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threatAn online threat on a social media site that was targeted at a Scarsdale High School student on Saturday November 24 turned out to be a hoax.

On November 25, SHS parents receive this email from school principal Kenneth Bonamo. He said,

Late yesterday, we became aware of a social-media post that threatened an individual student at Scarsdale High School. The student’s parents brought the post to the attention of the Scarsdale Police Department and school staff members. The Police Department is investigating the origin of the post, and we at the school are taking steps to ensure the safety of all students tomorrow.

To be clear, the threat was against a specific student and not a generalized threat. Nevertheless, as an extra precaution, there will be a police presence during student arrival tomorrow morning and throughout the day.

We will continue to work with police to protect the individual student and to ensure the safety of the school and all students and staff, and we will be in touch if new information warrants an update.”

On Tuesday November 27 the Scarsdale Police Department announced that they had identified the source of the online posts to be three juveniles from the Chicago and Cleveland area. According to Scarsdale Police, "The investigation determined that the posting in this incident poses no threat to the individual or the Scarsdale Schools. The Scarsdale Police Department has notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the incident and the result of our investigation."

GabrielGaleGabriel Gale, Leah Dembitzer and Rene Makrinos at the Young Writers' Workshop332 excited third, fourth and fifth grade students came to the Scarsdale Middle School on Saturday November 17 to explore storytelling, writing, reporting and creativity at the 24th annual Young Writers' Workshop. This year’s workshop was the biggest yet and ran seamlessly under the direction of Leah Dembitzer and Kerry Hayes from the PT Council along with many willing volunteers.

The day began with the ever popular Gabriele Gale, creator of the Ages of Oz series, inspired by the Wizard of Oz. Gale is both writer and illustrator of the series and he led the kids through the process of creating their own mythic beast; a scaly, smelly, venomous fire-breathing goat! He happily reported that his series is now being considered for adaptation to the screen by Warner Brother and Netflix.

Following Gale’s presentation, kids attended a series of workshops where they wrote adventure stories, songs, dialogue, acted, made collages, explored entrepreneurship and more.

I taught two workshops on newswriting and I think I may have learned more from the kids than they learned from me.

First, we examined the “who, what, why, where and how” of writing a news stories. For children ages nine through eleven, they sure caught on quick. They understood what was newsworthy and how to write a strong introductory sentence. They came up with some great stories that hadn’t reached Scarsdale10583.

I didn’t know that a school bus from Fox Meadow ran into a car driven by a high school studenagesofozGabriel Galet or that a faulty fire alarm at Fox Meadow left the entire school shivering outside without coats for a half hour in the rain. What else? One student reported that he had been in a car accident during the storm and another said that his Dad had abandoned their cars on the road.

Kids are also excited about the 100th anniversary of Edgewood Elementary School and the contents of the buried time capsule that will be revealed in 2019.

In both of my workshops I was impressed with the bright, engaged students I met.

Thanks to Leah, Kerry, the workshop leaders and all the volunteers for an exciting day in Scarsdale.

DinnerSign1The Scarsdale High School student government charity dinner on Monday November 5 was attended by over 400 people and raised approximately $11,000 for the PaulieStrong Foundation. Class Advisors Ben Sawyer and Lauren Barton wish to thank everyone who attended or donated to the event including the students and faculty who volunteered their time to make the event a success, and, most importantly, the local restaurants who donated food to the event.

808 Bistro
Amore Pizza
Buon Amici
Cherry Lawn
Cooked & Co.
Frank & Joe's
Frankie & Fanucci's
Galloway's Bakery
Garth Road Inn
Hunan Village
Irish Bank
Metro Diner
Ruffled Feathers
Scoop Shop
SLICE of Scarsdale
Standing Room Only
Via Forno

start stop bwd fwd

Rena Li’s 100th Dig

Rena Li, Scarsdale Varsity Girls A Volleyball-team co-Captain, Senior, 4 year starter and member of the 2015 Championship team, achieved a significant milestone this season.

As a member of the team, Li has played many positions including defensive specialist, libero, and outside hitter. This year, Li stepped up to play setter in order to fill a void left vacant when Anne Marie Horn graduated. In the Raiders’ Senior game against Mamaroneck, Li reached her 1000th career dig. What is most impressive about Li’s accomplishment is that she did this as this season’s setter.manya

In their first round of playoffs, Li led the team in their opening game serving the first 13 straight points. The Raiders went on to sweep Hank Ketcham in 3 sets. The girls then won the quarter final round in 3-1 against White Plains. North Rockland’s Red Raiders defeated Scarsdale 3-0 in the semi-finals ending their season. This was the third straight year the Raiders have made it to the semi-final round. The team will be graduating six players this year.

fox1Over 400 students along with teachers and administrators took a celebratory walk from Greenacres Elementary School to Fox Meadow Elementary School on Thursday November 8 to commemorate the opening of Fox Meadow School 90 years ago.

