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Mother Arrested for Drunk Driving with Child in Car

deerroadOn Sept. 25, a report of erratic driving at Post and Heathcote Roads led to a traffic stop resulting in the arrest of a 36-year-old White Plains mother who was driving while intoxicated with her child in the car. Patrol first observed the car in question to be driving very slowly while the driver – Kristen Walsh, 36 or White Plains – held a cell phone to her ear. Patrol stopped the car and watched Walsh strike the curb with her passenger side wheel during the traffic stop. While talking with Walsh, patrol detected a smell of alcohol on her breath, slurred speech, slow motor skills and evasive eye contact. Walsh's nine-year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat of the car. Patrol asked Walsh to get out of the car, and Walsh was unsteady on her feet. According to the report, she "lost her balance and almost fell, causing patrol to help support her balance." Walsh stated she "had one vodka mixed drink and a Xanax about an hour ago at a friend's house." Walsh was not able to successfully perform field sobriety tests and asked to stop the tests "because she was feeling tired." An alco-sensor test registered a positive presence of alcohol on Walsh's breath. Later a Datamaster test measured Walsh's blood alcohol level at .14. Walsh was arrested and charged with driving while on cell phone, aggravated DWI with a child in the car, DWI per se, with a prior conviction less than 10 years and DWI with a prior conviction less that ten 10 years. Walsh was released to her attorney on $500 cash bail.

Stolen cars

A 2000 Honda Odyssey was stolen from a Brewster Road driveway overnight Sept 21. It was discovered missing at 7:45 a.m., Sept. 22. A wallet, checkbook, road map and notepad and other personal items normally kept in the car were removed from the car and discarded on the driveway and in the bushes. Fifty dollars, the owner's driver's license and his Social Security card were missing from the wallet. The owner said he was missing a set of keys to the car, but those keys might have possibly been left in the car. According to the police report: "Due to the positioning of a second vehicle in the driveway, the stolen vehicle would have had to have been driven across the front lawn in order to exit the driveway, yet patrol was unable to see any distinct marks that would justify that assumption." Police are following up.

On Sept 24, at 1:15 a.m., New Rochelle police broadcast a hotline about a stolen car fleeing north on North Avenue toward the Scarsdale/Eastchester border. Police canvassed the area but did not find the car.


A Murray Hill Road resident reported his $1,500 Movado watch was unlawfully taken from his house Sept. 21. Along with the watch, a display case for the watch was also taken. The resident last saw the watch in his dresser drawer at 6:30 a.m. a cleaning service was allegedly in the house from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day. The manger of the cleaning service was informed and encourage the resident to file a police report.

On Sept. 24, a Church Lane resident reported her son's orange and black bicycle was stolen from her front yard on Sept. 18. On the night of Sept. 23, she said approximately nine dollars in quarters were stolen from the center console of her unlocked car. She requested extra ridebys of her house.

Check fraud

On Sept.19, a Colvin Road resident reported her checking account had been compromised by a fraudulent check Sept. 14. The check was made out to an unknown person. The woman closed the account immediately, and Chase Bank is following up. Additionally, the woman reported her account's password and linked email address had been changed on Sept. 6. She was not sure if the two incidents were related.

On Sept. 22, a Stratton Road woman reported a personal check originally made out to her landscaper was allegedly altered and deposited into her babysitter's account without the woman's permission. According to the woman, the check for $773.10 had been placed in an envelope inside a kitchen drawer. While doing online banking, the woman noticed the check had been cashed on Sept. 20 via a Chase mobile app. The woman said the check appeared to have been "whited out" and rewritten. The babysitter was working at the woman's house on Sept. 20 between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. According to the woman, the babysitter has only worked for the family "a couple of times."

Criminal mischief

On Sept. 19, a caller reported damage to bathroom doors and playground equipment at Hyatt Field on Boulevard. Doors and welded equipment were broken, and a burn mark was found on an interior bathroom wall. Later in the week, a toilet in the women's bathroom was found to be leaking. It was determined the leaking toilet did not show any signs of criminal mischief.

On Sept. 19, an Axtell Road homeowner reported a garage window screen had been tampered with at her house over the weekend. She discovered the cut and torn screen after noticing the unlocked garage window had been opened. Additionally a rooftop cargo bin beneath the window had been knocked over.

Branch break

A branch from a village-owned tree broke the window of a car parked in a Madison Road driveway overnight Sept. 19. The falling branch shattered the car's back window and damaged a rear brake light, interior upholstery, window frame and bumper. The highway department is following up.

Game cubes

On Sept. 21, a man said he left Nintendo Game Cube controllers at a house in which he was living last March. He wanted the Game Cube controllers back and asked police to help him retrieve his property. It was after midnight when the man asked for police assistance. Patrol told him to return the next day at a more reasonable hour, so police could help him get his property back.


Heathcote Medical Center staff called police about an agitated and confrontational patient who was refusing to comply with staff instructions Sept. 21. When police arrived on the scene, they observed the loud and angry patient. The patient said she wanted to have her blood tested because she believed she had an infectious disease. A doctor said he had met with the patient and she became confrontational while the doctor was attempting to review her medical history with her. Rather than discussing her history, the patient demanded a blood test. The doctor said the patient was not in need of critical medical attention. He said he refused to continue the appointment because of the woman's aggressive and confrontational behavior. Patrol explained this to the woman, and she became agitated with police and began tape recording patrol's interaction with her. Patrol offered to call an ambulance to take her to a hospital for treatment, but she refused.


Police assisted MTA police with an incident involving a high school aged girl on the train who was allegedly being followed by a male Sept. 23. MTA handled the situation on the train station platform while Scarsdale police assisted.

911 calls

This week, a Fox Meadow man made multiple false-alarm 911 calls. First the man alleged a dispute with his younger brother that did not occur. Later in the week, the man claimed he was the President of the United States and demanded a limousine. Patrol informed the man's mother about the calls, and she said she would address the situation.


An Aspen Road homeowner reported a delivery driver from "All Good Things" Nursery dumped dirt on the road and left the scene Sept. 24. Approximately 30 minutes later, the driver returned to Aspen Road with a loading machine and was moving the dirt off the roadway. The driver said the problem was the result of a simple misunderstanding.


On Sept. 24, a resident brought a Smith and Wesson handgun to headquarters for safekeeping, pending the renewal of his expired handgun permit.

A Saxon Woods Road resident reported finding a gun in her mailbox Sept. 24. She said she found the gun while getting her mail, so she removed her mail from the box but left the gun there. Patrol examined the gun and determined it was a broken toy gun. Patrol checked a database for any recent incidents involving a toy gun, but none were found.


Two callers reported seeing a man on Walworth Avenue at 10 p.m., Sept. 24. The first caller said the man was hitchhiking and disrupting traffic. The second caller said the man was ringing her doorbell. He was described as Hispanic, wearing a dark colored sweatshirt and carrying a duffel bag. Patrol found the man and interviewed him. Patrol determined the man was lost and trying to get home to White Plains. Patrol provided him a courtesy ride to West Post Road and Maple Avenue.

Cars and roadways

Patrol taped off Huntington Avenue and stood by for Con Edison at the site of a large tree branch on electrical wires Sept. 19. Power to Greenacres School was shut down while Con Edison was working around 7 a.m. Flagmen were positioned to direct traffic at affected intersections.

