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mailboxCriminal mischief
On June 29, a custodian reported a lock and chain had been cut on a playground gate at Fox Meadow School. The damaged lock was recovered. The chain was not found.

On July 1, two Bradford Road mailboxes and at least one Broadmoor Road mailbox were found to be knocked over. The mailboxes were found lying on the ground with dents in them. They each appeared to have been struck with a blunt object.

Identity theft
On June 25, a Bell Road woman reported fraudulent activity on her credit card account. She discovered the activity after receiving skincare product samples and a thank you in the mail on June 12. The note referenced purchases made at a Greenwich, CT, store that the woman did not make. On June 14, the woman contacted the sales associate who signed the thank you note and informed her that the sales and charges were fraudulent. The associate said she would follow up with her company’s fraud department. On June 23, the woman received her credit card statement and discovered many more fraudulent charges. They were made between May 24 and June 7 at various store locations in Nevada, California and Connecticut. She reported the fraudulent charges to her credit card company, and the account was closed. The charges dated back to October 2016. No further information was released. Police are following up.
On June 25, a Woods Lane woman reported fraudulent activity on her debit card account.
On June 28, a Kent Road woman reported $8,500 was missing from her Chase checking account. No further information was released. Police are following up.
On June 28, a Park Road man reported his Staples credit card account had fraudulent charges on it. No further information was released. Police are following up.

Out of place
On June 27, a Hathaway Road woman reported her house had apparently been entered while she was out of town and items were out of place upon her return. Nothing was reported missing, but the woman said her car seat was in a different position; her bed had been made differently; a towel had been moved; and lights were dimmed. Patrol asked her to check with family members in case they used her house while she was away. Later, the woman called police to confirm that family members had indeed used her house while she was away.

License plates
A Catherine Road man reported he sold his 2012 Audi to an internet-based car buying company, and the transport company hired to pick up his car stole his license plates. The man advised that the driver said the plates should remain on the car for transport; however, the car buying company said the car arrived to its location without the license plates attached. The man is following up with NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

Bicyclist hit
A 21-year-old bicyclist was reportedly struck by a car at Brite Avenue and Fenimore Road around 8 p.m., July 1. The driver said the bicyclist rode into the side of his car as his car passed the intersection, perpendicular to the bicyclist’s direction of travel. Firefighters and police assisted with caring for the bicyclist until Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived. The bicyclist was taken to White Plains Hospital Center.

Cars and roadways
A Fox Meadow Road woman could not get out of her driveway due to fallen branches in the road June 25. Police called the highway department to remove the branches and assist her.
A crosswalk signal was observed to be turned slightly on its pole on Mamaroneck Road June 25. It did not appear to have been tampered with. Police notified the highway department.
Patrol notified Verizon about a fallen wires Gorham Road June 25 and Wayside Lane and Cushman Road June 26.
Two occupied cars were reported in the sanitation yard parking lot after dark June 25. Police spoke with the drivers and learned they were private investigators updating each other on current surveillance in the area.
Police stood by while the owner of a car with a flat tire on Mamaroneck Road waited for a tow June 26.
A car broke down on Bypass, and a note was placed on the dashboard stating the car would be removed on June 26. However, at 4 a.m., June 27, the car was still there. Patrol tried to reach the owner to check on the status of the tow. At 6:30 a.m., the car’s owner called police, and police arranged to meet the owner and help her organize a tow to Port Chester. The car was successfully removed around 10:30 a.m.
A driver reported striking a cat with his car on Mamaroneck Road June 27. He said the cat darted in front of his car, and he was unable to avoid it. Patrol assisted in removing the deceased cat from the roadway.
Police provided traffic safety while roadside assistance changed a driver’s flat tire on Mamaroneck Road June 27.
A pickup truck belonging to a village resident had reportedly been parked in a Wayside Lane parking lot for several days. Police attempted to follow up with the owner June 28.
Police removed fallen branches from Heathcote Road June 28.
On June 29, police issued a Lockwood Road landscaper a summons for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code.
Con Edison and Verizon were notified about fallen electrical and telephone wires on Boulevard June 29.
Patrol closed Carthage Road due to a water main break while the water department attempted to make repairs June 29.
A 2018 Acura MDX was towed from DeCicco’s parking lot at the request of management June 30. The towing company notified police.
Patrol moved a low-hanging branch on Fenimore Road June 30.
Patrol notified the highway department about a fallen tree on Gaylor Road July 1.
A man sitting in a parked car in Lincoln Road identified himself as a private investigator on assignment July 1.
Verizon was notified about fallen wires on Cambridge Road July 1.
Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil matters
A White Birch Lane resident complained about dirt deposited on her patio from a neighbor’s construction site runoff June 25. Police mediated a conversation between the resident and the contractor. The contractor apologized and promised to send someone to power wash the woman’s patio area. She was satisfied with the resolution.
On June 26, a Post Road man reported a car had driven onto his property and damaged approximately 100 feet of bamboo hedge. The damage appeared to have been caused in the past by a vehicle with dual rear wheels that jumped the curb.
On June 26, a home health aide who was dismissed from her job on Mohican Trail said her former employer failed to pay for services rendered the week of May 30 to June 7. Police advised the aide this was a civil matter.
A Montrose Road woman said she felt uncomfortable because neighbor entered her garage without her permission and handed her a piece of mail that had been delivered to the neighbor’s house by mistake June 30. Patrol spoke with the neighbor. He said he was merely trying to give the woman her mail and would not enter her property again without permission.

