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SHS Student's Phone Stolen during Math Exam, Wallet Stolen at Boulder Brook Stable

fawncroppedOn June 21, a Lawrence Road girl reported a high school test proctor requested that students turn off their phone and place them in their bags or on a cabinet at the front of the room while an exam was being administered. The girl placed her phone on top of the cabinet. When the test was over, the phone was gone. Apparently, another student had taken it. The principal's office sent an email to all students requesting the iPhone's return. When the phone was not returned by the end of the day, the girl's parents cancelled service on the phone.

A woman reported her purse was stolen from her car, while the unlocked car was parked at Boulder Brook stables on Mamaroneck Road, from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m., June 23. She cancelled her credit cards.

Identity theft
A School Lane woman reported she received a text alert that seemed to be from Chase bank June 21. The alert requested that she call a number and enter personal information into an automated system, including her birthday, Social Security number, zip code and house number. She realized afterward that answering the personal questions "might have been a bad idea." She checked with Chase bank and realized the text alert was not from the bank. Patrol advised her to notify the credit reporting agencies as a precaution.

Domestic matters
A father asked police to call his adult son to ask the son to stop contacting the father until their personal issued cooled down June 23. The son allegedly lives out of state and is financially supported by the father. The father wished to continue having a relationship with the son but said he wanted some time and space in order for a recent dispute to cool down.

A Brewster Road man reported hearing a "husband and wife" dispute outside his house at 1:30 a.m., June 26. The reportedly arguing couple was in a light colored minivan that travelled south, away from the residence.

Criminal mischief
A Yonkers woman reported her car window was broken while her car was parked on Garth Road June 22. It occurred while the woman was in a salon, sometime between 11 a.m. and 11:55 a.m. The incident was classified as criminal mischief.

Three Scarsdale Security house number signs and one other house number sign of a different style were removed from lawns and placed near a basketball court on Palmer Avenue June 25. The house numbers were: 6, 12, 14 and 21. The signs have been vouchered at headquarters.

A passerby found a backpack on Heathcote Road, near the Scarsdale Congregational Church, June 22. According to the police report, it contained "one bag of marijuana" and "one plastic container containing weed."

Paper bags
A white shopping bag was left in the roadway on Post Road and Boulevard June 21.

It contained old magazines and paper. Patrol threw it in the garbage.

Police removed a brown bag full of leaves from Heathcote Road June 22.

A Rodney Road resident saw a girl in gray pants and a white T-shirt rummaging through her garbage June 22. The resident requested a welfare check of the girl, but she left before police arrived.

A woman called police to report concerns about four Hispanic men getting out of a Honda and approaching her while she was walking her dog on Brewster Road June 25. The woman was concerned and rang a nearby resident's doorbell, and the resident let her in. Police went to the house and interviewed the woman. During the interview, the same car drove by, occupied by only one man. There was no suspicious activity observed. There was a large gathering in the area, and police thought it was possibly that the men might have been connected to that gathering.

A Stonehouse Road resident was concerned that his health aide had been gone for several hours "buying groceries" June 20. She returned to the house shortly after the resident called police.

A Brewster Road resident brought rifles to headquarters for destruction June 21. The guns were surrendered because their owner passed away.

Broken windshield
A baseball hit the windshield of a New Jersey car and broke it June 21. The car was parked in front of Crossway Field during a recreational men's softball game when the damage occurred.

Rusty lock
The director of Westchester Band reported a lock securing access to a power supply at Chase Road Park had rusted shut on the night of the band's scheduled concert June 23. Police and firefighters attempted to open the lock with a key. They were unsuccessful, and firefighters cut the lock. A new lock was placed on the power supply access panel after the concert was over.

Parked cars
A Colonial Road woman reported a Hispanic man in an old gray Honda stopped his car in front of her house and was taking pictures of her house June 24. Patrol questioned the man and learned he had just stopped his car there to use his cell phone.

Police checked on a woman lying down in the backseat of a Range Rover parked on Fox Meadow Road at 10:30 p.m., June 25. The woman said she had pulled over to rest because she had been driving for a long time and was tired. Patrol asked her a number of questions to ensure she was coherent and capable of driving. She was OK and said she would soon start driving again, heading home.

Missed train
Police and Metro North Police responded to a report of an unresponsive man on the Scarsdale train station platform at 1:15 p.m., June 24. Patrol found the man and talked to him. He said he was sitting in the shade on the platform due to back pain from four herniated discs. He said he was not, at any time, unconscious. He was evaluated by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps and declined any medical attention. Metro North police offered him a courtesy ride home since he missed two trains due to being questioned by police.

Cars and roadways
On June 20, a caller reported a car spun its tires on Boulevard. It was gone before police arrived.

A gas station employee helped police removed a stalled car from Post Road June 21.
Police notified Con Edison about fallen electrical wires on Post Road June 21.

A Catherine Road woman reported a black car drove over her neighbor's lawn and bent the neighbor's Scarsdale Athletics fundraising sign June 21. Police saw the bent sign, but there were not any tire tracks in the yard.

Patrol assisted with traffic direction while a motorist changed a flat tire on Mamaroneck Road June 22.

Patrol notified the water department about running water on Brewster Road June 23.

A Franklin Road resident reported people sitting in a parked car outside his house, possibly with flashlights, at 1 a.m., June 25. Patrol interviewed the occupants of the car.

A concrete delivery truck was blocking traffic on Fox Meadow Road June 25. Patrol asked the job foreman to move the truck and use flagman. The foreman complied.
Patrol moved branches from Heathcote Road and placed them by the side of the road June 25.

Fourteen car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Deer, dog
A fawn had fallen into a small enclosed well on Morris Lane and was unable to escape June 20. The fawn appeared uninjured. Patrol placed a ladder into the well, and the fawn climbed out unharmed.

Patrol tried to catch a loose black dog on Sycamore Road, but it ran away June 23.

A family with five children was fishing in the pond at Duck Pond Road June 22. The mother was adamant that fishing was allowed in the pond, when patrol told the family to cease fishing. The family eventually stopped, and patrol advised her to consult with Village Hall regarding rules about fishing in village ponds.

A Dell Road woman found a large drone in her backyard June 26. It was labeled Drone Phantom Professional, and it had a dead battery. Police took the drone and secured it at headquarters.

Village code
A mam reported to be soliciting on Griffen Avenue was a representative from the Democratic Party June 20.

On June 21, patrol removed advertising flyers from windshields on Depot Place. A summons was issued to the company that posted the flyers.

Police issued a summons to a construction worker using a blacktop roller to lay a driveway at 7:45 a.m., June 22.

Patrol advised a Burgess Road homeowner of a noise complaint regarding a party that was concluding at 11:30 p.m. June 24.

A solicitor on Claremont Road had a proper permit from the village June 23.

Police issued summonses to people using gas powered leaf blowers in violation of village code on Heathcote and Ogden roads June 22, Brewster and Hampton roads June 23 and Chesterfield Road June 24.