A Mercedes Benz with two flat tires was towed from Catherine Road Sept. 19.

Police notified the highway department about a deceased raccoon on Heathcote Road Sept. 19.

The water department was notified about a leaking fire hydrant on Post Road Sept. 20.

Patrol issued a parking summons to the owner of a Toyota parking in a no standing zone on Lockwood Road Sept. 20.

Patrol removed a large branch from Fox Meadow Road Sept. 20.

A driver said a protruding sewer cap severed two tires on her car on Mamaroneck Road Sept. 21.

A car belonging to a work crew on Fox Meadow Road was parked too close to a stop sign at Fox Meadow and Ogden roads Sept. 21. Patrol spoke with the car's owner, and the car was promptly moved.

Police directed traffic while a tree company trimmed protruding branches on Walworth Avenue Sept. 21.

Patrol placed a traffic cone in a pothole on Fenimore Road and notified the highway department Sept. 21.

Patrol notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Fox Meadow Road Sept. 22.

A car with a flat tire was towed from Colonial Road Sept. 23.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.


A Crane Road resident though she saw an injured coyote in her backyard Sept. 22. The alleged coyote was not there when police arrived. Patrol provided the resident with a list of trappers' telephone numbers.

A Tisdale Road homeowner reported a baby deer was stuck in a seven-foot-deep window well at his house Sept. 22. The homeowner placed a wooden ladder in the window well to help the deer climb out. Patrol provided a list of trappers' telephone numbers, in case the deer could not climb out on its own.

A Gatehouse dog got loose and ended up in a neighbor's yard Sept. 22. Patrol spoke with the owner. The owner said he would make sure his dogs stayed on his property.

A driver struck a deer and critically injured it on Mamaroneck Road at 10:30 p.m., Sept. 23. Patrol fired two shots to kill the animal. The highway department was notified for carcass cleanup.

Village code

Patrol issued summonses for illegal use of gas-powered leaf blowers to landscapers on Crane Road Sept. 23.

A gathering of young people quickly dispersed from a playground on Boulevard after patrol shone a light in the area at 10 p.m., Sept. 24.

After neighbors complained of noise, patrol asked a Fox Meadow Road resident to lower the volume of music playing in the house at 10:30 p.m., Sept. 24.

Police dispersed a large gathering of kids in the intersection of Fairview and Greendale roads at 10:37 p.m., Sept 24.

Police asked a Ridgecrest East homeowner to lower the volume of party music a few minutes before midnight Sept. 26.

Lost and found

A pedestrian found a ring of keys on East Parkway and gave them to police for safekeeping Sept. 20.


Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of sparking wires on Huntington Avenue Sept. 19.

A reported smoke odor on Fox Meadow Road was unfounded Sept. 20.

Firefighters shut down a malfunctioning gas stove and advised the resident about a bathroom water leak in an Elm Road house Sept. 20.

A broken residential sprinkler system in a Post Road yard appeared to be a leaking fire hydrant Sept. 21. Firefighters assessed the situation and advised the homeowner.

A heating oil tank was leaking in a Garden Road house and causing an odor Sept. 23. Firefighters spread absorbent on the spill while the homeowner contacted her oil company to empty and remove the tank.

Smoke in the area of Whig Road and Brite Avenue was traced to a resident using a fire pit Sept. 24.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents in the village. They responded to five six carbon monoxide alarms and 18 false alarms caused by device malfunction, spray paint, cooking smoke, construction dust, shower steam, and activated manual pull station and a battery change.

This report covering police and fire department activity from September 19–25 was compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Police Report: Plumbing Stolen from Ogden Road House for Sale

winkA realtor reported a sink and copper piping had been stolen from an Ogden Road house for sale Sept. 12. The house is vacant and has been for sale since April 2016. The theft created extensive damage in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as damage to first-floor drywall and flooring. The realtor said she was the last person to enter the house on August 16, for a showing, and everything was in order at the time.

Dr. Norman Bank, 90, of Fenimore Road, passed away at home Sept. 17.

Stolen grill
An Overhill Road man reported his stainless steel Weber Genesis propane grill had been stolen from his property overnight Sept. 17 into 18. The grill was purchased for $799.99 on July 5, 2015. It was in excellent condition.

Car break-in
A parked 2014 Nissan was broken into on Palmer Avenue overnight Sept. 16 into Sept. 17. The driver's side window had been smashed, and the center of the steering wheel was missing. Police advised the owner that an airbag had been stolen from the car, and that was why the steering wheel was damaged. The car was parked undamaged at 8:30 p.m., Sept. 16.

Bench warrant
On Sept. 13, police arrested Jonathan G. Regis, 27, of White Plains, on the strength of an active bench warrant related to an unanswered vehicle and traffic offense. Regis was released on $100 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court.

Identity theft
On Sept. 12, an Olmsted Road resident reported that someone created a fraudulent check and signed it with her husband's name on Sept. 9. The person attempted to cash it against the couple's bank account. The check number matched the check number on a check that the woman's husband hand delivered to the Town of Greenburgh Sept. 8. The bank alerted the couple and immediately closed the couple's bank account.

On Sept. 14, a Farragut Road woman reported her attorney received an email from someone posing as her and attempting to obtain funds from a family trust. The email alleged that the funds would be used toward a jewelry purchase of a Rolex and two pairs of black pearl earrings, with a combined total of $29,352.60. The email contained an invoice from a jewelry store in North Highland, California. The lawyers suspected the email was fraudulent and contacted the woman. Specifically, the "grammar and syntax" of the email were unlike the woman's normal grammar and syntax.

On Sept.12, an Edgewood woman said she felt a man was "stalking" her. She described how the man allegedly drives by her house in different sports cars and "revs" his engine. She said the man follows her while she walks her dog in the park. She said she also believes the man has hired someone in a white Suburban to follow her. She said the man is "at fault for various negative situations she has had to deal with." She described these situations to police, and police determined nothing was found to constitute a crime. According to police, "many situations appeared to be coincidences." The woman advised police of a real estate transaction she was involved in, and police advised her to pursue any related matter through civil means. Police determined there was no evidence of criminal activity or intent. The woman advised she would call police the next time she saw the man near her house.

On Sept. 15, a Fox Meadow woman reported a male, who lives in a neighbor's apartment, has been harassing her. He has sent her numerous unwanted messages and LinkedIn requests. He has written letters asking to speak with the woman and take her to dinner. The woman told the man she does not want to have any contact with him. but he ignored her request. Police called the man and reiterated the directive. The man said he understood and would no longer communicate with the woman.

Broken window
An interior pane of glass on a double-paned window broke in a Quentin Road house overnight, and the homeowner reported it Sept. 12. Since the glass was broken from the inside and there were no signs of force or tampering, police determined the window was possibly broken from the inside, or the glass broke independently due to a defect and was possibly exacerbated by a significant drop in temperature overnight.

A woman reported a white man in his 60s was watching her and winking at her in the area of Hampton and Ogden roads Sept. 14. His attention was not wanted. Police investigated the area but did not find the winking man.

A Park Road woman reported someone rang her doorbell and left Sept. 14. Outside the door, police found a delivery from Spencer Pharmacy, which seemed to explain the ringing doorbell. An exterior check of the house did not uncover anything suspicious.

