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Police Report: Burglars Strike Homes on Lincoln and Fox Meadow Roads

phonecallOn December 6 a family member for a Lincoln Road homeowner, who lives on Long Island, discovered a broken basement window at the house. A rock was then discovered on the basement floor, and the house was checked. Items inside the house were in the process of being organized for transport; so it was difficult for the homeowner to know if anything was missing. According to the family member, she was in the house on Dec. 4 and everything was in good order. An alarm for the basement window was received at approximately 9:38 p.m. that same evening. The family member, who has power of attorney for the house, refused police response for the alarm because she felt it must have been a false alarm. An alarm technician was sent to the house to service the system because of the suspected false alarm on Dec. 6. He observed the broken basement window and notified the family member. Police are following up.

A roofing contractor working at a Fox Meadow Road house said he went to the hardware store and, upon his return, he discovered the house had been unlawfully entered and burglarized Dec. 9. It appeared to the contractors that the rear sunroom door and an interior living room door had been kicked open. Rooms, particularly second-floor bedrooms, were ransacked. The homeowner was notified. She said she would return home to compile a list of stolen items.

Car Break-in
A Fox Meadow Road man reported items were removed from his parked car Dec. 8. The items were not disclosed.

On Dec. 6, a Heathcote resident reported being harassed and threatened by phone. Starting at approximately midnight, Dec. 6, the man received calls and voicemails from an unknown number. The caller left voicemails, which the man said he deleted. Then, at approximately 1:30 p.m., Dec. 6, the man received a message threatening his life. The message stated, "Stay away from [...]. It'll get you killed. If I see you and I put the name with the face, I'm gonna get you." Police are performing extra ridebys of the man's house.

Graffiti was found spray-painted on an electrical box at Mamaroneck and Secor Roads Dec. 7. Police were unable to discern what the graffiti was intended to depict.

Identity Theft
On Dec. 5, a Norma Place man reported unauthorized charges totaling $2,781.91 on his Citibank credit card. The charges were made online at Stuart Weitzman and other stores. Citibank's fraud department reversed the charges and is following up.

On Dec. 5, a Murray Hill Road woman reported credit card accounts were fraudulently opened in her name, and unauthorized charges occurred.

On Dec. 6, a Secor Road resident reported she recently received several letters in the mail informing her of denied credit card applications that she never filled out. She also received a Brookstone card in the mail. It was fraudulent, but it already contained charges of $4,447. She closed the account. Later, the woman discovered fraudulent charges on of $250 on her Gap card and $500 on her Express card. Investigation revealed the Brookstone purchase occurred in person in a store in Uncasville, Connecticut. Police are following up.

On Dec. 6, a Secor Road resident noticed fraudulent charges on her Citibank credit card. One charge occurred at Nordstrom – for a $966.38 men's coat – on Dec. 1. Other charges were with a restaurant supply company and a restaurant. A pending charge was for a fraudulent UPS My Choice account. This account would enable a person to redirect packages once the packages shipped. The card, transactions and the shipping account were cancelled. Citibank's fraud department is following up.

On Dec. 6, a Burgess Road man reported someone attempted to open a fraudulent Nordstorm's credit card account in his name at the White Plains store. The man informed Nordstorm's fraud department that the account was not legitimate. The fraud department said they would try to detain the suspect if he attempted to use a fraudulent card, in the man's name, in the store.

A Palmer Avenue resident became alarmed when she heard someone rang her doorbell at 5 p.m., Dec. 9, and then saw three people standing by the side of her house. It was determined teenagers from a nearby house were attempting to play a prank on their friend, who lived in the resident's house. Patrol spoke with the pranksters' parents. The teens apologized for the prank.

Police stood by while a man removed personal items from his Edgewood house Dec. 5.

A Lockwood Road man alleged his neighbor was harassing him by calling him names while the man was in his second floor bedroom Dec. 5. The man was home with his mother and said he just wanted police to know.

The door of a Ridgecrest North house blew open Dec. 9. Police checked the house and found it to be in good order.

Welfare Check
A Heathcote woman who suffers from dementia went to Stop and Shop in Eastchester with her caretaker Dec. 6. The woman abruptly left by car while the caretaker was shopping in the store. Eastchester and Scarsdale police worked together to check the welfare of the woman, who was found safe at home, and to provide the caretaker with a courtesy ride back to the woman's house. The woman told police she had been running errands with her caretaker and drove home because she felt upset that the caretaker did not "promptly return."

On Dec. 7, police checked the welfare of a Mamaroneck Road mother, whose daughter was concerned about not being able to reach her. The mother was ok and called her daughter. Police noticed the mother's phone was not receiving power because of a flipped switch on a surge protector into which the phone was connected. The power strip issue was corrected.

A white man, aged 40 to 50 years old, with slicked back hair and wearing a black hoodie rang a Kingston Road doorbell asking for directions at 8 p.m., Dec. 6. The man left by foot, toward Valley Road. Patrol checked the resident's house and found everything to be secure. Patrol canvased the area for the man but did not find him.

A caller saw a white man, approximately 5'9" tall, with dark hair and a blue jacket looking at bicycles in the rack on East Parkway. The man walked away from the rack as the caller walked by; yet he returned to the rack after the caller passed. Police checked the area for a man but did not find anyone matching the description. The bikes did not appear to have been disturbed.

A Cohawney Road resident reported a Hispanic woman, approximately 5'2" tall and wearing a black, puffy jacket "attempted to enter her house" at 10:50 a.m., Dec. 10. The woman was last seen "going door to door" on Kensington Road. Police looked for, but could not find, the woman.

Cars and Roadways
Police placed flares around a car with a flat tire on Ogden Road while the driver changed the tire Dec. 7.