Patrol issued a summons to a stonemason performing work with motorized equipment on Wildwood Road at 9:10 a.m., June 25.

A Lawrence Road woman reported a man "posing as a pest control employee aggressively tried to enter her house" June 25. The man was actually a supervisor for a pest control company with a valid permit to solicit in the village. He told patrol he did not attempt to enter her house.

Patrol issued a summons to a contractor using a motorized excavator on Burgess Road after 5 p.m., June 25.

After a noise complaint, patrol instructed a Reimer Road party host to lower the volume of his music at 11:15 p.m., June 25. He complied with patrol's instructions.

A Taunton Road party hostess was advised to lower the volume of outdoor music at 12:02 a.m., June 26. She turned the music off.

Lost and found
An employee of DeCicco's Marketplace lost his HSBC debit card in the Christie Place parking garage and cancelled the card June 21. A woman found the card in the parking payment machine and brought it to the HSBC Bank on Popham Road.

An iPhone was found at Spencer Place and East Parkway June 22. Police returned it to its owner.

Two bicycles reported stolen from a Hillview Drive house were later found by the homeowner June 25.

A Burgess Road man reported losing his driver's license somewhere in the village June 25.

Gas was leaking from a barbecue grill left in the "on" position on Springdale Road June 20. Firefighters shut off the gas supply and the grill.

A Sycamore Road resident accidentally ignited items stored inside the oven when she attempted to use it June 20. Some plastic forks and paper towels had burned and were smoking when firefighters arrived. They removed the items, ventilated the house and spoke with the resident's family about a senior care advocate.

A gas-powered saw being used in the basement of a Greenacres Avenue house was releasing carbon monoxide into the house June 21. Firefighters told contractors to never use a gas-powered saw inside a structure, and they ventilated the space.

Water was leaking from a dishwasher through light fixtures in a basement ceiling in a Brook Lane house June 21. Firefighters shut off water and electricity and advised the homeowner to consult an electrician and plumber.

A Berkeley Road smoke odor was caused by a partially extinguished, outdoor fire pit June 21. Firefighters helped extinguish the fire completely.

An Eastwoods Lane woman accidentally got stuck on a second floor balcony when a door shut behind her June 22. An oil deliveryman noticed her and called fro help. Firefighters were able to get into her house through the garage and open the door to let her back in the house.

Firefighters helped Con Edison workers check a Tompkins Road house for possible gas after a gas leak was found on the street June 22.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak in piping in a Cambridge Road house June 23.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of arcing wires on Ogden Road June 23.

Workers were using a gas-powered washer to clean the basement of the Christie Place Parking Garage June 25. It caused elevated levels of carbon monoxide. Firefighters stopped the work and ventilated the space. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps checked workers for possible carbon monoxide sickness.

Firefighters cleaned a fluid spill from Chase Road June 25.

Firefighters recommended consulting a plumber for sewage backup in an Alida Road house June 25.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway and in the village. They responded to two false carbon monoxide alarms and 20 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, construction dust, cooking smoke, smoke from an outdoor grill, manual activation by a child, a hairdryer, burnt food, steam from an iron, a battery change and manual activation by a patient with dementia.

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Police Arrest Scarsdale Man Caught Breaking into Car

furlabagOn June 15, a Madison Road man saw a young man, described as walking with a single crutch, sitting inside his parked car going through CDs and other items in an apparent attempt to steal items from the car around 6:30 p.m. Police searched the area for the suspect and found him about 100 feet from the driveway where the incident occurred. He was identified as Gustav Inirio-Akuetey, 21, of Scarsdale. Inirio-Akuetey was intoxicated. He admitted to drinking two "tall boys" and "some wine" and smoking marijuana. He also said he had consumed some prescription medication but was unsure about how many pills and which kind of medication. He had a glassine envelope of marijuana in his possession. According to the police report, Inirio-Akuetey was unable to speak in complete sentences and repeatedly changed his story. He was taken to White Plains Hospital Center for evaluation, with police supervision. After being treated at White Plains Hospital Center, he was released to police custody, taken to headquarters and arrested. He was charged with attempted petit larceny, unlawful possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a controlled substance. During a second search at headquarters, Inirio-Akuetey removed his shoe and a glassine envelope and a green rectangular pill fell to the ground. Inirio-Akuetey said he had a prescription for the pill but could not remember the name of the pill. Nor could he explain why the pill was inside his shoe. He was released on $250 cash bail to his mother and ordered to appear in court on June 22.

Identity theft arrest
On June 15, police arrested David McRae, 44, of Mount Vernon, on charges of fourth-degree grand larceny and third-degree identity theft – two counts each. He was picked up a courthouse in Elmsford where he was being seen by a judge for another matter. McRae was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court and remanded to Westchester County Jail, with no bail, and a future court date of June 22. The alleged victims included New Rochelle residents and a School Lane woman.

On June 18, a Garth Road tenant reported that a former roommate broke into her apartment and stole a red Furla handbag and some shirts. The suspect left behind a cell phone and a key on a closet shelf. The suspect was identified through secret camera video footage of the incident. Police are following up.

Car break-ins
A Chase Road resident reported his $1,000 laptop computer was stolen from his parked car overnight June 13. The computer was in a messenger bag in the backseat. The car might have been unlocked overnight.

At 4:45 a.m., June 17, a Kent Road homeowner reported someone had broken into three of his cars parked on the street and was seen sitting in his car and rummaging through his possessions. The homeowner shouted at the suspect to get out of his car, and the suspect fled south on Kent Road. Investigation showed that the suspect stole approximately $15 in loose change. The homeowner provided police with video surveillance of the incident.

Drone Founddrone
Did you lose a drone? Colvin Road residents found dronethis drone on their front lawn on Friday June 17th. If it's yours, email us at and we'll let you know where to pick it up.

On June 15, a Boniface Circle store manager reported a young woman walked out of the store with three dresses without paying for them. The woman was described as white, with short dark hair, blue eyes, wearing blue and white checker shorts, a white tank top, possibly in her 20s. Store employees followed the girl outside and attempted to stop her but lost her. A Scarsdale Building Improvement employee saw a girl in the alleyway fitting the description and "looking nervous behind Zachys Store." The employee saw the woman leave the clothes and walk away. Store employees recovered the dresses and a brown handbag on the ground. The employees stated the brown handbag did not belong to their store. It was later determined to be from a Spencer Place store. A store employee there said she saw the suspect steal the handbag from the store. Store management of both stores did not want any further police action because the items were returned to the stores, undamaged.

Stolen bike
A Walworth Avenue man reported his daughter's $490 Trek bicycle was stolen from his garage sometime between June 11 and June 18. He noticed the bike was missing and reported it to police June 18.

Identity theft
A 91-year-old resident of Saxon Woods Road fell victim to check fraud June 14. Specifically, someone used the person's bank account number and routing number to write and cash a fake check for approximately $200 in April. The incident occurred at a Kroger's grocery store, with check cashing services, in Atlanta, Georgia.

