialized annual training in order to appropriately interact with and assist persons with disabilities, includingindividuals with autism. We are committed to the highest standards of public service and safety for all persons. For more information about autism, please visit Autism Speaks online at

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 20-26 was compiled from official information

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Police Report: Drunk Drivers, Bomb Scare and Signs

wintersceneOn March 15, police responded to a one-car accident involving a 2001 Ford Ranger on Mamaroneck Road. The car was off road and had struck a utility pole. The car's engine was off and the keys were on the center console. The driver – Glenn Trimpert, 46, of Kendall Park, NJ – was sitting in the driver's seat. His eyes were glassy and blood shot. A strong odor of alcoholic beverage was on his breath. He told police he had consumed "four beers." He said he did not know where he was coming from, where he drank the beers or where he was at the time of the accident. He failed the field sobriety tests that police asked him to perform. An Alco-Sensor pre-screening test indicated Trimpert had been drinking. A Datamaster test revealed Trimpert's blood alcohol content to be .17%. Trimpert was arrested on charges of driving wile intoxicated (first offense) and driving with a blood alcohol level of at least .08 of one percent. Trimpert's car was towed to the police impound lot. Trimpert was released on $100 cash bail and ordered to appear in Village Justice Court on March 22.

While conducting DWI traffic enforcement on Post Road at 4 a.m., March 19, police noticed a 2004 Ford Focus cross over the pavement markings. Patrol conducted a traffic stop at Fenimore and Oakstwain roads. The driver – Misty Ruiz, 32, of Hartsdale – had bloodshot eyes and smelled of an alcoholic beverage. She told police she had consumed three shots of "Fireball" several hours earlier. An open bottle of Modelo beer was in her car's cup holder. She was asked to perform field sobriety tests, and she failed them. An Alco-Sensor pre-screening test indicated the presence of alcohol on Ruiz's breath. A Datamaster test revealed Ruiz's blood alcohol content to be .13%. Police asked her if she had any drugs or weapons on her person. She replied that she had cocaine inside her bra. She was asked to remove the cocaine and give it to police, which she did. She was arrested on charges of driving wile intoxicated (first offense), driving with a blood alcohol level of at least .08 of one percent, criminal possession of a controlled substance and having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle on a highway. Ruiz was released on an appearance ticket and ordered to appear in Village Justice Court on March 22.

Bomb Scare at Edgemont High School
At approximately 8:45 am on Monday March 20, the Greenburgh Police were notified of a bomb threat at Edgemont High School. The Greenburgh Police, members of the Special Operations Unit, EMS, the Mobil Command Center, the Greenville Fire Department and the Westchester County Police Explosive trained K-9 unit all responded. Students were evacuated while the building was searched. No explosive device was found and the school was reopened at 11:15 am.

Domestic matter
A Quaker Ridge mother and her adult daughter were arguing March 13. The mother said the daughter would not stop talking and would not leave her alone. The daughter said her mother's doctor was not returning her calls. Both women agreed to stay away from each other for the rest of the night.

Dog bites
A Dobbs Terrace mother reported a dog ripped her jeans and attempted to bite her March 16. According to the mother, she was putting her children in the rear passenger seats of her car while the car was parked in front of her house. As she proceeded to walk around the rear of her car toward the front driver's side, she encountered an elderly woman walking a black and white, medium-sized dog near the front of her car. Making visual contact, the elderly woman shouted, "Wait until I pass." The mother said she did not understand the elderly woman's comment and continued to walk toward her driver's door. At that time, the dog lunged at her from six t eight feet away and attempted to bite her left shin. The dog's teeth punctured a hole in her jeans and ripped a four-inch tear in the denim. The elderly woman advised she would get the mother new jeans and left the scene with her dog. The animal control officer is following up.

While standing outside the Popham Road CVS with her children, a mother's foot was bitten by a dog March 19. The mother was standing with her back to the entrance doors when an elderly, petite, white woman exited the store with a small, black and white, furry dog. The dog made contact with the mother's foot and proceeded to bite it. The attack left a visible mark. The mother advised the elderly woman that the dog bit her, but the elderly woman left the scene without comment and without exchange of contact information.

On March 17, an Old Lyme Road housekeeper said she encountered a white man who gave her a "bad attitude" while she was walking to a bus stop on Od Lyme Road. The man crossed the street and began grabbing his private area in front of her. The woman then called police and boarded the bus. She said she did not want to make a formal report, but she wanted to alert police to the incident.