A Paddington Road man stated someone intentionally put a nail in his tire Sept. 15. The man believed an in-law did it. The nail had been removed prior to patrol's arrival, and the nail did not cause any damage to the car. The man did not witness the alleged placement, and the car was not registered to the man. No police action was required.

No registration
On routine patrol, police stopped a car on the sidewalk of Secor Road and realized the 75-year-old Greenwich driver did not have a valid registration or insurance for the car Sept. 16. According to the police report, the driver initially failed to stop for police on Secor Road and instead drove around officers and a detour sign on Secor Road. The car then encountered construction workers and equipment in the road, past the detour sign. The driver drove over several orange traffic cones and curbstones before coming to rest on the sidewalk. The driver was unable to give an explanation for his actions. A department of motor vehicles computer check indicated the car's registration and insurance had expired. The man said he had no legal address to where the car could be towed or legally parked. The car was towed to the police impound lot for safekeeping until the owner could correct the registration and insurance issues. Police issued the man six traffic summonses.

A woman accidentally activated Zachys' burglar alarm near the store's rear entrance Sept. 17. She was observed on the store's surveillance camera. The store manager said nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the store.

An Eastchester woman said she thought someone intentionally damaged her car while it was parked on Scarsdale Avenue Sept. 17. The damage consisted of a scratch in the paint and a stain on the paint. The owner wanted to document the damage but refused to complete a supporting deposition. According to the police report, it was unclear if the damage was intentional or the result of normal wear and tear.

Welfare check
At the request of a family member, police checked the welfare of an elderly Lebanon Road man Sept. 17. The man was fine.

A caller reported a U-Haul truck making several trips to a dumpster on Mamaroneck Road to dump garbage there Sept. 17. Police stood by in case the U-Haul truck returned, but it did not come back.

Who's there?
A man observed in a Rural Drive backyard was a contractor hired to perform work Sept.17. A concerned neighbor reported the man, and police verified his identity with the homeowner.

A man and woman were arguing in a car. They said they pulled over to talk on Post Road at 1:15 a.m., Sept. 18. Police spoke with each person separately, and each one said no physical altercation had occurred.

A caller reported a paint odor near a sewer at the intersection of Potter and Lee Roads Sept. 18. Patrol investigated the storm drain and discovered a small amount of paint on the drain cover. Leaves seemed to have absorbed most of the paint, preventing it from getting inside the drain. Firefighters investigated and called the highway department to vacuum the storm drain.

A Montrose Road woman reported hearing "a noise similar to a beeping noise such as an alarm," but she was unsure and asked police to meet with her to figure it out Sept. 18. She said she did not know if the sound was an alarm or "from nature." Patrol checked the neighborhood and did not detect an alarm noises. Patrol did, however, hear the sounds of various birds.

Off road
A driver called police and stated he unintentionally ended up driving on the Quaker Ridge Golf Club golf course after leaving a monthly bridge game around 11 p.m., Sept. 16. Police went to the club and saw the driver's brake lights near the tennis courts adjacent to the golf course. Patrol walked to the car – a 2015 Mercedes Benz – on foot. Patrol guided the driver and his car safely off the golf course through the tennis court parking area adjacent to Griffen Avenue. Patrol spoke with the driver and confirmed he was able to coherently answer questions. The driver said he simply "lost his way" while exiting the Golf Club following a bridge game. Quaker Ridge Golf Club management was informed about the incident in case the driver's car caused damage.

Cars and roadways
At the request of a motorist with a flat tire on Post Road, police called Heathcote Gulf for assistance Sept. 12. Police directed traffic around the car while the tire was being changed.

A Lincoln Road resident complained that parked cars on the street were making it difficult for her to enter and exit her driveway Sept.12. Police spoke with the owners of the parked cars. They said they would move their cars as a courtesy to the resident.

Police called a tow truck to remove a car from East Parkway, due to the fact that the registered owner has accumulated $490 in unpaid parking tickets Sept. 12. Police advised the woman of the consequences of Scofflaw violations. The woman said she would go to Village Justice Court to pay the fines immediately.

A fallen branch knocked down a Verizon telephone wire on Church Lane Sept. 12.
Construction vehicles parked on Richbell and Lakin roads were hindering visibility in blind turns Sept. 13. Police advised drivers to move their trucks and reposition them for better traffic flow and safe conditions.
Police stood by while a Heathcote Gulf technician opened a locked car door on Magnolia Road Sept. 13. A 21-month-old child had been accidentally locked inside the car by a babysitter. The child was unharmed and showed no signs of distress.

Dispatch notified the water department about water bubbling up through the roadway on Johnson Road Sept. 13.

A tree and electrical wires fell across Coralyn Road at 6 a.m., Sept. 14. Police and firefighters closed the road with caution tape while waiting for Con Edison to arrive.
Con Edison was notified that their metal roadway plates had shifted on Fox Meadow Road Sept. 14.

A driver reported she though she hit an animal on Bypass at 8:45 a.m., Sept. 14. Police canvassed the length of Bypass several times but did not see an inured animal.

Con Edison was notified about plastic sheeting hanging from their wires on Brite Avenue Sept. 15.

At 2:50 a.m., Sept. 16, police saw a Mercedes Benz with front-end damage parked at the Scarsdale Train Station. Officers questioned the driver who said he possibly hit a tree in Scarsdale, in the vicinity of Ogden Road and the Bronx River Parkway. Police canvassed the area around Ogden Road but did not see any signs of damage from a car accident. A tow truck towed the driver's car back to his house on Edgemont Road.

A disabled van was towed from Post and Fenimore Roads Sept. 16.

A pothole on Fenimore Road was recently filled in with paving material, but the surface appeared to sink in Sept. 16. Police notified the highway department after a caller complained.

On Sept. 16, a woman reported an alleged incident of road rage involving the driver of a white Mercedes Benz on Walworth Avenue. The woman said she did not want police to contact the driver accused of road rage. Instead, she suggested that Walworth Avenue would benefit from more traffic enforcement during rush hour.

Police removed a block of wood from Popham Road and placed it on a sidewalk patch of grass Sept. 17.

Water from a broken service line was flowing into a brook on Post Road Sept. 17. Police notified the water department.

Police issued a parking summons to an illegally parked car on Brook Lane Sept. 18.
Police informed the highway department about a loose sewer cap on Springdale Road Sept. 18. A gap caused by the displaced cap could possibly pose a hazard to pedestrians.

Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A Brie Avenue woman said two chocolate brown dogs ran at her and her little dog while she was out walking her dog on Valley Road Sept. 13. Neither she nor her dog was harmed by either of the two dogs.

Neighbors complained of excessive barking from a Sprague Road dog inside its house near a window Sept. 13. Patrol noted the excessive noise and issued the dog's owner a village code violation summons.

Police removed an injured rabbit from a Brite Avenue yard and disposed of it in a box Sept. 14.

On Sept. 16, a Walworth Avenue resident reported a small rabbit was trapped in a window well at her house. The animal control officer investigated and observed a small opening in the window well that would allow the rabbit to enter and exit the space. No further police assistance was needed.

