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Police Report: Connecticut Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving in Village, Apple Care Scam Fools Residents

firetruckDWI Arrest: On Nov. 6, police arrested Dewanda Ross, 40, of Stamford, Connecticut, on charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (with a prior conviction), aggravated DWI with blood alcohol content of .18 or more (with a prior conviction), use of a car without an ignition interlock device, unlawful possession of marijuana, moving from a lane unsafely and operating a motor vehicle without insurance. Patrol pulled over Ross's 2012 Honda on Weaver Street at approximately 4 a.m., after her car repeatedly crossed the double yellow line and entered the oncoming lane of traffic. She told patrol she had consumed one beer several hours ago. Her speech was slurred and slow, and her breath smelled of alcohol. She made several statements that did not make sense, such as, "My car is married." She failed field sobriety tests, and an alco-sensor test indicated alcohol on her breath, at a measurement of .21 of once percent. She was arrested and taken to headquarters. There, a small bag of marijuana was found in her purse. A Datamaster test administered at headquarters measured Ross's blood alcohol content at .25 of one percent. Records indicated Ross had been arrested for DWI and convicted in 2012. She was released on $100 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable Nov. 6.

Identity theft
On Oct. 30, an Olmsted Road man reported someone opened a Bank of America account in his name in March. The account was closed due to possible fraud by the bank.

Lost check
On Oct. 31, a Heathcote Road woman lost an endorsed insurance check issued to her from Hartford Insurance Company. She believes she lost the check somewhere in the village, and an unknown person cashed it at an unknown location. She did not know which bank cashed the check, but the insurance company said they would issue a copy of the cashed check to her within a week.

An Overlook Road woman reported being the victim of a scam Nov. 2. She told police someone called her, impersonating an Apple support technician. The person told her viruses had infected her computer, but the computer could be cleaned and protected. The person offered to do this for the woman in exchange for payment made by Apple gift cards. In total, the woman purchased ten Apple gift cards and provided the card numbers to the person. In total, the woman lost $1,000 in the process. Police advised the woman to cease all communication with the scammer.

On Nov. 2, a Bradford Road woman was contacted by a person alleging to be employed by Apple, regarding an alleged problem with the woman's computer. The person advised the woman to enroll in "Apple Long Term Care" in order to repair the problem. The woman was instructed to purchase eight Apple gift cards to use as payment for the program. She bought the gift cards, scanned them, and sent them to the person. After doing so, she realized she had been scammed.

On Nov. 2, a Sage Terrace man reported he received several voicemails regarding an alleged security breach with Apple computers. He was instructed via voicemail to stop using his computer. He then called an alleged representative from Apple Care, and the alleged representative instructed him to purchase iTunes gift cards in denominations less than $100. The man purchased four batches of gift cards total, photographed them and emailed them to the alleged Apple Care representative. The first batch was to pay for technical support services for virus cleaning. The second batch was to replace the first batch, which was said to be blocked from access. The third batch was to pay for a new router, which a technician was supposed to install in the man's house. The fourth batch was allegedly for undisclosed services related to the router. After the technician failed to show up at the man's house, the man realized he had been scammed.

A Butler Road woman reported someone might be living in a tent in a wooded area behind her house Oct. 31. Two tents were found on county property, so Westchester County police were notified and briefed on the matter. Police searched the tents and found no inhabitants. One of the tents contained numerous personal items in damaged states. Some items were moldy. Police removed the tents and items and discarded them. Police will monitor the area.

As part of an ongoing dispute between a Stratton Road landlord and her tenant, the landlord disconnected the tenant's Wi-Fi Nov. 1. The tenant claimed it was stated in his lease agreement that the landlord was supposed to supply Wi-Fi for the tenant. The landlord said her lawyer said she "had every right to disconnect the Wi-Fi." The tenant was not able to show patrol a copy of the lease agreement. Later that evening, the landlord reported the tenant was leaving doors open to the house. The tenant told police a door was once left open during the tenant's process of moving personal items out of the house.

A Walworth Avenue homeowner fired her contractor last week and signed a contract with a new contractor Oct. 31. The new contractor was doing work under the permit bearing the former contractor's name Nov. 1. Police advised the building department and told the new contractor to file new permits under his own name.

On Nov. 3, a man reported someone approached his mother "about a leak in front of her house." The man said her saw the individual on surveillance cameras he had installed at his mother's house. Police spoke with the man's mother and her caregiver. The caregiver informed patrol that the man who came to the house changed the water meter and repaired a small leak. Everything was in good order. Police attempted to contact the man to inform him.

Domestic matter
A man came to headquarters after midnight, stating his wife had exited their vehicle on Tompkins Road and might need assistance Nov. 4. The man's wife was found walking home near Brewster and Olmsted roads. She was coherent and in good condition. She said she "needed some air and wanted to walk home."

On Nov. 4, a Garth Road woman received two checks in the mail for services not yet rendered, and she believed the checks might be related to a fraud attempt. She did not cash the checks.

On Nov. 4, a caller reported a man walking around outside and possibly confused on Gaylor Road. The man was a resident who accidentally locked himself outside. While patrol was on scene, the man's wife came home with keys, and the couple went inside their house.

A Chesterfield Road resident reported someone rang her doorbell and fled Nov. 5. Police canvassed the area but did not find anyone.

Suspended registration
While conducting traffic enforcement on Post Road Nov. 5, police encountered a car with a suspended registration. Police conducted a traffic stop. The driver was issued summonses for the suspended registration, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle without insurance and an uninspected motor vehicle. The car was towed to a private house in Mount Vernon, as per the driver's request. Police removed the license plates and vouchered them at headquarters.