The driver of a silver Toyota Avalon reported he was being followed by a black BMW with New Jersey license plates on Heathcote Road. The driver said the action was the result of a road rage incident on the Hutchinson River Parkway. Patrol canvassed the area for the BMW involved in the alleged incident but was unable to find it.

Patrol allowed a disabled car to remain in the Scarsdale library parking lot overnight Dec. 7 after the driver unsuccessfully attempted to repair it at 10:30 p.m.
Police put flares around a car with a broken axle on Fenimore Road Dec. 9. The driver was awaiting a tow.

Police asked a tree-trimming company, on Post Road, to place traffic cones near their work area and on the centerline in order to keep traffic in check and prevent motorists from unnecessarily crossing the centerline Dec. 9.

A car broke down on Mamaroneck Road Dec. 9. Police stood by until a tow company removed the car.

Parked cars were hindering traffic flow on Brewster Road Dec. 11. Police asked drivers to move the cars.

Four car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Unpaid Parking Tickets
On Dec. 8, police discovered a car parked on Scarsdale Avenue connected with a scofflaw. The registered owner of the car had accumulated four unpaid parking tickets totaling $575. The owner returned to the car while police were on the scene. They advised her to immediately pay the parking tickets at Village Hall; otherwise the car would be towed.

On Dec. 8, police discovered a car parked on Freightway Road connected with a scofflaw. The registered owner of the car had accumulated four unpaid parking tickets totaling $865. The owner returned to the car while police were on the scene. They advised her to immediately pay the parking tickets at Village Hall; otherwise the car would be towed.

A disoriented raccoon on Ramsey Road was determined to be sick. It was shot in the interest of public safety, and police disposed of it Dec. 5.

Village Code
Patrol informed Sage Terrace landscapers about village code regarding leaf blowers so the landscapers would be more aware and compliant in the future Dec. 8.

Lost and Found
On Dec. 5, an Edgewood Road woman reported losing her purse while attending a soccer game at Crossway Fields. It was described as a black leather purse with a purple wallet inside. She cancelled her credit cards.

On Dec. 7, a Fox Meadow Road employee reported her boss gave a sanitation worker a 2005 Audi with two New York State license plates. The sanitation worker said he left the two license plates near the boss's garbage cans. According to the employee, the plates went missing.

A range Rover key fob was found at Mamaroneck Road and Palmer Avenue Dec. 8.
A woman found tools on her property and brought them to headquarters Dec. 11.

Water entered a Boulevard basement due to firefighting efforts at a neighbor's house Dec. 5. Firefighters vacuumed water from the resident's wet basement rug.
Con Edison workers and firefighters checked Boulevard and Potter Road houses for possible gas migration after a leak was detected in the sewer system. Gas was not found in any of the houses.
A small hole in gas tubing running to a generator was causing a minor leak and a odor of gas outside a Richbell Road house Dec. 6. Firefighters shut the gas supply at the valve and advised replacing the tubing.
A Broadmoor Road house was checked for possible gas after a report of a possible interior gas odor Dec. 7. No gas readings were found.
A report of a smoking car on the Hutchinson River Parkway turned out to be a car with an overheated, steaming radiator Dec. 7.
A bedroom door got locked from the inside in a Nelson Road house Dec. 7. Firefighters opened the door for the resident.
Con Edison was dispatched to an outdoor gas leak on Ogden Road Dec. 9.
On Dec. 11, Weaver Street residents ventilated their house to get rid of a minor possible gas odor in the house. Con Edison was notified for follow up.
Firefighters shut power to a gas stove with a defective igniter in a Paddington Road house Dec. 11.
An electric baseboard heater in a Paddington Road house would not turn off Dec. 11. Firefighters shut power at the circuit breaker.
This week, firefighters responded to one false carbon monoxide alarm, 12 false fire alarms, caused by device malfunction, construction dust, cooking smoke, fireplace smoke, low battery and burnt toast.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Dec. 5-11 was compiled from official information.

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From the Police: Walworth Avenue House Burglarized and 11 year-old Boy Hit by Car

falltreeBurglary: A Walworth Avenue woman reported her house had been burglarized sometime between 4 and 10:30 p.m., Nov. 30. Upon coming home, the woman found her front door wide open and her walkway lights off. Since she did not leave her house that way, she called police. Further inspection revealed that window screens had been removed, and a screen door had been left open. The kitchen, garage, upstairs closets, master bedroom and guest rooms had been gone through by the unknown suspects. Detectives are investigating.

Student hit
An 11-year-old Foxhall Place boy was hit by a car while walking west in the intersection of Catherine and Mamaroneck roads, toward Scarsdale Middle School, at 8:09 a.m., Nov. 29. The driver who hit the boy was traveling north on Catherine Road and tried to make a right turn onto Mamaroneck Road. The driver did not stop after hitting the boy, who was walking with a friend. Instead, the driver continued driving east and left the scene. The boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Train station accident
At 4:57 a.m., Nov. 29, MTA police requested assistance with a pedestrian struck by a train at the Scarsdale train station. Patrol helped Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps get to the pedestrian with their medical equipment. MTA police were on scene.

Car break-in
Someone attempted to enter a parked car on Greenacres Avenue overnight Dec. 1. The owner said he woke up in the morning and found damage on the driver's side door. He also found an open window and a dead car battery. Nothing was taken from the car.

Identity theft
On Dec. 2, a Cornell Road man reported someone was attempting to cash stolen checks in his name. The man told police he needed to wait for his wife to come home to provide more detailed bank information.

On Dec. 3, a Ross Road man reported four fraudulent charges, totaling $2,847.83, on his Amazon Rewards Chase Visa card. The account was blocked and the Chase Bank fraud department is investigating.