Civil matter
A Spencer Place business owner said a deceased client's son sent a letter and made phone calls regarding an alleged debt owed to the son's late father by the business owner. The business owner denied the alleged debt. The son's actions were not illegal. Police advised the men their dispute was a civil matter.

Village code
Police issued two village code violation summonses to landscapers who improperly used gas-powered blower on Crane and Spier roads Sept. 14.

Lost and found
A passerby found an iPhone at the intersection of Secor and Foxhall roads Sept. 12. Police contacted the owner and returned the phone to her.

A Popham Road woman reported losing her driver's license somewhere in the village Sept. 16.

On Sept. 16, a Harcourt Road man advised his license plates were lost after a car accident, and a River Road caller said license plates from a leased car were thrown away after the car was returned at the end of the lease's duration.

Police investigated an unattended backpack found on Roosevelt Place and returned it to its owner Sept. 17.

Smoke seen in the area of Benedict Road might have blown over from a structure fire in White Plains Sept. 12.

After a Heathcote Road homeowner reported a gas odor in a closet where gas service enters the house, firefighters stood by for Con Edison Sept. 12.

EMS was called for a firefighter who injured his ankle on Secor Road Sept. 13.

Firefighters helped a Crossway resident change a battery in a smoke detector Sept. 13.

Firefighters helped an Ardmore Road resident turn a stuck valve on a propane tank Sept. 13.

Con Edison was called about a burning fuse on a utility pole supporting overhead power lines at Fenimore and Tompkins roads Sept. 13.

A burnt-out air conditioner fan caused a burning odor in a Lee Road house Sept. 14. Firefighters shut power to the unit and advised the homeowner to repair it.

A motorist reported smoke coming from a Spier Road house Sept. 14. Firefighters went to the house and traced the smoke to an outdoor grill in normal operation.

A faulty hot water heater was releasing carbon monoxide in a Taunton Road East house Sept. 17. Firefighters shut down the hot water heater, ventilated the house and stood by for Con Edison.

A malfunctioning air conditioning unit on the roof of a Popham Road building was causing an electrical burning odor inside the building Sept. 17. Firefighters shut power to the unit and advised building management to repair it.

An improperly vented boiler was causing elevated levels of carbon monoxide in a Popham Road house Sept. 15. Firefighters shut off the boiler, ventilated the house and stood by for Con Edison.

Firefighters disconnected a broken outdoor air conditioning compressor and advised the Farley Road homeowner to call for service Sept. 18.

A Brewster Road resident accidentally got locked out of her house Sept. 18. Firefighters helped her back inside the house.

This week, firefighters assisted at one car accident in the village. They responded to two false carbon monoxide alarms and nine false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, floor sanding, construction dust and cooking smoke.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 12-18 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Police Report: Cement truck arm falls on Wynmor Road house and a Book Thief

bookthiefOn Aug. 29, a cement truck with an attached pump, arm and boom tipped over at a Wynmor Road worksite and hit a neighbor's house. The cement pump was being used to pump concrete into a building's foundation at the time of the accident. A worker stated that while the pump's arm was fully extended, he inadvertently lifted the equipment's stabilizers, which supported the vehicle. As a result, the truck tipped to the right and its arm came to rest on a neighbor's roof. Another worker on the scene used an excavator to counterbalance the weight of the truck to prevent it from tipping over further. The worker chained the front bucket of the excavator to the side of the pumper in order to stabilize it. A child was home, sleeping in a bedroom, where the pumping arm hit the house. Neither the child nor the child's grandmother, who was also in the house, were injured. Con Edison shut power to the housepuper2 and the construction site. Two heavy-duty tow trucks arrived and lifted the pumping arm from the house and brought the tipped-over cement truck to a level rest. Firefighters and village engineers checked the house for safety and determined there was no structural damage.

Missing money
A Madison Road woman reported approximately $9,380 cash was missing from her bedroom Aug. 29. According to the woman, she received two envelopes containing $5,000 and $4,000 from her mother. She had placed these envelopes on her bedside table at approximately 6 p.m., Aug. 27. Additionally, she had received cards and cash gratuities from a job, which were also stacked in a neat pile on the table. This cash amounted to $1,445. On Aug. 28, the woman woke up early and went to the gym. That evening, she discovered both envelopes missing, as well as $380 missing from the stack of cash.

Stolen checkbook
A Hutchinson Avenue woman's checkbook was stolen from her house, and a fraudulent check for $5,500 was written. The bank noticed the check was suspicious and informed the woman before cashing it. The account was closed. The incident was reported to police Sept. 2.

Disappearing books
On Sept. 1, a librarian reported that travel books have been disappearing from Scarsdale Public Library over the last few months. Two books were about Scotland. One book was about London. One book was about Munich and the Bavarian Alps. Library staff started to notice the books were being stolen in June. The travel books were then moved to a location visible from the front desk in an attempt to deter the thefts. However, thefts continued throughout July and August.

Identity theft
On Aug. 29, a Hampton Road resident reported someone fraudulently opened a Capital One debit card in her name. Capital One said the person used the woman's birth date and Social Security number to set up the account. The account was closed, and the woman was advised to notify the credit reporting agencies.

On Aug. 31, a Brewster Road resident reported someone changed the personal email address linked to his Chase Bank account and fraudulently transferred $980 out of his bank account. The transaction is being investigated by the bank.

A Boulder Brook Road woman received a package of clothing she did not order Sept. 2. She contacted Amazon and informed them the order was fraudulent, and the charge was unauthorized.

On Sept. 4, a Tunstall Road man reported someone attempted to make a purchase using the man's identity, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The man said he did not want to file a formal report. He only wanted to make a notification for future reference.

Criminal mischief
A Kent Road air conditioning compressor line was punctured by an unknown object Aug. 29. The new compressor had been installed on Aug. 19 and had been working well. On Aug. 26, the homeowner realized the system was not cooling his house. A service technician was dispatched and discovered a puncture in the side coil, which caused the refrigerant to run out. An engineer from the compressor's manufacturer examined the unit and deduced someone had punctured the coil by forcibly poking an object through the coil grate.

A Scarsdale Improvement employee reported the door to a Palmer Avenue business was damaged overnight Aug. 31. The business location is under construction and currently unoccupied. Police recommended installing better outdoor lighting and surveillance cameras to deter future incidents.

Two Cornell Street mailboxes were bashed and knocked down overnight Aug. 30 to Aug. 31. The mailboxes stood at the edge of their respective front lawns. A mailman stated other mailboxes on Griffen Avenue were also damaged during the time frame. The flags on several mailboxes on Normandy Lane were damaged as well.

A door to a Palmer Avenue business was discovered damaged at 9:30 a.m., Sept. 1.
On Sept. 4, a Murray Hill Road homeowner reported her mailbox and a Scarsdale Security yard sign were stolen overnight. The mailbox was "old and broken, with little value," the homeowner stated. Extra ridebys of the house were requested.

Unlocked door
While patrolling Chase Road businesses, police found one business with an unlocked door at 9 p.m., Sept. 4. Front door keys were found inside the business. Police contacted the owner, who gave permission for police to lock the door with the keys.

A concerned citizen reported "kids riding bikes without helmets" in the area of Crane Road Aug. 31. Police canvassed surrounding streets and did not see any evidence of unsafe bicycling.