A Chateaux Circle resident heard a small dog barking inside a Christie Place apartment June 26. Patrol spoke with the dog’s owner and she agreed to close the door in order to keep the sound inside her apartment.

Village code
On June 25, police issued a Fox Meadow Road landscaper a summons for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code.
Four pest control solicitors riding Segways and walking on Brite Avenue and Fox Meadow, Chesterfield and Cushman roads were issued summonses for soliciting without permits June 25. Other solicitors from the same company were previously issued warnings that were apparently ignored. An employee of the same company was issued a summons for soliciting without a permit on Sheldrake Road June 27.
Kids were talking on Brittany Close around 2 a.m., June 27. Police advised them a resident complained of noise, and the kids left.
On June 27, police issued a Heathcote Road landscaper a summons for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code.
On June 28, police issued a Fox Meadow Road landscaper a summons for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code.
A young man accused of soliciting of Brown Road claimed he was dropping off gifts of candy to people who had donated money to his organization in the past, June 28. He said he understood soliciting without a permit was prohibited in the village.
Patrol issued a summons to a contractor who left a generator running at a Cushman Road construction site in violation of village code June 28.

Lost and found
A parking enforcement officer found a bag on Christie Place and returned it to its owner, who was out looking for it, June 26.
On June 28, a resident reported losing car keys in the village.
Sanitation workers found a credit card in Greenacres June 28. Police contacted the creditor who said the card had already been cancelled and should be destroyed.
A Rectory Lane person walked into headquarters and reported losing his wallet on Chase Road in the village June 30.
Patrol found a Kindle electronic reading device on a picnic table on Depot Place and notified the Kindle’s owner July 1.

According to Scarsdale Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 20 incidents between June 25 and July 1. Seymour shared the following details about some of those incidents.
On June 26, a Mamaroneck Road resident reported a problem with a generator that would not shut off. Firefighters assisted in shutting down the generator and advised the resident to contact a service technician.
On June 29, a Myrtledale Road resident reported an odor of natural gas at a gas-fired fireplace. Firefighters detected a gas leak, shut off the gas supply and stood by for Con Edison.
On June 30, firefighters saw smoke coming from the window of an East Parkway apartment and forced their way into the apartment. They found a burned pot on the stovetop. There was no fire. They removed the burned pot and ventilated the apartment with a fan. The building staff was notified to repair the door, and the resident of the apartment was notified.
Firefighters assisted at two car accidents this week.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 25-July 1 has been compiled from official information.

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LoudMusicDWI arrest: On June 24, around 4:30 a.m., police arrested Eurico Lopes, 35, of New Rochelle, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol level of at least .18 or more and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. The arrest occurred after police observed Lopes to be slumped over the wheel while his 2013 Mercedes Benz was by the side of Palmer Avenue. The car was apparently in drive, and Lopes was sleeping. Police woke him up, and Lopes was disoriented. He took his foot off the brake, and the car started to roll forward. Patrol instructed him to put the car in park, which he managed to do after first putting the car into reverse and then again into drive. He told police he had consumed “three” drinks. Lopes failed field sobriety tests, and an alco-sensor screening test indicated a blood alcohol level of .18. He was arrested and released with an appearance ticket on his own recognizance.

A Saxon Woods Road woman reported her 90-year-old mother’s jewelry was stolen while her mother was receiving medical attention as she was not feeling well. Police are following up.

Identity theft
On June 19, a Montrose Road man reported unauthorized charges on his Chase Visa credit card. The bank’s fraud department is following up.

Out late
Police interviewed a man out walking on Duck Pond Road after 1 a.m., June 18. He was a resident of Butler Road. He said he was walking home. He had a black winter hat and a pocketknife in his pockets. He said he always carried those items and “wasn’t going to do anything wrong.”

Unable to drive
New Rochelle police asked Scarsdale police for assistance regarding a Scarsdale resident who was unable to drive her minivan home from the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Center due to the resident’s current physical and mental states June 18. Police called the resident’s sister-in-law to pick her up and drive her home.

A customer allegedly passed out in the parking lot of Cherry Lawn Farm on Weaver Street June 19. Police, New Rochelle police and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded, and SVAC transported the person to White Plains Hospital Center.

Patrol assisted a health aide with a dementia patient who walked out of his house and said he wanted to die June 21. Patrol contacted the patient’s daughter and another health aide arrived to help the man get back inside his house.

Cars and roadways
On June 18, police notified Con Edison and the highway department about fallen wires and a fallen tree at Hampton and Butler roads.

Police notified the highway department and the NYS department of transportation about a hole forming on Post Road near Murray Hill Road June 18. The condition was related to a water main break.

Patrol rolled up a fallen phone wire on Black Birch Lane and notified Verizon June 18.

A 2002 Ford was parked in Beatty Lot on Freightway Road from June 11-18. It was parked blocking three spaces, with the keys in the ignition. On June 19, police left messages to inform the owner to move the car; otherwise it would be towed. On June 20, after giving the owner adequate warning, the car was towed to the impound lot. It was determined the car had most likely been abandoned.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Stratton Road June 18.

Two people were sleeping in a car at the Weinberg Nature Center on Mamaroneck Road June 18. The individuals said they had just taken a walk in the nature center and were resting. They left the lot without incident.

