Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party Triumphs in Village Election

ElectionCakeRochelle Waldman, Jonathan Lewis, Seth Ross and Marc Samwick: Photo Credit Lisa Van GundyScarsdale has a new Mayor as well as three newly elected Village trustees. In an uncontested election, the candidates nominated by the Citizens Nominating Committee drew a larger than usual number of voters to the polls which demonstrated support for the candidates and Scarsdale’s non-partisan process.

Marc Samwick, who previously served two terms as Village Trustee was elected to serve a two year term as Mayor, with 434 votes. The three candidates for Village Trustee also received support at the polls with Jonathan Lewis getting 434 votes, Rochelle Waldman 427 votes and returning trustee Seth Ross 421 votes.

Lewis with 434 votes received more votes than any single candidate in an uncontested election in the last 18 years, per Village Clerk Donna Conkling.

A total of 457 votes were cast, with 19 write-in votes.

Commenting on the election, Marc Samwick said, “Seth, Rochelle, Jonathan and I are deeply grateful to the CNC for nominating us, to the campaign volunteers for working so diligently on our behalf, and, most importantly, to the voters of Scarsdale for entrusting us with the responsibility of public service. We look forward to being accessible and listening to our neighbors as we weigh the challenges and opportunities before us.”

One voter who attended the post-election reception at the Scarsdale Woman’s Club said, “There was a lot of excitement at the party this evening. Everyone is truly thrilled with the slate.”

ML Perlman, the Campaign Committee Chair for the Scarsdale Citizens Non Partisan Party said, "Two years ago, I chaired the nonpartisan campaign committee during the most contested election this community has seen in 20 years. It was during that time that I saw first-hand the unwavering value the nonpartisan process places on its commitment to nominating qualified leadership year to year. Both then and now, I was reminded by my mentors and longtime community residents that our campaigns are not about fanfare, political promises, or headlines. Whether in times of contest or in times of relative peace and quiet, we remain steady stewards of the core components of our system’s platform: judicious temperament, exceptional character, and the experience to govern wisely.

You do not hear nonpartisan candidates idealize slogans or disseminate promises of quick fixes because they understand that real challenges are complex and nuanced requiring a combination of sound policy development and implementation over time. The nonpartisan view extends many years ahead in its tireless commitment to a rigorous annual search for individuals to step up to serve on our Village Board with deliberate care and sound judgement. The result is a process that is well designed to service the needs of our community to solve problems and achieve progress.

I would like to extend my thanks to the 28 CNC resident volunteers who approached hundreds of potential candidates and provided invaluable due diligence research to present their endorsement of Marc, Jonathan, Seth, and Rochelle. Thank you to these four candidates who will generously donate their time and impressive capabilities in their respective roles on the Village Board.

I believe that the enjoyment we all share in the success and many virtues of our community certainly reflects the excellence in leadership of the countless individuals who volunteer throughout Scarsdale; past, present, and in the many years to come."

BOT3 19The new Board of Trustees with outgoing Mayor Dan Hochvert: Photo Credit: Lisa Van Gundy

MayorMarcSamwick addresses the crowd: Photo Credit Lisa Van Gundy