The excited kids were bussed from Fox Meadow to Greenacres where they were greeted by police, fire trucks and Foxy the Fox. They lined up by class on the blacktop at Greenacres before forming a big line to walk down Brewster Road and commemorate the walk the students made 90 years ago for the opening of Fox Meadow School.foxmarch

Dan Gutman, Author of My Weird School Visits Greenacres

Dan Gutman On Thursday, November 8th some lucky Greenacres students won a lottery to have lunch with visiting author, Dan Gutman. Mr. Gutman, a resident of New York City, is the author of the extremely popular My Weird School series. In addition, he has also penned several books on topics such as famous athletes, the electoral process, and a machine that does homework (the last being fiction).

While munching with his third, fourth and fifth grade lunch mates last week, Mr. Gutman discussed with them their futures, their teachers, and, of course, the weirdest thing to happen at Greenacres (a police incident was cited). Fifth grader Ella Hurwitz said, “Lunch was fantastic…he was really funny.” Charlie Im, a third grader, said, “I think it’s really interesting to hear how books are written. Maybe I’ll write one one day.”

GutmanMr. Gutman loves writing for children, and values the opportunity to meet face to face with his audience. In addition to the lunch with about a dozen students, he also met with each of the upper grades and also spoke at a school assembly. He shared with his young audience how being an author was not always so easy (such as receiving 20 rejections for one book) as well as what it’s like when you get your rhythm (it takes about a month for him to write a book in the My Weird School series).

While he’s had to say farewell to some of his beloved creations (Rappy the Raptor, a picture book series, is now sadly gone into extinction) he also sees new avenues for opportunity, such as ebooks and other media, on the horizon.GutmanLunchGutman2

steparty4Elizabeth Gruber and Rothschild at the 45th Anniversary Party for STEPEric Rothschild, a beloved teacher, dedicated volunteer and lifelong resident of Scarsdale passed away on Monday October 29, 2018 at the age of 81. Rothschild grew up in Scarsdale, attended school here and eventually returned to teach, after graduating from Harvard in 1958 and serving a tour of duty in Korea.

A member of the Scarsdale High School class of 1954, Eric was a history teacher at the high school from 1964 to 1998 and served as chair of the Social Studies Department from 1973 to 1998. A profile of Rothschild published in the New York Times in September 1986 called him “a rare teacher.” In 1966 he was instrumental in starting the STEP program (Student Transfer Education Plan) and welcomed the first students from the deep South. He went on to serve on the STEP Board and eventually became its President. Following his retirement he continued to be an active member of the STEP Board.

In 1973 Rothschild and his wife and two sons moved to Greenacres where he joined the Greenacres Association. Using his experience as head counselor at Camp Androscoggin, Rothschild coached baseball in the Recreation Department league. Following in his mother Amelie’s footsteps, he served on many community organizations and eventually became the official Village historian. He was often called upon by the Committee for Historic Preservation to provide history on homes in the Village. His exceptional contribution to the life in Scarsdale was recognized in 2007 with his selection as the recipient of the Scarsdale Foundation's Scarsdale Bowl Award.

After he retired he became an active member of the Scarsdale Alumni Association as President from 1999 to 2005, as Secretary in 2006 and as Chair of the Distinguished Alumni Committee from 2006 ad 2006. He was well known in the community for selecting and presenting annual distinguished alumni awards to accomplished Scarsdale alumni.

Michael Blumstein, a member of the SHS Class of ’74 said this about Rothschild, “Eric’s dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm and warmth were second-to-none. Eric made history burst alive in room 232 of Scarsdale High School, and so many of us will remember him with love and gratitude.”

Longtime resident Anne Lyons remembered Rothschild saying, “He was a mentor to me when I was a young mom at Greenacres. We use to chat at the park in the afternoon. He loved to engage the young moms to see what were the trends of the day. He was curious, always learning, studying and probing. He was a collector of information. But most of all he was a natural teacher.

He pushed me outside my comfort zone, always challenging me in my thinking. He also loved to share stories from his days at Scarsdale High School as a student and a teacher. I never had him as a teacher but I did have him as a friend.”

At the 50th reunion of the Scarsdale High School Class of 1968, held this year from October 12 -14, Diana Raphael remembered Rothschild, saying “I never had a teacher like Mr. Rothschild again. On the first day of class he threw the history text book into the trash can and said we would be using all original sources.”

In November 2011, STEP held its 45th anniversary celebration and honored Rothschild. At the time, SHS alum Steven Schnur kicked off tributes from Rothchild’s fan club. Although Schnur regretted that he never experienced Rothschild in the classroom, he said they had since forged a relationship at their favorite haunt, The Scarsdale Library. Schnur praised Rothschild for “nurturing what is best within us.” Former student Tom Vogel spoke of Rothschild, “not as a caretaker; he’s a creator.” He urged students to “do your own research, put yourself in others’ shoes and go out of your comfort zone.” Another former student Lyndon Tretter described Rothschild like “Tom Sawyer getting kids to paint the fence; he made them believe it could be cool to study hard.”

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