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Police Report: Pine Tree Takes Out Power in Greenacres

greenacrestreeA large tree fell on Greenacres Avenue on Friday afternoon and took down the power lines.High winds took down a large pine tree on Greenacres Avenue on Friday afternoon October 12. The tree fell onto the power lines and knocked out power to residents on Greenacres Avenue and Brayton until 7 pm that night.

At approximately 1:30 PM a tree fell on Greenacres Avenue that resulted in downed power lines. The Scarsdale Police and Fire Departments responded, notified Con Edison of the downed wires and notified Public Works of the pending need to remove a downed tree once the lines are de-energized.The tree also hit and damaged a car in a neighboring driveway. According to Con Edison’s outage map, approximately 38 customers lost power on Greenacres Avenue (Between Kingston Road and Huntington Avenue) and on Brayton Road. Con Edison responded quickly and power was restored that evening.

On Oct. 12, police arrested Cesar E. Suclufe, 33, of White Plains on the strength of an active bench warrant issued on July 18, 2018, for unresolved vehicle and traffic charges. Suclufe was in custody of Ardsley police for an unrelated matter, and Ardsley police contacted Scarsdale police for pickup and transfer. Scarsdale police officers picked up Suclufe and arrested him. Suclufe was taken to headquarters for arrest processing. At the recommendation of the district attorney’s office, Suclufe was released on $200 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Oct. 17, to settle the outstanding charges.

Missing checks
On Oct. 9, a Catherine Road man reported that about 10 to 15 bank checks written to him went missing from the center console of his car. The man said the checks added up to around $11,000. The man said he last saw the checks inside his car around the time he went to the UPS store in New Rochelle. Later when he wanted to deposit the checks into his account, he noticed the checks were missing. The man said his car was unlocked while he was conducting business at the UPS store.

Check fraud
On Oct. 8, a Walworth Avenue man reported someone cashed a fraudulent check against his account. The check, written for $2,750, was made out to a mentorship company, of which the man knows nothing. It was a computer-generated check without a signature. Nor did it fall in line with the man’s other checks, numerically.

A Harwood Court business owner called police because he wanted to document an incident he found suspicious Oct. 10. A man allegedly walked into the store and gave the business owner a clock that had been in his father’s jewelry store in the Bronx in the late 1970s. The man also asked the business owner to appraise numerous pieces of jewelry. The business owner asked the man where he got the clock and the jewelry. The man said he worked for a lawyer who had asked him to get a value on the items. The business owner provided a rough value of the jewelry pieces, and the man gave the business owner the clock. Although no crime was committed, the business owner wanted police to document the incident in case future similar incidents occurred.

Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

According to Scarsdale Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 34 incidents this week, including the incidents listed below.

On Oct. 11, firefighters responded to a report of a natural gas odor in a Richbell Road house and detected positive readings for explosive gas near the gas regulator. Firefighters called Con Edison and stood by.

On Oct. 11, a Brookline Road resident reported a carbon monoxide alarm sounding in the house. Firefighters discovered elevated CO levels in the basement. Residents evacuated the house. Con Edison determined the CO was coming from a malfunctioning oil-fired boiler. The boiler was shut down, and firefighters ventilated the house. Boiler service was recommended.

On Oct. 11, an East Parkway apartment resident accidentally left a stove burner in the “on” position while the resident was out of the apartment. An odor of natural gas developed. Firefighters shut off the stove and ventilated the apartment.

On Oct. 12, firefighters helped Con Edison gain entry to a Boulder Brook Road house to evaluate possible interior infiltration of gas from gas leak at the resident’s outside meter. No gas readings were found inside the house.

On Oct. 13, water was leaking from beneath a cabinet holding a coffee station in a convenience store on Scarsdale Avenue. The water was accumulating on the floor near electrical outlets. Firefighters shut circuit breakers to the outlets, unplugged appliances and advised staff to call an electrician and a plumber.

On Oct. 13, a metal street lamp on Garth Road was reported to be smoking, possibly due to an electrical short in the wiring. Firefighters did not see the fixture smoking, but checked it anyway. A check with an electricity sensor determined the pole was not energized and was safe. The highway department was notified to check the fixture the following day.

An outdoor barbecue grill on White Birch Lane was leaking natural gas Oct. 13. Firefighters determined the gas line had been severed due to movement of the grill. They shut the gas supply to the grill and stood by for Con Edison.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 8-14 has been compiled from official information.

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