Cars and roadways
An electrical house service wire fell on a Spier Road resident's parked car Oct. 30. Police advised the resident to stay away from her car until Con Edison arrived and addressed the situation.

Con Edison was notified about additional fallen wires on Church Lane and Richbell, Heathcote and Wildwood roads Oct. 30. They were notified about branches in wires on Kensington and Butler roads Oct. 31.

A car without license plates was parked on Madison Road Oct. 30. The registered owners said he was in the process of selling it to a Madison Road man. The Madison Road man was instructed to park it in his driveway until he was able to register it.

A deer was struck by a car at Harvest Drive and Rural Road Oct. 30. It died, and the highway department removed it from the roadway.

A car battery died near the intersection of Post and Mamaroneck roads, in close proximity to the driver's house, Oct. 30. A jump-start attempt was not successful. Police helped the driver push the car to the driver's house to get it off the roadway.

Scarsdale and Westchester County police used a push bar to push a disabled truck off the Bronx River Parkway, pending the arrival of a mechanic, Oct. 31.

An unspecified "dead animal" was reported on Fox Meadow Road and picked up for disposal by the sanitation department.

A parked Toyota Prius on Nelson Road was found with its engine running and its lights on Nov. 3. Police turned off the engine and lights and secured the car.

Wires were arcing near trees on Griffen Avenue, in the jurisdiction of Mamaroneck, Nov. 3. Police and firefighters stood by for Con Edison and Mamaroneck public safety personnel.

A public street light pole fell on Garth Road Nov. 3. Patrol secured the area until the highway department could repair it.

Police called tow trucks for disabled cars on Hutchinson Avenue and Crossway Nov. 3.

Patrol helped a driver replace his wheel and tire after the wheel came off the car after the driver exited the Bronx River Parkway at Ogden Road Nov. 4.

Police taped a fallen cable wire to a utility pole at Chase and Crane roads Nov. 4.

Nine car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A Brewster Road dog bit a man Nov. 3. The man went to the hospital Nov. 4, and a nurse called police requesting proof of the animal's vaccination paperwork. Police went to the dog owner's house. The owner confirmed his dog had bitten the man, but he thought no injuries had occurred. The man said the dog was up to date on vaccinations, but he did not have paperwork in his possession. He asked his daughter to call the animal shelter in Bradenton, Florida, from where the dog had been adopted, to request paperwork.

Patrol reunited a dog owner with her dog that had broken free from its harness and was found loose on Wayside Lane Nov. 5. Patrol issued the owner a summons for having a dog at large.

Village code
Police issued an Obry Road homeowner a summons for draining pool water in the roadway Nov. 1.

Police issued a warning to the owner of a barking dog on Griffen Avenue Nov. 2.

Two dogs were barking outdoors on Crest Lane Nov. 4. Patrol called the owner. She said she would come home and put the dogs inside the house.

After neighbors complained of noise, a Cornell Street party hostess turned off outdoor music speakers at 11 p.m., Nov. 4.

The host of a Madison Road party quieted music and conversation after neighbors complained at 11:50 p.m., Nov. 5.

Lost and found
A passerby found a wallet on top of a parked car on East Parkway Nov. 1. It belonged to the registered owner of the car. Police returned the wallet to its owner.

A woman visiting her daughter n Fenimore Road reported losing her Canadian passport, possibly in a taxi, Nov. 5.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of fallen or sparking electrical wires on Heathcote Road Oct. 30.

Firefighters helped a bicycle owner remove his bike from the rack on East Parkway after the key broke off inside the bicycle lock Oct. 30.

Firefighters shut gas and power to a malfunctioning and sparking cooktop in a Greenacres Avenue house Oct. 30.

A Nelson Road woman accidentally got locked out of her house Oct. 31. Firefighters verified her identity and helped her get back in the house.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of an outdoor gas odor and possible gas leak into the storm sewer on Dell Road and Rock Creek Lane Nov. 1.

Low levels of carbon monoxide and haze were ventilated out of a Broadmoor Road house Nov. 1.

The cause was determined to be smoke testing of the public sanitary sewer system.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of an outdoor gas odor on Tompkins Road Nov. 1.

Light smoke in a Mamaroneck Road house was caused by the installation of a new oil burner Nov. 1.

Firefighters shut gas and water to a leaking boiler in a Heathcote Road house, pending repair, Nov. 2.

A boiler malfunctioned and released steam into a Fairview Road house Nov. 2. Firefighters shut the system, ventilated the basement and advised the homeowner to call for service.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor inside an East Parkway building Nov. 3.

A car was leaking a small amount of gasoline in Freightway garage Nov. 3. Firefighters cleaned up the spilled gasoline and helped the driver plug the leak for a temporary fix.

The elevator in the Christie Place parking garage malfunctioned Nov. 4. Firefighters placed it out of service and notified village personnel.

A plumber sweating pipes in an Oak Lane laundry room caused elevated readings of carbon monoxide Nov. 4. Firefighters ventilated the space and stood by for Con Edison.

An Axtell Road resident reported a "roaring fire sound" inside the chimney and possible flames shooting out of her chimney Nov. 5. Firefighters used a chimney bucket to remove fire from the fireplace, extinguish and cool the wood in water. They examined the chimney and found no fire or hot spots. Remnants of an animal nest were found inside the chimney. This was probably the cause of the roaring sound the resident heard. Firefighters recommended having the chimney professionally cleaned and serviced.

A car started inside a Greenacres Avenue garage caused elevated levels of carbon monoxide in the garage. Firefighters ventilated the space.