Criminal mischief
On Nov. 28, a custodian at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, on Carman Road, discovered a broken basement stained glass window. An interior check of the church revealed no entry was made to the church, and nothing was stolen. The window was seen locked and in good condition on Sunday, Nov. 27, at 1 p.m.

Prescription fraud
On Nov. 29, a man presented a fraudulent prescription for Promethazine/Codeine Syrup to the CVS pharmacy on Popham Road. When a CVS employee called the doctor's office listed on the prescription for verification, the man allegedly "got nervous" and left the store. The doctor stated the prescription was fraudulent and the man was not his patient. The man was described as Hispanic, approximately 5 ft., 10 in. tall and wearing a gray sweatsuit. Police are following up on driver's license information provided by the man.

Family matters
A Quaker Ridge woman called police, reporting she was having a "hard time" with her 15-year-old son Dec. 1. Police spoke with the woman and her son and determined they were having a minor disagreement about Internet access. Patrol mediated the dispute, and the situation was resolved. All was in good order upon police departure.

A caller reported a man and woman involved in a possible domestic dispute inside a white U-haul truck heading north on Post Road Dec. 3. Patrol stopped the truck, separated the man and woman and questioned them. They said they had a verbal disagreement only. There were no signs of criminal activity.

Suspicious activity
At 8 p.m., Nov. 28, a man entered a Garth Road business and allegedly stood near a newspaper rack for about five minutes. A store cashier said the man "continually looked around and made eye contact with the cashier instead of reading the paper in his hands." The man then allegedly went outside to use his cell phone and "watched patrons enter and exit the store." The man was described as clean-shaven, black, in his 30s and wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans. The cashier thought the man's behavior was suspicious and therefore notified police. Police canvassed the area but did not find the man.

At approximately 8:20 a.m., Nov. 29, an Oak Lane woman reported seeing a man get out of her parked car on Oak Lane. She described the man as white, approximately 50-60 years old and wearing a "puffy" black jacket and dark jeans. After the man exited her car, he left the area on foot, walking north on Oak Lane toward Fenimore Road. The woman examined her car, and nothing appeared to be missing.

A man seen photographing a Sherbrooke Road house from his parked car was questioned by police Nov. 29. The man, a fencing contractor, provided ID and a fencing job proposal to patrol. All was in good order.

A man walking with a flashlight inside a Wynmor Road house under construction at 7:15 p.m., Nov. 29, was the homeowner. He said he was checking the progress of the job.

A Sherbrooke Road youth was home alone when the doorbell rang Dec. 3. The boy answered the doorbell via a telephone receiver. He said it sounded like someone was standing at the door, but there was no response. Police checked the outside of the house and did not observe any signs of criminality.

A Brite Avenue homeowner reported a man and woman knocked on her door at approximately 12 p.m., Dec. 4. The pair was approximately 30-40 years old, neatly dressed, well groomed, and they appeared "non-threatening." The woman had short, dark hair and was wearing a black beret. The man had short, light-colored hair and was wearing an off-white crew neck sweater. The homeowner did not open the door, but spoke to the pair through the peephole. The man asked her if she spoke Russian and was holding a piece of paper, possibly to show the homeowner if she opened the door. The pair left the Brite Avenue property, heading north. Patrol canvassed the area for the pair but did not find them.

A Brite Avenue woman accidentally locked herself out of the house while taking out the garbage Nov. 28. She walked to headquarters, and patrol offered her a courtesy ride back to her house. Scarsdale firefighters responded and were able to gain entry through the garage to let the woman back in her house.

A woman dropped keys through a sewer grate on Spencer Place Nov. 30. Highway workers responded and retrieved the keys.

Highway workers retrieved an i-Phone accidentally dropped into the storm drain on Chase Road Dec. 3.

A Springdale Road resident complained that landscaper was dumping leaves on her side of the street near her property Dec. 1. The landscaper said he was only trying to pile up leaves in a location that would not interfere with a catch basin. He found a suitable location to place the leaves that was neither near a catch basin nor on the resident's property.

Phone calls
On Dec. 2, a Franklin Road man reported a former friend has been calling him from various cell phone numbers, against his wishes. Police called the former friend and advised her to stop contacting the man.

Cars and roadways
A White Plains driver struck the curb on Mamaroneck Road and got a flat tire Nov. 28. Police called a tow for the disabled car.
Cars from party guests at two parries on Tisdale Road were causing traffic congestion Dec. 3. Patrol asked the hosts to have guests correct the issue, which they did.

On Dec. 3, police issued a summons to the driver of a Toyota who was operating his motor vehicle with a revoked registration. The revocation was caused by cancellation of insurance. Patrol removed the car's license plates and called a tow truck to move the car to the driver's house in the Bronx.

Ten car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Outdoor speakers were inadvertently left on at a Sycamore Road house at 1 a.m., Dec. 4. Police advised the homeowner, who apologized and immediately turned off the speakers.

Lost and found
On Nov. 28, a man reported losing his license plate somewhere in the village.
A person found a flip-style cell phone on Rodney Road and brought it to headquarters Dec. 3. Patrol charged the phone and found a contact identified as "Mom." Patrol called that contact's number, and a woman advised the phone belonged to her son, a student at Edgewood School. Later that day, the boy and his father picked up the phone from headquarters.

On Dec. 4, a Brite Avenue woman reported her $5,000 silver-colored Cartier watch was missing from her house. She last remembered seeing the watch on a bedroom chest on Nov. 2. On Nov. 3, she noticed it was not there.

A Brite Avenue housekeeper accidentally got locked out of her employer's house Nov. 25. Firefighters checked the housekeeper's ID and let her back in the house.

