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Police Report: Shoplifters Steal Bag from Boniface Circle Store and Trouble With Uber

broken eggsAn employee of a Boniface Circle store reported two young girls likely stole a plaid bag from the store. The employee and the store manager said one of the girls was walking around the store with the bag on her shoulder. The manger said she left the sales floor to take a call, and at that time the girls left the store without checking out at the register. Upon looking for the bag, it was no longer in the store. However, the paper used to stuff the bag was found scattered around the store.

Prescription Forgery
On Nov. 13, a Popham Road pharmacist reported an incident of prescription forgery. A man came into CVS with a prescription written for 60 oxycodone-acetaminophen pills on Nov. 10. The man produced identification matching the name on the prescription, but later it was determined the prescription had been fraudulently written. Police are following up.

A Highland Way woman received a call from someone alleging to be her son-in-law and asking for $7,500 to post bail for an alleged legal problem Nov. 16. The woman became suspicious and called her daughter, who confirmed nothing was wrong. She then reported the matter to police.

Uber Driver
A woman called police after an alleged incident involving an Uber driver Nov. 12. The woman reported she called an Uber to pick her up at a Cushman Road house and drive her home, to Long Island City. Upon getting in the back of the car, the woman said she asked the driver how he was. He allegedly answered: “Not f---ing great because now I have to f---ing drive to Long Island City.” At the point, the woman said she got scared and answered: “No you don’t have to do anything, and neither do I.” The driver continued to back the car out of the driveway, and the woman twice shouted, “Stop the car!” The driver did not comply, and the woman then allegedly opened the door and exited the car while it was moving. Patrol offered to call an ambulance for her if needed, but she declined.

A Mount Vernon man walked into headquarters and reported that a woman violated an order of protection by calling him Nov. 13. During the call, the woman alleged that the 15-moth-old child that the two have in common was not actually his child. Late the man received a call from an unknown man threatening to shoot the Mount Vernon man in the face. The Mount Vernon man believed he answered the call while in the confines of the village and therefore reported the incident in Scarsdale police. However, later it was determined that the call was not answered in Scarsdale, and the Mount Vernon man was referred to the correct jurisdiction.

A woman reported someone threw eggs at her car parked at Boulevard and Bradley Road Nov. 14. The woman said she had an altercation with a man over parking earlier that morning. He complained that the street is not for commuter parking and that residents have difficulty getting in and out of their driveways when commuters park on the street. The woman ignored him and walked to the bus. When she returned later that day, her car was covered with smashed eggs.

A caller reported a woman walking on Palmer Avenue, allegedly with her pants down Nov. 16. Police went to the scene and saw a woman holding her pants up with one hand. She told police she left her house to get something to eat and forgot to put on a belt. She said a female passerby had helped her secure her pants to a fixed position. She was responsive and declined further help.

Pedestrian Struck
At 8 p.m., Nov. 14, a 50-year-old female pedestrian, from Queens Village, NY, was struck by a car while crossing the street in a designated crosswalk at Nelson Road and Boulevard. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps. The driver, who was making a left turn, said it was dark, and she did not see the pedestrian. A streetlight at that intersection was not working at the time of the accident.

Cars and Roadways
On Nov. 13, police notified the high way department about a large pile of leaves blocking one lane of Cushman Road. Highway workers cleaned up the leaves.

A woman accidentally locked herself out of her car while it was parked and running on Fox Meadow Road Nov. 15. Police notified a roadside assistance service with a tow truck.

The highway department was notified about disorderly leaf piles on Myrtledale Road Nov. 15.

A parked car with its ignition running was found in Balducci’s parking lot on Palmer Avenue Nov. 15. Patrol opened the car and turned off the ignition. Patrol located the owner and returned the keys to her.

Patrol assisted numerous motorists stuck in snow throughout the village Nov. 15. They also assisted with numerous weather-related car accidents, one involving a bus, Nov. 15.

On Nov. 16, police helped the driver of a van remove the vehicle from a lawn on Fenway Golf Course. The van became stuck during the significant snowstorm Nov. 15. The driver of the man said he would work with golf club management to resolve any damage the accident might have caused to the golf course.

Fourteen car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A passerby found a loose dog in village center and brought it to firefighters, who then brought it to police Nov. 17. Police found the owner’s information on a tag and contacted him. He picked up his dog from headquarters.

A deer was stuck between a property fence and a tennis court fence at a Park Road residence Nov. 18. The deer was getting injured as it tried to free itself from the fences. Police and firefighters, with the homeowner’s permission, successfully moved one of the fences to successfully free the deer.

Lost and Found
A parking enforcement officer found an American Express card on Scarsdale Avenue Nov. 13. Police could not locate the owner for notification, and the card was vouchered for safekeeping.

A license plate was found on Scarsdale Avenue Nov. 16. It was vouchered at headquarters for safekeeping.

Employees of Lange’s Deli found a wallet with keys and gave it to police Nov. 17. Police vouchered it at headquarters for safekeeping.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 36 incidents during this reporting period. Seymour shared details of the following incidents.

On Nov. 12, firefighters helped administer first aid to a person who walked into headquarters complaining of shortness of breath, while waiting for Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps to arrive.

On Nov. 13, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway.
An overheating refrigerator motor was causing a burning odor inside one of the rooms of Scarsdale Synagogue Nov. 13. Firefighters disconnected the unit and advised synagogue staff to repair or replace it.

On Nov. 15, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

A primary power line fell on a Palmer Road driveway Nov. 15. Firefighters closed a lane of traffic for safety. Con Edison was notified and firefighters stood by. During this incident, police alerted firefighters to a car accident nearby. Firefighters assisted by allowing the occupants of the car to sit inside the fire engine to keep warm until transportation showed up, and the car was towed from the accident scene.

On Nov. 15, a Coralyn Road resident reported a problem with the boiler in her house. The resident heard clicking and banging noises coming from the boiler control box. Firefighters shut power to the boiler and advised the resident to call for service.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Reynal Crossing Nov. 15.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 12-18 has been compiled from official information.

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