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Rash of burglaries plague unalarmed houses, church

nytimesA Penn Boulevard house was reported burglarized July 19 following the homeowner's return from vacation. The house was last seen intact by the homeowner's daughter July 13. All doors and windows were reported locked during the homeowner's absence, but the home security system had not been activated. At least three newspapers were found piled up outside the house, indicating that no one was home. Investigation uncovered a rear kitchen window screen lying on the ground and the interior window latch lying on a couch near the window. Dirt was also found on the couch, possibly left by the perpetrator's shoes. Police suspected the damaged window was the perpetrator's point of entry. A glass bottle of Pilsner Urquell and a beer cap were found on the kitchen countertop, possibly left by the perpetrator. Several rooms in the house were ransacked, and a pillowcase was missing from the daughter's bedroom. The homeowner said she found both a rear patio door and the front door unlocked, although these doors were left locked before the homeowner and her daughter left for vacation. Police investigated the house for evidence and fingerprints. The homeowner said she would compile a list of stolen items and provide it to police.

On July 20, a housekeeper came to work and found an Aspen Road house burglarized. A back door was found unlocked, and the lock was broken and lying on the floor. The master bedroom, the children's bedrooms and a guest bedroom were all ransacked. A golf club was found in the master bedroom. It was not known if the glove had been used during the burglary. The housekeeper said she had last been in the house on July 8. The homeowner was not due back until July 23. The homeowner said he would provide a list of stolen items to police. The house did not have an alarm system, nor did it have security cameras.

On July 22, a Walworth Avenue homeowner returned home, found a broken basement window at the rear of her house and discovered her house had been burglarized. According to the homeowner, her husband drove her to the train station at approximately 7:22 a.m. and returned home at 8:20 a.m. Her son was sleeping in a second-floor bedroom during that time. At 9:30 a.m., an undisclosed person in the house noticed a second-floor bathroom had been rummaged through, a basement window was broken, and basement lights were on. At 4:30 p.m., the homeowner came home from work and noticed her master bathroom and an end table next to her bed were tossed. Medication, assorted jewelry, and a camera television monitor were stolen. The family was in the process of moving, so it was difficult for the homeowner to determine if anything else was missing. Police believe the suspect entered the house through the basement window and left the house through the front door.

On July 24, an employee of a Crane Road church reported the church sanctuary had been broken into, and a Lenovo laptop computer had been stolen. The laptop was last seen in the sanctuary on July 21. Police noticed pry marks on a rear door, and fresh paint chips were on the floor. The employee said the office has a security system, but it was not on during the time of the burglary. Another laptop computer, near the stolen laptop, was undisturbed.

Missing purse
On July 21, a Bell Road woman reported her handbag was possibly stolen from her house. She said the medium-size leopard handbag was last seen on the floor of a front coat closet. It allegedly contained several envelopes containing $100 cash and $500 cash, a checkbook and miscellaneous personal items. The owner was not sure about when she had last seen the handbag. She said no one had been in the house that day, and she was unclear if she had left the house that day. Patrol observed two empty handbags filling the description of the missing handbag, but the woman said they were different bags. Patrol noted the woman's wallet, containing her driver's license and cash, were still in her possession.

On July 21, a School Lane woman reported sending $500 to a fraudulent account through Moneygram. This followed a scam call alleging that the woman's son was involved in an accident with the caller's "criminal cousin." It was further alleged that the woman's son was being held at gunpoint. The woman was instructed to wire $500 to a recipient in Puerto Rico, without getting police involved. She sent $450 through Moneygram while the caller remained on the phone. After the call was disconnected, the woman reached her son and realized he had not been involved in an accident and was okay.

Identity theft
A Chateaux Circle resident reported an unknown individual attempted to open a fraudulent Citibank credit card account in his name July 23.

On July 23, a man told police that someone attempted to change the security question on his Chase Bank accounts. Patrol confirmed that bank employees caught the attempt and did not allow any changes to be made.

Criminal mischief
On July 21, a Bell Road resident reported someone had stripped the plastic dip spray from one of his car's tire rims. When police arrived on scene, the allegedly damaged tire rim did not look different from the other tire rims on the car. The resident told police it did not look different because he had already repaired it. Furthermore, he said similar damage has happened in the past, but he did not report it. Patrol advised the resident to not repair any alleged damage until patrol has an opportunity to view and investigate the damage. Patrol advised the resident that extra ridebys of his house would be conducted.

Car break-in suspect
At 3:15 a.m., July 22, New Rochelle police reported a white male suspect fled from police, after the suspect was seen going through a car on Arbor Drive, a cul-de-sac off Weaver Street.

Damaged door
A Wynmor Road homeowner returned home and found her front screen door "completely shattered" July 20. Police detected no sign of criminal activity, and the homeowner did not notice any items missing from her house. The homeowner was advised to contact her landscaper for further possible information.

Ride home
A Hispanic man was seen leaning against a tree near the intersection of Fenimore Road and Ridgecrest West at 3:26 a.m., July 22. Patrol questioned the man, who was lost and intoxicated. He requested help in calling a taxi to drive him home to White Plains. Patrol called a late-night taxi service from New Rochelle.

SIM card
A man approached patrol at Spencer Place and East Parkway, alleging that two men stole his phone's SIM card July 22. According to the man, he lost his cell phone in village center earlier that day. He used another phone to locate his missing phone and discovered two deliverymen holding his phone near the intersection of East Parkway and Christie Place. The man approached the deliverymen and told them the phone belonged to him. The deliverymen returned the phone, but the man soon realized the SIM card was missing and notified police. Police spoke with the deliverymen, who said they found the broken phone on the sidewalk while unloading a truck. They said they had pulled the SIM card out of the phone before the man approached them. They alleged they attempted to return the SIM card, but the man did not want to talk with them. They said they threw the SIM card away. Patrol asked them to retrieve the SIM card and return it to the man. The SIM card was broken, but the man said he was happy to get his phone and SIM card back.

Suspicious activity
On July 19, a Crawford Lane woman reported hearing shaking noises at her back door. She said it sounded like someone possibly attempting to break into her house. Patrol checked the house and its perimeter and found no sign of criminal activity.

A caller reported a white man with dark hair "watching people enter and exit Potter Road park" while sitting in a parked Toyota Camry July 19. Patrol questioned the man, who said he was there for "some peace and quiet." He said he was an off-duty Central Taxi driver. Patrol verified there were no warrants for the man, and he left the area on his own accord.

A man sitting in a parked car Penn Boulevard identified himself as an Uber driver July 19. He said he had just dropped off a fare and had pulled over to make a phone call. He left the area.

A Montrose Road resident saw, via security cameras, a group of people drive into his driveway while he was away at 12:05 a.m., July 20. He asked patrol to check his house. Patrol verified there were no people on the resident's property, and there were no signs of criminal activity.

A Meadow Road resident called 911, asking for the phone number for Angie's List July 19. The resident was advised to dial 411, to reach directory assistance, for that information.

On July 21, a Mamaroneck Road woman repeatedly called 911, asking what time it was. Patrol went to the house to check the welfare of the woman. When she did not answer the door, patrol went inside the house through a rear door. The woman was physically okay and apologized for calling 911 to ask for the time. Patrol contacted her daughter, who said a caretaker should be with the woman because the woman suffers from dementia. While police were on scene, the caretaker returned from a brief trip to the bank. He said he should not have left the woman alone. The daughter said she would follow up with the caretaker. The SPD older adult advocate is following up.

