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Organized Burglary Ring May Be Responsible for Breakins

According to the Greenburgh Police an organized burglary ring based in Queens may be the culprits in recent residential burglaries occurring within the Town of Greenburgh. This group may be responsible for similar type burglaries throughout the east coast of the United States. Members of this organized ring have been arrested in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

The suspects are believed to be men and women primarily of Hispanic descent. They are well dressed, usually in business attire. They are known to drive high value cars or S.U.V.’s including BMW, Lexus, or Range Rover vehicles and have also utilized Lincoln Town Cars and livery vehicles.

In at least several cases, the suspects have targeted victims of Asian or Middle Eastern descent whose names and addresses were gathered through telephone directories or the Internet. The suspects are able to blend into affluent neighborhoods during the daylight hours without raising suspicion.

The Greenburgh Police Department encourages you to lock all doors and ground floor level windows. If you see something suspicious, notify the police via E911 or at (914) 682-5300.

A home at 7 Sprain Valley Road home was entered on Tuesday May 4, sometime between 11:30 am and 4:30 pm.  The owners returned home to find their front door open and broken glass on a back door, through which it is assumed the burglars entered.  The master bedroom and closets were pilfered but so far, all that appears to be missing is a digital camera. Police ask residents to be alert.

On Tuesday morning April 27 the manager who opened the Burger King on Central Avenue found damage to the drive through sign, four bushes and a curb. The incident occurred sometime between midnight and 5 am.

Three women fled from Marshalls with unpaid merchandise on the afternoon of April 28th.   A store employee heard the alarm go off and saw three women running from the store holding two suitcases and a chrome dish rack. They got into a gray Honda Civic and drove north on Central Avenue.

Police stopped a red 2000 Volvo in the parking lot of Chef Central at 1 am on 4/29 and found that the car was filled with large quantities of food. Police asked the driver where he had gotten the goods and he claimed that he had purchased it.  Upon further questioning, the man admitted that he, along with others, had been retrieving discarded food from store dumpsters along Central Avenue.

Copper piping, valued at $2,800 was stolen from St. Andrews Golf Course on Old Jackson Avenue.  The piping was part of the main valve for the sprinkler system and the incident was reported on May 1.

An attorney with offices on Central Avenue came to headquarters on 5/3 to report that $45,000 in funds had been unlawfully withdrawn from a client’s escrow account sometime since January 1, 2009.

Arrests, Thefts and a Scare at Scarsdale High School

A 54 year-old Scarsdale School employee, watching the High School Lacrosse game against Mamaroneck collapsed next to the track and was reported to be unconscious and unresponsive at 5:27 pm on May 3rd. The game stopped, players dropped to their knees and school personnel quickly applied the AED machine to the man and gave him two shocks. Police and the Scarsdale Village Ambulance Corps arrived and performed CPR. The man was taken to White Plains hospital and his present condition is unknown.

Arrested: Two additional suspects involved in the April 12 Walworth Avenue mugging were arrested on April 28th. Neshia Dias, age 19 of South Kensico Street in White Plains and Jasmine Burnett, age 20 of North Broadway in White Plains were both charged with robbery, grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. Working with Krystal Walters, age 21 of Dobbs Ferry Road, Greenburgh, the two are charged with approaching a Greenacres woman, throwing her coat over her head and stealing her bag. Police pursued a number of leads to find the girls, including information that the suspects used the stolen credit cards to make purchases in Westchester and the Bronx. Dias and Burnett are being held at the Westchester County jail as they were unable to post bail of $50,000 in cash or a $100,000 bond.

An 18 year-old Secor Farms boy was arrested for entering a neighbor’s home on February 3, 2010 and taking over $15,000 in jewelry. The suspect entered the house through an unlocked basement door and rummaged through the master bedroom and took jewelry from the dresser. He left through a rear kitchen sliding door and left footprints in the snow that lead to his own backyard, where police found four bottles of wine that had also been taken from the home. During their investigation Police found that the perpetrator had sold some of the stolen jewelry to a local pawn shop and this information lead to his arrest.

Cosimo Bruno, age 21 of Popham Road, was picked up by the Bronx Police on the night of April 30th for an outstanding bench warrant in Scarsdale. He was booked and transported to Scarsdale Village Court where he paid an outstanding fine and was released.

Public Protest: Police were summoned on Friday morning 4/30 when a group of Chinese Monks were marching on Garden Road. The group was walking for a Nuclear Free Future and headed for the United Nations.

Mischief: Three rocks were thrown through a second floor window at a Fairview Road home on April 30th. Both the window and the storm window were broken.

