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electromagnetic fieldArrests: On Nov. 29, police arrested Jonathan Villegas, 27, of White Plains, on a charge of unlawful possession of marijuana. A drug and alcohol task force noticed an odor of marijuana coming from Villegas’s 2011 BMW, as officers were driving behind the car in an unmarked car on Post Road. A large amount of smoke could also be seen coming out of the car’s window. Officers conducted a traffic stop on Post Road. Upon questioning Villegas, who was driving the car, officers asked if there was any marijuana in the car. Villegas then handed a plastic bag of marijuana to the officers. Villegas was arrested and taken to headquarters. He was released on an appearance ticket, returnable to Scarsdale Village Justice Court.

On Dec. 1, police arrested Fernando Pinto, 46, of Mount Vernon, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of at least .08 of one percent, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, moving from a lane unsafely and failure to use the designated lane. Patrol first saw Pinto’s 2009 Nissan swerving and repeatedly crossing pavement markings on Post Road, as well as sideswiping the curb several times. Police conducted a traffic stop and interviewed the driver. He said he had consumed one Corona beer at a bar in White Plains several hours in the past. His eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and there was a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Patrol administered field sobriety tests, and Pinto failed them. An alco-sensor test indicated the presence of alcohol on Pinto’s breath, with a reading of .14. He was arrested and taken to headquarters. There, a Datamaster test was administered, and Villegas’s blood alcohol level was confirmed to be .16. He was released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket, returnable at Scarsdale Village Justice Court on Dec. 5. His car was secured on Ferncliff Road, and he went home by taxi.

On Nov. 27, a Carman Road woman called police at 4:12 a.m. She reported she was the victim of “electromagnetic radiation.” She presented patrol with a list of symptoms which included “burnings sensations on skin, pain in chest targeted for hours, pain pricks to head and back, back pain, head pain, burning eyes, light in the corners of eyes all night long, sunburn feeling on left side of face, dry throat, coughing, stinging eyes and bunion pain for several hours.” The woman declined medical attention. She gave patrol a handout titled “Emergency – Satellite Technology Being Used to Track, Monitor, Torture and Kill.” Police determined the allegations were unsubstantiated.

Car repair
A woman called police to report some men offered to fix cosmetic damages on her car in a parking lot Nov. 27. They followed her to Citibank on Post Road in Eastchester for payment, and she felt uncomfortable and called police. Scarsdale police dispatched Eastchester police to investigate the matter and provide assistance.

Parking meter
An unsecured parking meter was found on East Parkway Dec. 1. Police removed the money canister for safekeeping and put the meter out f service, pending repair.

A brother was worried about his sister because he had been unable to reach her for several days, and he asked police to perform a welfare check Dec. 2. She was OK and said she would charge her cell phone and call her brother.

Police notified the highway department about a large pile of leaves obstructing traffic on Burgess Road Nov. 26. When the leaf pile was being checked out, another pile of leaves was observed blocking a fire hydrant on the same street. Police issued village code summonses to the residents who were responsible for the oversized and improperly placed leaf piles.

Pedestrian, bicyclist hit
At 8:30 a.m., on Nov. 11, a 51-year-old man on a bicycle was struck by a 2007 Mercedes-Benz at the intersection of Popham and Chase roads. The injured man was taken to Westchester Medical Center for treatment of injuries. The man is a resident of Lee Road, and the driver is resident of Gaylor Road.

Cars and roadways
A driver got a flat tire on Fenimore Road and police guided her to a safe location on Ridgecrest West to wait for a tow Nov. 26.
A deep pothole filled with water on Mamaroneck Road caused a car to get a flat tire Nov. 27.
Police issued a summons to a man who parked a work truck in a no parking zone on Roosevelt Place Nov. 28.
Patrol moved a fallen tree from Palmer Avenue Nov. 28.
Police issued parking summons to the registered owners of illegally parked cars on Freightway Nov. 28.
Police called a tow truck for a disabled car on Drake Road Nov. 28.
On Nov. 29, police issued summonses to the drivers of two cars that were idling in a “no standing zone” on Overhill Road Nov. 29.
Police notified the water department about a water main break on Olmsted Road Nov. 29.
Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

On Nov. 30, a caller expressed concern about dogs left outside for an extended period of time on Aspen Road and asked police to check the dogs’ welfare. Police went to the house and saw two dogs in a large outdoor yard, with plenty of food and toys. The dogs greeted patrol “excitedly” and seemed to be in good health and positive spirit.