On June 18, a Potter Road man reported someone tried to withdraw $1,400 and $500 from his trust account. The attempts were made in Brazil and declined due to their suspicious nature.

Domestic matters
A woman was reported crying at Kingston and Montrose roads June 13. Police asked her if she needed any help, and she said she as upset because of a previous argument with her son. The son then walked to his internship in Scarsdale. The son was allegedly under stress due to upcoming university entrance exams. Patrol checked on the son at his internship. He confirmed his mother's statements and said he would go home after he finished his daily hours for the internship.

Patrol accompanied a Rock Creek Lane man while the man obtained personal items from his house June 17.

Police received a report of a "Native American" man striking a white, blonde woman in a white Honda Pilot in the vicinity of Ogden Road June 19. The pair sped off recklessly, according to witnesses. Police canvassed the area but did not find the car or the couple, who were both thought to be in their 20s.

A Popham Road woman reported her husband might be about to drive to work drunk in a Dodge Durango. Police canvassed the area for the man and his car but did not find them.

On June 19, an Edgewood man reported having a dispute with his uncle over a family will. The man wanted police to tell the uncle to cease all contact with the man. The dispute would be handled by lawyers, the man said.

Criminal mischief
On June 16, the principle of Fox Meadow reported someone etched profanity – F*** -- and "scribbles" onto a glass widow of a kindergarten classroom door. It occurred sometime between June 10 and June 16.

A Mohican Road resident reported an incident that she felt might be criminal mischief June 19. According the resident, a rock was missing from the end of her driveway. It had been moved to a neighbor's property. Additionally, a flower was reportedly "cut." Patrol helped the resident move the rock back to its proper position.

Lost shirt
A woman dropped off eight shirts at Christie Place Cleaners and only received seven shirts where she picked them up June 14. The owner of the business said she would look for the missing shirt and refund its cost if she could not find it.

On June 13, a Meadow Road woman complained that someone placed glass clippings on her front lawn. Additionally, she reported someone had cut a small branch from one of her trees and placed it on her lawn. Patrol documented the complaint.

Walking in street
Patrol stopped a black man walking south on Post Road, against traffic, at 6 p.m., June 14. Patrol asked him why he was in the street, and he said he was walking on the side of the street close to the curb. Patrol advised the man was stopped because there was a concern for his safety during rush hour. Patrol asked the man several questions and determined he was not in any distress, and he was not suffering any mental or physical incapacity. Patrol assisted the man in crossing the street so he could continue walking on the sidewalk.

An Autenreith Road resident reported his neighbor was spaying pesticide in the area June 14. Police arrived on scene and talked with a mosquito removal technician. The technician showed police documentation about the spray, which was entirely natural. The spray did not violate any laws or codes.

A kid called police to report someone took his soccer ball on Huntington Road June 14. The kid was playing with other kids and this group had a disagreement with another group of children. The ball had been properly returned before police arrived. Police advised both groups of kids to "keep their space and avoid confrontation."

Coffee shop
Police were called to Starbucks on East Parkway on the report of a man masturbating inside the store. There, police found a man sitting at a corner table, charging his cell phone and using the phone. He was not exposed or making obscene gestures. He said he was waiting for a friend named "Coco." A patron and a store employee said the man had appeared to be making movements that resembled masturbation while his back was turned to the employee and patron. They did not actually see him expose himself, and the man never turned around. The manger said she wanted the man to leave the store. Patrol told the man, and he complied.

A Kent Road resident reported holes dug in the ground in Butler Woods. Police investigated a few small holes and thought they were not criminal in nature June 18. Police will monitor the holes.

An elderly Heathcote Road woman called 911 at 10:30 p.m., June 15. While she was on the phone, a second person got on the line, identified herself as a home health aide and advised that everything was OK. The elderly woman told police she thought the aide was holding her captive and telling her what to do. Police called the woman's daughter who said her mother had dementia and was being taken care of by the aide. The daughter confirmed there were no problems with the aide.

Someone called police at 12:30 a.m., June 16, to report a silver SUV was following a woman walking on Mamaroneck Road. Police spoke to the woman and the driver of the car. They knew each other. The man in the car wanted to give the woman a ride home, but the woman said she wanted to walk home to lose weight. Before police left the scene, the woman got into the car to be driven home.

On June 16, police checked the welfare of a Mamaroneck Road couple at the request of the couple's daughter. The couple was okay.

A woman got locked out of her car on East Parkway June 17. Patrol helped her open a partially open window far enough to manually reach the lock. The car was then able to be unlocked.
A son requested police to check the welfare of his 89-year-old mother June 17. He was talking with her on the phone, and she suddenly stopped talking. The mother was okay. She said she must have fallen asleep while talking to her son.

A South Rectory Lane man heard something hit the top portion of a glass windowpane on his door June 18. The glass broke. It was determined that a bird hit the window.

On June 19, police helped a Fox Meadow woman locate her teenage daughter after the daughter was not answering her cell phone at 1 a.m. The girl was found sleeping in the woman's ex-husband's house on Richelieu Road. She did not hear her phone because she was asleep. Everything was determined to be in good order.

Cars and roadways
Police closed Post Road so Con Edison could cut and clear a fallen electrical wire June 13.
A white car was parked in violation of a "no parking" restriction on Secor Road June 13. Patrol asked the driver to move the car, and the driver complied.
The driver of a stalled car on Fenimore Road was awaiting roadside assistance June 15.
The driver of a car parked on Ferncliff Road told police she had stopped there to make a telephone call June 15.
A man sitting in a parked car on Cohawney Road was a Con Edison worker taking a break June 16.
A car stalled on East Parkway June 16. Police helped move the car into a parking space.
Patrol called a tow truck for a boat trailer with a broken wheel on Heathcote Road June 18.
Con Edison was notified about a low hanging wire on Sheldrake Road June 18.
One car was reposed in the village this week.
Nine car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Village code
A Madison Road resident complained about noise from a parked car on the street at 3:45 a.m., June 15. Patrol spoke with the driver of the car and learned he was taxi driver waiting for a pickup, scheduled for 4:15 a.m. The driver said he had been watching a movie on his phone to pass the time. He said he would put the phone away and roll up the window.

At 10:30 p.m., June 15, police dispersed kids from Hyatt Field.

Patrol removed advertising signs posted at Mamaroneck Road near the Hutchinson Parkway June 16. A summons was mailed to the company that posted the sign.

On June 16, police warned a landscaper about village code regarding gas-powered blowers.
Patrol dispersed people playing basketball in a Boulevard park at 8 p.m., after dark, June 17.

Kids playing basketball on Tompkins Road at 11 p.m., June 17, were advised of a noise complaint. Patrol warned them, and the kids went inside.

Firefighters extinguished a small brush fire on Brookfield Road June 14. The fire inspector was called to investigate some faulty wiring at the location.

Con Edison gas was dispatched to a Brite Avenue house because of a gas leak at the stove June 14.

A transformer shorted out underground at Spencer Place and Chase Road, causing smoke to be released, June 16. Con Edison was on scene handling the situation.