On April 28, an antsy Valley Road man, eager to pass a village truck parked on his street, drove onto village-owned land at the corner of Valley and Gorham Roads and got stuck in the mud. The resident agreed to have his landscaper repair the damage his car caused to village property and no further action was taken.

A passerby reported that a man had started a fire in Chase Park on the morning of 4/29. Police found the man at a picnic table where he was passing time by lighting up a small piece of paper. He had no intention of starting anything larger.

Thefts: An unlocked car, parked in the driveway of a Fenimore Road home was entered during the night of 4/29-4/30. An iPod and a Garmin navigation device were taken.

A White Plains man claims that his ex-wife had the locks changed on his car and stole a briefcase and $500 in cash when his car was parked in front of the Scarsdale Post Office. The man had no proof to back his allegations.

A Fender Deluxe Strat Guitar was reported missing from the guitar room at Scarsdale High School on 4/28. The guitar, valued at $1199 was last seen around March 26 during Jabbber Fest. It is a rare instrument that is maroon in color. If anyone knows of the guitar’s whereabouts, please contact Scarsdale High School.

Lost: A North Carolina woman called police to check a Ridgecrest West home to see if her children were there in the custody of her ex-husband’s mother. Police checked the house but found that no one was at home.

Found: a rusty red Schwinn bicycle with two flat tires was found chained to a pole at the corner of Popham Road and East Parkway on 4/28. Police cut the chain and brought the bike to headquarters.

A Scarsdale Crossing Guard reported that he lost his department- issued cell phone on April 27th while visiting the Scarsdale Post Office. Later that day, the Crossing Guard found the phone in his car.

A large black Labrador retriever was found inside a house under construction on Cushman Road on Saturday afternoon 4/30. Though the dog had an invisible fence tag, he wore no identification. He was picked up by the New Rochelle Humane Society.

Two Edgewood women got into a dispute at the Davis Park playground on Boulevard on Saturday afternoon April 30th. The caller claimed that another woman was verbally abusive to her and her child. Police arrived, spoke to the women and both agreed to leave the park.

A woman, jogging on Palmer Road on Sunday morning was followed by a man driving a blue Camry. The man asked to speak to her, and when she told him she was calling the police he drove off.

On Sunday night May 1 at 10 pm police were called to break up a large group of kids at the corner of Brewster Road and Huntington Avenue. Police found kids fleeing in all directions and empty alcohol containers. Police stopped a 16 year-old driver who was letting passengers out of his car and charged him with driving after 9 pm.

Police came to the aid of a woman who had fallen off her bike on the Bronx River bike path on Sunday morning at 11 a.m. At 1 p.m. a 9 year-old girl fell off her bike on the Parkway, just south of Fenimore Road but refused treatment.

On Monday morning 5/3, a Scarsdale school bus sideswiped a MTA Beeline bus on the Post Road. The passenger side window of the school bus clipped the driver’s side window of the Beeline bus and the school bus mirror cracked. The school bus was empty at the time and the MTA transferred passengers to another bus. There were no injuries reported.

Astorino to Address Edgemont Community Council

County Executive Rob Astorino will address the Edgemont Community Council tonight, Wednesday, April 28 at their annual meeting. His topic will be cutting government spending in a time of fiscal austerity. All area residents, including residents of Scarsdale, are invited to hear him speak. The meeting begins at 8 p.m. and will be held in the cafeteria of the Greenville Elementary School in Edgemont.

The ECC will also be giving its annual Silver Bowl award for distinguished community service to long time Edgemont resident John Gerspach. Gerspach, a resident of Old Edgemont, is Chief Financial Officer of Citigroup. He is being honored for having served as an ECC director, Chairman of the School Board Nominating Committee, President of the E Club, an announcer at Edgemont High School football games, an organizer of the annual Christmas festivities at Crane Pond, and host of the annual Edgemont Halloween Parade. In addition, he has coached more than twenty teams.

Everyone is invited to the meeting at the Greenville School at 8 PM tonight to hear Rob Astorino and honor John Gerspach.

Splattered Paint, Disputes and a Man in Camouflage from the Police


If you wondered why the district locked down three elementary schools last Thursday, here is the story. New Rochelle Police received a report of a man jogging on Grand Boulevard toward Wilmot Road around 11 am on 4/19. He was said to be wearing army fatigues, a bullet-proof vest and gloves. New Rochelle asked Scarsdale Police for assistance in locating the man, and when they were unable to find him, they made a precautionary call to the Scarsdale School district to let them know that the man had been sited. The school district decided to lock down the three elementary schools due to the location where the man was spotted.

The man was never found. However, the New Rochelle police later learned that a jogger, fitting the man’s description had been seen in the area for the past week. The “bullet-proof vest” was actually an exercise vest with weights.

