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Letter To The EditorTo the Editor: This is the time of year when voters in Scarsdale have an opportunity to elect their Village Trustees. We are fortunate to have three outstanding candidates willing to serve as volunteers whose particular interests, skills and backgrounds will support and give guidance to Scarsdale’s professional managers. They have been selected by the Scarsdale Non-Partisan Citizens’ Committee solely because of their ability to contribute to the governing of the Village without regard to any political affiliation.

Jane Veron will be serving a second term, providing continuity and experience in dealing with some difficult issues that have faced the community for several years. From the day she and her family moved into Scarsdale she has been an active force for creative ideas and actions and we have been the beneficiary of her involvement in a myriad of community organizations.

Perhaps more than any of our residents, Lena Crandall represents the concern of many for the preservation and enhancement of open spaces throughout the Village. Through her involvement with the Scarsdale Forum she has signaled a unique approach for a range of Village-wide issues and been the source of new ideas and constant effort.

Joining this group of widely respected and experienced citizens the Non-Partisan Committee has chosen, in Justin Arest, someone who can bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to this community. His background and professional expertise should add a distinct approach to the many financial issues which face our local administration.

Once again the Non-Partisan Party offers a distinguished group of citizens who are willing, and qualified, to serve on our Board of Trustees. Over the years, residents have stepped up and offered their service to help provide us with good municipal government. These three public-minded citizens will continue this tradition and we thank them for their willingness to serve and enthusiastically support their election on March 20th.

Stephie and Bill Miller
50 Popham Road

To the Editor,

We are writing to strongly endorse Justin Arest for the office of Village Trustee.

We have had the privilege to work with some of the finest Scarsdale volunteers. Individuals who have selflessly contributed to the betterment of our Village through a commitment of time, a willingness to learn the details of Village programs and operations and who have brought an open mind and the skill of tempered constructive criticism.

We have had the opportunity to work closely with Justin on the Library Capital Campaign and note his other current service to the Village, and observe that he has all those qualities that not only make a superb volunteer but a leader as well.

The Village will be extremely well served by his maturity, energy, thoughtfulness, his grasp of the governmental process and his willingness to listen and courage to question.

Kathy & Bob Steves
2 Fairview Rd
Scarsdale, NY 10583

To the Editor:

I am writing to strongly voice my support of the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party’s candidates for Village Trustee; Justin Arest, Lena Crandall and Jane E. Veron.

I am a third generation resident of Scarsdale. I attended Quaker Ridge School, Scarsdale Middle School and Scarsdale High School. Just as my parents returned to Scarsdale in 1972 to raise their children, eleven years ago I returned with my husband to raise our two children.

This year I was elected by village residents to join the Citizens Nominating Committee. The CNC is a group of 30 diverse residents representing a cross-section of Scarsdale whose responsibility is to meet with potential candidates and over the course of two months, do our due diligence to thoughtfully put together a strong slate of nominees. I am proud to say we have an incredibly diverse and committed group slate of exceptional candidates who will benefit our community. All three have proven themselves already.

Justin Arest, with his business and legal background, has been a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Ad Hoc Committee on Communications, the Freightway Steering Committee, the Scarsdale Library Building Committee and Capital Campaign Committee. Justin is young, enthusiastic, and will give a voice to the newer generation of Scarsdale residents while serving the entire community.

Lena Crandall has spent years helping to protect our beautiful village. She has used her expertise as an attorney to help restore and preserve the wetlands and woodlands of Scarsdale as a volunteer in leadership positions with the Friends of Scarsdale Parks, and on the Conservation Advisory Council and the PTA. Lena will bring her wide ranging public service and sharp legal mind, personal experience of raising a family in Scarsdale and a woman’s voice to her role as trustee.

Jane E. Veron has been nominated for a second term as Village Trustee. For the past two years Jane has been actively involved as chair, member or liaison on a multitude of committees, boards and councils including Cable TV, Communications, Conservation, Land Use, Municipal Services, Parks, & Recreation and Conservation, Scarsdale Seniors Citizens, Youth Advisory, Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, Library Board, Chamber of Commerce, Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service and Drugs and Alcohol Task Force. I personally worked with Jane on this year’s holiday celebration “Light The Dale” and I could not imagine a finer person to continue serving on the village board. Jane is inclusive, supportive, interested and understands how to bring a diverse group of people together.

I truly believe these three incredible outstanding residents of Scarsdale will not only serve our community well but and we will be a stronger community as a result of their service. They are intelligent, thoughtful, open-minded people with the best interests of all residents in mind.

I encourage all residents of Scarsdale to vote ROW B on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 for the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party’s candidates Justin Arest, Lena Crandall and Jane E. Veron.


Gabrielle Reiffel Wise
Mayflower Road

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mathteamThe Scarsdale High School math team won first place in the Westchester County Math League. This league consists of teams from 27 school districts in Westchester County. The teams meet monthly to solve challenging and intriguing math problems. Individuals and teams earn points based on the number of problems they solve correctly.

The first place individual winner was also from Scarsdale: Eric Wei. Three students tied for second place. Two of them were from Scarsdale: Deyuan Li and Richard Xu.

Eleven students from the Scarsdale High School math team qualified to participate in the New York State Math League competition. To qualify for this competition, students must show a high level of achievement on monthly Westchester County math meets. The eleven Scarsdale students are:

Curtis Chang
Alan Chung
Charles Lau
Depei Li
Deyuan Li
Nianli Peng
Austin Tang
Eric Wei
Richard Xu
Tianyi Xu
Maxwell Zhao

The New York State Math League (NYSML) is a math competition for teams around New York State. It is held every spring at a different location. This year the contest will held at SUNY Geneseo on Saturday, March 17. The teams, consisting of 15 students each, gather to compete in individual, team, relay and power races.