Village code
On Dec. 1, police advised a Sheldrake Road contractor of noise restrictions regarding construction work.

According to Scarsdale Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 35 car accidents in the village. He shared details about the following incidents.

On Nov. 26, firefighters detected a boiler malfunction in a Lenox Place house. Firefighters shut down the boiler and ventilated the house. No carbon monoxide readings were detected. The homeowner was advised to have the boiler serviced.

On Nov. 26, firefighters detected elevated levels of carbon monoxide in a Claremont Road basement. The boiler was shut down, and Con Edison red-tagged it. Firefighters ventilated the house to restore safe air quality.

On Nov. 28, a heavy odor of burning fuel near Axtell Drive was traced to a malfunctioning oil burner in a Winslow Place house. Firefighters shut off the boiler and advised the resident to call for service.

On Nov. 29, firefighters assisted at a car accident at Brite Avenue and Fenimore Road. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps took two people to the hospital.

On Nov. 30, firefighters were called to a Harvest Drive house because of a cooking fire in an oven. It was contained to its container, and it self extinguished. Firefighters checked the oven and determined it was still in working order.

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warninglightOn Nov. 22, a woman reported being accosted by two armed black men in their twenties while she was out walking on Autenreith Road at approximately 7:30 p.m. According to the woman, one of the men displayed what appeared to be gun and demanded, “Give me all your money.” At that time, the woman started screaming loudly and yelled for someone to call the police. This apparently startled the robbers, and they ran off in the direction of Popham Road. Police canvassed the area and continue to follow up.

On Nov. 24, the Scarsdale High School community was alerted to an online threat received by one of the school’s students via social media. The student’s parents reported the post to Scarsdale police and school staff. Investigation also showed that the person who posted the online threat made an additional threat about bombing the school. As a precaution, the school building was checked for any possible threats, and police were present during student arrival at school the following day, Nov. 25. Police continued to monitor the school throughout the day, and no negative events were reported. It was later shared in an email by school administration that some of the threatening posts were later retracted “as antics.” Nevertheless, police continued to investigate the incident. Police determined that the individuals who posted the threats were three young people located in Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio, and that the threats did not pose a danger to the school or the student who had been targeted. Nevertheless, school administration indicated that counseling would be made available to anyone who felt unsettled about the incident. As per protocol, police notified the FBI of their findings with regard to this investigation.

DWI arrests
A report of an erratic driver in a 2008 BMW on Olmsted Road, at 4:20 a.m., on Nov. 25, resulted in the arrest of Giovanni Salgado-Prado, 22, of White Plains, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), moving from a lane unsafely, driving left of pavement markings and an improper right turn at an intersection. Patrol went to the reported area and noticed the car swerving all over Post Road, unable to maintain steady control in the appropriate lane. Police initiated a traffic stop. Salgado-Prado first said he had not been drinking. Then, when police pointed out signs of intoxication such as slurred speech and a smell of alcohol on his breath, Salgado-Prado told officers he had consumed one Long Island iced tea at a bar in White Plains. Field sobriety tests were administered, which Salgado-Prado failed. An alco-sensor test indicated a blood alcohol level of .21. Police then arrested Salgado-Prado and took him to headquarters. During questioning here, Salgado-Prado answered “yes” or “no” questions by saying “not without my lawyer.” He also said he would not submit to a Datamaster test to confirm his blood alcohol level without the presence of a lawyer. During the arrest process, Salgado-Prado was very uncooperative. He yelled at officers, calling them “f---ing rookies,” “f---ing bums,” and “faggots.” Several times, he said, “I’ll see you in court, pussy;” and he gave officers the middle finger. Following his arrest processing, Salgado-Prado was released to an undisclosed person, with an appearance ticket. He was ordered to appear in court on Nov. 28. His car was secured on Brewster Road.