A Springdale Road resident reported seeing an alarm strobe light at a neighbor's house at 2:30 a.m., July 21. Investigating officers discovered the flashing light to be coming from a malfunctioning motion sensor light.

Damaged lawn
A Carthage Road homeowner reported a large truck damaged his front lawn July 21. The homeowner said he thought the truck was leaving a construction site on Ardmore Road. Police determined the tire damage was on village property.

Possible intoxication
Metropolitan Transit Authority police notified Scarsdale police that a possibly intoxicated man got out of the train and got into the driver's seat of a black SUV at 12:40 a.m., July 22. The driver proceeded from northbound Garth Road to eastbound Popham Road. Police attempted to make contact with the vehicle but was unable to do so. Patrol monitored the area for safety.

On July 23, a Boulder Brook man called police at 2 a.m., reporting an unknown individual inside his house, who allegedly left through the unlocked front door. When police arrived, the man's wife said her husband was disoriented following back surgery. She said there was no one suspicious inside her house, as her husband had mistakenly thought.

Cars and roadways
On July 18, patrol directed traffic around a disabled car at Post and Edgewood roads while the driver waited or roadside assistance.
The highway department was called to remove fallen branches and trees from Post, Richbell, Lee and Brookline roads July 18.

Police officers controlled traffic at Post and Crane roads after traffic lights failed due to a thunderstorm July 18.

Patrol notified utility companies about fallen wires on Barry Road July 18.

Patrol contacted the highway department to address "a large number of potholes" on the Heathcote Bypass July 19.

A possible hit-and-run traffic accident knocked down crosswalk and bus stop signs at Post and Edgewood roads July 20. A Con Edison pole was also damaged at that location.

On July 21, police notified Cablevision about a fallen wire on Madison Road.

A caller reported accidentally locking her keys and dog inside her white Buick Lacrosse on Ardmore Road July 21. The car, woman and dog were gone when police arrived to help. There was no information about how the woman got back into her car or if the dog was able to assist.

Police directed traffic around a disabled car at Popham Road and East Parkway while the driver waited for roadside assistance July 21.

Police helped a driver move her disabled car to the side of Crossway while waiting for help from AAA July 23.

Con Edison was notified about fallen branches leaning on wires on Stonehouse Road July 24.

Ten car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A Ferncliff Road resident reported his neighbor was damaging his fence July 19. Police saw several fence slats lying on the resident's property and questioned the neighbor about them. The neighbor said the fence is in poor condition and slats frequently fall off and land in his yard. When this happens, the neighbor said he throws the slats back onto the resident's property. The resident and the neighbor were advised to stay away from each other.

A Carthage Road woman reported a possibly sick fox lying beneath a swing set in her backyard July 17. Patrol provided her with trappers' telephone numbers.

A caller reported a possibly sick or injured squirrel on Fox Meadow playground July 19. Patrol cleared the playground and safely released a squirrel trapped inside a garbage can. The squirrel ran off toward a field and appeared to be healthy.

A deer was reportedly struck by a car on Post Road near Scarsdale High School July 19. Patrol went to the scene, but the deer was already gone.coyote

A Heathcote Road resident reported a coyote on her property at 6 p.m., July 20. The animal was gone by the time police arrived. An hour later, police received another report of a coyote headed east near the intersection of Bethel and Richbell roads. It was also gone when patrol arrived.

A passerby found a "lost" dog on Murray Hill Road July 21. The dog actually belonged to the household where the dog was found in the yard. The homeowner came outside and took the dog into the house.

A man found a small, white dog near the intersection of Mamaroneck and Murray Hill roads July 23. Police contacted New Rochelle Humane Society.

Village code
Police issued a summons to the driver of a truck unloading a delivery on Palmer Avenue at 6:20 a.m., July 19.

Patrol issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered blowers on Post and Brewster roads July 19 and Crossway July 20.

On July 23, a caller reported loud and offensive music coming from a Lakin Road house. Patrol informed the homeowner, and she graciously lowered the volume of music. Patrol noted in the report that "the music was not too loud."

Lost and found
On July 21, a man came to headquarters and reported losing his iPhone 5. It was described as being housed in a yellow case. The man said he last saw his cell phone on Harwood Court while unlocking his bicycle.

A drawstring bag was found in Chase Road park July 23. It contained a baby hat, a bag of wipes and first aid ointment. Police vouchered the bag for safekeeping.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a leaking pressure regulator on Fox Meadow Road July 18.

A Brookline Road tree was struck by lightning July 18. The tree split, and flying debris broke a window. Firefighters stood by for a tree removal company.

On July 20, a Cushman Road resident reported she could not get to her six-month-old child due to a jammed bedroom door in her house. Firefighters forced open the door by removing the lock assembly, and the resident was reunited with her child. The child was fine and did not need medical attention.

A Greenacres Avenue resident was accidentally locked out of her house July 20. Firefighters helped her back inside the house.

A homeowner heard an audible alarm inside a Post Road house July 21. Firefighters traced the sound to a discarded, battery-operated smoke alarm sounding in a trash bag.

The driver of a red Toyota Camry approached firefighters and said she accidentally sideswiped a fire engine on Post Road July 21. An accident report was produced, and photos were taken of the damage.

This week, firefighters assisted with two car accidents in the village. They responded to one false carbon monoxide alarms and 22 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, and insecticide fog, cooking smoke, construction dust, excessive heat in an attic and shower steam.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 18-24 was compiled from official information.

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Purse Stolen During Middle-of-Night Wakefield Road Burglary. Firefighters Knock Down Bell Road House Fire

mastiffWakefield Road Burglary: A Wakefield Road house was burglarized in the early morning hours of July 13. When the homeowner woke up, she noticed her front door open and the storm door held open by the doorstopper. Further investigation indicated that the woman's handbag was stolen from the dining room, two rooms away from the alleged burglar's point of entry. The handbag contained two wallets, credit cards, a Green Card, $700 cash, a driver's license and personal papers. Additional personal papers were scattered on the floor around a chair where the handbag had been. The homeowner was not positive if she had locked the door the previous night. The burglary was discovered at 6:30 a.m., July 13. However, it was not reported to police until 6:30 p.m. that day. While canvassing the neighborhood as part of the investigation, patrol noticed one bent window screen frame and one removed window screen at a Crossway house. The Crossway homeowner advised that the removed screen might have fallen off during recent power washing, and the bent screen frame was old and should not cause any concern. Police are following up with the Wakefield Road burglary.

Bell Road house fire
A fire at a Bell Road house summoned firefighters to the scene at 2:30 a.m., July 11. Upon arrival, all residents were outside the house. Firefighters arrived to find smoke coming from the eaves of the third floor in a wood frame house. They began an aggressive initial attack of he working fire, using a stretched handline. The fire was knocked down in approximately 15 minutes. Firefighters and volunteers overhauled the structure and checked for extension. Heavy smoke and water damage occurred on the third floor. Some water damage affected the first and second floors. No fire damage was observed in structural elements of the house. Greenville and Hartsdale engines responded to scene for assistance. Volunteers provided additional support. A cause and origin team traced the cause of the fire to a portable air conditioning unit.