A Bee-Line bus driver and a passenger were having a dispute at Post and Fenimore Road, and someone called police March 19. The dispute was instigated by the "long duration of time it took the passenger to pay his bus fare as he entered in White Plains and planned on traveling to Mount Vernon." After the passenger paid the fare in full, the argument continued because each man felt the other was "out of line and inappropriate." The driver said he did not want the passenger to ride his bus and provided him with a transfer ticket. The passenger left the bus and waited in an "orderly" manner at the bus stop.

A neighbor reported the roof of a Walworth Avenue rental house appeared to be collapsing March 14. The building department inspected the roof from inside the house and did not find any obvious concerns. The homeowner said he would have the roof inspected. He told his tenants to not use the third floor until the roof could be inspected.

A Roosevelt Place woman saw footprints in the snow leading to and from a first-floor window near he front door March 15. Furthermore, the woman told police she thought she heard a car in her driveway at 5 a.m. Patrol offered to perform extra ridebys of the house.

On March 17, a Stratton Road homeowner reported finding footprints in the snow that led from the start of her horseshoe-shaped driveway, to the back of her house, to the other side of her driveway.

A Kathy Lane woman alleged her neighbor "was not fulfilling [his] snow removal obligation" March 16. The neighbor told police he hired someone to remove the snow as soon as possible. Patrol advised both partied that their dispute was a civil matter.

A Birchall Drive resident could not move her car up her steep driveway due to snow and ice March 16. Patrol advised her to leave the car at the end of the driveway. The resident's daughter went to the house and drove her mother up the driveway, to the house, in the daughter's SUV.

An Ogden Road woman reported hearing a loud banging noise around 10 p.m., March 17. Police determined it was snow falling from the roof.

Falling tiles
A caller reported "a brick" fell from the roof of a three-story Garth Road building onto the side of the 7-Eleven store March 18. Actually, several terra cotta roof tiles fell and broke when they hit the sidewalk. It was not a brick, as reported. Firefighters used a ladder to examine the roof and remove other broken or compromised tiles. The area was taped off to prevent pedestrian harm. The owner of the building was instructed to address the manner with the building department.

Police helped a woman with a stroller cross Post Road because heavy snow was obstructing the crosswalk March 16.

A Greenacres Avenue man accidentally got locked out of his house March 17. Police helped his open the door to get back in his house.

A caller reported a possible bonfire in a School Lane driveway March 18. Police observed a portable fireplace in the driveway. The fire had already been extinguished with snow and water. The homeowner said she had taken her son and his friends outside to roast marshmallows.

Callers reported seeing political signs on village property at both the intersections of Mamaroneck Road and Palmer Avenue and Heathcote ad Drake roads March 19. Patrol confirmed that village code forbids the posting of election signs on village property without permission. Patrol removed the signs.

Police noticed a gray Mercedes-Benz parked on East Parkway and a Ford SUV parked on Scarsdale Avenue, each with scofflaw violations Mach 16. Each driver told police their unpaid parking tickets ($750 and $370, respectively) would be taken care of at Village Hall that day. The drivers moved their cars before tow trucks arrived.

Cars and roadways
Police issued a Lee Road resident a parking summons for parking his car on Lee Road during a snow emergency March 14. The resident does not have a driveway and therefore had to park on the street. The resident said the car would be moved within the hour.
Police helped several people get their cars unstuck from snow banks March 15.
A driver ran out of gas on Mamaroneck Road March 15, Heathcote Gulf was responding with gasoline, as per the driver's instructions. Patrol stood by until help arrived.
A truck driver transporting food for Chik-Fil-A got lost and pulled into the parking lot of Scarsdale Middle School. March 16. Police helped the driver find his way back to I-95.
A car was improperly parked too close to a curve on Carstensen Road March 16. Patrol contacted the owner who promptly moved the car.
A car got stuck in a snow bank on Crossway March 16. The driver called roadside assistance for help.
Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Wild animals
Police shot a sick raccoon on Parkfield Road and placed the carcass in a garbage bag for sanitation pickup March 13.

A raccoon was on an Oakstwain Road house March 15. The homeowner asked patrol to provide trappers' numbers.

A squirrel was loose inside a Post Road house March 18. The homeowner was able to remove the squirrel without requiring help from police.