A Con Edison subcontractor allegedly left a large amount of wire debris on a Ferncliff Road sidewalk, and a resident complained to police June 18. Police notified Con Edison for removal.

Patrol issued a summons to the owner of a parked car with an expired inspection sticker June 19.
Patrol notified Verizon about unrelated fallen wires on Nelson, Overlook and Barry roads and Weaver Street June 19, as well as fallen wires on Woodland Place June 20 and Overhill Road June 22.

Patrol removed an abandoned hubcap from Post and Ferncliff roads June 19.

Patrol advised a man walking on the roadway and footpath between Bradford and Meadow roads at 5:30 p.m., June 19, to be mindful of where he was walking and to not cause a traffic condition. The man said he was from Harlem and walking to White Plains.

A tree fell across Ferncliff Road June 19. Patrol notified the highway department.

On June 20, police notified the engineering department about loose stones from a Post Road retaining wall that had slid onto the roadway.

Police helped a driver who ran out of gas on Post Road June 22.
A tree fell on Woods Lane June 23. Police notified the highway department and stood by as Con Edison cleared fallen wires.

A Madison Road man reported his car had been struck in front of his house by a gray Mercedes that left the scene June 23.

Sixteen car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Police reunited a loose Highland Way dog, found on Oak Lane, with its owner June 20. The owner was issued a verbal warning about having a dog at large.

A caller reported caged birds were left in the sun on a Fox Meadow Road driveway June 21. Patrol saw the birds and determined they appeared to be in good health and had ample water and food. Patrol made their owner aware of the caller’s concern.

Patrol helped a young wild bird find its way away from a Spencer Place doorway and back to its mother June 24.
A fox was reported on Post Road June 24. It was gone when police arrived.

Water was leaking from beneath the door of a Garth Road nail salon June 22. Firefighters and police went into the business and turned off the water supply. They notified the business owner.

Civil matter
A driver struck a car’s mirror at Quaker Ridge parking lot, stated to a witness, “It’s OK; it’s just a mirror,” and left the scene June 19. Patrol tracked down the owner of the car, and questioned him about the accident. The owner said he would speak with his wife and reach out to the other driver about the incident and handle the matter.

Village code
A pest control company’s employee knocked on doors on Brittany Close to alert neighbors that chemicals had been applied to a customer’s yard June 18. Patrol advised the employee that he needed a permit to solicit business door-to-door, if that was part of his business.

Patrol dispersed kids from a loud Oak Lane party after 11 p.m., June 19.

Police advised a Brite Avenue solicitor on a Segway that he needed a permit to continue his soliciting work in the village June 20.

A neighbor complained of loud talking coming from a Brambach Road yard June 21. Patrol informed the talkers to keep their voices down, and the talkers went inside the house.
Police advised Montrose Road and Brown Road pest control solicitors that they needed permits to solicit in the village June 22.

Police stood by while Park Road party hosts lowered the volume of music June 22.

On June 23, police issued a summons to a contractor using power equipment at a Sherbrooke Road job site. A warning was issued to tree removal contractors starting work before 10 a.m. on Popham Road this same day.

Police twice stood by while Penn Boulevard residents lowered the volume of outdoor party music June 23.

Lost and found
On June 18, police found a yellow box containing a battery transformer on the rock wall outside the high school on Post Road.

A Brook Lane woman reported losing her wallet somewhere in the village June 18.

A backpack and cell phone were found in a Continental Road park June 21. Patrol located the owner’s phone number and informed the owner’s mother who picked up the items.

Patrol returned a lost pocketbook to a woman who left it in an East Parkway business June 22.

Firefighters shut down a Brown Road stove because of leaking gas, assisted with a Post Road car accident and cleaned up spilled automotive fluid from an unrelated incident on Post Road June 18.

On June 20, they ventilated a Post Road house of carbon monoxide and instructed a contractor to stop using a chainsaw to cut concrete indoors without proper ventilation.

Firefighters ventilated an East Parkway basement due to light smoke and stood by for Con Edison due to an apparent electrical issue June 21.

Firefighters shut water supply and advised a Stratton Road homeowner to call a plumber about a leaking pipe June 22.

Firefighters shut the water supply to a leaking pipe in a Garth Road business June 22.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 18-24 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

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920x1240Fire on Tunstall Road

On June 8, fire was reported in a Tunstall Road house. Upon arrival, firefighters noted the house was completely filled with smoke, with smoke coming out of the chimney. Firefighters connected a hose line to a fire hydrant, stretched the hose to the house, forced open a side door and started to enter the basement where the source of the fire seemed was suspected. Heavy smoke was observed in the basement. Firefighters worked to suppress the fire, which had started in the utility room. They worked diligently and overcame challenges created by an overcrowded storage space filled with furniture and belongings. Firefighters used fans to ventilate heavy smoke from the house. Mutual aid units and volunteers arrived to assist. Hartsdale firefighters pulled a second hose line through the garage door and into the basement. Crews overhauling the room of origin reported electrica1TunstallAl arcing while pulling down the tin ceiling. The main power switch was then shut off at the panel. Con-Edison cut power to the house from the meter. Firefighters opened a first-floor dining room wall and found a burned wall joist. They checked the first and second floors for fire extension and confirmed there was no extension. The Westchester County Cause and Origin Team was called to the scene. The fire was determined to be accidental and caused by an electrical failure. Heavy smoke damage was reported throughout the house, with major charring of structural members in the room of origin. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps evaluated one resident, found to be in good condition, on the 1Tunstallscene. The resident was advised not to stay in the house and to contact the insurance company. Firefighters helped the resident gather belongings and secure the house.