In other news, paint contractors working at the Scarsdale Pool on Monday 4/19 splattered paint on 22 cars that belong to employees of Kids Base. Deborah Fine, Kids Base Director spoke with Nick Palmieri of All State Painting who agreed to compensate the employees for the damage to their cars.

Black spray paint was used to paint the words “NURSE 23” in the grass next to the baseball field at SHS. The graffiti was discovered on the morning of April 24th.

A dispute broke out between the manager and an angry patron at the Metro Diner on Scarsdale Avenue on the afternoon of 4/23. The man came to the diner to pick up his wife and asked the manager to refrain from serving his wife liquor. When the manager did not agree, the man raised his voice and began to upset the other patrons of the diner. The Manager then asked the man to leave at once and asked police to go to the man’s home and tell him that he would no longer be permitted to come to the diner.

Minutes later, police were called to remove an unruly Garth Road man from DeCicco’s Market on Spencer Place.

An unknown male described as “a black man with no teeth” attempted to get inside a Saxon Woods Road home twice on the night of 4/23. A healthcare attendant at the house said that the man rang the front doorbell and refused to leave the premises. He then went to the back of the house and tried to get in again. Later that night the attendant reported that the man had climbed onto a porch awning and peered into a second floor bedroom window.

Salvatore Carpanzano of Christie Place was stopped for a traffic violation on April 21 on East Parkway. He was found to have a suspended driver’s license and outstanding summons from Scarsdale and Yonkers. The car registration was suspended as well. Carpanzano was arrested and taken to Police headquarters and his car was impounded and towed. He was processed and released on $250 bail.

Car Break-ins:

A 2007 BMW was vandalized when the owner parked it in the pool parking lot on Saturday afternoon. The owner was watching her daughter’s soccer game on Boulder Brook Field and when she returned to the car she found that the passenger side front window was broken and her handbag, containing $100 cash and credit cards had been stolen.

A Spruce Lane resident reported that her Tom Tom navigation unit had been taken from the glove compartment of her 2004 Toyota Sienna during the night of 4/22. There were no signs of forced entry and the owner reports that she may have left the car door unlocked.

In a similar incident, the passenger-side front window of a Jeep Grand Cherokee was broken sometime between 4/17 and 4/20 when the car was parked at a Birchall Road home. A Garmin Nuvi GPS unit valued at $349 was taken from the center console.

The passenger side window of a car parked in the IHM parking lot was shattered on the afternoon of 4/20. The car belongs to a woman who teaches at the church. Nothing was taken from the car and the woman suspects that the window was broken accidentally by children who were playing in the lot.

A Fox Meadow Road woman asked police to check the area around her home for animals on 4/19. She said that an unknown animal bit her daughter and wanted police to take a look around. Police were only able to find two squirrels.

A truck took down a large wire at the intersection of Heathcote and Palmer Roads on the afternoon of 4/20. A car driven by a Mt. Vernon woman was hit by the wire and it damaged the rear bumper.

A feuding Heathcote Road couple summoned police when the ex-wife turned up at her former residence to collect some items. The woman was granted a little extra time to remove her things and place them outside for pick-up. She asserted that her ex-husband had taken some things without her permission and agreed to put together a list of missing items to give to the police.

A dispute broke out between two drivers on Griffen Avenue on Thursday morning 4/22. During the argument a removable window on the drivers side was dislodged and minor damage occurred. The two agreed to settle the fight.

The Fire Department had to break into a side door of a Sprague Road home on the afternoon of 4/23 when alarms went off. The resident had left ribs cooking in the oven.

A 17 year-old boy had his skateboard confiscated by the police when he was riding on the sidewalk of Spencer Place on Saturday afternoon. He had been told before that he was not permitted to ride his skateboard on the sidewalk. His father later came to the police station to retrieve the skateboard.

On Saturday night at 10 pm a resident of the Chateaux Apartments called police to report loud noise coming from Chat American Grill on Christie Place. The noise appeared to be coming from people dining outside on the restaurant terrace. According to the resident, the developers of Christie Place had agreed to plant trees along the property line to diffuse noise, but they have not done so, and some residents of the Chateaux are annoyed.

Hartsdale and Greenburgh Police Reports:

Someone shot a BB gun at a Cotswold Way home and shattered a window between 4/17 and 4/20.

Frieda Friedman, age 91 f East Hartsdale Avenue was pronounced dead on Wednesday April 21. Her body was found on the kitchen floor of her apartment by her brother and nephew.  The funeral was to be held in Hackensack, New Jersey.

A Bronx man contends that his Handicapped Parking tag was stolen from his car when he had it serviced at Curry Acura on 4/22.  Employees at Curry were unable to locate it.