A tree limb was resting on electrical wires on Fenimore Road June 18. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

This week, firefighters assisted at four car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway and in the village. The responded to two false carbon monoxide alarms and eight false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, a person moving a smoke detector, cooking smoke and construction dust.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 13-19 was compiled from official information.

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Police report: Jewelry, laptop stolen during house cleaning; iPhone lifted from library, domestic incidents and dog bites

iphoneStolen: A Crawford Lane man reported a laptop, a gold ring and a gold chain were stolen from his house while four cleaners from a professional company were cleaning the house May 31. All items were in open view when the thefts occurred.

A Walbrooke Road woman reported someone stole her iPhone from a table at Scarsdale Library June 2. It occurred when the woman stepped away from the computer she had been using, while the phone was in plain sight on the table. She returned to the table 15 minutes later, but the phone was gone.

Car break-ins
A 2016 Acura was broken into overnight May 30 on Tisdale Road. Two credit cards and $650 cash was stolen, and all items were removed from the glove compartment. The car was believed to have been left unlocked overnight. One of the credit cards was used to purchase $37.50 in gasoline from a Bronx gas station at 2 a.m., May 31.

A $2,000 Tamron camera lens was stolen from the back of a Norma Place woman's Honda CRV on or around Feb. 1. She reported the incident June 4, at the request of her insurance company.

Identity theft ... or not
On June 1, a 19-year-old Lockwood Road man reported his Social Security number is fraudulently being used by a man in Hartford, Connecticut. He learned about this when he applied for a job and the potential employer conducted a background check.

On June 5, A Circle Road woman reported fraudulent charges on her bank account. After speaking with patrol about identity theft, she realized she had made the charges herself at the Scarsdale pool.

Domestic matters
An elderly Quaker Ridge woman reported her adult daughter was yelling at her regarding air conditioning in the house May 31. The daughter said she wanted the air conditioning off because it was irritating her fibromyalgia. Police advised the daughter that since she was living in her mother's house, she needed to abide by her mother's rules. They advised her to stay in an area of the house that was not being cooled by air conditioning.

A Heathcote caller told police her brother was "acting crazy" and requested police response June 1. The siblings' parents told police their son was upset over a family matter, and they preferred to handle the matter internally.

On June 1, a man's ex-wife unexpectedly showed up at his daughter's Mamaroneck Road house to visit him, after they have not had contact for five years. He called police. Patrol spoke with the man's daughter who said she would allow the ex-wife to visit with her father – supervised and for no more than 30 minutes. The ex-wife agreed, and everything was in good order.

At 11:45 p.m., a Heathcote woman reported her 14-year-old son left the house at 7:45 p.m. and had not returned. He was allegedly upset about a previous matter. Police found the boy on his bike in the area of Mamaroneck and Garden roads. Patrol helped the boy get back home.

A woman reported concerns about her 19-year-old son June 5. The son is estranged and has not lived with the woman for six years due to social and personal issues. His last known address was a care facility in Yonkers. The son called his mother and said he was coming to her house. She told him he was not welcome but feared he would come anyway. Police advised her on resources available to request an order of protection or a restraining order if she fears her safety.

Dog bite, scratch
A Rock Creek Lane woman got bitten by a Vernon Road Wheaten Terrier on Vernon Road and asked for medical assistance June 1. The dog bite severely lacerated the woman's arm and punctured her skin several times in other places. The woman said she was walking her dog on Vernon Road when the Wheaten Terrier pushed through a closed storm door, lunged at her and her dog. She picked up her dog to protect it, and the Wheaten Terrier bit her. The Wheaten Terrier is up to date on all vaccines but must remain quarantined for ten days, as per public health code. The animal control officer is following up.

On June 3, a Connecticut reported being scratched by a Herkimer Road dog, while the dog was being walked on Meadow Road. The man declined medical attention but wanted to make sure the dog's vaccines were up to date, which they were.

A Sycamore Road resident called police about a raccoon on her rear deck May 30. They raccoon was attracted to food left on the deck, and it returned to its natural habitat before patrol arrives. Police gave the resident information about wildlife services for any ongoing concerns.

Patrol assisted a large turtle to safely moved off of the roadway on Willow Lane May 31.

Neighbors complained of a Montgomery Road dog barking at a chipmunk June 1. The owner brought the dog inside and promised to monitor the dog more closely in the future.

A Circle Road woman reported a dead dog in her backyard June 2. Actually, it was a dead opossum. Patrol provided the woman with the telephone numbers of local wildlife specialists who could assist with the dead animal's removal.

A Larch Lane dog got loose after its electric fence malfunctioned June 4. Neighbors secured the dog until the owners could return, and they notified police.

Two unattended small, brown dogs were observed walking towards Amore Pizzeria on Weaver Street at 12:45 p.m., June 4. They were gone (to lunch?) when police arrived.

Criminal mischief
A 2014 Mercedes Benz was keyed while parked at Scarsdale Middle School during school hours May 31. Damage consisted of a small, deep scratch on the driver's side door and a long scratch on the driver's side panel. The owner is a teacher at the school.

A Taunton Road man reported someone popped the side mirrors out of his car while it was parked outside his house overnight June 2. He also said one of his cars was rummage though on May 28 or May 29. He said he did not report the first incident because nothing had been stolen.

A woman reported her Mercedes-Benz was intentionally vandalized while parked on Garth Road June 4.

On June 1, a Wayside Lane woman reported repeated phone calls from a private number. She said she filed a harassment report about the same caller on May 23. Police added the additional information to the report and advised the woman to consult with her telephone carrier about blocking the calls.

Disorderly conduct
The shift supervisor of CVS, on Popham Road, reported approximately 10 middle school-aged kids "acting disorderly" and "scaring away customers" inside the store at 4 p.m., June 3. The kids left the store before police arrived.

Social media
A Post Road woman called 911 to report she received a troubling message via Facebook and was concerned for her safety and the safety of the person who sent her the messages. The woman said she had met an unknown man, who lives in Columbia, via Facebook. She said she was concerned for his mental wellbeing and showed patrol several posts that she thought were alarming. Patrol did not observe any threats of suicide or of causing harm to others – only a "series of ramblings." Patrol advised the woman to be more careful about whom she befriends on social media. The woman said she was "unhappy" with patrol's advice and did not wish to give patrol any further information.

Police accompanied a Rock Creek Lane man as he retrieved personal belongings from his house, as per a court order, May 31. His former spouse was standing by. The situation remained calm.

At the request of Adult Protective Services, police checked the welfare of an Edgewood woman June 1. The woman was OK and said she did not need any assistance.

Police helped the director of a Post Road group home locate a resident who had been missing all day June 3. The resident allegedly left the house the previous day, did not show up for her day program and had not returned to the group home. Patrol called the resident and she said she was a restaurant and wine bar in Eastchester. Since the resident was not legally mandated to be at the group home, the director did not request further assistance.