DWI arrests

At 4 a.m., June 9, police arrested Yhastrenky Perez Rigo, 27, of White Plains, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of at least .08 of one percent and moving from a lane unsafely. Rigo was arrested after police observed her 2015 Nissan swerving over pavement lines on Post Road. Patrol followed the car and noticed it crossing the double yellow line multiple times. Patrol initiated a traffic stop. Rigo said she had consumed several mixed drinks at a bar in White Plains. She showed physical signs of intoxication. Police asked her where she was coming from and where she was going, and she answered “White Plains” to both questions. Police administered field sobriety tests, which Rigo was unable to successfully complete. Rigo submitted to a pre-screening alco-sensor test. The test indicated a blood alcohol content of .16. Rigo was arrested and taken to headquarters. There, a Datamaster test confirmed her blood alcohol content at .16. Rigo was issued an appearance ticket to appear at Scarsdale Village Justice Court on June 13.

While conducting traffic enforcement on Post Road after midnight June 10, police observed a 2004 Honda Civic travelling north at a high rate of speed. The car passed a steady red light at Post and Olmsted. Patrol subsequently pulled the car over for a traffic stop. The driver – Javier Galeno Morales, 31, of White Plains, told police he had several beers in White Plains before driving. He showed physical signs of intoxication. Police noticed a small child lying down in the backseat, asleep, without wearing a seat belt. This child was later determined to be six years old. Another child, 9 months old, was observed in the lap of a woman and not in a car seat. Police administered field sobriety tests, which Morales was unable to successfully complete. Morales submitted to a pre-screening alco-sensor test. The test indicated a blood alcohol content of .14. Morales was arrested and taken to headquarters. There, a Datamaster test measured his blood alcohol content at .16. A database check of Morales’s record indicated an active warrant out of White Plains for a vehicle and traffic offense as well as a previous arrest for driving while ability impaired. A notice was sent to Child Protective Services for follow-up regarding the incident. The district attorney’s office recommended bail to be set at $20,000. Morales was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court on the following charges: driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a child passenger less than four years old, a back seat passenger less than four without a restraint, speeding and moving from a lane unsafely. Morales’s car was sent to the impound lot. 

Identity theft

A Franklin Road woman noticed fraudulent charges on two store credit cards in April and May, and she reported it to police June 4. The charges occurred at a Lord and Taylor store in New York City and the Bloomingdales store in White Plains. She cancelled the cards and informed the store creditors. The incident might be related to a previous incident of identity theft. 


A Crossway man reported receiving harassing calls from the NYS Police Chiefs Foundation June 4. He said the calls have occurred over several months in order to solicit donations. Patrol called the organization and asked for the man to be removed from the list.

On June 9, a Stonehouse Road woman reported a tax grievance professional met with her at her house to evaluate her property June 8. The man said he might not be able to help the woman because her house would appraise at the current listed value. The woman said the man left but then started sending her numerous unprofessional and inappropriate text messages until 4 a.m. She asked police to call the man and inform him that he should refrain from communicating with the woman. Patrol contacted the man, and the man asked police to tell the woman not to contact him again either.


A caller reported a pump operating and causing noise at a Cushman Road construction site June 7. Police spoke with the contractor’s wife because the contractor was in New York City at the time. She told police she thought the pump was malfunctioning and would address it with her husband.

Pedestrian struck

A 14-year-old Penn Road boy on an electric scooter was struck by a car at Meadow Road and Normandy Lane shortly before 4 p.m., June 9. The driver said the boy “suddenly appeared from the left and hit her car.” The boy was taken to a local hospital for treatment. His condition was not disclosed in the report.

Cars and roadways

On June 4, police issued one summons to a car parked in violation of the two-hour parking restriction on Wayside Lane.

A truck knocked down a sign at the entrance to the Bronx River Parkway at East Parkway and Crane Road June 5.

A passerby noticed that a truck entered the Bronx River Parkway northbound on Crane Road June 5. Westchester County police were notified.

A parked car on Evon Court was hit by another car while the owner was away June 6. The accident caused damage to the bumper. The driver of the other car left a note about the accident but did not list any contact information. Police checked the car and placed the note in the owner’s mailbox.

A man and a woman were stopped in a car on River Road June 6. They told police they were talking. Police advised them to carry out their conversation in a more public area.

On June 6, police noticed a 2003 Hyundai pass a police patrol car on the right on Post Road and run a red light. A traffic stop was conducted. At that time, patrol learned the 43-year-old New Rochelle driver had a suspended registration due to unpaid parking tickets. The license plates were removed from the car, and appropriate summonses were issued. The woman’s ex-husband arrived to pick her up and take her to the DMV in order to rectify the suspended registration.

A parked truck was observed to have an open door on Mamaroneck Road June 6. Police examined the car and found nothing out of order. Police attempted to teach the owner without success. Patrol closed and secured the door.

A caller complained that gas station attendants on Scarsdale Avenue were parking customers’ cars in permit-only spaces on Scarsdale Avenue June 7. Police spoke with the owner of the gas station. He said he would advise his employees to refrain from parking in permit-only spaces. 