This week, firefighters assisted at four car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to 22 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, leaking water, steam, dust, leaking water and smoke testing of the public sanitary sewer system.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 30-Nov. 5 has been compiled from official information.

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Astorino and Latimer in Dead Heat in County Executive Race

LatimerAstorinoToday, all eyes are on the race between incumbent Republican County Executive Rob Astorino and Democratic challenger George Latimer. According to polls, the race is in a dead heat. Though Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1 in Westchester, Astorino has held the top job in the county for the past seven years.

Here's an outline of the key issues in the campaign and why Latimer's supporters are urging you to vote for him today. See the candidates views on taxes, guns, women's rights and the fate of the Westchester County Airport below and also note a controversial contribution to the Astorino campaign.

Rob Astorino recently accepted a $1 million campaign contribution from alt-right financier and Breitbart supporter Robert Mercer to enhance his smear tactics against George Latimer. He is hoping his ability to outspend will ensure his re-election.

As state senator, George Latimer voted to give New Yorkers the lowest middle class income tax rates since 1953. Latimer has pledged to fight tooth and nail against Trump's devastating tax plan, which slams Westchester residents by not allowing the deduction of state and local taxes from income.

Rob Astorino broke his election promise to cut Westchester taxes by 20%. Although he claims not to have raised taxes, all you have to do is look at the county and the sewer and refuse portion of your tax bill over the last eight years to see that this is a lie. Astorino has said nothing about defending us from Trump's vindictive tax hike.

Astorino called for the repeal of the SAFE Act, which prevents criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying a gun by requiring universal background checks and mandates life in prison for anyone who murders a first responder.

Astorino brought gun shows to the County Center and vetoed legislation that would have banned gun shows on county-owned property. Astorino is a darling of the NRA and holds an "A" rating from them. According to the NRA, Astorino opposes bans on semi-automatic weapons and restrictions on gun magazines.

Latimer has committed to cease hosting gun shows on county property.

Fiscal Management:
Under Astorino's stewardship, the fiscal health of Westchester has plummeted to 53rd out of 57 New York counties, according to the state comptroller. Westchester's credit rating has also been downgraded for the first time in 30 years, raising the cost of borrowing.

Astorino spent 8 years fighting with HUD over requirements to build affordable housing, costing the county $35 million in lost federal aid.

As state senator, Latimer supported increasing the minimum wage, but he's also aware that we need to do more to help small businesses impacted by the wage increase. He pledges to do more for women and minority owned businesses. Latimer is endorsed by the New York AFL-CIO, the Transport Workers Union, firefighter and teachers unions, and many others.

Women's Rights:
George Latimer is endorsed by major women's organizations: Hudson Valley Planned Parenthood, National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund, and NOW-Westchester. Latimer is a champion for the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act. He supports pay equity, safe access to healthcare clinics, comprehensive sexual education, and paid family leave.

Astorino stands with Donald Trump, a man who brags about sexual assault, calls women who challenge him "nasty," and opposes funding for women's reproductive health care. Astorino even defended Trump's misogynistic Tweets about a female reporter's bleeding.

When Astorino ran for governor, he declared that "everything [was] on the table" including cutting Medicaid funding of abortion. Astorino vetoed women's safe access to reproductive health care here in Westchester and cut comprehensive teen sex ed programs. Instead of keeping women safe and informed, he honored abstinence-only and fake pregnancy center advocates, using the County building to do so.

According to Andrea Miller, President of the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund, "At a time when our fundamental rights are under attack at the federal level, Westchester needs and deserves a County Executive that won't play political games with our access to reproductive healthcare."

Latimer is endorsed by the Hudson chapter of the Sierra Club and has gained top marks from the Environmental Advocates of NY and the NY League of Conservation Voters for his voting record. A few of his achievements: Latimer successfully fought to secure $300 million for the protection of natural resources through the Environmental Protection Fund, authored legislation to create a $1.5 billion solar incentive program, supported a hydro-fracking ban, and passed legislation requiring schools to test for lead contamination. He has pledged to fight climate change by re-establishing the county Global Warming Task Force.

Under Astorino's watch, Westchester was sued by the federal government for failure to comply with water safety standards since 2012. Astorino caused taxpayers to pay $12 million to settle the lawsuit, including a record $1.1 million fine.

Under Astorino's watch, Westchester County is being sued by Save the Sound for allowing untreated sewage to leak into the Long Island Sound, violating the Clean Water Act and risking public health and harming the environment.

To plug a $15 million budget deficit he created, Astorino has been aggressively pushing for a deal to privatize and expand the county airport, which could have devastating environmental impacts.

After receiving $43,000 in campaign contributions from Spectra Energy and its subcontractors, Astorino bypassed county review processes to grant the company a license to build a pipeline carrying fracked gas through Blue Mountain Preserve, a public park. Today, our Blue Mountain county park stands denuded of trees and vegetation, drains clogged and ditches filled with standing water.

Campaign Funding:
Despite Astorino's $4 million campaign war chest from developers and the NRA, he accepted another $1 million donation from Robert Mercer. Mercer's dark money funds the Steve Bannon Breitbart News and alt-right candidates nationwide. With this funding Astorino has been flooding TV, airwaves and people's mailboxes.

George Latimer's campaign is funded by small grassroots contributions. With less than a tenth of Astorino's funding, he relied on volunteers like you and me to tell the truth.

Community Programs:
Astorino cut all funding to: 1) neighborhood health centers which provide Title X services; 2) food pantries; 3) after-school programs; 4) child abuse prevention and mental health programs. He slashed funds to the eviction prevention foreclosure fund and the Invest in Kids and Youth Bureau. He limited access to County Government help in domestic violence situations.