Lost and found
On March 13, a Richbell Road resident reported abandoned surveying equipment outside his house. He said it had been there for days. Police vouchered the equipment at headquarters.

A money clip with money attached found on Spencer Place March 13. It was vouchered at headquarters.

Firefighters helped a Crossway homeowner with a defective carbon monoxide detector March 14.
A gas odor was detected in a Kent Road house March 14. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.
A contractor reported damage to a Brewster Road gas main March 17. Con Edison was on scene to evaluate.
Firefighters shut down a malfunctioning boiler in a Carstensen Road house and ventilated the structure March 18. Con Edison was dispatched to the scene, ad the homeowner was advised to call for repair.
An electrical switch was sparking in a Fenimore Road house March 19. Firefighters isolated the switch and disconnected it from power at the panel. The homeowner was advised to call an electrician for repair.
A falling chunk of ice hit a Brookby Road gas meter ad pressure reducer March 19. As a result, gas started to migrate into the house. Firefighters shut down the burner unit, and Con Edison responded.
This week firefighters assisted at two car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to six false fire alarms, caused by device malfunction and cooking smoke.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 13-19 was compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Police Report: Black Birch Lane House Fire, Stolen Car and Foot Chase, Fake Driver's License

blackbirchFire destroys Black Birch Lane house: A Hillair Circle resident saw flames coming from an unoccupied Black Birch Lane house at 4:30 a.m. on March 5th and called 911. White Plains police notified authorities in Scarsdale, and firefighters sand police rushed to the scene. They immediately saw fire coming from the rear and roof of the wood-frame house. White Plains firefighters assisted in knocking down the fire with hose lines and extinguishing it. Firefighters attempted to make contact with possible occupants. The house appeared to be empty as it was vacant of furniture. It was too fully engulfed in flames to attempt entry. Firefighters evacuated neighbors from nearby houses and learned the house was unoccupied during a renovation. Hartsdale, Greenville, Fairview and New Rochelle fire departments assisted. Off-duty career firefighters from Scarsdale, volunteer firefighters, Con Edison, Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps and police assisted as needed. At 5:45 a.m., mutual aide was released. Scarsdale firefighters continued to overhaul the structure.

Several attempts were made to notify the homeowner. The property was condemned by the building department. A valid building department was on file with the village. It was issued on Nov. 29, 2016, with an expiration date of Nov. 29, 2018.

Suspect flees from stolen car, claiming he "stole it back" for owner
On Feb. 28, a call about an abandoned car on Post Road led to an arrest of a New Rochelle man charged with four-degree criminal possession of a vehicle. At approximately 12:30 p.m., police arrived at the corner of Post and Dickel Roads, where they saw a parked 2001 Hyundai Elantra. While approaching the car, the license plate reader sounded an alert indicating a stolen car. Officers confirmed this information and learned the car had been reported as stolen out of Mount Vernon on Feb. 27. Patrol approached the car to investigate further. It was unoccupied, turned off, with the key in the ignition. A Post-it note was attached to the driver's side window, stating "out of gas brb." Shortly thereafter, the driver – Andre Reid, 27, of New Rochelle – returned to the car carrying two gas cans and a funnel. Police asked him if the car was his, and Reid quickly replied, "Yes." Police asked what happened, and Reid then said the car was not his. He alleged he was "watching it for a friend." Police asked Reid for an ID, but Reid said he could not provide one. He offered to fetch his ID and bring it back to show police. Police asked Reid to turn and face the police car, but Reid "suddenly took off." Patrol shouted several times for Reid to stop, but Reid kept running. Two officers chased Reid down Post Road, behind an apartment building, back across Post Road, down Farley Road, over a stonewall and through back yards of White Plains residents. Assisting units continued to look for Reid and a foot pursuit concluded on Walton Avenue in White Plains, where detectives took Reid into custody. At headquarters, Reid provided information about himself that prompted police to call Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps to take Reid to White Plains Hospital Center. An officer accompanied Reid to the hospital in the ambulance, and another officer in a patrol car followed behind.

The stolen car was processed on the scene and towed to the police impound lot. While police were searching the car, they found a check made out to another man. The check was photographed and vouchered as evidence.

At approximately 9 p.m., Reid was discharged from WPHC and brought back to headquarters. There, he told police that the car belonged to his uncle and had been stolen by one of his friends. Reid said he noticed the car last night and stole it back from his friend to return it to his uncle. He said he drove the stolen car to get to White Plains on Feb. 28, but the car ran out of gas.

