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Intern RemiRemi Tolchin with Dr. BoockvarThis past month, over 80 students missed most of their classes with the teachers’ consent to go and work. This was possible because each January, Scarsdale High School’s Alternative School program cancels their classes so its students can embark on internships of their choosing. Some students pick internships that align with their deepest passions, and others pick jobs that allow them to try something new. Several A-School students spoke out about their unique experiences this month:

Sam Friedman ’20, an aspiring filmmaker, worked with Timeline Video in Irvington to both explore his passion for film and absorb the surroundings of a cooperative workplace. “I was tasked with making a commercial for a fidget spinner within the month. I am doing every aspect of the production from talent casting, location scouting, to budgeting and storyboarding,” said Sam. He has also been tasked with directing storyboard artists and negotiating prices with them, as well as using the company’s money to order outfits for the production. The company placed a lot of trust in Sam and allowed him to be independent in his work, which was a great learning experience for him. “I’ve learned to trust myself more. This internship has proven to me that I am compatible with industry professionals. All of the technical things that they talk about, I understand and can engage as well,” he said.

Like Sam, Remi Tolchin ’21 chose an internship in a field in which she is considering a career. She worked for Scarsdale resident Dr. John Boockvar at Lenox Hill Hospital, where she pursued her emerging love for neurosurgery. “I have been pretty set on being a surgeon in the future, but I was always a little nervous about pursuing this career because I did not know what I was getting myself into. Now that I have had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Boockvar, I am convinced this is what I want to do with my life,” said Remi. Throughout the job, she was riveted by the SamFriedman Sam Friedman in the studiosurgeries she witnessed, the brain scans and tumors she saw and researched, and the environment in general. She even became more confident in her commuting skills this month after taking the subway by herself to the hospital each day. “Commuting alone has taught me to be more independent and resourceful,” said Remi. She is grateful for this experience and that she got an inside look at her potential career track.

Sam Hoffman ’19 took a different approach and decided to try something new, in a less familiar field to him. He worked at a private equity firm, where he primarily organized information and aided the people around him. “Even if this isn’t exactly what I want to do in life, I know financial literacy is a skill everyone needs, so I can’t really go wrong with this internship,” said Sam. Since his sponsor wanted to help Sam learn about the business, Sam also spent time sitting in on meetings, researching stocks, and interacting with coworkers. “Economics isn’t the only skill you need in a place like this - social and communication skills are also really important. It’s a lot more qualitative than I initially thought,” said Sam. He’s come to love the social feel of working in an office.

Intern JocelynJocelyn LewisJocelyn Lewis ’20 spent her month helping out with immigrant cases in the legal department at Make the Road NY. She chose this internship for a few reasons: to try something new (last year she worked with a dance company), to explore an interest she’s fostered in her work with the Students for Refugees club at school, and to learn more about an important topic. “There is a lot of conversation surrounding immigration, and I think it’s important to learn as much as possible about the issue so that you can form educated opinions… this internship is a step in being able to provide more accurate information for others and form holistic opinions for myself,” said Jocelyn. She filled her work hours with a multitude of tasks, one of which was closing cases, which gave her the deeper understanding of immigration that she wanted. Even when Jocelyn was completing somewhat tedious tasks, she found it fulfilling to contribute to Make the Road’s mission. “Because I am doing these tasks, the lawyers are able to spend more time on cases, helping people, as opposed to doing work that just needs to get done,” she said. Jocelyn’s desire to help the greater good made this month’s internship an excellent learning experience for her.

Zac Scheider ’21 spent his first A-School internship with a real estate firm called Westchester Choice Realty to explore his possible interest in the business. He enjoyed his time with his sponsor, Barry Kramer, who took him on trips to visit apartments and meet with people. When Kramer was not in the office, however, Zac helped with file work. He learned from this experience that although he has a deep appreciation for real estate and architecture, a job in real estate may not be for him. “The reason why these internships are important is because they give the student an idea of what a job in the real world is like, but it also gives students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their own interests,” said Zac. He cherished the fact that the A-School gave him a chance to develop this insight. Intern DaniDani Paz

For Dani Paz ’20’s internship, she commuted to NYC to work at the UN in the Peace and Security department. Her favorite part of the job is “really just everything,” she said. Between the atmosphere, the diversity in the workplace, and the tasks at hand, Dani says that this internship only strengthened her dream of being elected US senator someday. She even found tasks such as working analytics and spreadsheets on Excel to be fulfilling at this job, because she thinks it is “so satisfying to see your end product.” Dani also found satisfaction in knowing that her job benefits others.

Ross Forman ’19 does not have many hours in his week for an internship, since most of his classes are not in the A-School and therefore are still in session this month. Nonetheless, he is devoting every hour he can into a cause very dear to him: El Centro Hispano’s Mi Hermano Mayor Program. Ross has volunteered at this program for three years, where he partakes in a “mentoring/tutorial program for Hispanic 6th graders in White Plains,” he said. Throughout his time volunteering, he has developed close relationships with the group of students he tutors, so he was happy to have the opportunity to spend more time with them this January. “One of my favorite parts about volunteering in this program is to see the students' joyful reaction after they do well on a test and can't wait to show me the grade, or after they master a topic they have been studying,” said Ross. Ross has fostered a passion for his program, and internship month is allowing him to build on that.