Police checked the welfare of a Greenacres woman June 4. The woman was OK.

A man standing at the corner of Mamaroneck and Sheldrake roads around 4 a.m., May 30, was determined to be testing LED street lights in the village.

A caller asked police to check the welfare of a Julia B. Fee agent who was showing a vacant house and not answering her phone May 30.

Gunshot-like noises heard by a Morris Lane resident were determined to be noises from fireworks May 30.

Two Brown Road residents heard a woman screaming for help at 11:45 p.m., June 3. One resident saw a car driving south on Ewart Road when he heard the screaming. Patrol and Eastchester police conducted an extensive canvas of the area but did not find clear evidence of a person in distress.

Police observed a car with an open rear passenger door in a Farley Road driveway at 5 a.m., June 5. All other car doors were closed and locked. There were no signs of tampering or tossing. Police notified the owner and secured the door.

Suspicious activity
An employee of a village jewelry store reported possibly suspicious activity by three young men who came inside the store and were asking questions about Rolex watches while two other young men were standing outside waiting. They men were reportedly "polite and disrespectful." Patrol observed five young men talking on Chase Road, near the park. They later got into a white BMW and drove south on Chase Road.

A caller complained that "an unusual odor" was coming form a parked car at Hanover and Wheelock roads May 31. Police went to the scene and encountered a man returning to the car. He said he had jut made a food delivery for a local restaurant. There was no sign of any unlawful activity.

Four people were yelling at each other inside a black Altima on Scarsdale Avenue at 8:43 a.m., May 30. The front passenger said they were yelling because they had overslept and were running late. They told police they did not need any assistance. Patrol told them to stop yelling because they were causing a disturbance.

A young East Taunton Road woman reported someone rang her doorbell repeatedly at 10 p.m., June 4.

Cars and roadways

  • Police moved branches from Heathcote and Secor roads May 30, Nelson Road May 31,
  • Police moved a low hanging phone wire out of traffic's way on White Road May 30.
  • Cars were parked on both sides of Cushman Road, possibly disturbing traffic flow May 30. Police asked the drivers, who were attending a party, to move their cars.
  • Police notified Verizon about low-hanging wires on Sunset Drive May 31.
  • A tractor-trailer overheated and was awaiting a tow truck on Lawrence Road May 31.
  • A Lee Road resident complained about congestion from parked cars near his driveway June 1. Police asked two drivers to move their cars.
  • Police taped off an area of Brookby Road while Con Edison and public works personnel cleared a fallen tree and wires June 1.
  • The highway department was notified about a sinkhole on Graham Road June 2.
  • Police asked a landscaper to move his truck from School Lane because it was impeding traffic flow June 2.
  • Patrol asked drivers to move their parked cars from Brookby Road to clear congestion June 2. The drivers were attending a pre-prom photo event at a resident's house.
  • A caller reported that four youths in a blue Jeep Liberty harassed her while she was driving on Popham Road June 2. They were allegedly yelling at her through the windows and laughing. They were allegedly speeding and following her to closely. Eventually they drove away.
  • A tree fell on Palmer Avenue June 5. Patrol notified the highway department.
  • Eight car accidents were reported in the village and on parkways this week. One, involving a man backing into a neighbor's car on Sycamore Road, was not officially reported.

Village code
Kids were making noise on Greenacres School grounds after midnight June 4. They told police they were "hanging out." Police dispersed them from the area.

Police advised party hosts on Bradford Road and Brown Road to lower the volume of party music June 4. After a second noise complaint at 11 p.m., police issue the Brown Road party host a summons.

Patrol issued a Ridgecrest East contractor a verbal warning for using power tools in violation of village code at 8:56 a.m., June 4. A contractor on Richbell Road and a landscaper on Beechwood Lane were also issued warnings June 4.

Lost and found
A man found a wallet on the seat of a MetroNorth train June 3. Scarsdale police gave the wallet to MetroNorth police because the wallet was found in their jurisdiction.

A Magnolia Road homeowner punctured an air conditioning pipe and released freon May 31. Firefighters ventilated the house and advised repair of the equipment.

On June 1, a contractor damaged a gas service line to a house under construction on Carthage Road. He turned off the gas at the curb valve. Con Edison and firefighters responded. They evacuated and checked nearby houses for possible gas mitigation. Con Edison worked to repair the gas line.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of fallen wires on Brookby Road June 2.

An igniter was not working in a gas oven in an Aspen Road house June 4. Firefighters shut gas to the appliance and ventilated the house. They recommended getting it repaired.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents in the village. They notified Con Edison about two gas leaks. They responded to eight false carbon monoxide alarms and two false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, construction dust, cooking smoke and batteries being changed.

This report covering police and fire department information from May 30 – June 5 was compiled from official information.

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Police Report: Burglars Enter Cornell Street House Through Third-floor Vent

ventBurglary: An activated burglar alarm bought police to a Cornell Street house June 6. Patrol conducted a perimeter check of the house and found all doors and windows to be secure. However, a third story attic vent had been removed from its frame and was visible on the roof. Patrol called the owner who was away – and had been away since May 28. The homeowner initially said the attic vent may have been like that, and he was not concerned. Shortly thereafter, the owner called police back and said he actually wanted his house checked, but he was concerned the initial call he received from police might not have been legitimate. Police then entered the house and found the master bedroom closets ransacked. The investigation is active and ongoing.

Stolen bicycle
A Clarendon Road man's bicycle was stolen from a bike rack on Depot Place near the Scarsdale train station June 7. The man rode his bike to the station at 8 a.m. and returned at 7 p.m. to find the bike stolen, the cable lock cut and his helmet lying on the ground. The bike was a Kysmo electric bicycle valued at $1,240.

Car break-in
A Berkeley Road nanny left her wallet beneath the front passenger seat of her boss's parked car on Greenacres Avenue while she was visiting a Hartsdale health club at 1:30 p.m., June 10. When she returned to her car at 2:30, she found the rear passenger window smashed and the wallet stolen. She notified her bank about the incident.

Dog Bite
A woman who works for a window company reported being bitten by a Black Birch Lane dog June 6. It occurred when she went to the house to speak with the homeowner about windows. She spoke to a housekeeper about the dog bite and went to the hospital. Doctors told her to report the bite to police. Patrol attempted to follow up with the dog owner. The owner's son was home and said the dog was up to date on all vaccines. The animal control officer is following up.

Identity theft
An unknown person fraudulently withdrew money from a Heathcote Road woman's Citibank account June 10. Two withdrawals were made in Kissimmee, Florida – for $403 and $203. A third attempt was made, but it was not allowed because Citibank became suspicious and notified the woman.

Domestic matters
An "irate" man called police at 3 a.m., June 10, reporting a dispute with his wife over the "whereabouts of their four-year-old child." On scene, the couple told police they were having a disagreement about their plans for the upcoming weekend. They said it "was not a police matter." They said they were both going to bed and would discuss it in the morning.