Reid said the check in the car belonged to his friend who initially stole the car, "so he stole the check as well."

The district attorney's office was consulted. Bail of $15,000 was recommended. At 10 p.m., Reid was arraigned in Scarsdale Village Justice Court. Bail was set at $20,000 and a return court date was set for March 1. Unable to post bail, Reid was taken to Westchester County Jail.

Man arrested for fake driver's license
Abner C. Garcia-Gonzalez, 29, of Monsey, NY, was charged with second-degree possession of a forged instrument March 2. The arrest was the result of an incident that occurred on Feb. 7, during which Garcia-Gonzalez presented police with a fake Maryland driver's license during a traffic stop for speeding on Post Road. Visual analysis of the license and follow-up with Maryland's Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed the license was fake. Sometime after Feb. 24, police called Garcia-Gonzalez to initially advise him of their investigation. He was asked to come to headquarters to straighten out the irregularities with his license. He was read his Miranda Rights, and then told police if their questioning was about his driver's license, "his boss" told him he should have a lawyer present. Patrol asked him again if he wanted to talk, and he said, "I want to talk to a lawyer." At that point, all questioning was stopped and Garcia-Gonzalez was advised to return with his lawyer. The district attorney's office was consulted and an arrest warrant was issued based on the evidence provided. Garcia-Gonzalez returned with his lawyer on March 2 for arraignment. He was released on $100 bail, and it was stipulated that he must surrender his passport by March 3.

DWI arrest
On March 4, police arrested Felix A. Bisono, 38, of Yonkers, on charges of driving bisonowhile intoxicated (first offense), speeding in zone and refusal to take a breath test. Bisono attracted police attention when his 2014 Acura sped past a speed patrol on Post Road at approximately 10:45 p.m. Bisono was clocked by radar at 63 mph. Police performed a traffic stop at Post and Rugby Roads. While talking to Bisono, police noticed a strong odor of alcohol on Bisono's breath. Bisono said he was coming from Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains. He alleged he "did not have anything to drink; I'm driving." Bisono failed field sobriety tests. He refused to submit to an alco-sensor pre-screening test or a Datamaster test to measure his blood alcohol level. He was taken to headquarters and arrested. His car was impounded. He was released to a friend on $250 cash bail.

Stolen jewelry
An Aspen Road woman reported a few small bowls containing jewelry had gone missing from her house March 2. The bowls and jewelry allegedly disappeared while a plumber and a plumber's assistant were working in the house. The woman said she called the plumber to retrieve a pendant that had been accidentally dropped down her bathroom sink. After the pendant was retrieved, the assistant allegedly asked the woman what she was going to do with it. The woman said she answered him by motioning to the adjacent bedroom and stating she would put it away later. While the plumber was still in the bathroom, the woman asked him some questions about the shower. During this time, the woman claims to have "turned her back on the assistant." After realizing some bowls of jewelry were missing from her dresser the next morning, the woman called police.

Car break-in
A small blue purse containing a black wallet was stolen from a parked car on Sage Terrace at approximately 5:30 p.m., Feb. 28. The car was parked for approximately five minutes while the driver went to a nearby house to pick up her son. The purse was left in the unlocked car. The wallet contained credit cards, an insurance card, a driver's license, reading glasses, rosary beads and $20 cash. The driver said she saw a group of kids walking on the street, near to where her car had been parked, but she could not provide a description.

Identity theft
A Cooper Road man reported someone opened a fraudulent Vanguard brokerage account in his name March 1. Vanguard was notified, will put the account on hold and investigate. According to the police, the man was the victim of a similar incident in January. Approximately one year ago, the man's company experienced a security breach, and employee information was compromised.

On March 2, a Fox Meadow woman reported being harassed by a man with whom she specified, in December, she no longer wanted to have any contact. The man was told by police, at that time, to refrain from contacting the woman, and he said he understood. On Feb. 27, the woman received an email at work from the man. In the email, the man claims to be in the same industry and is requesting services from the woman's company. The man, in fact, is unemployed and the information in the email appears to have been copied from the woman's company's website. The email had originally been sent on Jan. 18, but it ended up in a spam folder. It was released to the woman and her supervisor on Feb. 27. The woman emphasized she did not want the man to contact her. Patrol left the man a voicemail. At approximately 8 p.m., the man appeared at headquarters. Patrol informed the man that the woman does not want any contact with him. He said he understood.