On Nov. 25, a 2017 Hyundai struck a stop sign at the intersection of Brite Avenue and Olmstead Road. Investigation led to the arrest of Jair C. DeOliveira, 25, of White Plains. He was charged with driving while intoxicated (first offense) and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle on a highway. Following his arrest processing, DeOliveira was released on $100 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court.

On Nov. 21, the manager of CVS on Popham Road hearing the store’s alarm go off as an older couple was leaving the store. At that time, the woman, who was black, in her 60s and wearing a hat with a pom-pom, threw a package of cold medicine onto the counter. A review of video surveillance, however, showed the woman’s partner – a black man in his 60s with gray hair – stuffing approximately $200 worth of over-the-counter medication into his pants before leaving the store. Police are following up.

Arrest on warrant
On Nov. 21, Yonkers advised Scarsdale police that they had picked up a man – Andy Jimenez, 25, of Yonkers – for whom there was an active warrant issued out of Scarsdale in January 2018. Jimenez was being held by Yonkers police on unrelated charges. Scarsdale police picked up Jimenez and transported him to headquarters for arrest processing. He was released on $100 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable Nov. 28.

Identity theft
On Nov. 25, a Franklin Road woman reported her Lord & Taylor credit card had been fraudulently used, and unauthorized charges appeared on her statement.

Customer trouble
On Nov. 19, a Garth Road business owner reported she was having problems with a customer in the store. Police advised the customer she was no longer welcome in the store.

Au pair
A two-year-old child accidentally locked an au pair in a Post Road garage, and the child’s mother called police for help Nov. 20. When police arrived on scene, the au pair had already succeeded in getting back in the house through the front door.

A loud noise heard on Ridgedale Avenue appeared to be the result of soda cans that exploded after being left out in freezing weather Nov. 23.

Cars and roadways
On Nov. 19, police asked a contractor to move parked vehicles from a restricted portion of Putnam Road.
Verizon was notified about a fallen wire on Garden Road Nov. 19.

Police issued a parking summons to an illegally parked car on Sage Terrace Nov. 19.

On Nov. 19, police notified the highway department about a pile of leaves on Edgewood Road.

A woman accidentally locked her young children and keys in her car on Oak Lane Nov.19. Police stood by while the woman’s husband arrived with a spare key. The children were released from the car unharmed.

Police waited with an unoccupied disabled car on Mamaroneck Road, until a tow truck arrived, Nov. 20.

On Nov. 20, police notified the highway department about a pile of leaves on Dolma Road.

A sewage pipe was leaking into a yard on Post Road Nov. 23. Police notified the water department.

A resident complained about a missing restricted parking sign on Fox Meadow Road Nov. 25. Police took note of it and informed the highway department in order to have the sign replaced.

Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A loose dog was found on Heathcote Road Nov. 21. New Rochelle Humane Society took custody of the animal, and a summons was written for the dog’s potential owner.

Village code
On Nov. 20, police advised a Cooper Road resident with an old television that bulk refuse must only be left on the curb no earlier than the night before trash pickup.

Police dispersed kids from Hyatt Field after midnight Nov. 24.

Lost and found
A wallet was found in the Harwood Building Nov. 24. Police contacted its owner for its return.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 31 incidents this reporting period. He shared the following narratives.

On Nov. 20, firefighters extinguished a brush fire on Church Lane caused by a primary electrical wire arcing against a tree limb and causing sparks to drop down into a pile of dry leaves. Con Edison was notified.

On Nov. 24, a backup battery pack for emergency lighting overheated at Scarsdale High School and emitted a slight haze. Firefighters shut power to the unit and removed its fuse. A custodian was advised to repair or replace the unit.

A malfunctioning boiler in a Secor Road house resulted in elevated carbon monoxide readings in a Secor Road house Nov. 25. Firefighters shut down the boiler, ventilated the building and advised to have the system serviced. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps evaluated the resident.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway in the area of River Road Nov. 25.

Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps tended to a person with injuries Nov. 25.