Identity theft
On July 13, a Johnson Road woman reported fraudulent use of her First National Bank credit card. Fraudulent charges for a cellphone, cab service in New York City and a restaurant in the Bronx appeared on her statement in March. At that time, she contacted the credit card company, and the account number was changed. Although the charges were supposed to have been removed from the account, the woman did not think they were actually removed. A further check with the company indicated that the charges had not yet been removed because the employee working on the matter had left the company. The woman also learned that the address on her account had been changed in an unknown address in Youngstown, Ohio. A duplicate credit card was sent to that address. Her online account information was also changed. A review of the last statement showed at least $3,000 in fraudulent charges and $500 in current fraudulent charges. The woman cancelled the account and did not ask for a new card, pending resolution of the matter.

On July 13, an Eastwoods Lane man reported his Chase debit card had been fraudulently duplicated by an unknown person who walked into a Long Island bank with a fake driver's license July 1. As a result of the card, at least $7,000 was fraudulently withdrawn from his account, and approximately $4,000 in fraudulent transactions were made. The account was closed, and the credit reporting agencies were informed.

Domestic matter
An Eastchester man called police after his brother and his brother's girlfriend engaged in a verbal dispute inside the man's house. He said his brother was out of control as the couple left his house, and the girlfriend was crying hysterically. Concerned for the well being of both parties, patrol called the girlfriend's cell phone, and the man's brother answered. He was uncooperative and he refused to place his girlfriend on Gabby the phone. A sergeant contacted the girlfriend and she provided police with the address of her whereabouts, in Dobbs Ferry. Patrol contacted Dobbs Ferry police for a welfare check. Dobbs Ferry police called back and advised that the couple was at the address. They were fine, and no police assistance was needed.

On July 16, a caller reported a disagreement with his wife. She allegedly threatened to take their kids and hit the caller with her car at "the high school parking lot." Multiple patrol units responded to Scarsdale High School and began canvassing. Dispatch cancelled the call after ascertaining that the incident occurred at Greenburgh High School. Greenburgh police were reportedly on scene.

On July 16, an Edgewood man reported a problem with an ex-employee. He showed police two rambling emails from the former employee. In one email, the ex-employee accused the man of stalking, forgery, harassment and cyber bullying due to the ex-employee's Ukranian background. In the second email, the ex-employee requested that the man never contact him again. Although there were no specific threats, the man believes the ex-employee is unstable and "does not know what he is capable of." Additional ride-bys of the house were requested.

Missing person?
On July 13, patrol stopped a motorcycle for expired tags, and a computer check revealed the operator to be a missing person from Martin County, Florida. The operator stated he has been in contact with family and is unsure of why he has been reported missing. The reporting jurisdiction was advised about police contact with the "missing party." Martin County's Sheriff's Office first refused to give any information about the missing persons case unless a teletype message was sent. Patrol then sent a teletype hit confirmation request and received a response with absolutely no information on it, other than the party was reported missing. After approximately 30 minutes of detaining the motorcycle operator and no cooperation from the Martin County Sheriff's, patrol authorized the person's release. He was deemed to be in good mental and physical condition.

Pay day?
A Dunham Road woman said a tall white man rang her bell, claimed he belonged to an engineering company and alleged she owed him $2,000 for curb work. The man refused to give the woman a business card or contact information. He left in a white or light blue van. Patrol canvassed the area but could not find him.

Open door
On July 15, an Old Orchard Road homeowner returned home to find his door lock cylinder on the floor. The homeowner advised he left his house at 3 p.m. and returned five hours later. The other knobs on the door remained locked and secure. The inside of the house was in good order. Patrol inspected the door and the cylinder. The cylinder appeared to be new, and no sign of force was noticed. Patrol noticed the cylinder does not seem to be appropriately sized for the door. Patrol advised the homeowner to contact a locksmith.

On July 11, patrol checked the welfare of a Crane Road woman. She was OK.

Patrol helped Metro North police obtain a passenger's pedigree information July 11. The passenger was complaining of chest pain and medical assistance was provided.

A Horseguard Lane woman reported two men standing outside her driveway smoking July 11. She felt uncomfortable and did not want to enter her house. Patrol conducted a field interview, and the men dispersed.

The remnants of spent fireworks were found on Corell Road at approximately 1 a.m., July 12. There was no evidence of fire, as had been reported by a caller.

Pedestrian struck
On July 11, a caller reported a worker directing traffic was struck by at Freightway and Garth roads. The driver – a 47-year-old Scarsdale man – allegedly drove his 1997 Nissan around two cars stopped for a garbage truck and entered the oncoming lane. His driving was described in the accident report as "failing to use caution." The driver stuck the 27-year-old worker, and the worker was taken to White Plains Hospital Center. The following summonses were issued to the driver: driving left of pavement markings, reckless driving, causing physical injury by failure to use due care and failure to use the designated lane.

Cars and roadways
Patrol received a report of a person possibly passed out in a Smart car parked on Swarthmore Road July 11. Officers spoke to the car's driver, who was lucid and in good health. She said she had driven a long distance and pulled over to stop and rest.

A car with a flat tire was blocking a Palmer Avenue driveway July 11. While the driver was waiting for AAA, the car was moved to Marjory Lane, so the resident could exit her driveway.

Overlook Road was closed because a tree fell onto power lines July 11.

Verizon was notified about a low-hanging communication wire at Tompkins and Fenimore roads July 12.

A caller reported an expired inspection sticker on a black Jeep parked on Tisdale Road July 12. Patrol issued a summons.

A car stalled at Post and Mamaroneck roads July 13. The driver's father arrived and re-started the car while police stood by.

Police contacted an electrical repair service for a malfunctioning traffic light at Crane and Woodland roads July 13.

A resident reported a parked car near Red Maple Swamp on Gorham Road at 9:30 a.m., July 13. Patrol spoke with the driver, a cleaning woman who was waiting to go to her next job site in the village. There was no sign of any illegal or suspicious activity.

A tow truck company advised towing an illegally parked 2015 Audi from DeCicco's Marketplace parking lot at 5:30 p.m., July 15.

A Park Road tag sale was creating traffic congestion July 16. Patrol asked guests at the tag sale to move their cars to one side of the street so emergency vehicles could freely pass if necessary.

During a traffic stop July 16, police confiscated a car's license plates and gave the New Rochelle driver a summons for a suspended registration due to five unresolved parking tickets in 12 months.

An Acura ran out of gas on Colonial Road July 17. The driver was awaiting roadside assistance when police checked on her.

A sign fell down at the northbound entrance ramp of the Hutchinson River Parkway on Mamaroneck Road July 17. Police placed the sign in a safe location and made sure the entrance ramp was nevertheless clearly indicated. The highway department was notified for replacement.

Five car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Police picked up a small brown dog from Highland Way July 11. It appeared to be a pit bull and mastiff mix. It was taken to an animal hospital to determine if it had a microchip, which it did not. New Rochelle Humane Society picked up the dog.

On July 16, a Post Road woman reported two coyotes might be living under her deck. Patrol did not see any coyotes while on scene. Patrol advised the woman to contact a wildlife service company, as the police department is not equipped to catch and relocate wild animals.

Two loose dogs were travelling together at Heathcote Road and Palmer Avenue July 17. A nearby resident caught one of the dogs and provided police with the owner's phone number, as listed on the dog's collar. She was not able to catch the second dog. The owner picked up the dog and confirmed he had a second dog. He said he would look for the second dog on his own.