A Greenacres Avenue man reported that a contractor from a fireplace company threatened him during an argument over the phone March 2. While patrol was gathering information about the incident, the man received an email from the company's manager. The manager apologized for the interaction and promised to refund the entire amount owed for the cancelled order. The man said he was satisfied with the result and did not need any further assistance.

Police provided traffic control on Weaver Street while pedestrians were being evacuated from the Jewish Community Center on Wilmot Road Feb. 27.

Police and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps helped a man having a panic attack on a Metro North train Feb. 27. The man was taken to White Plains Hospital Center for treatment.

A Fox Meadow Road woman called police to report an elderly woman had wandered into her house Feb. 27. The elderly woman was described as approximately 80 years old, with bleached blond hair and a heavy French accent. The Fox Meadow Road woman asked the elderly woman her name, and she said, "My name will come to you." The elderly woman then asked how the woman and her son were doing. The elderly woman then allegedly left the house and left in a gray compact sedan. The woman asked police to check on her house because she lives alone.

Banging noise
A Vernon Road resident reported a banging noise at her house at 9 p.m., March 1. She requested that patrol check the house. Patrol found a large glass windowpane had fallen to the ground from the house's side porch. Further inspection suggested that the clasps holding the windowpane in place had broken, causing the window to fall. There were no signs of criminality.

A man called 911 to report a Mamaroneck Road school was not releasing his daughter at 2:49 p.m., March 3. Patrol spoke with school officials who stated the man was not following the school's dismissal procedures. No further police intervention was necessary.

2:30 a.m
A Brookby Road caller reported a black Toyota Sienna parked in front of his house with hazard lights flashing around 2:30 a.m., March 5. Patrol spoke with the driver who said he had just dropped off a friend on a nearby street and stopped to enter a destination in his GPS. Police determined there was nothing suspicious.
The doorbell of a Windward Lane house was sounding off and on around 3:15 a.m., March 5. Police determined the doorbell was malfunctioning and applied a temporary solution. The homeowner said he would call a technician the next morning to have the bell fixed.

A Brite Avenue homeowner reported running water from her backyard faucet March 5. Patrol saw no signs of criminality and advised her to contact a plumber to address what might be a problem with the pipes.

Cars and roadways
On Feb. 27, police issued a summons to the owner of an illegally parked car on Circle Road.
Parked cars were facing the wrong direction on Claremont Road Feb. 27. At patrol's request, drivers moved their cars to park them legally.
A license plate reader detected a car with a suspended New York registration at Brite Avenue and Fenimore Road Feb. 27. The cause was "insurance not in effect." Patrol issued the driver summonses, removed the car's license plates and had the car towed to a location in Yonkers.
Patrol issued a summons to the owner of an illegally parked car at Sherbrooke and Heathcote roads Feb. 28.
Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Secor Road Feb. 28.
The tire of a driver's tow-behind stump grinder fell off the vehicle on Mamaroneck Road March 1. A tow truck arrived and removed the disabled stump grinder.
Police issued summonses to three drivers for passing a stopped school bus on Popham Road at 3:45 p.m., March 1.
Patrol moved a fallen tree branch to the side of Tory Lane and Brite Avenue March 2.
Luggage left by the side of Post Road had been placed there for trash pickup March 2.
A driver got a flat tire on Heathcote Road at 11 p.m., March 3. Patrol stood by until AAA arrived to address the situation.
Eleven car accidents were reported in the village.

Police picked up two loose dogs from Post Road and returned them to their Barry Road owner March 2.
On March 5, patrol observed a dead raccoon on Huntington Avenue. The highway and sanitation departments were informed.