Scarsdale firefighters provided mutual aide for a reported dryer fire in Greenville apartment building Nov. 25. Upon arrival, firefighters found a candle burning in a bathroom. The flame had extended into a wooden window frame. Firefighters knocked down the fire with a 2.5-gallon water extinguisher. It was determined that a resident had gone to sleep with the candle burning.

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broken eggsAn employee of a Boniface Circle store reported two young girls likely stole a plaid bag from the store. The employee and the store manager said one of the girls was walking around the store with the bag on her shoulder. The manger said she left the sales floor to take a call, and at that time the girls left the store without checking out at the register. Upon looking for the bag, it was no longer in the store. However, the paper used to stuff the bag was found scattered around the store.

Prescription Forgery
On Nov. 13, a Popham Road pharmacist reported an incident of prescription forgery. A man came into CVS with a prescription written for 60 oxycodone-acetaminophen pills on Nov. 10. The man produced identification matching the name on the prescription, but later it was determined the prescription had been fraudulently written. Police are following up.

A Highland Way woman received a call from someone alleging to be her son-in-law and asking for $7,500 to post bail for an alleged legal problem Nov. 16. The woman became suspicious and called her daughter, who confirmed nothing was wrong. She then reported the matter to police.

Uber Driver
A woman called police after an alleged incident involving an Uber driver Nov. 12. The woman reported she called an Uber to pick her up at a Cushman Road house and drive her home, to Long Island City. Upon getting in the back of the car, the woman said she asked the driver how he was. He allegedly answered: “Not f---ing great because now I have to f---ing drive to Long Island City.” At the point, the woman said she got scared and answered: “No you don’t have to do anything, and neither do I.” The driver continued to back the car out of the driveway, and the woman twice shouted, “Stop the car!” The driver did not comply, and the woman then allegedly opened the door and exited the car while it was moving. Patrol offered to call an ambulance for her if needed, but she declined.

A Mount Vernon man walked into headquarters and reported that a woman violated an order of protection by calling him Nov. 13. During the call, the woman alleged that the 15-moth-old child that the two have in common was not actually his child. Late the man received a call from an unknown man threatening to shoot the Mount Vernon man in the face. The Mount Vernon man believed he answered the call while in the confines of the village and therefore reported the incident in Scarsdale police. However, later it was determined that the call was not answered in Scarsdale, and the Mount Vernon man was referred to the correct jurisdiction.

A woman reported someone threw eggs at her car parked at Boulevard and Bradley Road Nov. 14. The woman said she had an altercation with a man over parking earlier that morning. He complained that the street is not for commuter parking and that residents have difficulty getting in and out of their driveways when commuters park on the street. The woman ignored him and walked to the bus. When she returned later that day, her car was covered with smashed eggs.

A caller reported a woman walking on Palmer Avenue, allegedly with her pants down Nov. 16. Police went to the scene and saw a woman holding her pants up with one hand. She told police she left her house to get something to eat and forgot to put on a belt. She said a female passerby had helped her secure her pants to a fixed position. She was responsive and declined further help.

Pedestrian Struck
At 8 p.m., Nov. 14, a 50-year-old female pedestrian, from Queens Village, NY, was struck by a car while crossing the street in a designated crosswalk at Nelson Road and Boulevard. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps. The driver, who was making a left turn, said it was dark, and she did not see the pedestrian. A streetlight at that intersection was not working at the time of the accident.

Cars and Roadways
On Nov. 13, police notified the high way department about a large pile of leaves blocking one lane of Cushman Road. Highway workers cleaned up the leaves.

A woman accidentally locked herself out of her car while it was parked and running on Fox Meadow Road Nov. 15. Police notified a roadside assistance service with a tow truck.

The highway department was notified about disorderly leaf piles on Myrtledale Road Nov. 15.

A parked car with its ignition running was found in Balducci’s parking lot on Palmer Avenue Nov. 15. Patrol opened the car and turned off the ignition. Patrol located the owner and returned the keys to her.

Patrol assisted numerous motorists stuck in snow throughout the village Nov. 15. They also assisted with numerous weather-related car accidents, one involving a bus, Nov. 15.