A carbon monoxide alarm sounded in a Paddington Road house due to elevated carbon monoxide levels Dec. 1. It alerted firefighters but not the residents. Firefighters evacuated the residents and stood by for Con Edison. Con Edison shut down the water heater and gas burner unit, pending maintenance. Firefighters used fans and opened windows to ventilate the house.

A Haverford Road resident reported water in the basement Dec. 1. Firefighters helped the resident pump out the water.

A noise was coming from a Highland Way air handler Dec. 1. Firefighters advised the resident to call for service.

Firefighters checked a Tunstall Road house for carbon monoxide after the homeowner's doctor suggested getting the house checked for CO due to the homeowner's complaints of headache and nausea Dec. 1.

Circuit breakers tripped in a Meadow Road house Dec. 2. Firefighters assisted the homeowner with the problem and recommended calling an electrician Dec. 2.

A washing machine malfunctioned and flooded a Brewster Road basement Dec. 3. Firefighters turned off the gas supply and recommended having the water heater serviced.

On Dec. 3, firefighters stood by for Con Edison because of gas readings coming from a Brewster Road sanitary sewer.

A popping noise and burning odor alerted a Cooper Road resident about a defective light ballast Dec. 3. Firefighters shut power to the ballast and advised consulting with an electrician.

This week, firefighters assisted at three car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to two false carbon monoxide alarms and 11 false fire alarms, caused by device malfunction, keypad error, construction dust and cooking smoke.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 28 – Dec. 4 has been compiled from official information.

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Eighteen Year-Old Brooklyn girl arrested for attempting to cash a forged check

skunkOn Nov. 17, police arrested an 18-year-old Brooklyn girl on charges of second-degree possession of a forged instrument, third-degree unlawful possession of personal ID information and petit larceny after she attempted to cash a fraudulent check at Bank of America on Wilmot Road. The bank manager became suspicious of the transaction and contacted the bank customer, from Staten Island, who allegedly issued the check. He confirmed the check was forged. Patrol asked the girl if she had attempted to cash the check. When she said, "yes," patrol placed her in handcuffs and transported her to headquarters. There, she was arrested and made a voluntary statement. She told police she had taken a train from her home in Brooklyn to the Bronx to meet a Facebook friend. There, she was confronted by two men who said they were the friend's cousins. The men told the girl to get in a car with them "to go for a ride." The girl described one man as tall, dark-skinned, with a beard and in his twenties. She described the other man as light-skinned and bulky. They were driving a white SUV. The girl did not know where the driver was taking her, she said. She said the SUV stopped in front of a Chinese food store in a shopping center. The driver gave the girl the forged check, made payable to the girl, and told her to go to Bank of America, on Wilmot Road, and cash the check. The driver told her he would tell her what to do after she cashed the check. New Rochelle police provided information about the car in which the girl was driven to Bank of America. Detectives are following up. The girl was arraigned in Scarsdale Village Justice Court. Bail was set at $2,000. Unable to post bail, the girl was remanded to Westchester County Jail.

Fox Meadow Road house burglarized
Fox Meadow Road house was burglarized sometime between Nov. 16 and 18. It was discovered by the homeowners, after they returned from a trip and noticed their house was unusually cold. Investigation showed an interior rear living room door was open to a sunroom. Its glass was smashed; its latch was broken; and it showed visible pry marks. An exterior door to the sunroom was also smashed open. Bedrooms in the house were ransacked., with drawers left open, and contents strewn about. A window in the sunroom showed signs of force, indicating another attempt to enter the house. The police report noted a window punch had been used to break glass on the sunroom doors. The homeowner immediately realized $300 cash was missing from the master bedroom. She said she would compile a list of other missing items and give it to police. The house did not have an alarm system. Detectives are following up.

MTA assault arrest
Scarsdale police assisted Metro North police to remove a woman from a train at Scarsdale train station Nov. 20. The woman was arrested by Metro North police for allegedly assaulting a train conductor.

Identity theft
On Nov. 15, a Gorham Road man reported receiving a call from Chase Credit Card Fraud Department on Nov. 10. The Chase representative advised that a large purchase of over $10,000 had been charged to the man's credit card account. The man told the representative the charge was fraudulent, and he closed the account. Chase Credit Card Fraud Department is following up.

On Nov. 18, a Myrtledale Road woman reported someone used her credit card to purchase two Apple computers in September. The computers were shipped to a different address. The woman's credit card company is following up.

Criminal mischief
On Nov. 16, a Gorham Court man directed patrol's attention to a broken window at the rear of his house. A storm window was displaced and, according to police, "It was not an act of nature." Items near the broken window were undisturbed and in good order.

Police and firefighters responded to a Boulevard house after the resident reported an unusual odor. The smell was caused by a skunk. Firefighters confirmed there was no natural gas present in the house. The resident was advised to open windows to air out the house. She said if the odor persisted, she would contact a pest control company.

Sidewalk damage
A four-axle dump truck got stuck in mud while delivering stones to a Fox Meadow Road house Nov. 15. Police called a large wrecker-type tow truck to pull the truck out of the mud. The effort was successful, but it caused extensive damage to a section of village-owned sidewalk. Police photographed the damage and informed the highway department for follow-up.

Police noticed a man carrying a white plastic bag hiding behind trees on Brewster Road in the vicinity of Scarsdale High School at 6:15 a.m., Nov. 19. Patrol shined a spotlight on the man, and he started to run away toward the high school parking lot. Police stopped the man and frisked him for weapons. The man did not have any weapons on him. He said he came to the high school track to collect bottles. Police verified than the contents of the bag were, in fact, plastic bottles. Patrol explained the man was not allowed on school property and instructed him to refrain from similar actions in the future. The man apologized, said he was embarrassed to be collecting bottles and promised to not behave in a similar manner again. Patrol stood by until the man got into his car and drove away.