A passerby observed a car hit a parked car on Christie Place and leave the scene of the accident June 7.

Police issued one parking summons to a car illegally parked on Overhill Road and two summonses to illegally parked cars on Hampton Road June 7.

Patrol picked up an unused flare from Edgewood Road June 8.

The highway department was advised that the yellow bulb was out at a traffic light at Walworth and Greenacres avenues June 8.

A parked car was partially blocking a Corell Road driveway June 8. Police asked the driver to move the car.

Police checked on the Palmer Road driver of a minivan who was reported to have allegedly fallen asleep at the wheel several times June 8. The woman was not sleeping when police arrived and she declined medical attention.

The driver of a black Jeep stopped on Brite Avenue because he was not feeling well at 8:45 a.m., June 10. He called his mother who arrived at the scene and drove her son home. 

Police informed the water department about a water main leak on Reimer Road June 10.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.


A Park Road dog was running loose on the street June 5. A neighbor and police caught the dog. Police tracked down the dog’s owner who came to headquarters to pick up the dog. The owner received a summons.

A neighbor caught a loose dog on Post Road and turned the dog over to police June 9. Later a Post Road man came to headquarters inquiring about his son’s loose dog – the same dog police had recently obtained. They were reunited, and the man was issued a summons. Related to this matter, a 24-year-old White Plains man called police to report he had sustained a dog bite to the hand while attempting to help the first neighbor catch the dog and prevent it from running into traffic. He declined EMS service and said he would go to his doctor on his own. Police are following up to obtain vaccination records.

A loose dog and its owner were reunited on Post Road at Evon Court June 10.

A woman walking her dog on Paddington Road found another loose dog lying on the grass June 10. She called the owner’s number on the dog’s tags, and she notified police. Police helped reunite the loose dog with its owner.

Lost and found

On June 4, a Webster Road man reported losing his driver’s license somewhere in the village.

Village code

On June 5, police issued a summons to a village landscaper using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code.

Neighbors complained of loud banging inside a Nelson Road house June 5. Police investigated the complaint and found a young child to be the source of the noise.

Police monitored village center for code enforcement regarding garbage truck activity during allowed times June 7 and 8. No violations were observed.

Patrol issued a summons to a landscaper using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code June 8. 

Neighbors twice complained of noise from a Bradford Road party June 8. Police asked the host and guests to lower the volume of music. The host and guests complied. The second time, a police officer assisted with lowering the volume of the music. A third complaint came in around 11:40 p.m. At that time, the party was dispersed.

On June 9, police issued a summons to a landscaper using a gas-powered mower on Palmer Avenue in violation of village code.

On June 9, police issued a summons to a landscaper using a gas-powered blower on Tompkins Road in violation of village code. 

Police dispersed a noisy party on Rock Meadow Lane at 1:30 a.m., June 10. 

Patrol responded to a noise complaint about an outdoor party on Bell Road around 4 a.m., June 10. At that time, the homeowner said a guest was highly intoxicated. Police called an ambulance to take the guest to White Plains Hospital Center.

A resident said a neighbor at Brite and Huntington avenues was “causing a disturbance” by mowing the lawn at 6:30 p.m., June 10. Patrol arrived at the scene and observed no violations.


According to Fire Chief James Seymour, the fire department responded to 28 incidents during this period, including a structure fire on Tunstall Road. Seymour shared the following details related to these incidents.

On June 5, a Rock Creek Lane house’s carbon monoxide alarm was sounding. Firefighters met the resident in the driveway. The resident said he had unplugged two sounding stand-alone detectors from outlets and went outside. Firefighters found a carbon monoxide leak coming from the oven. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

On June 6, a Rock Creek Lane resident reported an interior gas odor. During investigation, no natural gas readings or odors were detected. A faint odor characteristic of overheated electrical equipment was noted near the kitchen exhaust unit. Firefighters disconnected the power supply and advised homeowner to repair or replace unit prior to restoring power.

On June 6, firefighters investigated a report of a gasoline spill in a Brite Avenue house. There, a floor showed signs of a recent leak from a portable generator that was moved outside prior to firefighters’ arrival. Upon further investigation, the portable generator’s fuel tank was found empty, but residual gasoline was leaking from the air filter. Firefighters advised the homeowner to service the unit and continue ventilating the garage until the odor subsides.

On June 7, a natural gas odor in a Lawrence Road kitchen was traced to a leaking stovetop valve. Con Edison was called. Technicians shut down the stove and advised the resident to replace it.

On June 8, a Colvin Road resident reported a smoking dryer. Firefighters unplugged the dryer and found it smoking from underneath the top cover. Upon removing the top cover, firefighters found a small fire that appeared to have originated in the wiring harness. Firefighters extinguished the fire and removed the dryer from the house.

EMT Graduation20180612 171542EMT Students Receiving Their Certificates

Nearly a dozen SHS seniors chose to undergo EMT certification as their senior options project. On Tuesday June 12th, they officialy graduated and recieved certification for their commitment to the program. The program began last year, and was a huge sucess, and proved to be a huge sucess again this year. As one instructor put it, "Even if [the students] don't go into the medical/emergency response field, they will now know how to properly respond to an emergency".

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 4-10 has been compiled from official information.