Village code
Patrol dispersed four kids from Hyatt Field after dark July 12.

Police issued landscapers summonses for illegal use of gas-powered leaf blowers on Lebanon and Secor roads July 14, Franklin Road July 15.

A caller reported illegal use of a leaf blower on Autenreith Road July 14; however, the "blower" was actually a spraying device used to apply insecticide. No village code violations were observed.

On July 14, patrol advised an event planner overseeing a 50th birthday party on Ogden Road that the music was too loud. The event planner instructed the DJ to lower the volume of the music. Approximately 90 minutes later, another noise complaint was reported. Patrol asked the homeowner to turn off the music, and the homeowner complied.

Patrol advised a food truck vendor that he needed a permit to sell food in the village July 15. The vendor said he started the process to obtain a permit, but the process was not yet finished.

After neighbors complained about noise, patrol advised a Wynmor Road resident to lower the volume of party music at 8 p.m., July 15. The resident complied.

Two people in a Honda Civic were "hanging out" at the end of Harvest Drive at 7:45 p.m., July 16. Patrol dispersed them from the area.

Loud music coming from a social gathering on Saxon Woods Road was lowered after patrol advised hosts of the neighbors' complaints at 10 p.m., July 16.

Kids were in a park on Drake Road after dark July 16. Patrol asked them to clean up litter in their immediate area and exit to park. The kids complied and left.
Brambach Road party hosts lowered the volume of music after patrol advised them of neighbors' complaints July 16.

Numerous people attending a softball game on Supply Field illegally parked their cars in the Scarsdale Medical Group lot on Heathcote Road, leaving no spots for doctors July 17. Patrol asked people to move their cars and to refrain from parking in the private lot in the future.

Lost and found
A Huntington Avenue man reported losing a license plate from his moped July 14.
Someone found a credit card and a $10 bill in the village July 17. Patrol tracked down the owner and called him. He responded to headquarters to pick up his property.

On July 11, slightly elevated carbon monoxide levels in a Gorham Road house were caused by prolonged stove use. Con Edison was called, and firefighters ventilated the house.

Firefighters helped a Crossway resident change a battery in a chirping smoke alarm July 11.

An outdoor odor of propane at the tennis court on Wayside Lane was traced to an open valve on a small mushroom-style propane heater July 11. Firefighters shut the valve, and the odor disappeared.

A tree limbs on Overlook Road wires was causing a potential hazard July 12. Firefighters shut the roadway, taped off the affected sidewalk and stood by for Con Edison. The highway department was also requested to cut the tree limbs once conditions were deemed safe.

A report of a brush fire in Corell Park was received July 12. Instead, firefighters found a discharged firework. They watered down the area and checked for extension.

Verizon was notified about a low-hanging wire on Fenimore Road July 12. A sawhorse was placed beneath the wire to prevent vehicles from striking it in the meantime.

Grease at the bottom of a Cushman Road house started smoking July 12. Firefighters shut off the oven and ventilated the house.

A passerby reported a gas leak at a construction site on Continental Road July 13. There, firefighters found workers using hand tools in a construction pit revealing an exposed gas line. There was no damage to the line. Con Edison released firefighters from the scene.

Con Edison was called about a potential gas leak on Garth Road July 14.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of an arcing wire against a Church Lane tree July 14.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of reported propane odor in a Mamaroneck Road house July 14. While there, firefighters determined the resident's hot water heater had been recalled by the manufacturer and was determined to be unsafe. The unit was red-tagged for follow-up by Con Edison.

Con Edison was called about fallen electrical wires on Post Road July 17. Firefighters established a safe area by closing the roadway lanes in the meantime.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents in the village and on the Hutchinson River Parkway. They responded to four false carbon-monoxide alarms and nine false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke and construction dust.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 11-17 has been compiled from official information.

Public Notice: Property owners are reminded of Village Code Chapter 205 restricting the use of gasoline powered leaf blowers from June 1 through September 30. Please refrain from using the blowers during this period and remind your gardeners as well.

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Drinking and Driving: Two Arrests in Scarsdale

coorslightA 38-year-old Scarsdale mother of three young children was arrested on the night of July 4th for driving while intoxicated with her children in tow. Police received a 911 hang up call from a number and when they returned the call, the husband said he was having an argument with his wife, and while he was attempting to de-escalate the situation she drove off with the three kids in her minivan. The man said that his wife had been drinking earlier in the day. Police went to the house and learned that the wife was upset about an issue with her brother. The husband said that his wife had been drinking since about 1 pm and had 4 to 5 glasses of wine, stopping at about 5:30 pm. He said his wife was yelling at him in front of two of their three children and he told her to calm down or else he would call the police. He said that when he dialed 911, she knocked the phone out of his hand. When police returned the call, she decided to take their three kids out. The husband thought she might be at her father's house or at a local club. Police went to the father's house but did not see the car. However, the woman's brother called and said she was in the father's house and had hidden her minivan behind a building.

Police went to the house where they found the woman looking disheveled and distraught. They described her as "emotionally unstable, aggressive and erratic." She was uncooperative with police and had glassy eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. She also had a fresh cut on her hand. She first said she had cut it at the pool and later claimed she cut it on a seashell. An Alcosensor test revealed she had a .29% BAC. All three kids watched her interaction with the police. The minivan had been parked haphazardly and police saw an open Coors Light can in the cup holder.

The live-in au pair was brought to the father's house to stay with the children overnight and the mother was arrested. She was charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated with a Child and arraigned before Judge Cynthia Dunn in Scarsdale Village Court. She was released on $5,000 bail and given a court date of July 6th. In addition, an Order of Protection was issued allowing only supervised interaction with the children with an adult family member or the au pair.

Drunk Pleasantville Woman Flees Accident On Foot
At 7:30 p.m., June 28, police received a report of a 2014 Ford driving off the road in a curve on Saxon Woods Road, hitting two traffic signs and bushes and coming to rest on a Saxon Woods Road lawn. A witness to the accident said the driver – a Hispanic woman dressed in black and wearing high heels – left the scene by foot toward Black Birch Lane. A woman fitting the description of the driver was then reported in the backyards of houses on Secor Road. Patrol found the woman – Erika Mollin, 41, of Pleasantville – and questioned her. She admitted to driving the car, drinking alcohol (two and a half drinks) approximately one and a half hours in the past and crashing the car while on her way to a friend's house in Harrison. She failed field sobriety tests, and an alcohol sensor test detected the presence of alcohol on her breath, at a level of .09 of one percent. She was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense) and operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of at least .08 of one percent. While vouchering Mollin's property, two orange pills were found in her purse. A field drug test revealed the pills to be methamphetamine. Mollin stated the pills were "Ecstacy" pills that belonged to Mollin's boyfriend. Mollin said she also had two Zanax pills that were prescribed to her. All pills were vouchered in evidence lockers. Police additionally vouchered Mollin's pocketknife and a pair of scissors found to be in her possession. The car was secured in the police impound lot. According to Mollin, she had an argument with her boyfriend and took the car with his permission. She used the car for a job interview at 11 a.m., in Pleasantville, and her boyfriend allegedly kept calling her and demanding the return of the car. She said her boyfriend was following her in a blue car in Pleasantville, but she claimed she "sped away and was able to lose him." She then said she had two drinks by herself in a bar in Pleasantville. She said her boyfriend did not threaten her in any way. According to the police report, her story did not match the original story she told police on Secor Road. She was arraigned in Scarsdale Village Justice Court and remanded to Westchester County Jail. She was scheduled to return to court on June 29.