Police checked the welfare of a Popham Road woman after she did not answer her "RUOK" call Sept. 3. She had been sleeping in her bed and did not hear the call. Police confirmed she was OK.

Lost boy
A young boy told a police officer that he "lost his friend" on East Parkway Aug. 31. With police help, the boy used Face Time to contact his friend. The friend had gone home and was safely at his house. No further assistance was needed.

Parked cars
A caller reported suspicious persons in cars parked on Wilmot Road at 9 p.m., Aug. 31. Patrol went to the area and saw two couples sitting in their cars talking. No suspicious activity was noted.

Light pole
While conducting door checks on Palmer Avenue at 2 a.m., Sept. 1, police noticed a fallen light pole on Palmer Avenue. There were no obvious signs of an accident or criminal mischief. Loose debris was cleaned up and discarded. The light pole was still safely connected to its electrical wires. Police moved it onto Palmer Avenue and marked the area with a traffic cone and caution tape. A note was made for dispatch to contact the department of public works.

Aspen Park
A caller reported a suspicious man "hiding behind trees and lying down on a park bench" in Aspen Park at 1:30 p.m., Sept. 4. Patrol spoke with the man, from Yonkers, and learned he was a taxi driver from Central Taxi. The man said he had an argument with his brother, with whom he lives, the previous night and decided not to go home. He said he came to the park looking for a quiet place to relax. He apologized for causing concern and said he would try returning home.

Cars and roadways
At 12:30 a.m., Aug. 29, police helped a motorist change a flat tire on Tompkins Road.
Patrol notified Verizon about low-hanging wires on Farley and Magnolia Roads Aug. 31.

Police stood by while a motorist changed a flat tire on Mamaroneck Road at 10:30 p.m., Aug. 31. The motorist said a pothole on Mamaroneck Road ruptured his tire.

A caller reported erratic driving from a Porsche in the area of Post and Olmsted Roads Sept. 2. Patrol canvassed the area for the car but did not find it.

A Lyons Road driver complained that roadwork and repaving on Boulevard and Bell Road might be damaging his car Sept. 2. The highway department was informed.

A Birchall Drive homeowner reported cars parking on a gravel and dirt patch in front of his house Sept. 4. Patrol attempted to contact neighbors to ascertain who owned the car, but attempts were unsuccessful. The cars were gone within a few hours. The homeowner said he would instruct his gardener to remove the dirt patch, turn over the ground and put up fencing to prevent cars from parking there.

Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A citizen found a stray dog on Cayuga Road and brought it to headquarters Aug. 31. Police contacted New Rochelle Humane Society for pickup. While waiting for NRHS to arrive, the dog's owner reported the dog missing. Police reunited the owner and the dog. They issued the owner a village code violation summons.

A small, brown, mixed-breed dog was found roaming on Farley Road. It was wearing a tag showing a Scarsdale Village dog license number. However, police were unable to identify the owner because an updated license list was not available at headquarters. Patrol contracted New Rochelle Humane Society for pickup.

Village Code
Police removed a painter's advertising sign posted in violation of village code near the juncture of Mamaroneck Road and the Hutchinson River Parkway Aug. 31.
A neighbor complained about construction noise coming from a Murray Hill Road job site at 8:49 a.m., Sept. 3. Police talked to the job foreman, who said his workers were cleaning the site and removing debris. He said no one had used any power tools at the site that morning.

A Richbell Road resident complained about loud music coming from her neighbor's yard at 9:20 p.m., Sept. 4. The noise was impeding the resident's children's ability to sleep. The neighbor lowered the volume of the music while patrol was on scene.

Police issued summonses for improper use of gas-leaf blowers to landscapers on Walworth Avenue Aug. 28 and Canterbury and Popham roads Aug. 30.

Lost and found
A Gaylor Road woman reported losing her Westchester County Court ID card Aug. 29. She said she last saw the ID card in her house but has been unable to find it.

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, found a Visa debit card in the village and brought it to headquarters Sept. 3.

Con Edison detected natural gas in the sewer system on Fenimore Road Aug. 29. Firefighters helped Con Edison workers check nearby houses for possible gas migration. Police assisted in checking a house where the homeowner was away. No signs of gas were found at any of the checked houses. Firefighters turned the scene over to Con Edison.

A burning odor inside a Taunton Road East house was caused by a light ballast behind a valance Aug. 29. Firefighters removed the fixture and capped the wires. They stood by for Con Edison because of a gas leak found in the house while attending to the ballast.

A carbon monoxide alarm alerted firefighters to elevated levels of carbon monoxide in a Barker Lane house Aug. 29. A pot of rice was cooking on the stove, and after the stove was turned off, the carbon monoxide levels decreased. Con Edison checked the stove and could not find any leaks. They thought the outdated carbon monoxide monitors might be giving false readings. They advised replacing the monitors.

An outdoor grill left in the "on" position was causing a natural gas odor on Spruce Lane Aug. 31. Firefighters checked grill connections and instructed residents on proper use of the grill.

A plumber removed a leaking acetylene tank from an Eton Road basement, and carbon monoxide levels in the basement spiked to high levels Sept. 1. Firefighters used a professional fan for ventilation, and levels returned to zero.

A gas leak at a boiler control valve caused a natural gas odor inside a Bethel Road house Sept. 1. Firefighters shut down the boiler and stood by for Con Edison.
A Windmill Lane boiler was leaking natural gas Sept. 2. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

On Sept. 3, a caller advised being trapped inside the Christie Place Garage elevator at 3:45 p.m. Firefighters opened the elevator doors without causing any damage, and the caller safely left the elevator. Firefighters placed the elevator out of service, pending repair.

A broken flue on a Park Road pool heater broke and allowed carbon monoxide to enter the basement Sept. 4. Firefighters shut down the heater, ventilated the space and stood by for Con Edison.

This week, firefighters assisted at one car accident in the village. They responded to nine false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, a water leak, sanding, shower steam and cooking smoke.

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Police and Fire Report: SHS Students Confront Car Break-in Suspect in School's Gravel Lot

raccoonjarAn assistant principal at the high school reported two students observed a man entering parked cars at the high school's rear gravel lot at approximately 11 a.m., Sept. 8. The students were in the lot and able to videotape the man and record his license plate number. The students said they first saw the man inside a student's dark-colored Mercedes Benz. The man then got out of the Mercedes and entered a white Jeep. Since the student witnesses knew the owner of the Jeep, they determined the man was most likely entering unlocked cars in an attempt to steal items from the cars. The student witnesses then started videotaping the man as they approached the Jeep and asked what he was doing. He said. "Just checking." The students told the man to not leave because they were calling the police. At that time, the man got into his car and fled. The students noted the vehicle's license plate number and words written on the side of the man's vehicle. Patrol and school personnel spoke with the owners of the cars that had been entered. The owners advised nothing had been taken, but one owner stated it looked as if her backpack and glove box had been gone through. Both cars were unlocked at the time of the incident. Police are following up.