(Fire photos courtesy of the Scarsdale Firefighters)

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Vape PenA 19 year old Scarsdale man was arrested on a charge of unlawful possession of marijuana June 11. While conducting a check of Heathcote School grounds around 1 a.m., police encountered a group of teens. The teens were in violation of village code because they were on the school playground after dark. Upon closer look, patrol saw the kids were in possession of a marijuana grinder, a bong and a small bag of marijuana. The young man was also in possession of a vape pen containing marijuana oil. Following his arrest, he was released with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable June 13.

DWI arrest
On June 14, police arrested Jose Jesus Mojica, 42, of Elmsford, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of at least .08 of one percent. The arrest occurred after Mojica swerved while attempting to stop at a police checkpoint on Fenimore Road. Mojica told police he had consumed alcohol “after work,” and patrol observed three cans of beer in Mojica’s back seat area. One can was three-fourths empty. Mojica failed field sobriety tests. An alco-sensor test and a Datamaster test measured Mojica’s blood alcohol level at .133. Mojica’s nephew arrived on scene to post $200 bail. Mojica was appearance ticket and ordered to appear in court June 20.

A Bradford Road woman received a call from someone alleging to be from the Scarsdale police department June 12. The caller’s ID had been manipulated to suggest that the call did, in fact, originate from SPD headquarters. The caller told the woman that her husband had been arrested by Homeland Security and was being held on $5,895 bail. The woman was instructed to disable incoming calls and texts on her phone, to withdraw this money in cash and deposit it into a Bit-Coin ATM at a Mobil gas station in New Rochelle. The large cash withdrawal triggered an account alert that went to the woman ’s husband. He tried to call his wife but was unable to reach her. He then called Scarsdale police. New Rochelle police made contact with the woman while she was attempting to use the Bit-Coin ATM. The transaction was stopped.
On June 15, a woman driving a gray Nissan Altima rang a Walworth Avenue doorbell and asked the homeowner for $15 to help her son who was allegedly in an accident. When the homeowner offered to call police to help the woman, the woman ran to her car and drove away. Police checked records using the woman’s license plate and discovered she had been involved in a similar incident in 2010.

Identity theft
On June 11, a Richbell Road person reported someone had obtained his personal information and attempted to change his account data with Chase Bank. Bank employees became suspicious and contacted the man.
On June 13, a Potter Road man reported someone used his personal information to log into his bank account and fraudulently withdrew $150 from the man’s account.
On June 12, a Lyons Road resident reported a person used his personal information to fraudulently withdraw $1,800 from his account at Chase Bank. He is following up with Chase Bank’s fraud department.
On June 11, a Cohawney Drive woman reported receiving a letter from Bloomingdale’s fraud department, alerting her to possible fraudulent activity on her card. The email address for the card had also been fraudulently changed to a Maryland address.

A man in his 60s wanted to buy two bottles of beer, out of a six-pack at DeCicco’s Marketplace, June 12. Employees told him that the beer in the store was not sold that way. The man became agitated and slammed the store’s back door open.

A Sheldrake Road man called police to report a strange sound coming from outside his house June 14. Police investigated and determined the noise was coming from a tree moving in the wind.

Amazon boxes, old mail, and papers left out for recycling at a Haverford Road house were found behind a store in the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Plaza June 14. The owner of the store brought the mail and boxes to the woman’s house. Police provided the woman with information about how to best safeguard her identity.

Taxi rides
A Richelieu Road mother reported her son’s friend used her Central Taxi account without permission June 16 – and even forged her son’s name on the required paperwork. She said she and her son would attempt to work it out with the friend.

A health aide called police to report an elderly Carthage Road woman had accused her of stealing the elderly woman’s purse June 16. Patrol helped the woman find her purse.

Traffic arrest
On June 14, police arrested Aramis Guzman, 30, of the Bronx, on charges of speeding and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. After stopping Guzman on Post Road, police learned he had at least 10 suspensions – for failing to pay child support, failing to pay parking tickets, and failing to answer a summons. Guzman posted $200 cash bail and was released. He is due back in court on June 27.

Cars and roadways
On June 11, police helped NJ State Police in their attempt to get in touch with the registered owner of a car that was involved in an incident in Crandall, NJ, that day. Patrol attempted to contact the Colonial Road registered owner, but no one was home. Patrol provided NJ State Police with appropriate contact information.
A Jeep with tinted windows was parked on Wildwood Road June 12. Police spoke with the driver, who said he was a private investigator working in the area.
Police observed a man driving a gray Volvo pull alongside a Mercedes in a road rage incident on East Parkway and Depot Place June 12. The man yelled at the driver of the Mercedes, gave her the middle finger and alleged that she had cut him off. He then got out of his car and continued to harass her. Police were able to break up the incident and followed up with each driver. According to the police log, the man has previously been involved in other incidents of road rage.
A woman reported being struck by a car while in the crosswalk of Garth and Popham roads June 12. The impact knocked her to the ground and bruised her. But, she said she was OK and did not ask for the driver’s information. Later, she reported the matter to police.
An errant golf ball from Quaker Ridge Golf Club hit the windshield of a passing car on Griffen Avenue and broke it June 12.
A car was parked close to a Carthage Road driveway June 14. Police asked the driver to move the car.
Police notified Verizon about low-hanging wires on Hampton Road June 15. They also notified the cable providers about loose cable wires at the intersection of Barry and Tunstall roads that day.
Police helped an elderly driver with a disabled car call for a tow on Mamaroneck Road June 17.
Fifteen car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil matter
Two subcontractors got into an argument at a Butler Road job site June 15. Police advised them it was a civil matter.