Walking at night
A Tunstall Road woman was concerned about a man she saw walking on her street and "whispering to a neighbor's barking dog" at 11:30 p.m. She said she called out to the man and he walked away. The man was described as Hispanic and wearing a gray hoodie and black jacket. Patrol stopped a man matching the description at Evon Court and Post Road. The man admitted to walking on Tunstall Road and being called out to by the woman. He said he likes to walk at night and was not doing anything illegal. Patrol quickly checked his background and found no cause for concern. Police noted that the man is known to them for his history of walking in the village late at night. Patrol advised the woman that she had not reason for concern.

While conducting larceny patrol, police noticed two individuals wearing dark clothing and carrying backpacks around 4 a.m., Nov. 17. Police conducted a field interview of the individuals and did not detain them.

A caller reported seeing a woman running on Fox Meadow Road, wearing a bathrobe and crying at 11 p.m. A man was seen, possibly running after her. Police went to the area to investigate but did not see anyone outside.

At 5:20 a.m., police encountered a black man with ripped sweatpants, sitting on a Post Road curb, crying. The man first said he was walking from a shelter in New Rochelle to a shelter in White Plains. Then, he changed his story and said he was coming from an apartment complex in New Rochelle, where he recently had a fight with his girlfriend. The only item the man had on him was a cell phone with a cracked screen. Police sent the man on his way, observing him walk down Post Road in the direction of White Plains.

Cars and roadways
Leaves clogging a drain caused flooding on Seneca Road Nov. 15. Police notified the highway department to address the matter.

A parked car was blocking a Walworth Avenue driveway Nov. 15. Patrol tracked down the registered owner's wife, who came from her house on Cohawney Road and moved the car.

Patrol called a tow truck for a car that ran out of gas on East Parkway Nov. 15.

Police taped off a low-hanging phone wire on Meadow Road Nov. 17. Verizon was notified.

The street sign at Mamaroneck and Garden roads was noted as missing Nov. 18. Police are not sure exactly when the sign went missing. The highway department was notified for replacement.

Police called a tow truck to remove a disabled car from Post and Fenimore Roads Nov. 18.

A woman told a police officer on East Parkway that her car had been stolen Nov. 19. After some reflection, the woman realized she had driven a different car that day, which was found parked on East Parkway.
Parked cars were impeding traffic flow on Haverford Road and Weaver Street Nov. 19. Patrol asked drivers to move their cars.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A Brewster Road homeowner complained of a sick or dead raccoon on his property Nov. 19. Patrol observed the animal and confirmed it was dead. The homeowner put it in a disposable container for sanitation pickup.

Village code
On Nov. 15, patrol advised a landscaper to turn off power equipment at 7:30 a.m. and leave it off until 8 a.m., the designated time to begin noisy landscaping work in the village.

Patrol advised a Johnson Road landscaper about village code regarding the weekend use of power tools in the village and issued a verbal warning at 8:30 a.m., Nov. 19.

On Nov. 19, a person complained of noise coming from a party at Fox Meadow Tennis Courts. Patrol advised the party host to lower the volume of the music, and the host turned off the music.

Lost and found
A Grand Park Avenue woman lost her purse somewhere between her house and the Scarsdale Sanitation Department Nov. 15. The purse contained the woman's driver's license, a bankcard and a credit card.

On Nov. 15, a Mayflower Road resident reported losing a license plate somewhere in the village approximately two days ago.

A black Bluemercury bag was found on the MetroNorth platform and given to police Nov. 16. Patrol looked in the bag and identified the owner from information printed on papers inside the bag. The bag was given to MetroNorth police who said they would contact the owner and voucher the bag for the owner.

Firefighters notified Con Edison about a gas odor near a Con Edison work site on Boulevard Nov. 14. Con Edison responded.

Firefighters helped a Harvest Drive homeowner change a battery in a smoke detector Nov. 16.

Firefighters helped Con Edison workers check for possible natural gas migration related to a gas leak in the sanitary sewer system on Tompkins Road Nov. 18.

On Nov. 20, a kitchen grease fire was extinguished by salt in an Ogden Road temple.

Firefighters checked for extension and confirmed the fire had been contained to the cooking pan.

A burning odor in a Sycamore Road house was caused by a scrap of cardboard that burned out underneath a gas-fired boiler Nov. 20. Firefighters removed the ash and confirmed the boiler was working properly.

This week, firefighters assisted with six car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to three false carbon monoxide alarms and six false fire alarms, caused by device malfunction, construction dust and shower steam.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 14-20 was compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Bronx Man Arrested for June Car Break-in

fingerprintOn Nov. 21, police arrested Raul Salgado, 46, of the Bronx, on misdemeanor charges of petit larceny. The charge was issued in response to investigation about cash stolen from an unlocked Kent Road car on June 17. Investigation revealed a surveillance video showing Salgado entering the car at the time of the theft. A fingerprint lifted from the car was positively identified as belonging to Salgado. On Nov. 21, Salgado appeared in Tuckahoe Village Court, on unrelated charges, before he was transported to Scarsdale Police Department. Following his arrest processing in Scarsdale, Salgado was picked up by Eastchester police, who had a similar complaint filed against Salgado in their jurisdiction. A fingerprint response showed 10 prior arrests and no outstanding warrants. Salgado was issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable Nov. 30.

Attempted Burglary
A Leatherstocking Lane man and his family left their house and armed the house alarm on Nov. 24. They were gone from around 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. Upon returning, the family noticed a notification from police on the front door, stating that the burglar alarm had been activated and the exterior of the house had been checked. The man said he also noticed his alarms was not functioning as normal. The next day, on Nov. 25, the man was checking his house and noticed his rear living room patio door had been tampered with. Police checked the door and found it to not be operating as normal. They also found a mark on the door indicative of an attempt to pry open the door. The homeowner advised of no evidence of unauthorized entry.