On July 4, a Lebanon Road homeowner returned home from weekend vacation and found her house had been burglarized. She had no alarm system, no automatic lights, and mail and newspapers had piled up on the front steps during her absence. Patrol observed that closets in all four bedrooms had been ransacked. Investigation determined the points of entry and exit were a west facing living room window. The homeowner said she would compile a list of stolen items to aid police in their investigation.

Car break-in
A Mayflower Road woman's wallet was stolen from her unlocked car, while the car was parked at the back of Kid's Base, near the Scarsdale Pool, June 23. The theft occurred between 12:30 p.m. and 1 p.m. while the woman was picking up her kids from the Little School. The Chanel envelope-style wallet was worth $925, and it contained credit cards, medical insurance cards, 2016 pool passes, a driver's license and approximately $100 in gift cards.

Stolen bicycle
A Tunstall Road resident reported her 2014 IZIP E3 electric bicycle was stolen from Depot Place sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., June 30. The bicycle was allegedly locked to the bike rack with a chain lock. Police examined the lock and found no sign of force.

Stolen zebra statuezebra1
A ceramic zebra statue was stolen from a grassy area at the intersection of Greenacres Avenue and Colvin Road July 4. The owner said this was not the first time the statue has gone missing. He said the statue normally returns after a few days, but he wanted to notify police in case the statue shows up in another location. The zebra was found on July 5 in Edgewood and returned to his spot on the Colvin Road island.

Identity theft
A Birchall Drive man reported someone opened an AT&T account in his name and purchased a phone with the account June 28.

On June 27, a Gorham Court woman reported that a man named "Rocky" was harassing her au pair following a June 26 traffic accident involving the au pair and the man. The accident allegedly occurred in Queens and "Rocky" asked the au pair to pay him $500 in lieu of filing reports with police and insurance companies. "Rocky" was repeatedly calling the au pair, demanding the money. The woman attempted to call "Rocky" at the number he provided to the au pair, to advise him she was having the matter handled by her insurance company; however, there was no answer at the number. Patrol also attempted to call "Rocky" – but without any success.

On June 27, police checked the welfare of a Heathcote Road woman. She was OK, under the care of a home health aide.

A Post Road woman called police because she was home alone and heard a noise that concerned her at 11 p.m., June 29. Police examined the house and found no signs of criminality. Patrol noticed the woman to be disoriented, but she declined medical attention. Patrol stood by as the woman called her personal physician. The woman stated if her feelings continued, she would call police again for assistance.

On July 1, a Heathcote dementia patient called police, reporting that her home health aide was stealing from her and would not leave. Patrol contacted the woman's daughters, who both said the woman was not in any danger with the health aide.
Police checked the welfare of a Quaker Ridge man at the request of North Castle police July 3. According to North Castle police, the man had been involved in a domestic incident was "off his medication." Scarsdale police did not detect any sign of distress or anxiety. They put the man in touch with North Castle police, who made arrangements to meet with the man in North Castle.

Police checked a Hillview Drive house after a listed key holder found a key sticking inside the front door lock July 4. The house was in good order.

Parked car
A caller reported a possibly suspicious car with towels covering the windows parked on Westview Lane "for two days" June 29. Police questioned the driver, who presented valid identification and advised police of her business near the location.

Explosive sound
On June 30, a Heathcote Road homeowner reported a possible explosion in the area. Patrol investigated and found a contractor dropping construction debris into a container. It was suspected that this noise came from the debris falling into the container.

On June 30, a Meadow Road woman reported a company has been applying pesticide to her yard for two months without her permission. Patrol followed up with the company. The company advised that the woman had an active account with them, and they were applying pesticide according to the account details. The woman said she thought she had a previous account with the company, but it had been cancelled. She said she would follow up with the company to make sure the account was cancelled.

A woman asked police to help find her 18-year-old son who might have been at a Heathcote house July 2. Police went to the house and the homeowner's daughter said the boy was having dinner at Westchester Country Club with his father. She advised the country club has a strict no cell phone policy. The boy's mother was advised.

Cars and roadways
On June 27, police issued summonses to illegally parked cars on Farley and White roads.
Police called a tow truck for a disabled car on Bypass June 27.
Patrol removed a fallen branch from Bypass June 28.
Patrol issued a summons to an illegally parked Mercedes-Benz on Rodney Road June 29.
On June 29, a bicyclist reported a reckless Jeep SUV driver almost hit her while she was riding her bicycle on Walworth Avenue.
Police assisted a driver move his overheating 2003 Outlander to a safe location on Boulevard while the driver waited for a tow June 30.
A red truck hit scaffolding at a Weaver Street construction site, and the damaged scaffolding fell into the road July 1. Patrol closed the area around the damaged scaffolding, and the building department was following up.
Patrol placed flares around a fallen tree on Post Road July 1. The highway department was notified for cleanup.
On July 1, police asked a contractor to move his car because a Palmer Avenue resident was having difficulty pulling her car out of her driveway.
Police investigated a call about an unoccupied car running with its lights on while parked on East Parkway July 1. Police determined the owner of the car had accidentally left it running while eating at a nearby restaurant.
A man involved in a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway fled on foot at 1:22 a.m., July 3. Scarsdale police found the man on Mamaroneck Road and detained him for Westchester County police.
Police placed traffic cones near a hole in a grassy area at the corner of Post and Mamaroneck roads July 3. The highway department was notified for repair.
On July 4, police responded to the intersection of Hutchinson Avenue and the Hutchinson River Parkway exit ramp on the report of an unoccupied, locked 2000 Oldsmobile with its hazard lights flashing. The car displayed a Massachusetts registration. A check of the license plate revealed the license plate was not on file. This check also indicated that the car had been previously registered to a Flushing man, but the registration was not active. Police arranged to have the car towed to the police impound lot due to the unsafe location in which the car was stopped.
Ten car accidents were reported in the village this week.

An opossum found its way into an Edgewood Road garbage can and could not get out June 30. Patrol put a lid on the can and advised the homeowner to call a trapper.

A squirrel entered a Windsor Lane kitchen, ran around and left on its own July 4.

Village code
Police advised a solicitor he needed a permit to solicit in the village June 29. The solicitor was directed to Village Hall.
On June 30, police issued a verbal warning to movers who were being too loud while doing a job on Brewster Road.
Police directed a noise complaint on Saxon Woods Golf Course to Westchester County Police, the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction, July 1.
Two solicitors on Benedict Road were asked to cease their activities until a permit for solicitation was filed with Village Hall July 1.
Fireworks were reported in a wooded area near Clarence Road July 1. Police notified New Rochelle police because the incident was occurring in their jurisdiction.
Neighbors complained about garbage placed on a Forest Lane lawn July 1. The homeowner told police the garbage had been temporarily placed there, pending the homeowner taking it to the sanitation yard.
A Rochambeau party host lowered the volume of music after neighbors complained July 2.
Police issued a summons to a dog owner because the dog was making excessive noise while chained to a deck railing outside with no one home July 2.
Following a noise complaint, a Claremont Road party host reported the party was ending soon July 3. There was no music playing when police arrived at the party site.
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered blowers in violation of village code on Overhill Road June 28 and Brite Avenue, Heathcote and Stratton roads and Rock Creek Lane June 29.