A man walked to headquarters and asked for help in calling his girlfriend at 3 a.m., June 11. The man said he had been arguing with his girlfriend while they were driving on Post Road. He got out of her car, and she drove away. Patrol gave the man an opportunity to charge his cell phone and call his girlfriend on a landline to resolve their dispute and receive transportation home. The endeavor was not successful, and police called a taxi service for the man.

An Oak Way resident reported being the victim of a Craig's List scam and losing $2,340 from her checking account June 9.

A Popham Road woman received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft June 8. The person alleged something was wrong with the woman's computer. The person requested remote access to "fix the issues." The woman allowed the person remote access. The person requested a credit card, and the woman refused. She felt the incident was suspicious and reported it to police. As a precaution, she cancelled her credit cards and froze her bank accounts.

Propane tanks
A Palmer Avenue man was concerned about propane tanks left near the side of the street by his neighbor June 6. Patrol asked the owner of the tanks to move them, and the owner complied.

A man knocked on an Axtell Road door and asked to speak with the homeowner about the "safety of her children" June 9. Police caught up with the man who said he was doing work for a religious organization called "Graceful Hands."

A Lockwood Road man called 911 to request that cars not park in front of his house June 10. Patrol advised him it was a public roadway, and cars were permitted to park there. They also advised the man not to call 911 for non-urgent matters. Patrol notified the man's mother, who said she would go home to address the matter. The man called 911 a second time and used inappropriate language related to police contacting his mother. Patrol informed the man's mother of the second 911 call. She said she was almost home and would address the matter.

A White Birch Lane resident reported someone rang his doorbell at 11:45 p.m., June 11. Police canvassed the area but did not find anyone who might have rung the bell.

Traffic stop
A driver reported a man in a minivan attempted to stop him on the Bronx River Parkway by showing a possibly fake police shield June 11. The driver stopped on Chase Road and told the man in a minivan he was contacting Scarsdale police to verify his identity as a law enforcement officer. At this point, the man got back in his van and sped away, passing a steady red light. Patrol attempted to locate the man in the minivan, but the attempt was not successful.

Cars and roadways
A person reported glass shards on Birchall Road June 6. Police determined the glass was too small to cause a traffic hazard and arranged to have it cleaned up.

A parked taxi was blocking a Brite Avenue driveway June 7. Patrol issued a summons after attempts to reach the driver were unsuccessful.

A man reported someone opened a car door and struck his BMW in the parking lot of St. Pius X Church on Palmer Avenue June 8.

A water meter was leaking on Colvin Road June 8. The water department was notified.

A car ran out of gas on East Parkway June 8. Police helped the driver get gas and start the car again.

Patrol removed a fallen branch from Secor Road June 8.

A resident reported a parked car on Taunton Road at 11:30 p.m., June 8. The car was occupied by a girl who lives on the street and her boyfriend, who was dropping her off at home.

A village tree fell on Richbell Road and struck a parked 1999 Volvo, causing minor scratches to its hood June 9. The department of public works and Con Edison were on scene working at the time of the accident and had previously asked the driver to move his car from directly beneath the tree so they could best work in the area.

Patrol removed a fallen branch from Secor Road and notified Con Edison about branches leaning on wires on Richbell Road June 9.

A car struck a fire hydrant on Secor Road and left the scene June 10. The fire and water departments were notified.

Westchester County Hazmat requested that a professional private contractor clean up and dispose of two leaking jugs of pesticide from Burgess Road June 10.

Police stood by while a driver of a disabled Mercedes-Benz waited for help from AAA June 11.
A pedestrian crossing sign was out of place on Fenimore Road June 11. Patrol moved it back into its proper place.

A man sleeping in his car on Brookby Road was waiting to start work at a nearby job site June 12.

Police called Con Edison about fallen wires on Sycamore Road and Madison Road June 11.

Eleven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A small raccoon was found underneath a parked car on Tunstall Road June 10. As it moved, the raccoon appeared to be rolling and falling. It was displaying behavior not consistent with a healthy raccoon. Patrol put the raccoon in a box and transported it to a safe location where it was shot. It was secured in a black contractor bag and picked up by the sanitation department.

Police helped a Norma Place resident dispose of a dead bird found in her yard June 10.

Village code
A River Road woman reported kids were lighting fireworks in front of her house at 1:30 a.m., June 6. They drove away before police arrived.

After receiving a noise complaint about a loud party on Taunton Road, police asked the host to lower the volume of music. The host shut off the music, and his friends dispersed.

Neighbors complained about kids playing basketball and making noise in a Reimer Road yard at 5 a.m., June 10. Patrol asked the boys to "keep it down" and not disturb their neighbors.

On June 10, police received at least four complaints about noise coming from Fenway Golf Club, on Secor Road. Patrol spoke with the golf club president, who was overseeing an event. He advised the music would be lowered to an acceptable level.

Police dispersed kids playing flag football from the sports field on Wayside Lane June 11. The kids did not have a permit or insurance for the game.

Police dispersed noisy kids from Garth Road at 11:45 p.m., June 11.

Lost and found
Police found car keys at Spencer Place and Harwood Court and returned them to their owner June 6.

On June 7, a man walked into headquarters and reported losing his iPhone 6 in the vicinity of Swarthmore Road.
A Johnson Road man reported losing his iPhone in an Uber car in Brooklyn June 8.


  • On June 6, firefighters and Con Edison workers shut down a gas valve on Stratton Road after a contractor hit the gas line with an excavator. Firefighters checked nearby houses, and Con Edison made repairs. Volunteers assisted.
  • Firefighters assisted at car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway June 6 and June 10.
  • Firefighters shut water to a leaking toilet in a Garden Road basement June 7. They helped remove water too.
  • Firefighters turned off the gas supply to a malfunctioning stove in a Wakefield Road house June 7.
  • Firefighters notified Con Edison about a gas leak in a Heathcote Road pool house and a gas odor near a Burgess Road excavation site June 8.
  • A burning odor was coming from an air handler on Aspen Road June 8. Firefighters shut off the device and recommended calling for service.
  • Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of burning wires on Brown Road June 9.
  • Firefighters helped cut a person out of an overturned car following an accident on Murray Hill Road June 10. The person was taken to the hospital by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
  • Firefighters and police closed Griffen Avenue because of burning electrical wires June 9. Con Edison responded.
  • A gas burner was releasing carbon monoxide in a Walworth Avenue house June 10. Con Edison and firefighters shut down the burner and ventilated the house. Con Edison addressed the faulty burner.
  • Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Weaver Street June 11.
  • Con Edison addressed a fallen wire on Sycamore Road while firefighters stood by June 12.
  • An odor of natural gas was coming from a barbecue grill outside a Murray Hill Road house June 12. Firefighters found the grill in the "on" position and turned it off.
  • This week, firefighters responded to 12 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, heat from a roofing torch, cooking smoke, burnt toast and a hairdryer.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 6-12 was complied from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Tempers Flare, Fireworks Go Off and Partiers Make Noise

policelightsStalkers: At 6 pm on 5/23 a Wayside Lane woman reported that she had received several calls a day for several weeks from an unknown party. The party never spoke on the phone except on May 23 when the person, using an electronic voice disguiser, stated that they were in the basement of the woman's residence. A few minutes later, another call was made by the same person stating that he/she could see the woman at her desk in front of her checkbook. This was especially concerning to the woman because she was, in fact, in front of her checkbook at the time. Police checked the exterior of the house and the basement and did not find anything out of the ordinary.