A Barry Road man called police because his intoxicated adult son was at his house, in violation of a stay away order, at 11 a.m., Sept. 6. As a result, police arrested the son – Jon M. Ghiozzi, 37, of Scarsdale – on the charge of first-degree criminal contempt, with a prior conviction within five years. Due to Ghiozzi's disoriented condition due to substance abuse, police escorted Ghiozzi by ambulance to White Plains Hospital Center for treatment. Patrol remained with Ghiozzi during his emergency room stay until Ghiozzi was released from the hospital and able to stay awake at 5:20 p.m. At that time, Ghiozzi was taken to headquarters. He was read his Miranda Rights and verbally said he understood them, but he refused to sign the acknowledgement document. He was not compliant with other police procedures and therefore required constant supervision. He was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court and remanded to Westchester County Jail, pending a scheduled court appearance.

White Plains police notified Scarsdale police of a car involved in a hit and run accident in their jurisdiction that was followed into Scarsdale and was observed in a second accident at Post and Dickel Road at 11 p.m., Sept. 7. As a result, patrol went to the scene and discovered a 2010 Nissan drove into bushes on Dickel Road. Additionally, police learned the driver – Leda Beechum, 32, of White Plains – was wanted by New Rochelle police. She was accordingly arrested on the strength of the active bench warrant, held at headquarters and picked up by New Rochelle police.

A Bonnie Meadow Road man reported his $1,000 Trek bicycle was stolen from Depot Place Sept. 6. The lock was cut, and the red and silver bike was stolen.

A Sprague Road resident reported his $700 bicycle and helmet were stolen from the bike rack at East Parkway and Spencer Place between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10:45 p.m., Sept. 7.

A woman reported a $400 glass jewelry display case with a light was stolen from the curb outside Scarsdale library before 9 a.m., Sept. 10. The woman said she dropped off the case to donate it to the library, but a man picked it up from the curb and put it in his white sedan before anyone was able to bring the case inside the library. It happened while the woman was parking her car after dropping off the case at the curb near the library building.

Not in our restroom
Starbucks employees reported two people going into the East Parkway location's restroom together and possibly conducting illegal activity Sept. 9. The individuals returned to the coffee house on Sept. 10 and again entered the restroom together. Patrol arrived and confronted the individuals – a man and a woman known to police – and escorted them from Starbucks. The individuals were told they were no longer welcome at Starbucks. Store management told police it has been an ongoing problem with the two individuals entering the restroom together and staying in there for long periods of time.

Criminal mischief
On Sept. 11, a Tunstall Road man reported damage to his property, incurred over the last few weeks. He said someone damaged his hedges and lawn while he was on vacation with his family from July 27 through July 31. Some hedges were missing and tires had damaged the lawn. A neighbor told the man that a driver fleeing from police had caused the damage. The man wanted to file a police report for insurance purposes.

A Stratton Road homeowner of a house under construction reported that her neighbor was harassing her and her contractor Sept. 6. Since a previous incident involving police, the neighbor has stopped entering the property and making allegations of noise violations. However, the homeowner said the neighbor then started contacting village departments in an attempt to stop work at the site. Police told the homeowner they could not prevent the neighbor from contacting village departments. They advised the homeowner to report any future criminal actions to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

IRS scam
A Nelson Road woman reported someone called her alleging to be from the IRS Sept. 9. The woman gave the caller the last four digits of her Social Security number before realizing the call was most likely a scam. Police advised the woman to notify the credit reporting agencies and have her accounts flagged for possible identity theft alerts.

A Fox Meadow Road temple's security guard called police because he and the president of the temple were concerned about an unknown man who came to the temple asking to see the Rabbi at 1 p.m., Sept. 10. The man seemed "distraught based on his body language," the guard said. The president of the temple told the man to return in 30 minutes. He furthermore told police it was not the temple's policy to allow people to visit the Rabbi on Saturdays, because of religious reasons. The man left in a gold-colored Toyota Avalon. The man was described as white, of average build, approximately 30 or 40 years old, with short hair and glasses and approximately 5ft. 9 in. tall. Due to the upcoming Jewish holidays, the distraught nature of the man and the man's unknown purpose at the temple, extra police ridebys were requested.

Lost man
A Walworth Avenue resident reported a possibly intoxicated man on her front steps at 6 a.m., Sept. 11. The man seemed disoriented and told police he was lost. Patrol provided him a courtesy ride to the Hartsdale train station in order for him to return to his home in the Bronx. Patrol stood by to confirm the man successfully boarded a southbound train.

Welfare check
At a daughter's request, patrol checked the welfare of a Brown Road woman Sept. 9. The woman's car was not in her garage, and the daughter deduced her mother must have gone out.

Cars and roadways
Patrol issued a parking summons to an illegally parked car causing significant traffic congestion on Brewster Road Sept. 6.

Police advised the owner of an illegally parked car on Stonehouse Road to move his car Sept. 7.

A woman reported an incident of road rage 45 at Heathcote and Post roads minutes after the incident occurred Sept. 7. According to the woman, she was stopped at a red light, and a white male driver in his 60s approached her driver's side window. He allegedly knocked on the door, used profanity and threatened her. He was described as driving a four-door silver Toyota. Patrol advised the woman to call 911 immediately if a similar incident occurred in the future.

A Harvest Drive man reported truck driver "forced his way" onto the man's property Sept. 7. Police spoke with the man and truck driver and deduced that the driver had been dispatched to the house to pick up a car to deliver to the man's con in California. The dispatch was a duplicate dispatch and had been made in error by the person arranging the vehicle transport. The driver left, and all was in good order.

An Acura driver, from Heathcote Road, reported debris fell off a truck and hit her car while she was driving on Mamaroneck Road Sept. 8. She did not have a chance to note the truck's license plate number or company name. She tried to drive her car to Heathcote Gulf, but the car's engine shut off at the five corners intersection, across the street from Heathcote Gulf. Motor oil was leaking from the car's undercarriage. Patrol went back to the reported scene of the accident and did not find any debris in the roadway. The car was towed to an Acura service center for repair. The oil was cleaned from the roadway.

A traffic light at Post and Drake roads was not cycling properly Sept. 8. Police informed the department of transportation for repair.

A pedestrian reported a blue Toyota Camry almost hit him in the Popham and Garth Road crosswalk at 11:30 p.m., Sept. 9. The driver allegedly threatened the pedestrian from his car. The car was last seen travelling north on Garth Road.

Patrol issued summonses to illegally parked cars on Ferncliff Road Sept. 9.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Brite Avenue Sept. 9.

A roadside service plugged a hole in a police car's tire after the tire flattened at Mamaroneck Road and Harvest Drive Sept. 9. The car was driven to the highway department for repair.

Police removed branches from Post Road Sept. 10 and 11.
A Morris Lane resident had a village permit to close the road from 5-6:30 p.m., Sept. 10, for an event. Callers and drivers complained about the road closure. Patrol examined the permit and pointed out that it specified the road closure would only be permitted with the presence of police officers. Since no officer had been retained for the special event, police re-opened the road.

Optimum was notified about low wires on Franklin Road Sept. 10.

A caller complained about an occupied parked car with the car's lights off in a Palmer Avenue parking lot at 10 p.m., Sept. 11. Patrol spoke with the occupants of the car, a male and a female. They said they were friends and ha just finished eating dinner. They said they were looking for a place to hang out and talk. Patrol saw food containers in the car, in plain view. There was no evidence of criminal activity.
Four car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Raccoon, rabbit, fox
A Brite Avenue homeowner reported a raccoon with its head stuck in a jar on her property at 7:30 a.m., Sept. 7. She was concerned because children were walking to school in the area. Patrol arrived and saw the small raccoon with its head stuck in a peanut butter jar. Patrol was able to free the animal's head from the container, allowing the raccoon to run off into nearby bushes. It did not appear sick or injured.