Lost and found
A woman found a wallet and cell phone and gave them to police Feb. 27. Police identified the owner, who said she would pick up her items from headquarters.
On March 3, a village doctor reported losing an envelope containing $11,200 cash, representing patient fees. While investigating the report, police learned the doctor found the envelope among his personal belongings. There was no further need for police assistance.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor near a Garth Road excavation site Feb. 27.
Firefighters shut the gas supply to a White Birch Lane stove and called Con Edison after gas readings were detected in the house Feb. 28.
Firefighters confirmed a stove was malfunctioning in a Bradford Road house Feb. 28. Firefighters advised the homeowner to refrain from using it until it could be serviced.
Firefighters shut gas to a malfunctioning cooktop and stove in a Church Lane house March 1. Firefighters advised the resident to call for service.
A faulty motion sensor was causing lights to flash inside a Catherine Road house March 1.
Firefighters helped a Cushman Road resident locate a chirping smoke detector in the resident's house March 1. Firefighters advised replacement.
A natural gas condition in a Tyler Road boiler room resulted in elevated carbon monoxide levels throughout the house March 1. The residents were evacuated, and Con Edison was called.
The highway department was called to remove a fallen tree limb blocking fire hydrant access March 3.
Reported smoke at a Wildwood Road house was coming from a dryer March 3. Firefighters unplugged the dryer, allowed it to cool down and recommended replacement.
A gas odor in a Chesterfield Road house was determined to be caused by gasoline spillage on the garage floor March 5.
This week, firefighters assisted at five car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to four false carbon monoxide alarms and 17 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, wood dust and shower steam.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Feb. 27 through March 5 was compiled from official information.

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Police Report: Car Break-ins Target Griffen Avenue and Brittany Close

droneA man's wallet was stolen out of his unlocked parked car at Quaker Ridge Golf Club on Griffen Avenue March 9.

On March 10, a Brittany Close resident reported someone entered two unlocked cars parked in her driveway and stole a garage door opener from one of them. The resident noticed the glove compartments were open in the cars, and items had been removed and placed on the front seats. One car was a white Mercedes-Benz, and the other car was a black Cadillac Escalade. According to video footage that captured the incident, two men parked outside the resident's house in a white Mercedes-Benz around 6:15 a.m. The men were wearing hoodies and sneakers. They are captured on video, as they got out of their car and approached and entered the resident's cars.

Identity theft
On March 7, a Black Birch Lane man reported someone withdrew fund from his business account by presenting 10 bogus checks. The checks varied in amounts ranging from $1,740.53 to $2,340.78. The man stated he wrote a check to a stationery vendor for $121.99, but that check never reached its destination. The counterfeit checks followed the missing check in their sequence numbers.

On March 9, a Greenacres Avenue man reported fraudulent credit card accounts were opened in his name. The man said he was in the process of acquiring necessary documents and would be out of town for a week. Police advised him to notify the credit reporting bureaus and review his credit report as soon as possible.

Postal fraud
A Brite Avenue man reported someone fraudulently placed a postal hold on his mail March 11. It was done in person by a third party.

Domestic matter
On March 10, a Quaker Ridge mother and her adult daughter were arguing over a "banking matter." The daughter called police for assistance. On scene, police talked to both parties, each of whom calmed down and assured police the argument was over.

Phone scam
A Clarence Road resident reported someone called her, alleging to be an Internal Revenue Service agent March 8. She hung up the phone, suspecting it was a scam. She reported it to police.

On March 6, a Colvin Road resident reported two to three teenagers were ringing her doorbell around 6 p.m. By the time the resident answered the door, the teens were observed walking down the road. One was described as wearing a knit hat and a black jacket.

On March 9, a Haverford Road man complained he thought the street had inadequate lighting. He alleged that the darkness on the street contributed to a burglary attempt in December. Patrol checked the street and determined no lights in the area were out.

Suspicious visit
On March 10, a Berwick Road woman reported a man entered her house, claiming to be there on Village business and took pictures of her house. She was alarmed because Village Hall claimed no one was out on assignment to take pictures of her house. According to a worker who let the man into the woman's house, the man arrived in a newer model minivan. He advised he needed to check for an underground oil storage tank and wanted to see the basement. The worker accompanied the man into the basement, where the man took several photos of the boiler room and its exterior walls. The man then allegedly walked around the perimeter of the house with a metal detector, searching for a buried tank. Based on descriptions of the man's actions in the house, it was determined that the man was there on possibly legitimate business, just mistakenly at the wrong house. Patrol spoke to a neighbor with surveillance cameras and requested that the video footage be preserved for future follow-up.

On March 11, two men inadvertently flew a drone into a Park Road backyard. The men rang the homeowner's doorbell, asking to retrieve the drone. The homeowner called police. Patrol escorted the two men into the backyard so they could retrieve the drone.

Police identified a car parked on Chase Road that had accumulated $620 in unpaid parking fines March 9. The driver was informed to settle the matter in Village Justice Court as soon as possible.