On Nov. 21, police were informed that a $1,100 Calvin Klein leather trench coat was stolen from a Brittany Close house during a private college alumni event hosted by the homeowner Nov. 12. The owner of the coat was a woman from Halcottsville, NY. She said she left her coat in a coat check before entering the party. Upon leaving, the coat could not be found. The homeowner tried to find the coat in her house, but it was not there. She emailed all party attendees, but no one seemed to have any knowledge of the coat. Two young males were handling the coat check. It is unclear who might have been responsible for the missing coat.

On Nov. 25, an Edgewood Road father reported his son's $500 black and orange Trek mountain bike had been stolen from Edgewood playground. The boy and the bike were on school grounds at 3 p.m. The boy went home without the bike and then returned to school to retrieve it around 4:30 p.m. At that time, he discovered the bike was missing.

Check Fraud
On Nov. 21, a Mamaroneck Road business owner reported someone created a fraudulent payroll check in the amount of $581.53 and cashed it. Police are following up.

Identity Theft


Toys for Tots
The Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association is again conducting its annual "Toys for Tots Drive" starting on November 25, 2016. The collection drive will continue through December 20th, 2016. The drop off location will be at Scarsdale Police Department HQ lobby. All toys must be new and unwrapped.

The Marine Toys for Tots Program collects and distributes toys to less fortunate children in all 50 states. For more information about the Toys for Tots program, please visit www.toysfortots.org

As you can see by the attached photo of last year's collection efforts, the Scarsdale community has been very generous in donating to Toys-for-Tots. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the Scarsdale Police Department either by phone at (914) 722-1200 or email to police@scarsdale.com.

On Nov. 22, a Cayuga Road woman reported someone attempted to change her personal information on her brokerage account with Fidelity on Nov. 12. On or around the same date, the woman received new account paperwork from US Bank. The paperwork included a welcome letter, debit card, checkbook and a letter stating a credit card application had been declined. The woman told police she did not open an account with US Bank. Police advised her to notify the three credit bureaus in order to place an alert on her file.

On Nov. 23, a Rectory Lane man reported two credit cards had been opened in his name without his permission. On Nov. 22, Chase Bank called the man to state that an Amazon charge was being on a new credit card that had not yet been activated. The man told the Chase Bank representative that the charge and the new credit card were fraudulent. A review of the man's credit report then revealed a fraudulent Walmart credit card had been requested Nov. 11, but it had also not yet been activated. The man contacted Walmart and cancelled the card. He applied for a credit monitoring service for seven years through one of the credit reporting agencies.

Family Matters
An adult Quaker Ridge woman called 911 because her mother left the house and did not tell her where she was going Nov. 22. Police reminded the daughter that her mother employs a driver to assist her with getting around and there was no indication the mother was in distress. Patrol advised the woman to talk to her mother about her concerns after the mother returns home. The woman was advised to refrain from calling 911 for non-emergency situations.

Police spoke with a Fox Meadow man and his mother about the man's repeated non-emergency 911 calls Nov. 23. The man told police he "would call who he wanted, when he wanted and as often as he wanted ... because this was a free country."

A woman was having a dispute with her home health aide while out on Palmer Avenue Nov. 23. The woman said she was unhappy with the quality of care. Patrol did not see any signs of abuse or maltreatment. The woman's daughter was notified and said she would come to the scene to sort out the matter. The aide told police that the woman could not be left alone due to her medical history. She said she would stay with the woman and try not to upset her until the woman's daughter arrived.

People were arguing near the intersection of Autenreith and Elmdorf Roads at 1 a.m., Nov. 24. Patrol advised them to get into their taxi, which was waiting, and leave.

Two men who work on Garth Road got into a verbal argument over a customer, and one man allegedly ripped the other man's shirt Nov. 26. Police mediated the dispute and were able to resolve it. The man who ripped the shirt said he would purchase another shirt to replace it.

A man sitting in a parked car for 30 minutes on Lincoln Road was an aide for a resident on the street Nov. 21.

A Hampton Road woman's doorbell camera captured an image of a white man standing in front of her door with a white pickup truck in the background Nov. 25. The woman told police she did not know the man or his car. She checked with her landscaper who said he did not know the person either. Follow-up was requested due to ongoing burglaries in the area.

At 3 p.m., Nov. 26, someone rang a Ridgecrest West doorbell, but no one was there when the owner went to answer the door.

A Popham Road woman reported a possible "toxic gas" leaking inside her apartment Nov. 22. Patrol went to the apartment and did not smell or observe anything that might be natural gas or a toxic substance. Patrol asked the woman if she needed medical assistance, which she declined. An officer assigned to an existing open case with the woman was notified.

A Rock Creek Lane garage door would not close Nov. 23. Police noticed a car's rear bumper was in the way and informed the owner to move the car farther into the garage. This enabled the door to close properly.

A caller reported a man got out of taxi and was yelling in the street at 4:50 a.m., Nov. 24. Patrol went to the scene, at Butler and Tompkins roads, and found two men and one woman. Patrol asked if they needed assistance. They said they took a cab from New York City to Westchester. They said the driver dropped them off in Scarsdale, but they actually live in Ardsley and did not know how to get home. While attempting to get another taxi, the mother of one of the people arrived to pick them up.

Pedestrian struck
A 17-year-old Yonkers girl was struck by a car after she allegedly ran into Depot Place "without looking" at 1:45 p.m., Nov. 11. The driver was an 86-year-old Scarsdale woman. She said she was unable to avoid hitting the girl. The girl fell to the ground after the impact, was evaluated by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps and refused further medical treatment.