Intern ZacZac ScheiderWhether the students’ internships tapped into their passions or not, everyone experienced self-growth and acquired new skills.

This article was written by Alex Wilson SHS’19 who worked as an A-School intern for Scarsdale10583.com in January.

HoffmanSam Hoffman

LWVSWinterDiane Greenwald, LWVS Co- President, Janice Starr; New York State Senator from the 35th District and Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins; U.S. Representative for the 16th Congressional District, Elliot Engel; and LWVS Co-President, Linda Doucette-Ashman.The League of Women Voters of Scarsdale held it's Winter Fundraiser at the home of Diane and Marc Greenwald on Saturday January 26, 2019. Over 60 league members and guests, including many state and local representatives such as U.S. Representative Eliot Engel, NY State Senator and Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NY State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, Ben Boykin, Chairman of the Board Of the Westchester County Legislators; County Executive George Latimer, Scarsdale Mayor Dan Hochvert, and Scarsdale Trustees Justin Arest, Carl Finger, Seth Ross and Jane Veron attended the event.

It was a lovely and inspirational evening as everyone mingled and chatted with old and new friends. Guests learned about many new initiatives taking place at the state level such as Election Law, Campaign Finance and Healthcare reforms, all issues for which the League of Women Voters has taken positions of support. It was interesting and enjoyable to spend a few hours listening to and debating educated view points on a range of topical issues without a partisan bent to the conversations. All with great food, drink and good cheer!


Photo credit: Michelle Lichtenberg

Communtiy Safety and Security Forum DRAFT21To the Editor: We write to invite the community to the Safety and Security Forum scheduled for Wednesday, January 23, at 7 pm in the high school auditorium. The Village and School District, along with our community partners, work collaboratively to address these important matters.

The goal of the Forum is to provide an overview of the high-level Village-wide planning in the areas of safety, security and emergency management. We will also share information on upcoming training and workshops.

The Forum will feature presentations from Village and School officials, local houses of worship, Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling, and the business community. A portion of the evening will also be devoted to questions.

We hope you will join us.

Mayor Dan Hochvert
Board of Education President Scott Silberfein
Police Commissioner Jane Veron

MarcSamwickThe CNC has nominated former Village Trustee Marc Samwick as their candidate for Mayor of Scarsdale.The Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC) announced that it has officially selected the following residents to be its nominees for elected office in the upcoming Village elections:

Marc Samwick, Mayor
Jonathan Lewis, Trustee
Seth Ross, Trustee
Rochelle Waldman, Trustee

The Village Election will take place on Tuesday March 19, 2019 either at Village Hall (1001 Post Road) or at the Scarsdale Congregational Church (One Heathcote Road). The Village will make the final determination on the location of the polls and will provide further information on where voting will be held.

“The CNC searched for potential candidates and deliberated over the course of two months, diligently following up with well over one hundred references from throughout the Village. While deliberations and reference conversations are not shared publicly, the CNC considered and researched carefully the background, experience, and qualifications of each candidate,” stated Jon Mark, Chair of the CNC.

Commenting on his nomination, Marc Samwick said, “I am honored and ready to serve our outstanding community. It is an exciting time in Scarsdale's history with, among other things, a new library under construction and active discussions about potentially transforming the Freightway site into a dynamic asset that would bring vitality and connectivity to our village center.

I would like to express my appreciation for the support and confidence of the CNC and am thrilled to share the slate with Jonathan Lewis, Seth Ross and Rochelle Waldman - they are each exemplary community members that, if elected, will serve with intelligence, dedication and integrity.

If elected, I look forward to continuing to work with our very capable professional village staff and the outstanding volunteers who serve our community selflessly every day.

Scarsdale is a great place to live and I will do my best to uphold the high standards of our village."

Commenting on his nomination, Jonathan Lewis said, "I am honored to be nominated by the CNC and look forward to the weeks ahead, listening to my neighbors, and learning how I can best serve so that Scarsdale continues to be the extraordinary place we all call home."

Nominee for Village Trustee Rochelle Waldman said, "I would like to thank the CNC for their support and wish congratulations to my fellow nominees, Marc Samwick, Jonathan Lewis, and Seth Ross.  As a 20 year Scarsdale resident, I have been active in numerous committees and charitable organizations within Scarsdale and Westchester and am now very excited and honored to serve our community in the capacity of Village Trustee, if elected. Scarsdale is an exciting place to live and I look forward to using the campaign to hear from friends and neighbors about what is important to them so that Scarsdale continues to be the wonderful community we all love for ourselves and our families."

