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Ever been fed up with a broken parking meter? Morgan Goodman of Greenburgh found a unique was to express his frustration. He parked his car on Boniface Circle in Scarsdale Village and got a parking ticket. Wanting to demonstrate to the court that the meter was broken, he removed the head of the meter from the post and brought it into Village Court as evidence. Police were not able to determine if he damaged the meter. The incident was reported to police on April 2 by a representative of Scarsdale Village Court.

BB gun – A Scarsdale man was driving down Saxon Woods Road on the afternoon of April 2nd when his car was struck by a BB gun pellet. He saw some kids run into the woods. Though the man was not injured, Police came to the scene and searched the woods near Black Birch Lane. They were unable to find the culprits, but based on their investigation they suspect that the youths live in White Plains. Scarsdale Police called White Plains Police who said that similar incidents had occurred in this area and the White Plains Police agreed to follow up on the matter.

Harassed – the owner of Reading, Writing and Wrapping in Scarsdale Village called police on the afternoon of April 2 to report that two boys were harassing her. They came into the store and called her a witch. Based on her description of the suspects, police searched the area but were unable to find them.

Home Alone: A five year-old Greenacres boy called police on the afternoon of April 2 to say that he could not find his mom or dad. When police arrived at the home the boy’s parents were there. They had simply stepped outside for a few minutes.

Gas Leak: The fire department checked the interiors of homes on Brewster Road on the afternoon of April 3 due to a gas leak. Residents who were at home allowed the firemen to come in, however the fire department had to force their way into a rear door at 151 Brewster Road as no one was home.

Public Urination: a Kent Road resident called police to complain that a man wearing a red shirt, blue pants and a white hat was peeing in front of 16 Kent Road late in the afternoon on April 3.

Theft: An SHS student reported that his wallet had been stolen out of his car on April 3 and unauthorized charges were made on his Chase debit card. About $150 was charged on the card via the internet and he called Chase to cancel the stolen debit card.

An Edgewood high school girl was home with a few friends on Friday night April 2 when a group of 15-20 students stopped by and forced their way into her house. It took her about a half hour to get rid of the 15-20 uninvited girls and boys who she believed were juniors at the high school. When her dad returned home later that night he found that his watch, valued at $2,000 was missing as well as a hand carved eagle clock, worth $10,000. He is hoping to negotiate the return of his items with the students who barged into his home.

A Heathcote woman reported on 3/29 that her costume jewelry, valued at $1,000 was missing. She was not sure when the two sets of earrings, necklaces and headpiece had disappeared from her jewelry box in her master bedroom.

A Greenacres woman who was running on the SHS track on Saturday evening April 3, had a rude surprise when she returned to her car, which was parked in the high school lot. She found that someone had shattered the rear window of her 2008 Honda and stolen her pocketbook. In addition to her bag she lost cash, credit cards, her license, her wallet, checkbook and glasses.

In another incident at the high school, a Quaker Ridge senior left his 2007 Lexus at the school on 3/27 and did not return to pick it up until the morning of 3/29. When he came back, the side view mirrors and windshield wipers had been removed.

Car Fire: The Scarsdale Fire Department was called to Claremont Road on the afternoon of March 30 to put out a fire in a car that was parked at 24 Claremont Road. As they were unable to find the car’s owner, they put out the flames and then the car was towed by Ted Herman’s Towing to the Scarsdale Impound lot. Inside the car, police found construction tools, a wallet, a passport, debit card and personal papers. At 9:30 that night, a man came to the Scarsdale Police trailer to report that his car was missing. He was told how to get the car released and towed.

Arrest: Glenn Vittorio Suarez of the Bronx was brought to Scarsdale Police headquarters on the morning of April 1 on a bench warrant for a probation violation. He was arrested due to his failure to show up at a scheduled court appearance. He was placed in the holding cell and transferred to Scarsdale Village Court for arraignment and then committed to Westchester County jail pending $7,500 in bail.

Lost and Found: A set of car keys was found in front of a home on Greenacres Avenue. The residents turned them into the police on 3/31. If you’ve lost yours, go to Police Headquarters to inquire.

A string of pickpocketing incidents targeting elderly victims ended on Wednesday March 30th when police stopped the thieves on Main Street in White Plains.

Two female suspects had just left the Christmas Tree store on Central Avenue and were in a car driven by a third male suspect. Greenburgh Police stopped their 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe and found that all three occupants of the car matched the description of three pickpockets who were wanted. There were seven incidents reported in all, starting on March 19th and the three suspects are believed to be responsible.

Stephanie R. Pruitt, 53 of Yonkers, Dawn A. Boykin, 50 of Mount Vernon and Philip M. Rhame, 51 of New York were charged with Grand Larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

A frustrated Johnson Road man is staging a protest against Verizon. Necmet Morgul of Johnson Road saw his street devastated by last week’s storm. Cars and homes were crushed, 5 trees fell across the road and it appeared as if the street had it’s own private tornado.