A caller reported an injured rabbit on Fox Meadow Road Sept. 8. When patrol arrived, the rabbit was found dead on the scene. It apparently had been hit by a car.

A slightly mangy fox was reported in a Brookfield Lane yard Sept. 9. Patrol provided the homeowner with contact information for local trappers.

A 12-year-old girl reported an unknown animal fell into a sewer at Farragut and Lincoln roads Sept. 9. Patrol could hear an animal in the sewer but could not visually identify the animal. Patrol believed the animal was most likely a raccoon because raccoons are known to frequent sewers.

A driver found two small, white dogs on Saxon Woods Road and temporarily put them in her car while she called police Sept. 7. In the meantime, the dogs' Saxon Woods Road owner approached police and stated her dogs escaped her house. Patrol reunited the owner and the dogs.

On Sept. 10, a Springdale Road resident reported a neighbor's dog repeatedly enters her yard. Patrol spoke with the dog's owner who said his electric fence had been having issues. He said he just installed a back-up electric fence to confine the dog to his yard.

Kidsmuscular dystrophy
After receiving a noise complaint at 10:30 p.m., Sept. 6, police dispersed a large group of kids gathering on the fourth floor of Freightway Garage.

After residents complained about kids gathering on the street, police stood by while kids were being picked up from a party in the area of Greenacres Avenue and Colvin Road at 10 p.m., Sept. 10.

Village code summonses
Patrol issued village code violation summonses to landscapers using gas-powered blowers on Whig and Webster roads Sept. 8 and Heathcote Road Sept. 10.

Lost and found
Police found lost car keys on a Chase Road bench and returned them to their owner Sept. 7.

A Greenacres Avenue couple reported their Republic of India passports were missing from their house Sept. 8.

A construction worker found a debit card on a sidewalk at Weaver Street and Heathcote Road Sept. 9. He gave it to police, and police contacted the issuing bank. A representative said to destroy the card because the bank would issue a new card to the owner.

A purse was found on Chase Road Sept. 10. Police contacted the owner, and she retrieved her purse.

A bag of purple Little League uniforms was found at the baseball field at Edgewood School Sept. 11. Patrol contacted the coach, who picked up the uniforms.

On Sept. 6, firefighters opened a locked car parked at Chesterfield and Shawnee roads in order to reunite an 18-month-old child with his mother. The mother said she accidentally locked the car with the keys inside. The weather was cool and cloudy, and the child was in good health when the car doors were opened. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps checked the child as a precaution.

Firefighters helped a Cushman Road resident with a leaking hot water heater and advised the resident to call a plumber Sept. 6.

A water pump overheated in Scarsdale High School Sept. 6. Firefighters shut off the pump and let it cool down. They advised to have the unit repaired.

A malfunctioning dehumidifier was causing a burning odor in an Eton Road basement Sept. 11. Firefighters disconnected the appliance and advised the homeowner to replace the appliance.

This week, firefighters assisted at four car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to three false carbon monoxide alarms and nine false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, grill smoke and accidental keypad activation.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 5-11 was compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Police Report: Fallen Electrical Wire Burns Cars on Rural Drive

burntcar1A downed high-tension, primary electrical wire fell on a Mercedes-Benz and a Porsche parked in a Rural Drive driveway and caused a fire that burned the cars Aug. 22. Police and firefighters blocked off the area while Con Edison workers shut power. This allowed firefighters to set up a water perimeter to protect surrounding structures and to extinguish the burning cars. Damage was extensive. A Porsche parked in the driveway, registered to a New Jersey person, suffered minor damage from the fire. Firefighters wet the melted asphalt to stop it from smoldering. During this incident, surrounding streets lost power, including the Scarsdale Pool. Pool employees evacuated patrons, and police stood by to help disperse people to their cars.

Welfare check finds woman dead
A Herkimer Road woman's daughter called police to perform a welfare check of her 88-year-old mother on August 23rd. The daughter was concerned because the mother did not show up at an event and was not answering the phone. Patrol used a key to enter the house. They found the mother unresponsive in the house. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps pronounced her dead. Patrol investigated the scene, and found no sign of criminal activity. Patrol waited on the scene until the family's arrival and provided assistance.

An active burglar alarm brought police to a Church Lane house at 12:45 a.m., Aug. 25. An exterior examination of the house uncovered a shattered kitchen door. At that time, additional patrol responded to the house, and some officers entered the house. Inside the house, police found a brick surrounded by shattered glass lying on the kitchen floor. Three of four bedrooms on the second floor had been gone through and had drawers open. These bedrooms appeared to belong to the homeowner's children. The master bedroom's closet was ajar, but the room itself appeared undisturbed. Outside the house, police found two pieces of a torn latex glove and a set of latex gloves. These were collected as evidence. Patrol contacted the homeowners, who were away. The homeowners said they would return after 8 a.m. later that day. At that time, they would determine if anything had been stolen from the house.

Car break-in
Approximately $70 in cash was stolen from an unlocked, parked car on Stonehouse Road Aug. 24. The theft occurred sometime between midnight and 6 a.m.

Identity theft
On Aug. 22, a Lyons Road man reported someone used his personal identifying information to attempt to open a Barclays Visa credit card and a T-Mobile account. The attempts were denied. However, a fraudulent Sprint account was opened, and the perpetrator received a new phone.passport
On Aug. 26, a Cayuga Road woman reported finding fraudulent charges on her Bloomingdale's account. The charges were made at the Manhattan store on Aug. 11 and 12. Bloomingdale's fraud department told the woman the card information had been entered manually, rather than the card being swiped. Furthermore, copies of the electronic signature did not match the woman's real signature.

Domestic matters
A Fox Meadow man called police to report his brother spilled beer in his mother's room Aug. 24. Patrol spoke with his mother, who said the man actually spilled beer in her room and was not listening to her. She then screamed and patrol lost contact with her. Patrol went to the family's house. The mother was OK and said the man's younger brother recently returned home, and the two brothers were arguing over trivial things. Patrol spoke with the man and told him to respect his mother and avoid confrontations with his brother. The man was calm and said he would comply. After midnight Aug. 26, the man called police and 911 again. He was referencing the Secret Service, New York State Police and a limousine that he claimed was coming to his house. Police informed the man that a call of this nature on a police emergency line was inappropriate. Patrol contacted the man's mother via voicemail and informed her of the matter.

A Fox Meadow woman reported her brother was sending her threatening text messages Aug. 25. Patrol examined the messages and saw no threats of violence or physical language. Rather, the messages were a conversation involving the woman's living situation in her home and her hopes to change the situation in the future. Patrol called the brother and advised that disagreements would not help the overall situation. The brother and sister were advised to not contact each other for the rest of the day.

A driver called police from a stopped car, with Colorado license plates, on Crane Road Aug. 23. The driver reported his 12-year-old son ran away from home. When patrol arrived on the scene, the driver was there with his son. The driver stated he found his son in the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran Church. Patrol talked with the boy and explained the importance of not running away from home.