On Nov. 16, police helped the driver of a van remove the vehicle from a lawn on Fenway Golf Course. The van became stuck during the significant snowstorm Nov. 15. The driver of the man said he would work with golf club management to resolve any damage the accident might have caused to the golf course.

Fourteen car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A passerby found a loose dog in village center and brought it to firefighters, who then brought it to police Nov. 17. Police found the owner’s information on a tag and contacted him. He picked up his dog from headquarters.

A deer was stuck between a property fence and a tennis court fence at a Park Road residence Nov. 18. The deer was getting injured as it tried to free itself from the fences. Police and firefighters, with the homeowner’s permission, successfully moved one of the fences to successfully free the deer.

Lost and Found
A parking enforcement officer found an American Express card on Scarsdale Avenue Nov. 13. Police could not locate the owner for notification, and the card was vouchered for safekeeping.

A license plate was found on Scarsdale Avenue Nov. 16. It was vouchered at headquarters for safekeeping.

Employees of Lange’s Deli found a wallet with keys and gave it to police Nov. 17. Police vouchered it at headquarters for safekeeping.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 36 incidents during this reporting period. Seymour shared details of the following incidents.

On Nov. 12, firefighters helped administer first aid to a person who walked into headquarters complaining of shortness of breath, while waiting for Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps to arrive.

On Nov. 13, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway.
An overheating refrigerator motor was causing a burning odor inside one of the rooms of Scarsdale Synagogue Nov. 13. Firefighters disconnected the unit and advised synagogue staff to repair or replace it.

On Nov. 15, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

A primary power line fell on a Palmer Road driveway Nov. 15. Firefighters closed a lane of traffic for safety. Con Edison was notified and firefighters stood by. During this incident, police alerted firefighters to a car accident nearby. Firefighters assisted by allowing the occupants of the car to sit inside the fire engine to keep warm until transportation showed up, and the car was towed from the accident scene.

On Nov. 15, a Coralyn Road resident reported a problem with the boiler in her house. The resident heard clicking and banging noises coming from the boiler control box. Firefighters shut power to the boiler and advised the resident to call for service.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Reynal Crossing Nov. 15.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 12-18 has been compiled from official information.

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questionmarkThis in from the Scarsdale Police on Friday November 23: At approximately 7:37 PM on November 22 the Scarsdale Police responded to the area of 45 Popham Road on a report that a resident, who had been walking her dogs, was approached by 2 males who asked for money. Upon turning toward the subjects the resident observed a silver/bronze colored hand gun. The resident screamed and the subjects fled on foot without taking any property from the resident. A short while later the resident contacted the police. Police canvassed the area for the suspects who apparently fled the area.

The incident is currently under Investigation.

Police are asking anyone who may have information to contact the police department at 914-722-1200.

computer theftAt 2 a.m., Nov. 7, police saw a man walking with a backpack on Weaver Street. The man was showing signs of nervousness, such as constantly looking around, checking his surroundings and checking his phone. Due to recent burglaries in the area, police stopped the man to interview him. When asked where he was coming from, the man pointed to Weaver Street and said Hartsdale. He said, “I’m good” and attempted to walk away. Patrol told the man Hartsdale was in the other direction, and then the man changed his story and said White Plains. While speaking with police, the man kept trying to move away. The man then put down the backpack and tried to walk away. Due to the man’s increasing nervousness and suspicious behavior, police then asked the man to put his hands on the patrol car and called for additional backup. During a pat down for officer safety, police found a roll of quarters in the man’s coat pocket. Police opened the backpack and found an Acer computer that had been left on, as well as two pairs of glasses. Police opened the lid of the laptop and observed a photo of an older white woman and man, as well as a name and contact information. Patrol asked the suspect – later identified as Dwayne Wilkinson, 36, of White Plains – if the computer was his. Wilkinson answered that he had bought the computer on the street in Mount Vernon approximately three weeks ago. Police asked what the computer’s password was and the provided a numeric sequence. When asked again, the provided a different numerous sequence. Police then contacted the listed number on the computer’s contact information and spoke with a Varian Lane man who described the backpack and its contents. He said the backpack had been in his unlocked, parked car before he went to bed. He confirmed it had been stolen. Wilkinson was placed under arrest and taken to headquarters. A check of Wilkinson’s criminal record indicated prior arrests for larcenies, burglaries, robbery, weapons possession and credit card offenses. Following his arraignment, Wilkinson was remanded to Westchester County Jail on a $2,500 cash bail. A future court date is pending.