Lost and found
A Harwood Court business owner found an iPhone 6 at the intersection of Post and Popham roads July 1. Police vouchered the phone at headquarters for safekeeping.

A Wynmor Road resident reported losing his driver's license June 29.

On June 30, a Nelson Road woman reported losing her driver's license.

A wallet was found in the Golden Horseshoe parking lot on Wilmot Road July 1. Police returned the wallet to its owner.

A Broadmoor Road homeowner called 911 to report her "small, blonde 30-pound dog" missing July 4. Patrol logged the details about the missing dog.

A contractor thought he might have damaged a gas service line on Obry Drive June 28. Con Edison and firefighters responded. It was determined the gas line needed better markings by Con Edison to confirm its location.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a carbon monoxide leak on Stonehouse Road June 28.

Firefighters shut down a faulty boiler in a Franklin Road house after elevated levels of carbon monoxide were detected June 30. They stood by for Con Edison.

A reported odor in a Clarence Road house was determined to be unfounded July 2.

Firefighters assisted Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps gain access to an apartment where a person was reported to be in possible distress July 3.

Firefighters shut power to an air conditioner compressor with a refrigerant leak July 4.

Firefighters helped a Meadow Road resident back in her house after she was accidentally locked out July 4.

Firefighters assisted at three car accidents in the village. They responded to five false carbon monoxide alarms and fifteen false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, construction dust, cooking smoke, accidental manual activation, use of a smoking vaporizer and dishwasher steam.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 27 through July 4 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Police Report: Suspect uses petroleum jelly to obscure image while attempting fraud at Bank of America ATM

petroleumjellyOn July 7, a Bank of America employee reported one of the bank's ATM machines, at the Christie Place branch, had been tampered with. According to the bank manager, someone attempted to use three fraudulent debit cards at the banks ATM machine on July 5, at approximately 11:45 a.m. The suspect smeared petroleum jelly on the ATM's camera, causing the image to be blurred. The suspect was described as a white man wearing a baseball cap. The manager was not sure if money had been fraudulently withdrawn, pending investigation by corporate security. Two other bank branches in Yonkers reported similar incidents with petroleum jelly and attempted fraudulent withdrawals. Police took a swap of the petroleum jelly in order to process it for possible DNA evidence.

Traffic arrest
On July 7, police arrested Johan Alcantara, 27, of the Bronx, after stopping Alcantara for failing to stop at a stop sign at Brite Avenue and Fenimore Road. When checking Alcantara's information, Alcantara said he did not have his driver's license on him because he lost it. Using pedigree information, police ran a check on Alcantara and learned Alcantara's license had been suspended four times on three different dates. Alcantara was then arrested on charges of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop at a stop sign and operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver. He was released on $100 cash bail, posted by his boss. Alcantara is a carpenter.

Domestic incident
At 6 a.m., July 5, an Edgewood man got locked out of his house after having a disagreement with his wife's sister who was staying with the couple at their house. The man and his sister-in-law advised police they resolved the matter when patrol arrived. There was no sign of criminal activity.

On July 9, a Quaker Ridge caller reported he did not feel comfortable leaving his mother alone in his father's house with his father's girlfriend. The father was contacted, and he said he was on his way home. Nether party objected to being in the house with each other while waiting for the father to return.

Identity theft
A woman told police she believed her elderly Stonehouse Road parents' checks were being fraudulently signed July 5. She said she takes care of her parents due to their age. Upon reviewing their bank account, the woman realized that someone has been presenting checks with fraudulent signatures, to unrecognized payees. This has been occurring for approximately 16 months, the woman said. Patrol provided the woman with forgery deposition forms for her parents to fill out. She was advised to notify her parents' financial institutions.

On July 6, a Chesterfield Road man reported someone attempted to open numerous credit cards in his name. On June 30, he was notified of a fraudulent attempt by Discover Card. Discover did not process the request because the card was ordered to be sent to a different address than the man's address. Following this knowledge, the man checked his credit report and learned of two other attempts – with Barclays and Capital One. Both accounts were cancelled before any charges were placed on the accounts.

Stolen zebra returned
On July 5, a Greenacres Avenue man reported his ceramic zebra statue was returned unharmed. It had been stolen the previous day, possibly as a prank, the man surmised.

On July 5, a caller reported that she saw possible suspects at the Galleria Mall in White Plains. The possible suspects might have been related to a burglary report at her house, which the woman previously made. White Plains police and Scarsdale police were dispatched to the mall to follow up.

Patrol advised three men standing around Duck Pond that fishing was not permitted July 5. A caller reported the men had been fishing, but here was no evidence of the fishing allegation.

Patrol escorted a Brittany Close man to his house to remove personal items July 6. The man was advised by patrol to only remove personal items.

Locked door
A Cushman Road woman returned home and found her garage door locked, although she normally leaves the door open, July 6. The woman asked patrol to check house. Patrol found no sign of criminality. Everything was deemed to be in good order.

Open doors
While checking school buses on Palmer Avenue, patrol noticed numerous buses had their doors open July 9. Everything appeared to be in good order with the buses.

Wrong house
A Mayflower Road woman called police at 12:45 a.m., July 10. She said an Asian woman wearing a white T-shirt and gray shorts was ringing her doorbell, but she was afraid to answer the door because it was after midnight. When police arrived on scene, they saw the woman standing outside at the corner of Blackhawk and Mayflower roads. Police quickly lost sight of the woman but eventually found her in a Mayflower Road yard. At that time, she identified herself and informed patrol that she was lost. She had been with friends at a Blackhawk Road house, went out for a walk, got turned around and could not find her way back to the Blackhawk Road house. She mistakenly ended up at the Mayflower Road house, thinking it was the house she was looking for. She said she kept ringing the doorbell because she thought she was at the house where she had been with her friends. Patrol walked her to the correct house and made sure everything was in order. Patrol explained the situation to the Mayflower Road resident who reported the incident. Everyone was thankful for patrol's assistance.

Gas leak
Patrol closed Bradley Road because of a gas leak July 8. Village Maintenance crew cut into a gas line while performing curb work. Firefighters utilized water hoses as a precaution as Con Edison emergency workers responded to the location. Numerous houses were checked for gas migration. Volunteers assisted. One resident asked police to check and secure his house after Con Edison workers left the house July 8. On July 10, another Bradley Road resident reported a damaged basement door. The damage occurred when Con Edison workers and firefighters needed to enter the house to check for possible gas migration. Patrol secured the door by locking a deadbolt prior to leaving.

Cars and roadways
Police found an unoccupied white BMW parked on Scarsdale Avenue with its rear door open at 3:45 a.m., July 5. There were no signs of criminal activity. Police secured the door before leaving the scene.

On July 5, patrol placed four flares around a car with four flat tires on Heathcote Road. The driver was awaiting roadside assistance.

Around 1 p.m., July 5, a towing company advised police that it removed a car from DeCicco's Marketplace parking lot at the request of management. The car was registered to a New Jersey man.