Latimer believes in building our communities--not bankrupting them. He co-sponsored the DREAM act, voted for numerous affordable housing projects as state senator, supported PLAs for public work projects, voted to upgrade sewers and provide adequate funding for public transportation, and voted to create the Human Rights Commission in Westchester

Albany Politicians:
Rob Astorino is playing on people's frustrations with state politics by labeling Latimer an "Albany" politician. But Latimer has made the choice to leave Albany, represent us here in Westchester as county executive, and clean up the budgetary mess left by Astorino. Astorino is the one who is planning to become an Albany politician by running for governor next year.

Police Report: Arrest at CVS, a Fight and a DWI

skeletontreeOn Oct. 22, police arrested Larry Dante Brand, 24, of Brooklyn, on a charge of second-degree possession of a forged instrument, after Brand attempted to pay for items with a fraudulent credit card at the CVS store on Popham Road. According to the store manager, Brand and another man had entered the store and "attempted to shoplift items." One man left the store while Brand was at the register paying for items with the fraudulent card. After Brand left the store, officers located him on Popham Road and he was arrested for using the fraudulent card. He was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court and remanded to Westchester County Jail in lieu of $7,500 bail. Brand is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 25.

Jessica Artilles, 29, of Yonkers, was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), refusal to take a breath test and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle on a highway. Police were alerted to the defendant's state after receiving a report of an altercation in the parking lot of Hitchcock Presbyterian Church, on Greenacres Avenue, at approximately 12:45 a.m., Oct. 23. There, police observed two women fighting on the ground. Artilles was holding another woman in a headlock according to the police report. Police officers physically separated the two women. The woman who had been in the headlock told police that Artilles had been driving while intoxicated, and she and another passenger urged Artilles to pull over and stop driving. Artilles pulled into the church parking lot, and an argument and physical altercation allegedly ensued. Artilles admitted to police that she had been driving and pulled into the parking lot because of an argument with her passengers. Artilles eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and her speech was slurred. She was also having difficulty maintaining balance while walking. During the course of the investigation, police noticed a black bag on the floor of the passenger seat containing an open beer can and an open bottle of wine. There was also a water bottle, which appeared to contain an alcoholic beverage, in the driver's door compartment. Police asked Artilles to take an alco-sensor pre-screening test, which Artilles "could not complete," according to the police report. At headquarters, Artilles agreed to take a Datamaster test, but she was "unable to complete" this test as well. Artilles was released on $100 cash bail and ordered to appear at Scarsdale Village Justice Court on Oct. 25.

Identity theft
On Oct. 17, a Post Road woman reported someone opened a Sprint telephone account in her name and purchased ten cell phones on the account in July 2016. She learned of the incident after she received a collection notice from Sprint for unpaid charges.

On Oct. 21, a Quentin Road man discovered an unknown check was cashed against his Chase bank account. The signature did not match the man's actual signature, and he believed he might still be in possession of the original check. He did not know the person to whom the check had been written. Chase Bank is following up with an investigation.

Broken window
Someone broke a side window on a Rock Creek Lane man's 2005 Toyota parked in his driveway overnight Oct. 19 to 20. Nothing was taken from the car. The man said the car door has been having problems opening, so a perpetrator might have been foiled in an attempt open the door and gained entry to the car after breaking the window.

A Catherine Road resident brought a Mossberg shotgun to headquarters for proper disposal Oct. Oct. 21. The resident said he did not want the gun in his house any longer.

Starter pistol
A caller reported hearing a noise like three gunshots in the area of Fenway Golf Club Oct. 16. Patrol investigated, and a golf club employee said he used a starter pistol to scare geese away from the golf course.

A Morris Lane woman reported someone might have tried to gain access to her computer Oct. 17. She received a text message with a Google verification code, but she was not sure why she received it. Police advised her to follow up with Google.

Responding to a reported odor of marijuana coming from a River Road wooded area Oct. 18, police encountered three people walking out of the woods. They told police they were going for a walk. Police did not detect any obvious signs of marijuana use.

Welfare check
Police checked the welfare of a Gaylor Road resident. The resident was OK.

A loud bang reported in the area of Walworth Avenue and Colvin and Brayton roads was suspected to be a metal garbage can hitting the ground Oct. 19.

Around 2 a.m., Oct. 20, a Weaver Street resident thought he heard a rear sliding screen door opening in the house. The resident's mother looked outside and saw a dark colored sedan leaving the resident's circular driveway. Police examined the house and found no signs of criminal activity.

Cars and roadways
Police called a tow for a disabled car on Post Road and roadside assistance for a car with a dead battery at Scarsdale Middle School Oct. 16.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Morris Lane Oct. 16.

A deer struck by a car was lying injured on Mamaroneck Road, bleeding from its mouth, Oct. 16. Patrol relocated the deer to the sanitation yard and shot it.

A construction foreman agreed to have workers move vehicles to one side of Innes Road to support traffic flow Oct. 17.

On Oct. 17, a Mamaroneck Road man reported an unknown object struck his windshield and caused it to crack.

On Oct. 19, bicycles chained to signs on Scarsdale Avenue were issued warnings to be moved, as the Department of Public Works needed to replace signs.

Police issued summonses to illegally parked cars on North Chase Road Oct. 19 and 20 and Overhill Road Oct. 21.

A caller reported a hazardous pile of leaves on Crane Road Oct. 19. Police removed enough leaves from the roadway to ensure safe vehicle passage.

A Morris Lane resident reported a "suspicious" car stopping in front of houses on the street Oct. 20. Police spoke with the driver who said he grew up on Rock Creek Lane and was showing his new girlfriend some of the "large houses" on Morris Lane.