A Carman Road woman visited headquarters on May 26 to report ongoing stalking and harassment for the last 8 years. The woman claimed that the father of her son's friend is at fault for various negative experiences over the last 8 years. She cited an occurrence 4 years ago when the alleged stalker followed her in Davis Park and looked at her, although no contact or threats were made. Police found that none of the incidents met the standard to warrant harassment or stalking claims. Police determined that many situations appear to be coincidence and there was no criminal activity. The woman explained that there are issues surrounding a real estate transaction in which they are both involved. Police advised her that this was a civil matter.

Road Rage
A woman told police that the driver of a tan colored sedan had gotten out of his car, yelled at her and kicked and dented the door of her car after she honked her horn on Heathcote Road on the afternoon of May 25. She provided the police with the man's license plate and they tracked it to a Heathcote Road home where the mother said her son had been driving their Toyota Camry at the time of the incident. The victim was unsure whether or not she wanted to press charges and the young man later agreed to work the matter out with the driver.

Inappropriate Behavior
On May 26 a Ferncliff Road woman told police that she had an inappropriate incident with a fellow Scarsdale resident on May 22. The woman was on the Scarsdale bound Metro North train when a Scarsdale man initiated an inappropriate interaction. Police alerted the MTA police.

Drunk and Belligerent
Police chased down the driver of a 2013 Honda that was going 75 mph on the Post Road at 2:28 am on May 29. Police activated emergency lights and followed the car, which at first accelerated and then pulled over at Olmstead Road, hitting the curb several times. The driver, Victoria Vukel, age 26 of Mohegan Lake appeared to be drunk and slurred her words. She said she was not driving her own car and did not realize how fast she was going. She claimed that she drank two beers but was unsteady on her feet. She failed sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for DWI. She was brought to the police station and processed where she shouted profanities and said she was being treated like a "nigger." Her boyfriend posted $250 cash bail and she was released. Police said Vukel was "uncooperative and belligerent."

Unauthorized Repairs
An 84 year-old woman came to police to say that a man, who claimed to work for Curry Acura approached her about repairing her car when it was parked on Harwood Court on the May 24. She refused the offer but when she returned to her car she heard loud banging noises and found the man making the repair and applying paint that did not match her car. Nevertheless, she agreed to pay him $250 and he followed her to her home to collect payment. While she wrote a check for $200, her grandson questioned the "repairman" and collected information on the man's vehicle, a white Chrysler Town and Country Minivan with Florida plates.

Pedestrians Hit
A woman told that she was stopped at the stop sign while southbound on East Parkway in front of the Scarsdale Train station around noon on May 29. As she started driving again a man in his 20's ran across the street in front of her, and the front of her vehicle brushed against him. The woman spoke with the man to ask him if he was alright, and he did not appear to be hurt. He continued walking to the train station and she continued driving.

A Walworth Avenue woman was crossing Greenacres Avenue at 7:39 on Tuesday May 24 when she was a hit by a 2006 Ford that had slowed down but did not stop at the stop sign. The driver left the scene without stopping. The woman provided police with the license plate number of the car and police identified the owner of the car. The woman was not seriously injured.

On May 25 at around 5:30 pm a Colonial Road woman called to report that someone had knocked on her door to tell her that a vehicle in front of her house was going to explode. When police arrived they found the man and his vehicle in front of the house. The man explained that he was traveling on Mamaroneck Road and stopped when he observed some smoke and a small fire under his car. He parked it in on Colonial Road to wait for assistance, but wanted to alert the resident. The fire department arrived to assist and the man called a taxi for him and his family.

Gunshots or fireworks
At 11 pm on May 24 a resident called the police to report two loud noises that were possibly gun shots or fireworks near Montrose and Gorham Roads. Police canvassed the area and found a "basketball sized", used firework. Police could not determine who set off the firework.

On May 26 at 9:30 pm police received a similar call from a Montrose Road man and multiple patrol units responded quickly but could not find the source. Police spoke with the original caller who explained that while in his backyard he heard what sounded like gun shots. Police explained that they could not find anything but would continue monitoring the area.

A Morris Lane resident called at 9:50 pm on May 30 to report possible gun shot noises. Patrol canvassed the area and found no trace of the noises. The complainant agreed that it may have been fireworks.

Health Care Scare
A man living in an assisted living facility on Saxon Woods Road called police on the morning of May 26 claiming that his health care providers were mistreating him. When police arrived they met with the facility's manager who explained that the caller suffers from dementia. Police did not notice signs of mistreatment when they spoke to the caller and decided everything to be in good order. The facility manager notified the man's family.

Around 4 pm on May 28, employees at CVS caught two people stealing merchandise from the store. The two took items off the shelves and placed them inside a bag in their shopping cart and then left the store without paying for the merchandise. The security office stopped them outside the store and recovered $110.16 in good from the cart. Police arrested Maria DeLuca, age 40 of Garth Road and Eric Diaz, age 41 from Rye.

A 7-11 employee on Garth Road alerted police on the night of May 27 that a Lockwood Road man had taken goods from the store without paying. Police knew the man, as he has been involved in other altercations in the past. Police responded to the man's house and spoke to his mother, who stated that she would speak to the man and pay for the stolen goods.

Suspicious package
A man walking his dog just after noon on Drake Road on May 23 called police to report a suspicious small package along the road. When police arrived Mr. Weller explained that he determined the bag to be filled with trash and threw it away.

A Richbell Road resident found a red Schwinn mountain bike next to a fire hydrant on his lawn on the afternoon of May 23. There were two locks on the bike and the rear derailleur was damaged. Police took the bike to headquarters.

A Citi Bank Debit card was found on Christie Place on the evening of May 26. Police called the owner and advised them to pick up the card at Police Headquarters.

Running Late
At 8:43 am on May 30, Police found 4 people siting in a black Altima on Scarsdale Avenue when two separate callers reported a loud verbal dispute at the location. When the officer spoke with the occupants of the vehicle they explained that the front passenger was upset because they overslept and were running late. The front passenger did not want to speak to patrol and continued to yell inside the vehicle. Police advised her that she was causing a disturbance.

Identity Thefts
A Lyons Road man notified police on May 23 that someone had opened a bank account in his name. When police arrived the resident explained that someone opened an Ally Bank savings account in his name. No form of loss was reported as no money was added or withdrawn since the account opening. The resident closed the account and was advised to monitor his other accounts closely and report any future suspicious activity.