Village code
On Boulevard, police told kids they were not allowed to be on school grounds after dark at 11 p.m., June 14. The kids were also asked to keep the noise down.
Police advised staff at Fenway Golf Club to lower the volume of party music June 15.
On June 16, police issued a summons to workers making noise at 9 a.m., before the designated time for Saturday work.
On June 16, police issued summonses to landscapers using power equipment in violation of village code.
Police reunited a dog found on Fairview and Post roads with its owner June 16. The owner was issued a summons.
Police reunited a dog found on Madison and Rodney roads with its owner June 17. The owner was issued a summons.

Lost and found
A UPS worker found a cellphone on the ground on Weaver Street June 14. The screen was badly damaged. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.
A passerby found an ID card outside police headquarters June 14. Police left a voicemail for the owner of the card.
Police returned keys found in the village to their owner June 15.
A resident reported losing a NYS court administration ID June 16. He needed official paperwork to get a replacement.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 24 incidents last week. He shared details of the following incidents.
On June 11, a car hit the guardrail on the northbound Hutchinson River Parkway. Firefighters cleaned up spilled automotive fluid and stood by for Westchester County police. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps treated an occupant of the car who was complaining of arm pain.
On June 12, a car accident occurred on Crane Road at Woodland Place. Firefighters cleaned up spilled fluids and stood by for a tow.
On June 12, water from a broken toilet supply line was leaking in a Brewster Road house and dripping through ceiling light fixtures in the basement. The resident had already closed the water supply line, and firefighters shut circuit breakers to the affected fixtures. They advised the resident to call an electrician.
On June 13, carbon monoxide and an oil odor were detected in a Quentin Road house. Firefighters discovered the boiler’s burners were malfunctioning. They ventilated the house, shut down the boiler and advised the homeowner to contact a boiler service company for repair.
On June 13, a gas leak was detected on Heathcote Road at Morris Lane, with explosive gas levels in the sewer. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.
A burning odor led firefighters to an air handler with a burned out motor in a Brittany Close attic June 14. Firefighters shut electrical power to the unit and advised the resident to call a HVAC mechanic for repair.
A plastic container accidentally placed on a Sprague Road stove with a lit burner caught fire June 15. The resident used a dry chemical extinguisher to put out the fire before firefighters arrived. A check with a thermal imaging camera detected no extension of the fire in the hood or adjacent cabinetry.
On June 16, a Cushman Road resident reported wires in a bedroom light fixture had short circuited at the bulb and ignited a cover around the bulb. The resident said the fire “was blown out” before the resident called firefighters. Firefighters found no sign of fire or abnormal heat. Firefighters disconnected the fixture, capped the wires and removed the fixtures to outdoors. The homeowner was advised to contact an electrician for repair or replacement of the fixture.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 11-17 has been compiled from official information.
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Baseball cropIdentity theft
On May 29, a Saxon Woods Road woman reported her name was forged on a check for $2,900 cashed against her account. Chase Bank fraud department is following up. On June 1, a Hillandale Close resident a fraudulent Walmart store card was opened in her name in 2017. Several thousand dollars were charged on the card, and the woman only learned about it after receiving a collection notice. The name and address on the card were slightly different from the woman’s actual name and address. A Brewster Road woman reported her China Merchants Bank credit card was fraudulently charged at a Mount Vernon business June 1. She informed the creditor, and the creditor is reversing the charge and cancelling the card.

A female member of a surveillance team stationed at Wildwood and Vernon roads reported a male resident was intentional hitting baseballs into her car June 2. The man first approached her and asked her to move. She said she was legally parked and refused to move. Then man then returned to his yard and began hitting baseballs into a net with a lacrosse stick. Within a brief period of time, four balls hit her car. The woman then began recording the man with her phone. Video footage shows him intentionally aiming a ball at the woman’s car, and propelling it with enough force to cause a quarter-sized dent in the car. Police determined the damage was intentional, particularly since the car was not parked directly behind the net. The woman said she did not want to immediately pursue charges. Police advised the man of their findings, and he went back inside his house.

Police advised a man walking on Post Road at 11 p.m., May 29, that it would be safer for him to walk on the sidewalk. The man complied. The father of a Tunstall Road girl alleged that a neighbor harassed his daughter while his daughter was out walking her pet dog May 30. The daughter said the neighbor’s car was travelling slowly, but she felt it was “too close” to her and her dog. Patrol spoke with the neighbor who said she always drives slowly and carefully through the neighborhood. She said she has no problems with any of her neighbors.

On May 30, a Hampton Road man reported he was walking his dog while his kids were home alone. His kids then called him stating they heard knocking at the door. The man ran home and did not see anything out of order but possibly heard a strange noise coming from the Fox Meadow School area. Police canvassed the area but did not find anything suspicious.

On May 31, a Fenimore Road couple reported a neighbor sent the husband a Facebook message at 3:50 a.m. The message did not appear to be threatening or harassing in nature, but the couple wanted police to document it.

Garbage bags
Kent Road neighbors were disputing the placement of garbage bags in regard to the property line between their houses June 2. Patrol advised them it was a civil matter and recommended they consult with Village Hall in regard to their property line.