Per past practice, the candidates are expected to run as a slate under the name "Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party." A formal press release containing biographical information and photographs of each candidate will be forthcoming.

Seth Ross has been nominated to serve a second two-year term, while Jonathan Lewis and Rochelle Waldman have been selected as nominees for their first two-year terms. Board members Matthew Callaghan and Carl Finger will have served for four years and will complete their terms of service.

Additionally, this year's CNC became the first to directly select its own Chair and Vice Chair for the following year by a majority vote. Prior this year's amendment, which was ratified on November 13, 2018 in a vote open to all qualified voters in the Village, the Non-Partisan Resolution (NPR) had designated representatives of an external organization to serve as the non-voting Chair and Vice Chair.

The incoming Chair and Vice Chair, who will serve as non-voting members of the CNC, will be responsible for convening the 2019-2020 CNC in November or December 2019.

Marc Greenwald, Chair-elect of the CNC
Ryan Spicer, Vice Chair-elect of the CNC

As a final piece of business, the CNC is required under the amended NPR to elect a Vice Chair for the 2019 Procedure Committee, which the NPR tasks with conducting the elections for next year's incoming class of the CNC, and to perform other duties in support of the non-partisan system. That Vice Chair will serve under Eric Cheng, formerly the Vice Chair of the 2018 Procedure Committee, who will continue on as Chair for the 2019 Procedure Committee.

The CNC elected Sarit Kessel Fuchs, a non-voting member of this year's CNC, to fulfill that duty.

Primary 2Two of Scarsdale’s representatives are making headlines this week. Now that Democrats control the House of Representatives, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), who represents Scarsdale, has become the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. With growing suspicions about President Trump's private meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold hearings on Trump’s dealings with Russia. While on television on Monday, Engel said that the committee may have "no choice" but to subpoena an interpreter's notes from a private meeting in 2017 between President Trump and President Putin.

Engel said during an interview on CNN's "At This Hour" that he would prefer "not to have to look at what an interpreter wrote … But we may have no choice. We’ll have to see down the road what happens."

Engel said, “We will be holding hearings on the mysteries swirling around Trump’s bizarre relationship with Putin and his cronies, and how those dark dealings affect our national security.”

Scarsdale’s representative in the NYS State Senate Andrea Stewart-Cousins was sworn in as the Democratic Majority Leader on January 9. She is the first woman, and the first black woman, to lead that chamber.

Under her leadership, the state senate passed legislation to improve New York State’s electoral system on Monday, January 14. New York consistently ranks as one of the worst voter turnout states in the nation. The senate passed a series of bills to establish early voting and no-excuse absentee voting, modernize and expand voter registration, impose limits on LLC contributions, extend Primary Election voting hours and ensure uniformity throughout the state.

In a press release from Cousins she says, “Government should be about breaking down barriers, which is why the Senate Democratic Majority is making it easier for those who are eligible to vote. We need more voices in our democracy, not fewer,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “Easing access to voting and having New Yorkers exercise their Constitutional right to have their voices heard shouldn’t be partisan or controversial. Other states have taken the lead on issues like early voting, same-day registration, pre-registration, and no-excuse absentee voting. It is time for New York State to catch up, so we can once again lead the way forward.”

The historic legislation passed by the Senate Democratic Majority includes:stewartcousins

Early Voting: This bill, S.1102 introduced by Chair of the Elections Committee, Senator Zellnor Myrie, will establish an Early Voting system to permit eligible voters in New York State to vote in person during a designated period.

Consolidation of Federal and State Primaries: This bill, S.1103 introduced by Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, will save taxpayer dollars and make state primary elections the same day as federal primary elections. It also ensures that New York State’s election law complies with the federal Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act.

Closing the LLC Loophole: This bill, S.1101, introduced by Senator Brian Kavanagh, will amend Election Law to hold LLC’s to the same aggregate contribution limit of $5,000 that applies to corporations. The amendment would require the disclosure of the identity and proportion of ownership of all direct and indirect owners of the membership interests in the LLC. This legislation will also amend the Election Law to require all contributions made to political committees or campaigns by an LLC be attributed to each member of the LLC in proportion to the member’s ownership interest.

Same-Day Voter Registration: This bill, S.1048 introduced by Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris, amends the constitution to remove the ten-day advance voter registration requirement, subject to second passage of the next legislature and approval by a statewide referendum.

No-Excuse Absentee Voting: This bill, S.1049 introduced by Senator Leroy Comrie will amend the state Constitution to allow for any voter to request to vote by mail without declaring reason subject to second passage of the next legislature and approval by a statewide referendum.

Voter Registration Transfers: This bill, S.1099, introduced by Senator David Carlucci, will require the Board of Elections to transfer the registration and enrollment of a voter to wherever they move in New York State.

Voter Pre-Registration: This bill, S.1100, introduced by Senator David Carlucci, will enable 16- and 17-year olds to pre-register to vote and requires local boards of education to adopt policies to promote student voter registration and pre-registration.

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