See below for a problem posed to the team ... and the solution

 See below for a problem posed to the team ... and the solution.


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GASnowAs of Thursday morning, Con Ed is reporting 1,660 customer outages in Scarsdale, which have resulted from 112 discrete events, representing a sharp increase over yesterday's remaining outage count of 444. This new outage count sets up back to even more outages then there were after the first nor'easter on Friday.

All Scarsdale Schools are closed today after outages occurred. We believe power to the high school and Fox Meadow is out.

From conversations with the restoration crews around town we learned that many of the workers are unprepared to fix the devastation. We spoke to a worker who was surveying the large outage on Walworth Avenue during the snowstorm on Wednesday. He looked surprised and said he was not capable of fixing the issue which was far larger than he had anticipated.

A reader in Edgewood had a similar experience. She wrote, "Still without power in Edgewood! One of my neighbors told me a Con Ed crew person was in Edgewood yesterday and said he did not have the right equipment to do any repairs and left. No crew in site today. A ConEd person in Heathcote on Tuesday night told me he was sorry, did not know the neighborhood at all and was getting information from customers!"

It appears that the Village has been frustrated in their attempts to coordinate work with Con Edison.

Meanwhile, the heavy snows and wind caused additional downed trees yesterday, resulting in new road closures, as follows:

1. Tunstall Road (Madison Road –Nelson Road)
2. Brewster Road (Huntington Ave –Kingston Road)
3. Claremont Road (Berkeley Road –Walworth Avenue)
4. Post Road (Burgess Road –Olmsted Road)
5. 77 Popham Road –Westbound lane closed
6. 9 Carman Road closed at Gaylor
7. Eton and Greendale Roads
8. Cambridge and Rugby (Mamaroneck –Rugby)
9. 55 Penn –Branch on house service across the road

The global restoration target for all power outages in Westchester County is now Friday at 11:00 PM, though the Village continues to pressure Con Ed for additional local restoration crews.

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canadiansWith the storm more than a week behind us, it looks like Scarsdale is finally on the road to recovery. Crews from as far away as Canada and Texas descended on the "Dale and are making a big impact. As of Saturday morning the Con Edison Outage Map shows 297 outages, down steeply from the 600+ reported on Friday.

In Greenacres, two large outages, one on Greenacres Avenue and an even larger one on Walworth were repaired on Friday, lighting up many homes that were dark for over a week. Though the power is on, on Walworth, large trees are still lying on the lines. Perhaps the crews strung new wire around the damage? We're not sure.

These crews are supposed to continue to work through the weekend and the new restoration deadline appears to be Sunday night at 11 pm.

Streets looks better too – though there is debris throughout, Village Crews have done an excellent job with the clean up and in some places you almost wouldn't know what happened last week.

Debris: The Village issued the following notice about free debris removal:

Storm-Related Debris on Private Property

To facilitate the removal of storm-related wood debris from private property, the Village is authorizing free disposal of such debris from Scarsdale residential properties, subject to certain conditions related below.

Importantly, no large logs or branches (those exceeding four feet in length), stumps, soil, metal, or other non-wood materials or objects will be accepted. Any load containing prohibited materials or objects may assessed a fee of $125/ton or rejected, solely at the Village's discretion.

The Scarsdale Recycling Center, located at 110 Secor Road, will accept authorized materials between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM beginning on Thursday, March 09, 2018, and continuing thru Friday, March 30, 2018. No other dates or times will be permitted.

Contractors delivering storm-related wood debris to the Recycling Center must present a completed Wood Waste Disposal Ticket, as included with this press release, signed by the Scarsdale property owner where the debris was removed. A separate voucher must be completed for each separate trip. In addition, branches left curbside for pick-up must be tied and bundled, not to exceed four feet in length or 35 pounds in weight. Please contact the Sanitation Office at 914-722-1295 or the DPW Office at (914) 722- 1150 if you have any questions."

Con Edison:

If you're frustrated with the service you received, or should we say didn't receive, last week, lodge a complaint with the NYS Department of Public Service. You can access the form here: We did this after we were out of power for eleven days after Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately we haven't seen much change with Con Edison, but it is a good way to vent.

To those still without power, we're with you! Hang in.

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WarmingStationIt's Wednesday morning – and though Con Edison promised to restore power to everyone in Scarsdale by Tuesday at 11 am, they have failed again. The Village reports that 444 customers are without power, but the outage summary for Westchester County on the Con Edison website is not working. Some of us have been told that the new restoration date is Friday night at 11 pm. Many have received emails and texts from Con Edison saying their power is on, when it's not.

The Village update from Tuesday said, "Four Con Ed crews are working in Scarsdale today, two of which are de-energizing and clearing downed wires and another two that are also working on power restoration. It is noteworthy that some municipalities in Westchester County reported today that they still have not observed a ConEd crew in their community." We don't know if any crews are working during the storm.

In Greenacres, the downed trees on Walworth that have knocked out the power main remain atop the wires. The only sign of life is the Con Edison man asleep in his car across the street. On my street, Cablevision has installed a portable generator to power internet and phone. It ran out of gas for a while yesterday but it's working again now.

Winterstorm Quinn is here and predicted to bring eight to twelve inches of snow to Scarsdale. As of Wednesday am, it's only snowing lightly. School for Wednesday was called off on Tuesday night in anticipation of the snowfall.SVAC

For those who need a warm place to hang out, David Raizen, President of the Scarsdale Village Ambulance Corps invites you to come to SVAC headquarters at 5 Weaver Street where you'll find power to recharge, showers, heat, television and internet. The building is open to residents from 7 am to 10 pm. No pets please. Questions? Call 914-722-2288 or 914-723-3003. Thank you David!

Do you see any signs of life out there? Please share what you see in the comments section below.

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