Dog bite
A Garth Road man was twice bitten by a neighbor's dog Aug. 28. The man reported the bites occurred outside the building while the man was exiting the building. Upon reaching the street level from the stairs, the dog began to run towards to the man. The man turned to run away from the dog, and the dog bit his left calf. The man fell to the ground, and the dog bit his right shoulder. The dog's owner pulled the dog off the man, and the man was taken to White Plains Hospital Center for treatment. Police spoke with the dog's owner. The dog is a White Maltese named "Biggie." The owner told police "Biggie" broke free from her grip and bit the man. The dog was up to date on all his vaccine but was not licensed in Scarsdale.

Welfare check
A Kingston Road woman asked police to check on her children and their nanny after the woman was unable to reach the nanny following a reported dispute with an Uber driver at 12 p.m., Aug. 26. The dispute occurred while the driver was transporting the nanny and the children to a nature center. One child -- a five year-old – was confirmed to be at the nature center. Police found the nanny and the other child at home. The nanny was cooking and did not know she had missed calls on her cell phone. She attempted to call the woman to say she was OK, but poor cellular service did not allow her to make the call. Police let her use their phone to make the call.

On Aug. 26, a Bradford Road woman told police she thought someone might have had a party on her property, without her knowledge, while she was away from home. A red disposable cup was found in the bushes of the house, and blankets on the deck were not placed where she had left them. The woman asked police to record the incident.

Who's there?
A Boulder Brook Road woman reported that two men "lurking about bushes on his property" Aug. 22. The caller's mother and police went to the house. The mother confirmed the men were contractors she had hired to do a job the next day. They were there to inspect the job site.

A water department employee told police a water main was leaking into the basement of a Vernon Road house Aug. 22.

A cat was reported to be "screaming for a long time" near the Brite Avenue tennis courts Aug. 24. The caller thought the cat might need assistance. Police canvassed the area for a possibly injured cat but did not find one.

Following up on a caller's report, police found two dead kittens on Fenimore Road, near the Bronx River Parkway roadwork site, Aug. 24. The highway department was advised.

A caller reported a loose dog on Aspen Road Aug. 25. Patrol noticed the dog on a lawn and spoke with someone in the house. She said the dog belongs to the homeowner, and she brought the dog in the house.

Patrol advised the owner of a Leatherstocking Lane dog about a noise complaint regarding the dog Aug. 28. The animal did not appear to be in distress and seemed well taken care of, according to police.

Phone call
An employee of Scarsdale Congregational Church reported a man called the church asking for the "finance director" Aug. 24. She asked the man for additional information and refused to forward the call without additional information. At that point, the caller allegedly became irate and began cursing and yelling on the phone. He allegedly mumbled that he was going to get her or harm her, and he hung up. Because the caller had originally asked for the church "finance director," police thought the call was most likely an attempted phone scam. Patrol advised the employee to advise them if she received additional similar calls.

Garage door
While walking home from the Hartsdale train station, a man passed a house with an open garage door on Greenacres Avenue at 11 p.m., Aug. 27. He thought the open door was unusual and called police. Patrol knocked on the front door. The homeowner said she was aware of the open door and everything was in good order.

Cars and roadways
Police asked drivers of parked cars to move their cars to one side of Hamilton and Rodney roads in order to not obstruct traffic flow Aug. 23.
Police noticed a car with an open door on Freightway Road Aug. 23. There were no signs of forced entry or criminal activity. The owner said she must have accidentally left the door open and asked patrol to close it.
On Aug. 23, a woman reported an incident of road rage at Post and Popham roads. She said a driver entered her lane, and she beeped her horn at him. He then allegedly began tailgating here and screaming obscenities. Patrol canvassed the area for the driver, but patrol did not find him.
On Aug. 23, police puled over two cars on Woodland Place and cautioned the drivers not to tailgate or beep horns at each other. Patrol furthermore warned the drivers about the dangers of road rage.
Police advised Verizon about a fallen phone wire at Cohawney Road and Oak Lane Aug. 24.
A car parked on Stonehouse Road, in violation of a three-hour restriction, was found to belong to a person who was hospitalized for a medical emergency Aug. 24. A family member said the car would be moved as soon as the keys were made available.
On Aug. 25, a Maserati got a flat tire driving over potholes on Mamaroneck Road. The potholes and rough roadway were in preparation of roadway resurfacing, and numerous warning signs were posted.
Police notified Con Edison about sparking wires at Post and Richbell roads Aug. 28.
Five car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil matter
On Aug. 27, a landscaper accidentally knocked over a lamp pole while mowing the lawn of a Fox Meadow Road temple. The landscaper and temple officials worked out an agreement to have the pole repaired.

Village code
Police issued summonses for using gas-powered blowers in violation of village code to landscapers on Crane Road Aug. 22, Fenimore Road Aug. 25, Hampton Road Aug. 26 and Heathcote Road Aug. 26.
A Popham Road resident complained about noise from a hammer Aug. 23. It was caused by Village employees fixing a sidewalk. No police action was required.
A patrol issued a food truck vendor a summons for selling food on Larch Lane without a permit Aug. 23.
A Sprague Road resident reported a neighbor who allegedly leaves a dog "out all day ... barking all day" Aug. 23. Police are following up.
Police dispersed kids from Boulevard after 1 p.m., Aug. 23. At the same time, patrol noticed three cars parked on Potter Road, left to curb and facing north. Patrol thus wrote three parking citations.

Lost and found
A jeep key on a lanyard was found at the Brite Avenue tennis courts Aug. 24. Police vouchered it at headquarters for safekeeping.
On Aug. 25, a woman reported losing her wallet in the village. She said she got gas and placed the wallet on the roof of her car. She forgot it was there and drove away. While driving away, the wallet fell from the car and was lost.
A Meadow Road woman reported losing her passport in Greenburgh Aug. 25. Police advised her she must report the loss to the Greenburgh Police..
A Circle Road woman found a set of keys in her driveway Aug. 28. Police checked with several neighbors, and none of them claimed the lost keys. The keys were vouchered at headquarters.

Firefighters shut down a malfunctioning generator in a Stratton Road house and advised calling for service Aug. 22.
A bathroom water leak travelled to a basement alarm panel in a Claremont Road house Aug. 22. Firefighters advised calling for service.
Burnt wires in a Harvest Drive dishwasher caused the dishwasher to smoke Aug. 24. Firefighters disconnected the dishwasher and advised calling for service.
A malfunctioning hot water heater in a Catherine Road house caused elevated levels of carbon monoxide. Firefighters called Con Edison. The hot water heater was disconnected and red tagged. The homeowner was advised to call for service.
Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a leaking gas curb box on Greenacres Avenue Aug. 25.
A housekeeper locked herself out of a Heathcote Road house Aug. 26. Her purse, ID and keys were inside the house. Firefighters checked her identity and verified her authorization to be in the house. They helped her get back inside.
A "burning odor" reported on White Birch Lane was determined to be coming from a neighbor's use of a meat smoker Aug. 28.
Con Edison de-energized and cut fallen electrical lines on Post Road Aug. 28.
This week, firefighters responded to four false carbon monoxide alarms and eight false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, accidental manual pull station activation, smoke from burnt food and e-cigarette smoke.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Aug. 22-28 was compiled by official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.