Cars and roadways
Police issued a summons for a car parked in violation of a 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. parking restriction on Carthage Lane Nov. 22. A caller reported the illegally parked car at 2:20 a.m.

A Connecticut driver's car became disabled on Mamaroneck Road Nov. 22. Police called a tow for the driver and placed flares around the car to make it more visible to passing motorists.

A summons was issued to the registered owner of a car parked too far away from the curb and facing the wrong direction on Ridgecrest East Nov. 23.

A man dressed in black was walking on Weaver Street around 5 a.m., Nov. 24. Police advised him to walk on the sidewalk for safety.

A car horn malfunctioned in a vehicle parked behind a Foxhall Road house Nov. 24. Patrol managed to silence the horn.

A summons was issued to the registered owner of a carb parked right of curb, on the wrong side of the street, on Scarsdale Avenue, Nov. 25.

Drivers moved their cars on Potter Road after a caller complained that a blue vehicle was blocking his driveway Nov. 26. The drivers were issued warnings.

Ten car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Trees and wires
Police notified Con Edison about fallen wires, caused by a falling tree branch, on Ogden Road Nov. 21.

Police closed Birchall Drive due to downed electrical wires and a fallen tree Nov. 21. Con Edison was notified.

Police taped off an area around fallen cable wires on Stratton Road Nov. 21. A cable technician was notified.

A large tree fell on Walworth Avenue Nov. 22. Patrol checked the area around the tree to make sure no one was pinned beneath it or injured. Everything was found to be safe.

Lost dog
Police picked up a loose white dog that was "running amuck" on Brewster Road Nov. 25. The dog was not wearing a collar for identification. New Rochelle Human Society picked up the dog. Later that day, a woman came to headquarters inquiring about her lost dog. She contacted New Rochelle Humane Society, confirmed the white dog belonged to her and made arrangements for pickup.

Lost and Found
A Vera Bradley handbag was found on Palmer Avenue Nov. 21. It contained a debit and credit cards, cash and personal papers. Patrol attempted to contact the owner but was unable to reach her. The handbag was vouchered at headquarters.

On Nov. 21, a Lenox Place man reported losing his wallet sometime between Nov. 19 and Nov. 20. It contained credit cards and $250 cash. The man remembers last seeing his wallet in White Plains before seeing a movie Nov. 19.

An American Express credit card was found on East Parkway Nov. 22. Police notified American Express. A representative there said she would cancel the card and issued the cardholder a new one.
A black, gray and red winter hat with built-in headphones was found on East Parkway Nov. 23. Police vouchered the hat at headquarters.

Village Code
Police issued a Post Road landscaper a warning for using three gas-powered leaf blowers simultaneously in close proximity of each other Nov. 22.

An exterior laundry box cover at Scarsdale Medical Group blew off and got stuck in a tree Nov. 22. Employees asked firefighters for help. Before firefighters arrived, however, wind dislodged the cover, and it was secured back in place.

A smoke odor on Post Road was caused by a fireplace Nov. 23.

An oil burner malfunctioned in a Fenimore Road house Nov. 26. Firefighters shut electrical power and the oil supply to the unit. They ventilated the house and advised the resident to have the unit serviced. Replacement of exhaust piping between the boiler and the chimney was also recommended.

This week, firefighters assisted at one car accident in the village. They responded to 10 false fire alarms, caused by device malfunction, a steam pipe leak, cooking smoke and shower steam.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 21-27 was compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Burglars Strike Again on Wildwood and Paddington Roads

coyoteA Wildwood Road house was burglarized sometime between Oct. 26 and Nov. 8. The homeowners were on vacation during that time period. When they returned home, they noticed a side door open and the interior of the house disturbed. Detectives investigated the house and found an open rear window. The homeowners said they probably left the window unlocked. The rear window was determined to be the burglar's entry point, and the side kitchen door was determined to be the exit point. A bedroom and office on the main floor and two second-floor bedrooms were heavily ransacked. Cash and jewelry were stolen. The house did not have a functioning alarm system, and no lights had been left on. Mail piling up on the kitchen floor could be seen through the side kitchen door.

A glass break alarm alerted police to a burglary in a Paddington Road house Nov. 11. On scene, police saw a rear door shattered and established a perimeter around the house and searched it for possible suspects. Investigation showed no one was on scene. According to police, "The perpetrator used patio furniture to break glass on a rear door, which in turn set off the alarm. It does not appear [the perpetrator] entered the house, and the homeowners did not find anything missed." The incident is currently being investigated by detectives. During their initial investigation, a Berwick Road woman told officers she had seen a white man outside the house, looking in windows, around 7:45 p.m.. She said she had seen the man while she was driving down the street on her way to dinner.

On Nov. 8, a Highview Road man reported his $1,100 blue Kona Sutra bicycle was reported from a Depot Place bike rack Nov. 7. The bike's lock was also gone.

Car break-ins
On Nov. 7, two residents called headquarters to report that their cars had been broken into overnight. Neither wanted to file an official police report. Each resident stated nothing had been taken from the car, but the contents of the glove box and center console had been removed and dumped onto the front seats.

Arrest on warrant
On Nov. 9, Lloid Whea, 31, of Staten Island, surrendered himself on the strength of an active bench warrant issued out of traffic court on August 1, 2012. He was released on $100 cash bail and ordered to return to court on Nov. 23.

A Woodland Place man reported someone removed a "Trump/Pence 2016" sign from his lawn sometime between Nov. 6 and Nov. 7. There were no discernable footprints in the yard. A wooden pole on which the sign had been erected was found in the man's driveway, approximately 50 feet from where the sign had been placed in the yard.