Six days following the storm, Con Ed had repaired power lines and that same night the cable came back. Morgul credits village crews with clearing debris quickly to allow the repairs to take place. However, now 12 days after the storm, he still has no phone or internet service to his home. As he works out of his home he has been unable to communicate with customers and says that his children need the internet to do their work. Though several Verizon trucks are visible on the street, according to Morgul, little seems to be happening. As a result, Mr. Morgul has been sitting outside at the corner of Johnson Road and Boulevard with a sign that registers his dismay.

He has received three text messages from Verizon answering his pleas. Last Sunday they reported the problem was resolved (though it clearly was not), on Monday they told him they were still working on it and Wednesday they told him that crews had been dispatched to his street. For a communications company, Morgul doesn’t think Verizon is doing a very good job communicating!

The Verizon workers on the street have a plausible explanation for the delay. They explained that in situations where power lines are down Verizon is the last team to get access to the lines. First live wires must be cleared, and then trees removed. Following this work Con Edison can restore the power and cable lines can be repaired. On Johnson Road they need to fully replace all Verizon lines and they hope to have phone service restored by the weekend. The crew that is now on the street has travelled here from Poughkeepsie and is surveying the site to assess what needs to be done. Why was no one here earlier? They shrugged their shoulders in response and said that many are without service in Westchester and they are doing the best they can.

A Greenburgh nanny was arrested for Grand Larceny for the theft of thousands of dollars of jewelry and cash from her employer and her employer’s neighbor’s homes. Between January 2008 and March 2009 the woman took cash and jewelry worth more than $21,000 from the home of Patrick and Anna Regan of Greenburgh. In February, 2010 a neighbor of the Regan’s said her engagement ring was missing and she suspected the Regan’s nanny who had brought their four year-old to play there.

Mrs. Regan did some research and drove around the nanny’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood in search of pawnshops. Lo and behold, she found her neighbor’s ring at one of them. Regan contacted the Greenburgh police who interviewed the nanny, Latisha Stern, who incriminated herself. She is also accused of taking $15,000 in cash and jewelry from the neighbors.

Some of the jewelry that Ms. Staten allegedly stole was family heirlooms including their daughter’s birth jewelry, a chain from Mr. Regan’s late father and a bracelet that belonged to his wife’s grandmother. Since these items were not retrieved from the pawnshop they were melted down for their gold content.

Greenburgh police announced the arrest on March 26. If she is convicted, Ms. Staten could serve up to four years in prison.

A disgruntled former girlfriend had an unusual confrontation with her ex at the Candlelight on Central Avenue on Monday March 15 around 7 pm. Greenburgh Police responded to a 911 call about a fight at the restaurant. They learned that a woman, holding a brown paper bag, had entered the Candlelight and confronted a table of diners. She pulled a bottle of bleach from the bag and splashed it on them. Fortunately no one was injured but their clothes were damaged by the bleach.

Police interviewed the diners and one identified the assailant as LaShawn Frazier, age 53 of 25 Cliff Street in Hastings. Greenburgh Detectives went to the woman’s home and arrested her for Criminal Mischief in the 3rd degree, a Class E Felony. Ms. Frazier was arraigned at Greenburgh Town Court, released on $2,500 bail and is due back on court on Friday April 9th.

Here is more news from the Greenburgh Police:

Hungry? Bing Zhong Chen was in the process of delivering food from New Garden Chinese Food to a home at 105 Juniper Hill Road, White Plains, around 2 on the afternoon of 3/15 when the three black teens approached him. The bag was grabbed from his hands and the boys fled into a basement entrance of 105 Juniper Hill Road. Chen summoned the police who searched the area and found boys fitting the description walking into the woods. When the suspects saw the police they ran, hid behind some trees and began to take off their clothes and throw them to the ground. Greenburgh Police pursued them and stopped them in a wooded area behind 116 Taramar Way in White Plains. The suspects were identified as Kenneth Mirtil, age 19, Jose Campos, age 17 and Dion Beamon, age 17, all of White Plains.

Raccoon: Police removed a large raccoon from a bedroom of a Ravine Drive home in Hastings on the morning of Tuesday 3/19. The raccoon had been there since the previous night!

Theft at Marshalls: A man, wearing new sneakers was stopped as he walked out of Marshalls on Saturday March 20th. He was observed earlier taking off his old shoes and replacing them with a pair of Air Jordans. He also took several men’s shirts, but when store personnel attempted to catch him, a struggle ensued, and he fled. The shirts were recovered but the man escaped wearing his new footwear. Though police have not found the man, he was identified as Alphie Philmon, age 32, when store personnel reviewed the tape from the video camera.

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