A "suspicious" car parked on Walworth Avenue, with an occupant's "feet on the dashboard," belonged to a worker at a nearby house Oct. 21. Police asked the worker to park in the driveway to avoid reports of a suspicious car parked in the street.

A car was parked in a private parking lot on Heathcote Road at around 10 p.m., Oct. 22. The driver and passenger said they were talking. Police told them to relocate to a public parking lot to continue their conversation.

Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week. Police responded to three additional accidents, but involved parties did not want to make formal reports. One car was repossessed in the village this week.

Village code
A white man was heard yelling, "F*** you," while walking on Mamaroneck Road at 1 a.m., Oct. 17. Police gave the man several warnings, but he continued to yell the expletives. He was issued a village code violation summons for making unnecessary noise. Later in the week, on Oct. 20, the man was arrested in White Plains for crimes that occurred in White Plains. Specifically, the man was accused of attempting to enter a person's house in the Cushman Road area of White Plains.

A Murray Hill Road party host lowered the volume of music after neighbors complained of noise Oct. 21.

Police dispersed youths from a park on Boulevard after dark Oct. 21.

Police reunited a Larch Lane dog, found by a Post Road resident, with its owner Oct. 18.

A dog walker reported that a Valley Road dog started barking at her and the dog that she was walking Oct. 18. The dog walker yelled at the offending dog, and it stopped barking. No contact was made.

A barking dog was brought inside its Carstensen Drive house after neighbors complained of noise.

A White Birch Lane woman caught a dog and took pictures of its tags after it wandered into her yard Oct. 21. Police contacted the dog's owner who was unaware that the dog had left its protected electric fence area. The owner said he would promptly address the issue.

Police removed a dead raccoon from a Haverford Avenue yard Oct. 21.

Police reunited a loose white dog found on Aspen Road with its Aspen Road owner Oct. 21. A summons, for having a dog at large, was issued to the owner.

New Rochelle Humane Society picked up a loose white dog found on Quaker Center Oct. 21.

Civil matter
A Stratton Road tenant accused his landlord of taking his mail. The landlord said she had not taken her tenant's mail. The landlord is in the process of evicting her tenant. She was advised to leave his mail in the mailbox and not place it on an inside table. There was no evidence of mail theft.

The manager of a Garth Road restaurant reported a worker was on his roof without permission Oct. 21. The worker said the owner had hired him to do repair work on the roof. The manager climbed the worker's ladder to look at the roof, and the worker told him to get off the ladder due to safety and liability concerns. The worker then removed the ladder, thus leaving the manager stranded on the roof. Police made sure the manager was able to safely get off the roof by climbing down a ladder. The business owner arrived on scene and reiterated permission for the worker to access the roof and perform repair work there.

On Oct. 16, the motor for an instant hot water heater under a Fairview Road kitchen sink burnt out and was smoking. Firefighters removed the defective heater and ventilated the house.

People got stuck in the Christie Place parking garage elevator Oct. 17. Firefighters opened the door to free the people, and they put the elevator out of service.

On Oct. 18, a car leaked antifreeze in Freightway Garage. Firefighters cleaned it up.

On Oct. 20, firefighters and police advised a Huntington Avenue resident that burning leaves and branches in an open fire in the backyard was prohibited. The resident was advised to bundle leaves and sticks for pickup instead.

On Oct. 20, firefighters assisted Con Edison with checking a house to address a gas leak on Griffen Avenue.

On Oct. 20, children were playing with a dry chemical fire extinguisher in a Murray Hill Road house, and the extinguisher discharged, causing an accidental activation of the fire alarm system. Firefighters helped with cleanup and advised the children about the serious nature of playing with fire prevention equipment.

On Oct. 21, firefighters stood by while a construction bonfire was extinguished in the back of a Boulevard property. They checked for safety and overhauled the area.

This week, firefighters assisted at five car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to 21 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, construction dust, steam, a tripped head and water leaking into a smoke detector.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 16-22 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Bomb Scare at SMS. Car Break-ins Rampant in Village

pinkpostitBomb scare: A student found a small pink Post-it note inside a toilet stall in the girl's second-floor bathroom in Scarsdale Middle School's Popham House around 10 a.m., Oct. 25. The note stated, "I bomb school at 12:00 p.m." Approximately 20 minutes after police were notified, school officials made the decision to evacuate the school. Students and staff were evacuated to school fields, as per protocol. The Westchester County police department bomb squad was brought in to search the school. They completed their search and found no evidence of a bomb. Students and staff were allowed to return to the building, and police stayed on to investigate further. The threatening note was photographed and vouchered as evidence.

Car break-ins
Two pairs of designer sunglasses and $3 in change were stolen from a parked car on Roosevelt Place overnight Oct. 23. The owner said the car had been locked at the time. Police found no evidence of force or damage to the vehicle.

A parked car was left with its window open overnight in a Tisdale Road driveway Oct. 23. The owner found approximately $5-$10 worth of change missing from the car in the morning of Oct. 24.

Ray Ban sunglasses were stolen from a parked car in a Lockwood Road driveway overnight Oct. 23. There was no sign of force or damage to the vehicle.

Someone entered a 2015 Nissan parked on Rodney Road, tossed the glove compartment and apparently smoked a cigarette inside the car overnight Oct. 23. The owner said the car smelled of cigarette smoke in the morning. Nothing was reported stolen.

Loose change was stolen from a parked car in a Post Road driveway overnight Oct. 23.

An Edgewood Road resident reported an attempted car larceny, from the previous night, on Oct. 24. His parked car had been entered, but nothing had been stolen.