Cars and roadways
A woman called police at 7:30 p.m., March 7, because she was concerned her husband might have been drinking vodka before he got into his 2004 Jaguar to drive to a location in Scarsdale or White Plains. Police checked out the husband's possible destinations but did not find hm. At 8:15 p.m., the woman called police to say her husband had returned home without incident.

A caller reported a "dead rat" on a Rochambeau Road sidewalk March 8. Police informed the highway department.

The highway department was informed about a large pothole on Garth Road in need of repair March 8.

Parked cars were obstructing traffic flow on Garden Road March 8. Patrol asked drivers to move their cars to correct the situation.

A person sitting in a car parked on Rock Creek Lane was determined to be an investigator on an assignment March 8.

Parked cars were obstructing traffic flow on Cohawney Road March 8. Patrol asked driver to move their cars.

A caller reported an erratic driver in a gray Infiniti almost hit her and her children in a stroller while they were standing on the corner of Post and Popham roads March 9.

Patrol called a tow truck for a car with a flat tire on Bypass March 9.

Patrol removed debris from Post Road March 10.

An unknown car reportedly drove into a Park Road driveway March 11. Police determined the driver was a food delivery person who mistakenly went to the wrong address.

Ten car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil matter
On March 8, a Claremont Road woman complained that her neighbor's tree contractor was dumping debris on her yard. After police arrived on scene, the contractor offered to "fix any grass which was misplaced during [the] work."

On March 9, patrol helped settle a verbal dispute between a Sage terrace resident and a property surveyor who was working on the property and who had allegedly been "rude."

Firefighters18 Kelwyne Road2
Firefighters forced open the elevator in the Christie Place parking garage to release a person accidentally trapped inside March 6. The elevator was placed out of service and appropriate service providers were contacted.

Construction workers made a small, outdoor fire on Manor Lane March 6. They said they were burning scrap wood to keep warm. Firefighters extinguished the fire, and the fire inspector issued the workers a warning.

Firefighters made entry into a Nelson Road house to let a locked-out homeowner back inside March 6. Police were on scene to verify the homeowner's identity.

Firefighters shut off leaking water from a broken pipe at a Cooper Road house March 6. Police secured the front door upon leaving.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Meadow Road March 6.

A Lebanon Road house was registering elevated carbon monoxide levels March 8. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison. A fault cooktop was identified.

A fire started in the chimney of a wood-burning stove in a Herkimer Road house March 8. Firefighters put out the fire and identified several safety hazards. They recommended servicing the stove.

A dumpster was on fire at a Kelwynne Road house March 9. Firefighters extinguished it and tipped over the dumpster to overhaul its contents. The cause of the fire was undetermined, but it was not deemed to be suspicious.

This week, firefighters assisted at seven car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to 15 false fire alarms, caused by device malfunction, carpet installation, dust, cooking smoke, burnt food, steam and accidental manual activation.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 6-12 was compiled from official information.

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Early Morning Fire Guts Home on Black Birch Lane

blackbirch(Updated at 12:51 pm Sunday) Fire broke out at a house at 29 Black Birch Lane in Scarsdale at 4 am on March 5. Firefighters arrived to find the house engulfed in flames and smoke. There were no reported injuries but the house appears to be totally destroyed.

Fire Chief Jim Seymour provided the following report after the fire was put out:

"We were dispatched at 4:04 am this morning to a possible structure fire at 33 Black Birch Lane. Just prior White Plains the Fire Department was dispatched to a street behind Black Birch for a reported fire. When White Plains arrived on the street behind Black Birch, the called in stating they could see a house fire in Scarsdale. Our Fire Department arrived at 4:07 and found the second floor of 29 Black Birch lane fully involved. Shortly after our arrival the roof in the rear of the house began to collapse and the building was too dangerous to enter. The fire was darkened down within the first hour and we remained on the scene until around 9:40 am putting out hot spots. The Westchester County Cause and Origin team is investigating. No one was home at the time and it appears the home was under some interior renovations. About 50 firefighters were on the scene. Mutual aid from White Plains, Hartsdale and Greenville assisted at the scene."

 A Village Press Release says: "The Scarsdale Building Department has contacted the owner's project architect and will be working early this week to get the site properly secured and demolished as soon as possible, as the structure appears to be a total loss."