A box truck driver backed over a plastic road divider at Crane Road and East Parkway July 5. The accident damaged the divider. Patrol stopped the driver who said he was lost and did not want to enter the Bronx River Parkway with a commercial truck. That is why is backed up and accidentally damaged the divider.

Upon investigation of a car reportedly parked on Tisdale Road for more than one week, police issued one parking ticket July 5.

Police removed a barricade from Wilmot Road after determining the condition that necessitated the barricade had been resolved July 6.

Dispatch notified Verizon of fallen wires on Fenimore Road and Black Birch Lane July 7.

Patrol assisted New Rochelle police direct traffic at Weaver Street and Old Lyme Road while highway crews removed a fallen tree from the roadway July 7.
Patrol notified the water department about a broken water meter on Walworth Avenue July 7.

Patrol asked the driver of a work truck to move it to a better location on Reimer Road, in order to not disrupt traffic flow July 8.

Patrol asked a construction job site supervisor to clear space on Reynal Crossing for good traffic flow July 9.

A car broke down on Mamaroneck Road July 9. Patrol stood by until the car was moved by roadside assistance.

Metal construction plates shifted on Crane Road July 9. Patrol placed safety cones over the plate to warm motorists of potential danger.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Broken windows
A Greendale Road man reported a landscaper using a weed whacker accidentally kicked up a rock that resulted in the man's car window being broken July 8. The two partied exchanged information, and police advised them it was a civil matter.

A pane of glass on a Fox Meadow Road basement door was accidentally broken by a landscaper kicking up a rock with his mower July 9. There was no evidence of criminal activity.

A lost Ogden Road dog was reunited with its owner July 7.

A lost Fox Meadow Road dog was reunited with its owner July 8.
On July 9, a caller reported a possibly rabid fox in the area. Patrol looked but found no sign of a rabid fox.

A Fox Meadow Road woman reported a raccoon in her yard July 10. The raccoon ran into the bushes as patrol approached. This indicated normal behavior for a raccoon, thus suggesting the raccoon was healthy. Patrol offered to give the woman trappers' telephone numbers, but she declined.

Village code
On July 6, patrol informed a painting company about village noise ordinances. The company was about to start painting parking lines in a market's parking lot on Palmer Avenue.

Police issued a summons to a contractor making noise with power tools at a Burgess Road construction site at 7:30 a.m., July 8.

A Dunham Road resident was using a gas-powered blower at 7:59 a.m., July 8, and a neighbor complained. Patrol observed the offense and issued the resident a summons.

A worker using a hammer on Murray Hill Road was advised to cease work until after 10 a.m., July 9.

A Shaw Road party host lowered the volume of his music after neighbors complained July 9.

On July 10, patrol advised a woman that her two dogs were not allowed in a Boulevard park. She said she had just entered the park to throw bagged dog feces in a trashcan. She said she would not enter the park with her dogs again.

On July 10, a Sprague Road resident complained about a barking dog in a newly rented house. The real estate agent for the house said she would talk PokemonGO3with the new tenant about taking care of the barking dog.

Shortly before 12 a.m., July 11, a caller reported noisy kids on Boulevard. Patrol found several kids there playing "Pokemon" on their cell phones. Patrol advised them they were not allowed to be in the park after dark, and they left.

Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered blowers on Leatherstocking Lane July 5, Sheldrake Road July 7 and Butler Road July 8.

Lost and found
A man reported losing his front license plate somewhere in the village July 5.

On July 7, a Brewster Road man reported losing his Republic of Ireland foreign birth registry certificate. He lost the document sometime between August 1999 and the present.

A Brewster Road man reported losing his drive's license somewhere in the village July 7.

Village workers using a gas-powered saw behind an East Parkway nail salon caused an elevated carbon monoxide condition in the salon's foyer July 5. Firefighters ventilated the salon and cleared the carbon monoxide.

An electrical service panel caught fire in a Birchall Drive garage. Firefighters extinguished it with a dry chemical extinguisher and ventilated the structure. Con Edison shut off power to the house.

Firefighters notified the department of public works about a sewage backup in a Saxon Woods Road house July 6.

Wires were sparking on Palmer Avenue July 6. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

A gas meter problem on Tompkins Road was turned over to Con Edison July 6.

An unattended pot on a hot Brite Avenue stove created a smoky haze in the house July 7. Firefighters extinguished the pot and turned off the stove.

A broken water meter caused a Walworth Avenue basement to flood July 7. Firefighters drained water from the basement and informed the water department.

This week, firefighters assisted at three car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway and in the village. They responded to two false carbon monoxide alarms and 15 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, construction dust, water leaking into a detector, cooking smoke and dishwasher steam.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 5-10 was compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

SHS Student's Phone Stolen during Math Exam, Wallet Stolen at Boulder Brook Stable

fawncroppedOn June 21, a Lawrence Road girl reported a high school test proctor requested that students turn off their phone and place them in their bags or on a cabinet at the front of the room while an exam was being administered. The girl placed her phone on top of the cabinet. When the test was over, the phone was gone. Apparently, another student had taken it. The principal's office sent an email to all students requesting the iPhone's return. When the phone was not returned by the end of the day, the girl's parents cancelled service on the phone.

A woman reported her purse was stolen from her car, while the unlocked car was parked at Boulder Brook stables on Mamaroneck Road, from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m., June 23. She cancelled her credit cards.

Identity theft
A School Lane woman reported she received a text alert that seemed to be from Chase bank June 21. The alert requested that she call a number and enter personal information into an automated system, including her birthday, Social Security number, zip code and house number. She realized afterward that answering the personal questions "might have been a bad idea." She checked with Chase bank and realized the text alert was not from the bank. Patrol advised her to notify the credit reporting agencies as a precaution.

Domestic matters
A father asked police to call his adult son to ask the son to stop contacting the father until their personal issued cooled down June 23. The son allegedly lives out of state and is financially supported by the father. The father wished to continue having a relationship with the son but said he wanted some time and space in order for a recent dispute to cool down.

A Brewster Road man reported hearing a "husband and wife" dispute outside his house at 1:30 a.m., June 26. The reportedly arguing couple was in a light colored minivan that travelled south, away from the residence.

Criminal mischief
A Yonkers woman reported her car window was broken while her car was parked on Garth Road June 22. It occurred while the woman was in a salon, sometime between 11 a.m. and 11:55 a.m. The incident was classified as criminal mischief.

Three Scarsdale Security house number signs and one other house number sign of a different style were removed from lawns and placed near a basketball court on Palmer Avenue June 25. The house numbers were: 6, 12, 14 and 21. The signs have been vouchered at headquarters.

A passerby found a backpack on Heathcote Road, near the Scarsdale Congregational Church, June 22. According to the police report, it contained "one bag of marijuana" and "one plastic container containing weed."

Paper bags
A white shopping bag was left in the roadway on Post Road and Boulevard June 21.

It contained old magazines and paper. Patrol threw it in the garbage.

Police removed a brown bag full of leaves from Heathcote Road June 22.

A Rodney Road resident saw a girl in gray pants and a white T-shirt rummaging through her garbage June 22. The resident requested a welfare check of the girl, but she left before police arrived.

A woman called police to report concerns about four Hispanic men getting out of a Honda and approaching her while she was walking her dog on Brewster Road June 25. The woman was concerned and rang a nearby resident's doorbell, and the resident let her in. Police went to the house and interviewed the woman. During the interview, the same car drove by, occupied by only one man. There was no suspicious activity observed. There was a large gathering in the area, and police thought it was possibly that the men might have been connected to that gathering.