On the morning of Oct. 24, a Roosevelt Place woman noticed someone had entered her unlocked 1998 Toyota Camry, tossed items into a state of disarray inside the car and stolen five rolls of quarters, insurance documents and car registration papers.

On Oct. 26, a School Lane resident reported that someone had stolen a Verizon "hot spot" device and approximately $3 in coins from his parked and unlocked car. He last saw the items in the car, in his driveway, on the evening of Oct. 23.

Arrest on warrant
A Copper Beech Lane resident reported a man and woman were on her property in a white U-Haul van Oct. 26. They said there from a maintenance service and were there to change locks, as per a Houlihan Lawrence real estate agent. After checking paperwork and contacting the real estate agent, police determined they were sent to the wrong address. When checking the man and woman's IDs, police learned that the man – Frank Eugene Sharps, 48, of Garrison – was wanted by Peekskill police for second-degree criminal impersonation and various vehicle and traffic offenses. Sharps was arrested and held in custody, pending pickup by Peekskill police.

Identity theft
On Oct. 25, a Franklin Road woman reported someone attempted to open credit card accounts in her name. Creditors denied the attempts.

As part of an ongoing issue with a Stratton Road homeowner and her basement tenant, the tenant reported that the homeowner's adult son told him, "I'm going to kill you," as the tenant walked past the son on his way out of the house Oct. 26. The previous day the tenant and the son argued about the location of where the tenant parked his car in the homeowner's driveway. The tenant said he was concerned and wanted to pursue the matter. Police advised all parties to follow up on the civil portions of this matter in civil court.

Fallen limbs
A tree fell across two cars parked in the parking lot of Alcott School on Fox Meadow Road Oct. 24. No injuries were reported. A white Nissan was damaged and had to be towed from the scene. A black Jeep was able to be driven away from the fallen tree to a safe location. The highway department sent personnel to remove the tree.

A large limb of a village-owned tree in Chase Park broke and fell on an unoccupied, parked car on Woodland Place Oct. 24. The highway department removed the limb, and the car was towed from the scene due to considerable damage.

A Fairview Road resident reported seeing a man with a ladder and an unknown car parked at a nearby house under construction Oct. 23. Police spoke to the man on the ladder. He was the homeowner removing leaves from the gutters.

A Cornell Road resident reported an ongoing issue with people dumping heavy trash items on his property. He showed police a surveillance video from Oct. 23 that showed a suspect drive up and leave a sofa on the resident's lawn at the curb. Police are investigating.

A Walworth Avenue homeowner told police she was having a civil dispute with her contractor and had just terminated his contract Oct. 24. She said her house was still under construction and she was concerned the contractor might return to her house without her permission. Police called the contractor and he agreed to stay away from the house.

An Evon Court woman reported receiving a strange email from an unknown person named "Tim" Oct. 24. Police advised her to not respond to the email, since it was probably a scam.

A Rural Drive woman reported someone kicked her mailbox pole and damaged it Oct. 24. She did not want to make a formal report.

A Walworth Avenue resident reported seeing someone possibly walking through her backyard after midnight Oct. 25. Police canvassed the area for the suspect but did not find anyone.

On Oct. 27, a Murray Hill Road homeowner complained about a neighbor's landscaper who allegedly left a lawnmower on the neighbor's yard. Police went to the house and saw a lawnmower on the village right-of-way between the two houses. Police spoke to the landscaper, and the landscaper moved the lawnmower away from the homeowner's property.

On Oct. 27, a Brewster Road woman reported a man was taking pictures of her house. When she questioned him, he said he was an electrician working on Dobbs Terrace and wanted to show his customer a comparison of wiring. Police canvassed the area for the alleged electrician but could not find him.

On Oct. 27, patrol arrived at Brite Avenue and Huntington Avenue and spoke with four 12-year-old girls who called for assistance. They reported that while walking to a friend's house on Walworth Avenue, a group of teenagers called out to them saying "Yo," and they called back "Yo." The girls said the teenagers then began walking in their direction, and this scared the girls. The girls further stated that after this incident, they walked passed a car occupied by a white man. The girls stated that the male said, "Hello," but they felt it was in a "creepy" voice. The girls said the man's car did not move or follow them as they continued to walk to their destination. The girls said that due to both incidents, they were scared and called the police. Police called one of the girl's fathers, who picked up the group of girls and drove them to their destination.

A Leatherstocking Lane man reported an intruder might be in his house after he saw papers disturbed from a dresser Oct. 28. After an investigation and review of video surveillance, police determined a large framed picture fell from the wall behind the dresser, made a noise and disturbed the papers.

Cars and roadways
A contractor moved parked work vehicles on Cambridge Road to improve traffic flow of traffic Oct. 23.

A driver reported she sustained two flat tires as the result of a detour caused by an orange traffic cone located at the intersection of Kingston Road and Greenacres Avenue Oct. 23. Police determined that neither the traffic cone nor the recessed pavement near the cone could have caused the driver's tires to go flat.

A Springdale Road woman reported she thought a blue sedan might have been following her while she and her children were biking around the neighborhood Oct. 23. Police canvassed the area but did not find a blue sedan.

A broken sprinkler head was causing some water to leak onto Brite Avenue Oct. 24. Police left a message for the homeowner.

Police cleared debris from Mamaroneck Road Oct. 24.

Police cleared a fallen tree limb from Oxford Road Oct. 24.

A diseased maple tree fell across Saxon Woods Road Oct. 24. The highway department removed the tree.

On Oct. 24, the highway department removed fallen trees from Griffen Avenue and Weaver Street.