On Friday afternoon, a Doris Drive woman had her handbag stolen out of her car when she left it unlocked on Seely Place. Credit cards and cash were taken, as well as her bag.

Also on Friday afternoon, Portchester resident Jacob Jennifer had her handbag stolen out of a shopping cart at Marshalls.

A Nyack man left his cell phone on the table at Red Lobster at 11:45 on Sunday night 4/25.  He returned minutes later to retrieve and it was already gone.

Walworth Avenue Mugger Arrested

Today, Scarsdale Police Lieutenant Bryant Clark announced the arrest of one of the perpetrators in the April 12th mugging on Walworth Avenue. Krystal Walters, age 21 of Dobbs Ferry Road, Greenburgh was charged with robbery, grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property in connection with the incident, where the suspect, along with two others, threw a coat over a woman’s head, stole her purse and sped off in a waiting car.

Ms. Walters was already in the custody of White Plains police on an unrelated robbery and there is an outstanding warrant for her arrest from Riverside, California for yet another robbery.

The three vandals used the credit cards from the stolen purse to make purchases in Westchester and the Bronx. There is an ongoing police investigation to identify the other two accomplices in the Walworth incident.

The owner of La Dentelliere on East Parkway in Scarsdale was caught off guard by some suspicious customers on Monday afternoon 4-19. Three shoppers entered the store and one distracted her by asking questions. While speaking to the man, she noticed that the two others had left the store. The first customer stayed a few more minutes and then left as well, and that is when the proprietor noticed that a money box, containing $200, was missing. Police and Scarsdale Taxi patrolled the area in search of the culprits but were unable to find them.

Post Road residents were the victim of a burglary attempt on Saturday nigh 4/17. The homeowner went out around 5 pm and when she returned at 11 pm she found that a rock had been thrown through a rear window of the house and the window screen had been removed.  Fortunately, no one had entered the house and other than the damage to the window, nothing was disturbed.

Several handbags were stolen from a van parked outside a Cambridge Road home sometime on Sunday night 4-18. A side window of the minivan was broken and the bags were taken.

Theft: A Scarsdale High School student’s wallet was taken from a gym locker when the boy went to a track meet on April 16. He had left the locker unlocked and when he returned he found that his wallet, containing a debit car, $20, his driver’s license and high school i.d. were gone.

Missing Toaster: A Black and Decker Toaster Over, delivered to Brite Avenue residents by Fedex on Monday April 12th was never received by the owners. There were workers present in the area so perhaps one of them is enjoying some toast.

Unwanted Advances: On Monday 4-12 a woman in the St. Pius Church parking lot was approached by a man in a van who said, “you’re very attractive.” When she returned to her car later that day she found a handwritten note on the windshield that said, “Hello I’m Kenny. Stopped you this morning.  Please give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Concerned, she went to the police who identified the man by his phone number. He acknowledged leaving the note on the woman’s car and apologized.  Police warned him to refrain from contacting the woman again.

Kids: A woman locked her 4-week old baby in the car on April 15 when the car automatically locked when she got out to tend to the crying baby.  The Heathcote Gulf station was called and they were able to unlock the car.  The baby was fine.

A 23-month old child wandered out of her Garden Road backyard at 6:30 on April 18th and her mother called the police to say that her daughter was missing. When police arrived the parents had found the toddler, unharmed, in their neighbor’s yard.

Animals: Burgess Road residents called police at 4 am on April 16th when they heard noises in their garage.  Police arrived, opened the garage door, turned on the lights and found two large raccoons who had been eating a bag of birdseed.

An Edgewood resident complained on 4-18 that her neighbor’s three cats have been killing birds and leaving the remains on her property. The neighbor said that two of his cats do live outside and agreed to monitor their activity.  Later that same day, the cat owners reported that they were receiving unsettling phone calls from their neighbor.

Fraud: A Woods Lane man told police that he received a call on April 1 to say that he won $1,500,000 and he needed to wire $500 to cover the taxes. He did not wire the funds. On April 9 he received another call from David Bonds of the Winner’s Circle  and on April 12 he got a letter in the mail to inform him that he was the winner of $129,000. A check in the amount of $3,859.42 was enclosed. He went to his bank to deposit the check and told it was counterfeit.

Greenacres residents were advised by Chase Bank that a fraudulent check in the amount of $4050, made out to Garry Joseph Jr. was cashed from their account on April 9th. The fraudulent check had their account number, name and address printed on it. Chase cancelled the checking account and they are investigating.

Two Edgewood women reported that wire transfers, in the amount of $19,816 had been made from their Charles Schwab account on January 27. They notified Charles Schwab identity theft and filed a complaint. Schwab is investigating.