A Stonehouse Road resident was concerned that his health aide had been gone for several hours "buying groceries" June 20. She returned to the house shortly after the resident called police.

A Brewster Road resident brought rifles to headquarters for destruction June 21. The guns were surrendered because their owner passed away.

Broken windshield
A baseball hit the windshield of a New Jersey car and broke it June 21. The car was parked in front of Crossway Field during a recreational men's softball game when the damage occurred.

Rusty lock
The director of Westchester Band reported a lock securing access to a power supply at Chase Road Park had rusted shut on the night of the band's scheduled concert June 23. Police and firefighters attempted to open the lock with a key. They were unsuccessful, and firefighters cut the lock. A new lock was placed on the power supply access panel after the concert was over.

Parked cars
A Colonial Road woman reported a Hispanic man in an old gray Honda stopped his car in front of her house and was taking pictures of her house June 24. Patrol questioned the man and learned he had just stopped his car there to use his cell phone.

Police checked on a woman lying down in the backseat of a Range Rover parked on Fox Meadow Road at 10:30 p.m., June 25. The woman said she had pulled over to rest because she had been driving for a long time and was tired. Patrol asked her a number of questions to ensure she was coherent and capable of driving. She was OK and said she would soon start driving again, heading home.

Missed train
Police and Metro North Police responded to a report of an unresponsive man on the Scarsdale train station platform at 1:15 p.m., June 24. Patrol found the man and talked to him. He said he was sitting in the shade on the platform due to back pain from four herniated discs. He said he was not, at any time, unconscious. He was evaluated by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps and declined any medical attention. Metro North police offered him a courtesy ride home since he missed two trains due to being questioned by police.

Cars and roadways
On June 20, a caller reported a car spun its tires on Boulevard. It was gone before police arrived.

A gas station employee helped police removed a stalled car from Post Road June 21.
Police notified Con Edison about fallen electrical wires on Post Road June 21.

A Catherine Road woman reported a black car drove over her neighbor's lawn and bent the neighbor's Scarsdale Athletics fundraising sign June 21. Police saw the bent sign, but there were not any tire tracks in the yard.

Patrol assisted with traffic direction while a motorist changed a flat tire on Mamaroneck Road June 22.

Patrol notified the water department about running water on Brewster Road June 23.

A Franklin Road resident reported people sitting in a parked car outside his house, possibly with flashlights, at 1 a.m., June 25. Patrol interviewed the occupants of the car.

A concrete delivery truck was blocking traffic on Fox Meadow Road June 25. Patrol asked the job foreman to move the truck and use flagman. The foreman complied.
Patrol moved branches from Heathcote Road and placed them by the side of the road June 25.

Fourteen car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Deer, dog
A fawn had fallen into a small enclosed well on Morris Lane and was unable to escape June 20. The fawn appeared uninjured. Patrol placed a ladder into the well, and the fawn climbed out unharmed.

Patrol tried to catch a loose black dog on Sycamore Road, but it ran away June 23.

A family with five children was fishing in the pond at Duck Pond Road June 22. The mother was adamant that fishing was allowed in the pond, when patrol told the family to cease fishing. The family eventually stopped, and patrol advised her to consult with Village Hall regarding rules about fishing in village ponds.

A Dell Road woman found a large drone in her backyard June 26. It was labeled Drone Phantom Professional, and it had a dead battery. Police took the drone and secured it at headquarters.

Village code
A mam reported to be soliciting on Griffen Avenue was a representative from the Democratic Party June 20.

On June 21, patrol removed advertising flyers from windshields on Depot Place. A summons was issued to the company that posted the flyers.

Police issued a summons to a construction worker using a blacktop roller to lay a driveway at 7:45 a.m., June 22.

Patrol advised a Burgess Road homeowner of a noise complaint regarding a party that was concluding at 11:30 p.m. June 24.

A solicitor on Claremont Road had a proper permit from the village June 23.

Police issued summonses to people using gas powered leaf blowers in violation of village code on Heathcote and Ogden roads June 22, Brewster and Hampton roads June 23 and Chesterfield Road June 24.

Patrol issued a summons to a stonemason performing work with motorized equipment on Wildwood Road at 9:10 a.m., June 25.

A Lawrence Road woman reported a man "posing as a pest control employee aggressively tried to enter her house" June 25. The man was actually a supervisor for a pest control company with a valid permit to solicit in the village. He told patrol he did not attempt to enter her house.

Patrol issued a summons to a contractor using a motorized excavator on Burgess Road after 5 p.m., June 25.

After a noise complaint, patrol instructed a Reimer Road party host to lower the volume of his music at 11:15 p.m., June 25. He complied with patrol's instructions.

A Taunton Road party hostess was advised to lower the volume of outdoor music at 12:02 a.m., June 26. She turned the music off.

Lost and found
An employee of DeCicco's Marketplace lost his HSBC debit card in the Christie Place parking garage and cancelled the card June 21. A woman found the card in the parking payment machine and brought it to the HSBC Bank on Popham Road.

An iPhone was found at Spencer Place and East Parkway June 22. Police returned it to its owner.

Two bicycles reported stolen from a Hillview Drive house were later found by the homeowner June 25.

A Burgess Road man reported losing his driver's license somewhere in the village June 25.

Gas was leaking from a barbecue grill left in the "on" position on Springdale Road June 20. Firefighters shut off the gas supply and the grill.

A Sycamore Road resident accidentally ignited items stored inside the oven when she attempted to use it June 20. Some plastic forks and paper towels had burned and were smoking when firefighters arrived. They removed the items, ventilated the house and spoke with the resident's family about a senior care advocate.

A gas-powered saw being used in the basement of a Greenacres Avenue house was releasing carbon monoxide into the house June 21. Firefighters told contractors to never use a gas-powered saw inside a structure, and they ventilated the space.

Water was leaking from a dishwasher through light fixtures in a basement ceiling in a Brook Lane house June 21. Firefighters shut off water and electricity and advised the homeowner to consult an electrician and plumber.

A Berkeley Road smoke odor was caused by a partially extinguished, outdoor fire pit June 21. Firefighters helped extinguish the fire completely.

An Eastwoods Lane woman accidentally got stuck on a second floor balcony when a door shut behind her June 22. An oil deliveryman noticed her and called fro help. Firefighters were able to get into her house through the garage and open the door to let her back in the house.

Firefighters helped Con Edison workers check a Tompkins Road house for possible gas after a gas leak was found on the street June 22.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak in piping in a Cambridge Road house June 23.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of arcing wires on Ogden Road June 23.

Workers were using a gas-powered washer to clean the basement of the Christie Place Parking Garage June 25. It caused elevated levels of carbon monoxide. Firefighters stopped the work and ventilated the space. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps checked workers for possible carbon monoxide sickness.

Firefighters cleaned a fluid spill from Chase Road June 25.

Firefighters recommended consulting a plumber for sewage backup in an Alida Road house June 25.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway and in the village. They responded to two false carbon monoxide alarms and 20 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, construction dust, cooking smoke, smoke from an outdoor grill, manual activation by a child, a hairdryer, burnt food, steam from an iron, a battery change and manual activation by a patient with dementia.

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