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Police received many reports from wary residents who spotted coyotes on their lawns and streets this past week. Unless the coyote appears to be sick or aggressive, police will not trap or harm the animals, but with reports from Rye of coyote attacks, some are wondering what can be done to remove them from the area.

Mark Carter of Catherine Road in Heathcote came upon a coyote as he was driving home at dusk with his family in the car on August 30th. He describes a very large dog-like animal, skinny, with a triangular, pointed face and dark fur. Unlike foxes, that always seem to be on the move, the coyote stood still, and stared at the Carters as they stared back.

His neighbor had spotted a coyote earlier in the day and it appears that the coyotes live in the woods near the Fenway Golf Course that borders the area. Carter would like to see them trapped and removed to a less-populated area. He points out that loose dogs are caught and brought to shelters and sees the coyotes as a threat to residents and their household pets. On Labor Day weekend he contemplated taking a snooze on his hammock in his yard, but nixed the idea due to the fear of a coyote wandering by.

Additional reports of coyotes were received from:

  • Wynmor Road at 1:41 in the afternoon on 8/30
  • Farragut Road at 2:32 pm on 8/30 same day at
  • Catherine Road at 4:36 pm on 8/30 --Police went there to investigate, found the coyote and got it to move out of the yard and into the woods.
  • Thies Court at 1:45 on August 31
  • Richbell Road at 6 PM on September 4
  • Black Birch Lane at 7:20 pm in the evening of September 5
  • Fenway Golf Course on the second hole around 11 am on Labor Day
  • At Wildwood and Corell Roads at 11:30 am on September 6

Do you think coyotes should be removed from the area? Share your comments in the section below.



fourballsBackyard Sports is pleased to announce the launch of a new basketball training program; BYS Prep. The new program will integrate learning and play into a single session, giving every athlete the opportunity to train with the best coaches and the opportunity to apply this training by playing in a challenging environment.

Danny Bernstein, founder of Backyard Sports remarks, "We are answering the need of the youth player who loves basketball and desires advanced training.

BYS Prep offers highly focused training sessions that use live game play as the core of its curriculum. Nothing teaches or reinforces a skill better than a live game and BYS Prep uses games, constant feedback and a variety of online and offline programs to teach, train, reinforce and track improvement of our athletes. Adding to its strong base of athletic programming, BYS Prep will bring a new vision to the high-level youth sports training arena.

Bernstein concluded, "We believe that no athlete is better prepared than a BYS Prep athlete to compete successfully at the next level."

The fall BYS Prep program will take place at SUNY Purchase beginning on September 26th and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. For more information on BYS Prep and the other programs from Backyard Sports visit their website at



emmas1On Thursday night August 12th, Emma’s Ale House on Gedney Way hosted the first annual charity bartending event for the Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America. A portion of the proceeds, and 100% of the tips were donated to the organization which focuses on improving the quality of life of children and adults with Chrohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis through research.

Guest bartenders were Andrea Cantor, Jennifer Stone and Jodi Hurwitz – and as you can see from these photos it was a well-attended and festive night at Emma’s.emmas3



graycatDo you recognize this cat? This friendly gray cat has been hanging out on my porch for the last week or so. I live two blocks south of Hoff Barthleson Music School. If the cat is yours, please get in touch with me!  By email: or by phone: 472-8952

Thank you!



emblemThe Scarsdale Forum (Town and Village Civic Club Education Forum, Inc.) has launched its 2010-2011 membership drive. As members, Scarsdale residents have the opportunity to share ideas and concerns with respect to the issues before the Village and School Boards and County government. Only members of the Scarsdale Forum participate in the study of the issues in committee and vote on committee reports and resolutions.

There will be five membership meetings held at the Scarsdale Library Scott Room at 8 p.m. on the following Thursdays: October 7, November 18, February 3, April 28 and June 2. Preceding every meeting at 7:30 p.m., there will be a reception where members will have the opportunity to meet each other and greet local community groups being honored by the Scarsdale Forum.

scarsdaleThe program of the first membership meeting on October 7 will include a panel discussion "Being Prepared: Emergency Management, The Village and You" and the "State of the Village" presented by Mayor Carolyn Stevens. The “Pros and Cons of Village-wide Assessment Revaluation” will be discussed at the November 18 meeting.

The Scarsdale Forum’s Sunday Speaker Series will present three programs at the Scarsdale Woman’s Club at 3:00 p.m. on the following Sundays: October 17, December 12 and March 20. Thomas Herman, a retired editor of the Wall Street Journal, will speak on October 17. Alan Schwarz, New York Times, will present “Knock ‘Em Straight, Football’s Collision with Head Injuries” on March 20, 2011.

Future programs of the remaining membership meetings and speaker series will be announced at a later date.

The annual Members Only Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, January 22 at Saint James the Less. To become a member, visit: or download the membership form and mail to: P.O. Box 86 or contact: Eda Newhouse, Chair, Membership Committee at 914-723-7475.



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