On May 23 at around 5:00pm a Greenacres Avenue woman filed an identify theft report. She explained that she received an email from Walmart on May 21 confirming an online order for bike pants that listed her name and email correctly but an incorrect address. Neither she nor her husband had ordered anything from Walmart. The woman received another order confirmation on May 23. Both times the woman contacted Walmart to cancel the orders and close the online account. The woman filed a report after speaking with a credit card fraud reporting company.

Missing Person
At 11 pm on May 26 a Bradley Road father told police that his son left White Plains hospital without authorization earlier in the day and was missing. He asked police to look for his son and said that he might be en route home to their Eastchester house or at the family's church. Scarsdale police canvassed the area with negative results.

Suspicious Activity
A caller on May 23 reported a dark colored Jeep parked on the corner or Rectory Lane and Church Lane with someone sleeping in the back seat.

A resident called the police on May 24 to report that a man was driving an A.T.V in a Mamaroneck road parking lot. When the officers arrived, they found the Mount Vernon resident with his A.T.V. The man explained that he had just purchased the A.T.V and was waiting for a friend to take the A.T.V. to his trailer. Police advised the man that he was not permitted to drive the ATV on school grounds or in public roadways.

On May 25 at around 2:00 am, police found a man sleeping on a stoop on Garth Road. They woke him and asked if he was ok. The man said he was currently homeless and was walking to Eastchester when he got tired. Patrol asked the man if he was in need of shelter or medical assistance, to which he refused and continued south on Garth Road.

Greenburg Police reported to Scarsdale Police on May 25 at around noon that a black, bald male wearing a red shirt was walking down Ardsley Road towards Popham Road. When Scarsdale Police arrived they canvassed the area but could not find a suspicious man fitting the description.

On May 25 around 7:00 pm police received a call that 2 males and 1 female were possibly smoking marijuana in view of Aspen Road. When police arrived, they spoke with the youths and made them aware of the complaint. All of them assured the officer that they were not smoking.

Police were called to Butler Woods on Fox Meadow Road on May 25 early in the morning when a caller spotted a young male and female enter the woods carrying a small bag. When police arrived they spoke with the two High School seniors who were having breakfast.

Ding Dong Ditch
At 9:30 pm on May 25 a Berwick Road man stated that an unknown party entered his property and rang his doorbell and then left. Patrol conducted an exterior check of the house but no one and nothing suspicious was found.

Domestic Disputes

A Drake Road man visited the police station complaining of issues with a relative on May 28. The man requested information on how to proceed civilly with the family problems. Police gave the man information and Detective Albano's contact for further follow up.

Noise Complaints
A caller complained of a very loud party on Post Road between Burgess Road and Richbell Road on May 26 at around 11:00 pm. Upon arrival police could hear voices behind a Burgess Road house. Voices stopped when police arrived and no further noise was reported.

A Fenimore Road resident alerted police of excessive noise from machinery being used at a construction site on May 28 at 8:20 am. Police arrived to find two employees working at the site without machinery. No excessive noise was emanating from the site. Patrol explained the Village Noise Ordinance to the workers for future reference, but all was in good order when the police visited.

Police were called to Lebanon Road at 10:30 am on May 28 when a caller advised the police of loud music in the area. When police canvassed the area they found construction workers at an Ardmore Road house playing music deemed at a reasonable level.

An Aspen Road man called to report that his daughter hears screaming and cars racing outside their resident on May 28 at around 11 pm. Police could not find any cars racing in the area.

A Griffen Road caller reported loud music coming from Quaker Ridge Golf Course on May 28 at 11:30 pm. Police spoke with the assistant manager who said they would lower the music.

On May 30 two noise complaints were filed for loud music being played at a Horseguard Lane residence and a Lincoln Road residence. Both homeowners complied with police requests to turn off the music and keep the noise levels down.

Construction Mishap
Police were called to the intersection of Boulevard Road and Bell Road at 8:37 am on May 27 when a construction plate came loose. A construction company had installed the plates on the road last week and they had sincedislodged, creating a hazard. The construction manager repaired the plate while patrol assisted with traffic control.

Loose Dog
A large black dog was reported to be loose on a Franklin Road residence at 5:30 pm on May 29. When police arrived, they found and restrained the dog. Police tried to locate the owner by canvassing the neighbor, and then through the information on the dog's tags. When they could not reach the owner the dog was brought to headquarters and then taken into custody by New Rochelle Humane Society. The owner was issued a summons.

A Sycamore Road resident called police at 8:50 pm on May 30 about a raccoon on their rear deck. Police noticed that food had been left out on the table and the raccoon was gone.

Downed Branch
Police received two calls about a downed tree branch blocking the westbound lane of Heathcote Road on May 30. The branch was removed from roadway by the responding officer.

Missing License Plate
A man came to Scarsdale Police Head Quarters on May 23 to report that his license plate was missing from his 2001 gray Acura MDX. The car is used as a work vehicle for his home development business. The last time the man remembered seeing the plate was on Thursday May 19 while the vehicle was parked on Windmill Lane. Police issued the man a new license plate and documented the incident.

Police found multiple parked vehicles with flyers advertising Maidpro placed under their windshields on May 25. Flyers are in violation of the Village code. A violation and summons were mailed to the address listed on the flyers for Maidpro.

On May 23 a Yonkers woman was driving near the stop sign at the intersection of the Bronx River Parkway exit ramp and Fenimore Road. When the woman attempted to make a left turn onto Fenimore Road she collided with a Greenacres Avenue woman who was traveling east on Fenimore Road.

An official from Scarsdale High School called police on May 24 to report that a student was blocked in at the Post Road entrance to the Gravel Lot. Police responded and assisted the student in backing out of his parking spot without incident.

At 3:40 on May 24, a woman backing out of a Barry Road driveway with three young children in the car ran into a car that was parked on the street. The driver said a bottle rolled under the brake pedal and prevented her from stopping in time.

The driver of a vehicle owned by the Mt. Vernon School District collided into a Bronx driver in a 2010 Lincoln at the intersection of Fenimore Rad and the exit of the Bronx River Parkway on Tuesday morning May 24. There were no injuries.

On the morning of May 25 a caller at the crosswalk on Weaver Street and Palmer Avenue reported that the crosswalk button was not working. Police arrived and confirmed that the crosswalk was not cycling properly. The police reported the broken crosswalk to the village.

On May 26 a caller reported that a vehicle was parked in the middle of Colvin Road, causing a hazard. When police arrived they located the registered owner in a Colvin Road home, and she moved her car into her driveway.

On the afternoon of May 28 a black Honda Pilot was parked more than 12" from the curb on Brookby Road. When police arrived the operator moved his car willingly and was only issued only a verbal warning.

A Cushman Road resident hosted a party on the afternoon of May 30 that led to multiple vehicles parked on both sides of the roadway, preventing traffic from passing. Police visited the home and spoke with the owner who agreed to find the owners of the affected vehicles and move them.

A Boulder Brook Road man told police that he parked his 2009 convertible in the merchant lot on East Parkway in Scarsdale village on the morning of May 30. When he came back, the rear bumper was damaged.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.