Lost child
A caller reported finding a lost child wandering in the street at Heathcote and Brookby roads Nov. 8. Upon arrival, patrol located and spoke with the child's mother, who said her child had walked away from her house. Patrol determined this was an isolated incident. No further police action was required.

On Nov. 8, a Herkimer Road business owner reported her business Twitter account had been hacked. She said she changed all of her passwords and reached out to Twitter.

Welfare check
On Nov. 9, police assisted Adult Protective Services perform a welfare check on a Chateaux Circle man. Everything was in good order with the man, and he did not require any assistance.

Disorderly conduct
On Nov. 9, an employee of a Saxon Woods Road facility reported a white man was outside the facility, "making a lot of noise and causing a scene." The man, who has special needs, was known to the employees of the facility. The man came to visit his grandfather, who resides at the facility. Patrol called the man's mother, who subsequently picked him up.

A Wildwood Road resident reported he was unhappy with the way a contractor was working at a neighbor's job site Nov. 10. Specifically, the resident accused the contractor of removing rocks from his property and leaving debris on his walkway, near his mailbox and on top of walkway light fixtures. Patrol advised the man that the rocks which were allegedly removed were in a strip of Village property adjacent to the street. The man was advised he could contact the Village building department about the rocks. The resident requested that police document the incident for possible civil follow-up.

A Central Taxi dispatcher called 911, stating a customer was threatening his life Nov. 11. After police arrived, the dispatcher said no one threatened his life. He said he called for assistance regarding an Uber driver who "would not move his vehicle." The Uber driver was gone when police arrived.

Pedestrian hit
At 9:30 a.m., Nov. 7, a pedestrian was struck by a car in the intersection of Popham Road and Depot Place.

Cars and roadways
A fallen tree was removed from Weaver Street and Bypass Nov. 11.

High winds caused a stroller to roll into a parked car on Palmer Avenue Nov. 11. The owner of the car said the stroller caused several dents and scratches on his car's side quarter panel. The owners of the car and stroller decided to handle the accident themselves.

Nine car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A caller reported kids throwing bottles on Wilmot Road at 8 p.m., Nov. 7. Responding officers did not see any bottles in the road – only a spilled can of soda.

A Sylvan Lane woman reported kids ran through her yard and were being loud in Corell Park at 9 p.m., Nov. 7. When police arrived on scene, no one was there.

Patrol asked four young people, on Crest Lane, to keep their music level low after a neighbor complained of noise at 11:30 p.m., Nov. 7.

On Nov. 8, a Paddington Road resident reported seeing a fox in her yard. It ran away, into high brush, when police arrived.

A loose white dog wearing a collar and tags was found on Heathcote Road Nov. 8. Police called New Rochelle Humane Society for pickup.

A resident found a loose dog on Eton Road and brought it to headquarters Nov. 10. Patrol contacted its foster owner, who picked up the dog.

A Kelwynne Road homeowner saw a coyote in her yard Nov. 10. It was gone when police arrived.

A driver struck a deer on Post Road, near the intersection of Richbell Road at 10 a.m., Nov. 11. The deer was declared dead after patrol arrived. Its carcass was removed by the sanitation department. The driver's car sustained minor damage to the right front headlight.

A neighbor complained about a barking dog on Madison Avenue Nov. 12. The dog was quiet when patrol arrived. Patrol heard "minimal intermittent barking" only after patrol accidentally disturbed the dog. Patrol contacted the owner, who came home and put the dog in the house.

Village code
On Nov. 10, police issued a Sharon Lane landscaper a summons for simultaneously using two leaf blowers in close proximity.

Lost and found
A woman came to headquarters to report losing her iPhone in the village's business district Nov. 8. The value of the iPhone was estimated at $700 - $800.

On Nov. 7, a contractor hit a gas main while performing work on Foxhall Place. Police diverted traffic from the area while firefighters and Con Edison addressed the leak and checked nearby houses for gas migration.

A reported odor of sulfur at the corner of Popham and Taunton roads was found to be a smell of standing water emanating from the pond at Taunton and Tisdale roads Nov. 8.

Elevated levels of carbon monoxide were found in a Benedict Avenue house Nov. 8. Firefighters shut down HVAC units and Con Edison investigated the house to find the source. The resident was advised to call for service of the HVAC system.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a natural gas leak at a Donellan Road construction site Nov. 8. Con Edison requested that the contractor responsible for the job site respond to the scene.

A gasoline odor in a Heathcote Road basement was caused by landscapers refueling equipment outside the house Nov. 9.

Firefighters coiled a fallen cable wire and hung it on an Elm Road utility pole Nov. 10.

Smoke entered a Nelson Road house because a chimney was not drafting properly Nov. 10. Firefighters advised the resident to service the fireplace and chimney.

The electric igniter on a gas cooktop shorted and would not shut off in a Brown Road house Nov. 11. Firefighters unplugged the appliance and advised to have it serviced.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a leaking gas meter on Post Road Nov. 12.

A spilled gasoline can caused a gas odor in a Graham Road garage Nov. 12. Firefighters advised the homeowner to store the gasoline cans in the shed.

The Christie Place parking garage's elevator got stuck Nov. 13. Firefighters and police manipulated the elevator to return to the basement level, and they opened the doors to release people who had been stuck inside the elevator. Everyone was released unharmed.

An electrical burning smell in a Brewster Road house was caused by an overheated light fixture Nov. 13. Firefighters de-energized the fixture and advised that an electrician should repair it.

This week, firefighters assisted at four car accidents on parkways and in the village. They responded to two false carbon monoxide alarms and 13 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, construction dust, cooking smoke, a burnt bagel, a stream leak from a boiler pipe and shower steam.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 7-13 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.