DWI arrest
On Nov. 11, police arrested Xuanmin Chen, 40, of Scarsdale, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol level of .18 or more and driving too slowly. Police noticed something was wrong when they noticed Chen’s 2018 Tesla pass by on Post Road, traveling very slowly with a flat front tire. Police conducted a traffic stop. Chen said he was coming from a friend’s house. He smelled of alcohol and admitted to having two or three drinks there. Chen failed field sobriety tests. An alco-sensor breath test indicated a blood alcohol level of .11. Chen was subsequently arrested and charges. At headquarters, he submitted to a Datamaster test that turned back a blood alcohol content reading of .20. Chen was released on his own recognizance and issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable Nov. 14.

On Nov. 5, a Carthage Road resident returned home after being out for approximately five hours and found his house had been burglarized. In particular, the master bedroom was heavily tossed. Emptied jewelry boxes were observed thrown onto the bed and floor. Doors were discovered unlocked, and there was no sign of forced entry. Detectives are following up.

On Nov. 6, a Gatehouse Road resident reported her housekeeper witnessed her house being burglarized on Nov. 5. According to the report, the housekeeper saw about $200 worth of bar mitzvah jewelry being stolen. Detectives are following up.

On Nov. 12, an employee of a Boniface Avenue store reported merchandise had been stolen approximately 30-40 minutes in the past.

On Nov. 5, an Overlook Road resident reported someone stole a $20,000 diamond wedding ring from her house sometime between Sept. 26 and 28.

On Nov. 6, a 93-year-old Spier Road resident reported $10,000 had been stolen from her house.

Identity theft
On Nov. 7, a Cooper Road resident reported seeing fraudulent activity, amounting to $782.54, on her bank account.

Yonkers police arrested Toniann Orichello on Nov. 10. Since Orichello was also wanted by Scarsdale police for a charge of petit larceny, Yonkers PD notified Scarsdale PD. Scarsdale PD faxed a copy of the warrant to Yonkers PD and learned that the warrant would be processed after several other warrants from other Westchester and New York City jurisdictions were processed.

A woman who parked her car on Overhill Road called police to report a man was arguing with her about her parking Nov. 5. She alleged the man then stood in front of her car and obstructed her ability to drive. Police went to the scene and spoke with the woman and the man. The man said he was concerned about the woman’s parking and wanted to discuss it with her. He said he also photographed her car. Police advised him to contact the police department regarding any concerns related to parking and to refrain from discussing it directly with motorists.

Mistaken identity
A Secor Road resident reported a man was in his backyard with a metal detector Nov. 6. Police spoke with the man, who was an exterminator working on a contracted job.

An employee of Shaarei Tikvah reported an unknown package was received at the temple Nov. 6. After some follow up, police spoke with the Rabbi who said the package was for him and got delivered to the temple by mistake. As a courtesy, police drove the package to his house.

On Nov. 9, a Fox Meadow Road woman received a suspicious package in the mail. The return address on the package was the same address as a person the woman had convicted while serving on a criminal jury in Westchester County courthouse in the past. Another juror, from Hartsdale, received a similar package. Police picked up the package and turned it over to Westchester County’s hazardous devices department. They opened the package. It contained 25 typed pages and a USB flash drive. WCPD was going to follow up.

On Nov. 11, a Church Lane resident reported receiving a suspicious package. It was identical to package received by the Fox Meadow Road woman (see above.) Both women had served on the same jury.

While conducting burglary patrol, police noticed a ladder leaning against a Cushman Road house that was under construction Nov. 7. Further investigation revealed an open door. Police spoke with the homeowner who was inside the house. He removed the ladder and secured the door.

A person walked into headquarters and asked to be taken to a homeless shelter in White Plains at 4:12 a.m., Nov. 11. As a courtesy, police transported the person to the shelter.