Con Edison repaired fallen wires brought down by fallen branches on Fox Meadow Road Oct. 24.

A driver claimed a construction site on Post Road caused her to get a flat tire Oct. 25. Police examined the site and did not find any debris on the roadway. Roadside assistance changed the woman's tire.

The water department was called about a broken fire hydrant on Palmer Avenue and pooling water from an unknown source on Brewster Road Oct. 25.

Police directed traffic around a disabled car on Griffen Avenue while the car was being loaded onto a flatbed tow truck Oct. 26.

Police removed a fallen phone wire from Alida Road and notified Verizon Oct. 28.

A driver attempted to make a U-turn at Harcourt and Brewster roads during a storm Oct. 29. The driver could not see the edge of a ravine and ended up with her car in the ravine partially submerged in water. No one was injured. The car was removed the next day, when post-storm conditions made its removal safe.

The highway department removed fallen tress from Bypass and Heathcote and Ogden roads Oct. 29.

Ten car accidents were reported in the village this week. Two involved utility poles.

On Oct. 25, a woman reported a dog ran out and bit her jacket while she was out walking on Black Birch Lane Oct. 25. The bit did not penetrate her skin or puncture her jacket. She identified a possible address for the dog. Police knocked on the door, but no one answered.

A small brown dog was running on Highland Way Oct. 26. The owner said the dog's electric fence collar failed due to a dead battery. So, the battery was changed.

Police reunited loose dogs found on Palmer Avenue with their owner Oct. 28. A summons was issued.

On Oct. 28, a Heathcote Road woman reported two loose dogs came onto her property and bit the woman's dog in the ear.

Village code
Police dispersed noisy kids from a youth party on Crest Lane, where numerous uninvited guests showed up Oct. 27.

Police stood by while kids were being picked up from a party on Penn Boulevard Oct. 27.

Police dispersed kids from Hyatt Park, as well as Fairview Hampton and Olmsted roads, after dark Oct. 28.

Kids were roasting marshmallows in a Ferncliff Road yard at 11 p.m., Oct. 28. Police advised them to keep the noise level low.

Lost and found
A passerby found a driver's license in the village and gave it to police Oct. 23. It belonged to a person with a listed Eastchester address. Patrol attempted to return the license to the person, but the listed phone number was out of service, and there was no answer at the door. Police vouchered the license for safekeeping.

An iPhone was found at the back of Edgewood School Oct. 28. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of fallen electrical wires on Fox Meadow Road Oct. 23 and arcing wires on Heathcote Road Oct. 29.

Firefighters ventilated a Greenacres Avenue garage from elevated levels carbon monoxide Oct. 24.

A Lenox Place homeowner reported an odor of gasoline or paint thinner coming into her house from a storm drain connection Oct. 25. Firefighters flushed the drain with water, and the odor dissipated.

A car caught on fire on East Parkway Oct. 26. It was extinguished by a dry powder extinguisher. Investigation found a belt on the motor had burned, and the fire extended to the motor's plastic housing. Firefighters disconnected the car's battery and awaited a tow.

On Oct. 27, an electrical transformer exploded on Palmer Avenue and ignited a tree and extended to a residential gutter. Firefighters extinguished the small fire in the gutter and stood by for Con Edison.

Baseboard heating in an Aspen Road house caused an odor in the house Oct. 27. The heater was turned off.

The elevator in the Christie Place parking garage malfunctioned and accidentally trapped a passenger Oct. 28. Firefighters released the passenger and put the elevator out of service.

This week, firefighters assisted at six car accidents in the village and on parkways. They responded to 16 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, leaking water, steam, incense and fog from a Halloween prop.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 23-29 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Shoplifters Steal Garbage Bags Full of Merchandise from CVS

garbage bagStolen merchandise: On Oct. 12, three men entered the CVS store on Popham Road and stole a large amount of merchandise. The men placed two large garbage bags in different areas of the store and went around the store placing selective objects in shopping baskets. They took their baskets to the garbage bags and emptied the items into the bags. At the end of the escapade, the men rushed out of the store with the garbage bags full of merchandise and a shopping basket full of merchandise. Employees were busy with other customers at the time. The men's activities were captured by video surveillance. Police are investigating.

Stolen bike
A Hampton Road woman's black and white Schwinn bicycle was stolen from the bike rack at East Parkway and Spencer Place. The woman said she locked her bike to the rack on the morning of Oct. 13. When she returned to retrieve her bike that afternoon, she found another lock had been placed on it. She went home and left the bike locked to the rack overnight. The next afternoon, on Oct. 14, she returned to the bike rack and discovered her bicycle and lock were missing. The bicycle was valued at $160.

Identity theft
On Oct. 15, a Westview Lane man reported his wife's Citibank credit card was used without her knowledge or permission during the month of September. In both cases, items were purchased from retail locations and returned the same day, causing money to be credited back to the card. No monetary loss was incurred.

Domestic matter
An Edgewood daughter called police to report her father was yelling at her and scaring her Oct. 15.

Damaged pipe
Someone damaged a drainpipe in the Christie Place parking garage, possibly with an unknown vehicle, Oct. 12.

A Sheldrake Road resident complained that someone dumped grass clippings on her property Oct. 10. She was not sure who might have dumped the clippings on her yard, but she said she "has had issues" with a neighbor in the past. She was advised to contact police if it happens again. On Oct. 13, it happened again, and the resident reported it to police.

Gardeners were reportedly dumping grass clippings from a Sycamore Road property onto the ground at Corell Park Oct. 11. Patrol went to the scene and spoke with a gardener who advised he did not dump the grass clippings there. He showed police his truck, which was full of clippings and yard debris. Patrol also observed his workers collecting debris on a tap and carrying it to the truck.