Park bench
Police observed a man lying down on a park bench in the rain at Post and Edgewood roads at 1:40 a.m., June 3. The man presented identification that showed he was a village resident. He said he was waiting for an Uber to pick him up and take him to White Plains.

Cars and roadways
Patrol notified Verizon about a fallen wire at Drake Road and Woods Lane May 30.
A car stalled on Post Road because of a faulty transmission May 31. Police helped move the car to Village Hall parking lot while the driver waited for a tow.
Police contacted an employee of Village Hall to address an unsecured parking meter on Depot Place June 1. A gardener cleared a small amount of mulch from Heathcote Road while police stood by June 2. A neighbor complained about parents parking on Fayette Road during a T-ball game June 2. The parents moved their cars at police request. On June 2, on Post Road, police removed the license plates of a car with a suspended registration. The suspension was the result of unresolved parking violations incurred by the car’s White Plains owner. The car was towed to the owner’s house. Around 2 a.m., June 3, a driver of a disabled truck asked police if he could sleep in his truck in the parking lot of Heathcote Gulf, with the intention of getting his truck repaired in the morning. Appropriate arrangements were made, and the driver requested no further assistance. Nine car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Dog bite
A Walworth Avenue man reported being bitten by a Brewster Road dog while he was out walking in the neighborhood June 2. As the man passed the dog owner’s house, the dog allegedly ran from its yard, circled the man, started biting his hands, jumped on his back and ripped his shirt. Kids in the yard were able to get the dog off the man and back into its yard. The dog owner came outside and gave the man a check for $25 to compensate him for his damaged shirt. After the man got home, his wife examined his back and noticed broken skin. She called the doctor and the police. Patrol spoke with the dog owner, who said her kids accidentally let the dog out of the house. She showed police vaccination records. Patrol advised her that the dog must remain confined for 10 days.

A Larch Lane dog got loose because its owner forgot to change the battery in the dog’s electric fence collar May 31. Police issued the owner a summons for having a dog at large. On June 1, a Paddington Road man reported an injured rabbit on his property. Police gave the man contact numbers for local trappers. A Mamaroneck Road woman reported seeing three deer on her property June 1. The woman thought the deer were “behaving oddly and possibly injured.” She asked police to check their condition. Police arrived and determined the deer were acting normally. The deer moved along without incident.

Village code
Patrol issued a Drake Road landscaper, who was riding on a lawnmower, a summons for using power equipment prior to 10 a.m. on June 2. On June 2, police issued a Post Road landscaper for summons for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code. Patrol also advised the landscaper to park his truck in a manner that would not impact traffic flow. Neighbors complained of noise from a party at Fox Meadow Tennis Club June 2. Patrol advised the host to reduce the volume of the music, and the host said the band was playing its last song. Police stood by while the band broke down its equipment.

Lost and found
On May 30, a man found a woman’s purse on Spencer Place and gave it to police. Patrol contacted the owner, from Ardsley, and returned the purse to her. On May 31, a woman reported losing her wallet at DeCicco’s Marketplace or somewhere in the village May 31. A Bank of America debit card was found near the intersection of Brite Avenue and Butler Road June 1. Police vouchered it for safekeeping. A passerby found keys on Kingston Road and brought them to headquarters June 2. Police are holding them for safekeeping.

This week, firefighters responded to 22 incidents according to Scarsdale Fire Chief James Seymour. He shared details about the following incidents:
On May 29, firefighters responded to a call of a defective train station elevator on Depot Place. No occupants were inside the elevator. Firefighters reset the elevator operation and checked to make sure it was functioning properly. An outlet inside a Sunset Drive house was sparking May 29. Firefighters found the resident had accidently dropped a metallic chain onto the light fixture’s electrical cord striking the prongs connected to the wall outlet. This shorted out the light fixture. A check with a thermal imaging camera found no abnormal heat behind the outlet or anywhere in the wall surrounding the outlet. The circuit breaker did not trip. On May 30, a contractor struck a natural gas line on a Murray Hill Road property. Firefighters found the contractor had severed a gas line going from the meter to a generator behind the pool house. The contractor had shut down the gas line at the basement meter prior to firefighters’ arrival. Firefighters found no leak or readings in the basement or at the damaged line. Con Edison trucks arrived to address the matter and released firefighters. On June 2, firefighters received an automatic fire alarm from a Continental Road house. They conducted an interior check and found water from an attic air handler had overflowed the catch tray and leaked into a second floor bedroom smoke detector. Water continued through the first floor ceiling light fixture. Firefighters disconnected the smoke detector, shut down the attic air handler and shut the circuit breaker to the affected light fixture. Firefighters advised the resident to call for service. On June 3, a Woods Lane resident reported an indoor odor of natural gas while changing gas connections between an old and a new dryer. Firefighters found a faulty gas valve and a second valve behind a sheet-rocked wall. Firefighters shut off the gas supply and stood by for Con Edison.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 29-June 4 has been compiled from official information.

Scarsdale PBA Community Day, held at Chase Park on June 3, was a beautiful time for the community and Scarsdale police to come together for an afternoon of old-fashioned, outdoor fun. Food, games, music, photo-ops for kids, and even a dunk-a-cop-tank drew lots of smiles and joy. Sergeant Ronnie Arefieg, one of the event organizers, commented "We really felt the love, and we were delighted to share this very special event with a very special community. We're already looking forward to continuing the tradition next year."

PBA community day 1PBA community day 2

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