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Announcing the Results of the Survey Concerning a Dog Park in Scarsdale

DogParkWe received 275 responses to our survey about a potential dog park and here are the results:

Of those who responded, 72.1% are dog owners.

Asked if they support the establishment of a dog park in Scarsdale, 80.5% said yes.

However, the site for the dog park remains a matters for discussion.

When asked where the dog park should be placed, here are the answers we received:

Weinberg Nature Center 47.65%

Drake Road Park 21.8%

Crossway 36.4%

George Field 17.5%

Other 15.0%

We received 138 comments. Here are an array for you to read. We will share all the comments with the Village Board for their review:

A dog park would add so much to the community feel of Scarsdale. It would get people out of their neighborhoods on a frequent basis and encourage socializing across all generations!

With the lack of sidewalks all over this town it’s the least they can do to have a safer place to take dogs. It’s also an opportunity to regulate dog permits which most do not have and can bring in income to village.

It's hard to believe that we have to fight so hard to get such an obviously important thing like a dog park in Scarsdale. A dog park would be such a great addition for us dog lovers. I don't use the baseball fields, the pool, the tennis courts, the soccer fields, the track, the schools, or any of the other facilities that I pay crazy amounts of taxes for. Why shouldn't I be able to take my dog to a neighborhood dog park and socialize with my Scarsdale neighbors? I'm sick of these people in Scarsdale who are always so selfish that they say NIMBY even if it can't realistically have any negative impact on them.

I think there should be two areas for small and big dogs. I also suggest that there should be rules to keep the dog park clean and friendly for people. There would of course also have to be people to uphold these rules but I am sure there will be enough dog owners who worry and care about their dogs for that. It would be nice if it were in an environment friendly spot for the dogs and humans so that they could enjoy the experience more. Another good idea would be if there was a pamphlet or something similar to provide dog owners the required knowledge to prevent dog fights and injuries. I think there are of course other methods but these are just my ideas.

Who will have access to the dog park? Is it for residents only? We are near the Saxon Woods Golf Course (which is open to the public) and have had people let their large/untrained dogs run free... Scaring our children and neighbors and causing residents to call the police. This is an unnecessary drain on our resources. We believe a dog park especially if non-residents would have access would be a liability. There are many paths to walk your dog on a leash and most responsible dog lovers that purchase large dogs that need a lot of exercise fence their yard to let their dog out off the leash.

I use Ward Acres in New Rochelle 64 Acres. I have seen the cost or not only starting it up but also the maintenance. You would be better served to join with New Rochelle get discounts for Scarsdale residents and help support that. Gary Matzkin
10 Griffen Ave.

It would be so nice to have a local dog park so my dog can play with her neighbors instead of dogs from another community.

At a time when high taxes and the loss of deductibility are adding to the downward pressure on home values in Scarsdale, I would encourage our elected representatives to focus on expenditures that will enhance property values and improve the quality of life for all residents of Scarsdale. Investing in our schools, fields, roads, community services and village infrastructure will pay dividends to all residents. A dog park will not do so. In fact, it has the potential to meaningfully increase traffic and noise, and create safety concerns that could have the opposite affect on property values. If we truly have excess tax revenues available for lower level projects that benefit a limited population within Scarsdale, then it is time to discuss reducing property taxes, which most certainly will benefit us all.

There is already an "unofficial" dog park on a piece of property next to the Red Maple Swamp in Greenacres. With minimal improvement it could prove to be suitable.

Do not destroy the value and purpose of Weinberg Nature Center by placing an inappropriate activity like "dog park" anywhere near the one place in the Village reserved as a large preserve.

Drake Edgewood Park is also inappropriate for reasons of access, parking and neighborhood intrusion. The same can be said of Georges Field. Crossway is perhaps the only appropriate location with adequate parking and space. Nevertheless that too is an inappropriate location because it is already maxed out as a recreational facility and would also by it's location invite non-residents. IMHO, a "dog park" serves to benefit the conscience of pet owners, moreover, there are ample "dog parks" nearby.

Building and administrating a dog park is a bigger job than it seems. First off, there is no good space for the park and parking. If it’s at Drake Field, I’d fight it tooth and nail. I love Drake Field as is! Secondly, the Village is thinly staffed and would probably need to add personnel to administer the place, liability insurance would also be a consideration.

I have gone to Ward Acres in the past. It’s a huge dog park. Everyone thinks their dog is friendly and wonderful, but the truth is the dogs trend “ jumbo size”, are aggressive and their owners don’t watch them.

I’d probably try the park if it was built, but feel the Village should pursue other priorities.

I think that part of our concept of 'Scarsdale Village in a Park'needs to include elements of nature other than flowers and trees. While we do have some wild animals in our village, dogs and cats are even more a part of our natural context. We should find ways for them to exhibit their fun loving natures without being tied only to leashes.

The objections to a park at the Weinberg Nature Center are silly. The area is already busy from the center, a busy road and the onramp to the Hutch. A dog park is not going to make it any noticeably busier. And the noise issue is nothing. Most dogs don't bark when having fun, and even the few who do are barking in play, which is a tone that is not bothersome during daytime hours.

There is an empty area at Crossway after the outfield wall of the fenced in baseball field. There is plenty of parking, a wooded buffer b/w it and homes, and the baseball field is only sporadically used so it is unlikely to disrupt anybody.

Walking my dogs has been a wonderful addition to my life. I expected the exercise part would be great and of course being with my furry friends is fun. What I did not know until I had a dog is that it allows me to meet many neighbors and ones I normally would not meet. Dog owners vary in age, but all love their dogs and most want to have social opportunities for their dogs. It would be so wonderful to let the dogs run and play together at times, rather than just run around themselves and their owners on leashes getting all tangled up. I also do see some elderly dog owner who can at times have difficulty managing the exercise needs of their dogs so I would think this would be a great way for their dogs to get exercise and their owners to socialize.

I do think we need to have permits that offer a significantly reduced rate to Scarsdale residents. Open to the public dog parks that I have been to tend to have some scary looking dogs and owners who don't pay much attention.

Keeping a dog park sanitary is the biggest priority. I have been near many in NYC and they average from dirty to disgusting. Where ever it goes, the greatest concern is the smell. Dog parks are well-known to smell like dog poop, so having one located near anyone’s residence or places of public congregation should be prohibited.

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