A rifle was turned over to police for destruction and disposal Oct. 10.

Welfare check
Police checked the welfare of a Herkimer Road man after his wife called police, worried, because she could not reach him. The man told police he had been sleeping and was OK.

An Uber driver found a cell phone in his car after dropping off an allegedly intoxicated passenger at a Broadmoor Road house at 3 a.m., Oct. 14. The driver gave the phone to police. Patrol went to the house and had a male resident call the cell phone from his home phone to confirm ownership. Once ownership was confirmed, police returned the cell phone to the man.

Trip and fall
A woman fell on Scarsdale Avenue while crossing the street Oct. 13. She said she was not in the crosswalk. She said a pothole caused her to fall. Patrol found cracks in the road but not a pothole. The highway department was advised for follow-up.

Westchester County Jail called police to notify them that a man, who was wanted in Scarsdale on an active arrest warrant, was being held at Westchester County Jail by both White Plains and Westchester County police Oct. 12. Scarsdale police confirmed that the man – Jose Ortiz – was wanted in Scarsdale. They faxed over Ortiz's arrest warrant, which would prevent Ortiz from being released until Scarsdale police could pick him up. The pickup date is pending the resolution of Ortiz's other court cases.

A 71-year-old driver who sustained two flat tires after striking the curb on Walworth Avenue Oct. 10 told police she felt nauseous and therefore accidentally hit the curb. There was no damage to village property, and the driver arranged for her own roadside assistance. Approximately an hour later, a 41-year-old Yonkers driver reported the same 71-year-old driver, from Scarsdale, hit a barricade on Post Road. The impact caused the barricade to enter the roadway and strike the Yonkers driver's car, which was approaching from the opposite direction. The Scarsdale woman told police she felt nauseous, which made me lose control of her car and strike the barricade.skeleton

Cars and roadways
Police notified Verizon about a noisy compressor on a utility pole at Heathcote and Wilmot roads Oct. 10.

A man was sleeping in a parked Toyota Camry, with Connecticut license plates, on Gatehouse Road at 8 a.m., Oct. 11. Police questioned him, and he said he was tired and pulled over to rest while driving home from a family member's New Jersey house. Police did not detect any signs of alcohol intoxication or criminal activity.

Police issued parking summonses to illegally parked cars on Hampton, Whig and Ogden roads Oct. 11 and Elm Road Oct. 12.

Lights were left on in a parked car in the Christie Place garage Oct. 11. Patrol contacted a family member who promised to notify the owner.

Patrol removed a fallen wire from Walworth Avenue Oct. 12.

A white van parked on Walworth Avenue with its lights on, Oct. 15, was determined to belong to a Con Edison employee. The employee had been assigned to check a gas main every night until the main could be successfully replaced.

Twelve car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A teen party on Crest Lane resulted in a large gathering with many uninvited guests Oct. 14. Neighbors complained of noise, and police went to the house. The party hostess's mother told police she was having a hard time getting the uninvited guests to leave. Patrol assisted in dispersing the teenage guests.

A Morris Lane resident called police after a man got out of a white pickup truck and rang her doorbell at 2:30 a.m., Oct. 15. The man was allegedly hanging around outside the house until the woman's husband told him to leave. Patrol canvassed the area for the man and found him in his truck on Post Road. The man said he went to the house looking for a woman named Natalia, whom he had met online and told him to meet her at an address on Morris or Morrison Lane.- He showed patrol the text message exchange with the woman, and he apologized for causing alarm. Patrol updated the Morris Lane resident.

Police reunited a lost white dog with its Lee Road owner Oct. 13. The owner was issued a village code violation summons for having at dog at large.

Village code
Patrol helped a Mamaroneck Road homeowner remove illegally posted tag sale signs from the street Oct. 12.

Police dispersed a group of kids from a Walworth Avenue lawn after a neighbor complained at 11 p.m., Oct. 13.

After a neighbor complained about noise at 3:45 a.m., Oct. 15, patrol advised a Bell Road resident, who was on his deck with friends, to go inside and keep the noise down. As a result, the resident went back inside, and the resident's friends left.

Lost and found
On Oct. 13, a resident came to headquarters to report she had lost the license plates of her Mercedes-Benz, after turning the car back over to the dealership. Patrol provided her with the necessary paperwork to document the plates' loss with the department of motor vehicles.

A wallet found at a Yonkers church was given to police by a Village Hall employee Oct. 13. Patrol attempted to locate the owner's contact information, but the attempt was not successful.

A village center business owner found a wallet and gave it to police Oct. 14. Police returned the wallet to its owner. The owner confirmed nothing was missing.

Two children accidentally locked themselves inside a Brite Avenue bedroom Oct. 10. Firefighters confirmed the children were safe and forced open the door to release the children. No damage was caused to the door.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a reported gas odors at houses on Sprague and Stonehouse roads house Oct. 10.

Reports of smoke on Gaylor Road were traced to an extinguished fire in a Post Road fire pit Oct. 10.

An unattended pot with burnt food generated smoke in a Brookby Road house Oct. 11. Firefighters used an electric fan to ventilate smoke from the house. The family pet, inside the house at the time, was found to be unaffected.

Firefighters helped a Barry Road resident get back in her house after accidentally being locked outside Oct. 14.

Firefighters could not determine the source of a light smoke odor on Cayuga Road Oct. 14. Everything was found to be safe on the street and the surrounding area.

This week, firefighters assisted at three car accidents in the village. They responded to 15 false alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, burnt food and workers servicing a boiler.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 10-15 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo-1-1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.