On Nov. 12, a Griffen Avenue man reported someone might have intentionally damaged a photo of his wife and him. The photo appeared to have been cut or pierced with an unknown objects. The man said he has recently had some disagreements with employees who work in his house, and it has created a stressful situation. The man refused to file a formal report and said he preferred to deliberate possible future actions with his wife.

Civil matter
A man called police and requested a Spanish-speaking officer Nov. 12. A Spanish-speaking officer met with the man, and the man alleged a Spencer Place restaurant, where he had been employed briefly, owed him for a few days of work that had not ben paid. Police spoke with the business owner who said she did not owe any money to the man. She claimed he missed two days of work during his brief employment, and that accounted for the difference. Police advised the parties that this was a civil matter, which could be addressed in court.

Cars and roadways
Police issued a citation to the driver of a work truck parked on a Post Road sidewalk Nov. 5.

Con Edison was notified about a utility pole with visible curvature, located at Post Road and Boulevard Nov. 8.

A driver’s car was unable to reach a speed of more than 10 mph while traveling on Post Road Nov. 6. Police followed the driver as a safety precaution and stood by as the driver safely parked his car on Tompkins Road. The driver said he would return with a mechanic to address the problem.

A highway worker reported a pile of leaves on Brite Avenue was blocking access to a drain Nov. 7. The responsible homeowner was mailed summons for violating village code.

On Nov. 7, the parking enforcement officer identified a 2007 Honda Civic with scofflaw status parked on Scarsdale Avenue. Police towed the car and impounded it.

Police helped move a disabled car with an overheated motor off of Popham Road and onto a side street while the driver waited for a tow Nov. 7.

For safety in an area of abundant traffic, patrol waited with the driver of a disabled car until a tow truck arrived Nov. 7.
A pedestrian claimed a taxi driver almost hit him while he was in the marked crosswalk at Chase Road and Christie Place Nov. 8. The pedestrian alleged the taxi driver yelled at him to “get out of the crosswalk.” Police spoke with the dispatcher and planned to follow up with the taxi driver after he returned to the depot.

On Nov. 11, police helped a driver with a stalled car jump start the battery.

A caller with a flat tire requested assistance on Brite Avenue Nov. 11. Police called a tow for the caller.

Police prepared a summons for an Autenreith Road homeowner who placed piles of leaves on the street Nov. 11.

Ten car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Village code
Police stood by while teens were dispersed from a gathering on Freightway Road Nov. 5.
A resident complained of noisy kids on Burgess Road after 10 p.m., Nov. 5. Police stood by as the kids were picked up by their parents.

Three boys were digging up soil in Davis Park in an attempt to build a ramp for their bicycles Nov. 11. Police advised the boys they were not allowed to dig up dirt and reposition it in the park. The boys apologized and put the dirt back in place.

Police reunited a lost dog, found on Palmer Avenue, and its owner Nov. 12.

Lost and found
Police contacted the owner of a wallet found on Depot Place Nov. 5. The owner’s father promptly picked up the wallet from headquarters.

A Carstensen Road woman reported leaving a designer tote bag in an Uber she shared with a stranger Nov. 13. The bag contained the woman’s personal documents, driver’s license and credit and debit cards. The Uber driver said the bag was no longer in his car.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 27 incidents during this reporting period. Seymour provided details about the following incident below:

On Nov. 5, firefighters responded to an interior gas odor in a Popham Road building. A check of the area discovered that the rooftop-heating unit was not working properly. Firefighters notified Con Edison and shut the unit down for repair.

On Nov. 7, a Butler Road homeowner reported a smoking electric outlet. The outlet was attached to an old intercom buzzer. Firefighters disconnected the unit and advised the homeowner to call an electrician.

On Nov. 8, an overheated sump pump was smoking in an Innes Road house. Firefighters disconnected the pump and advised the resident to call a plumber.

On Nov. 10, firefighters assisted with a car accident on Popham Road.

A gas odor inside the Christie Place parking garage was caused by gasoline leaked from a parked car Nov. 10. Firefighters put Speedi-Dri on the fluid to absorb it.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 5 – 12 has been compiled from official information.

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