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Newly Tenured Teachers and Administrators Honored At Board Meeting

highschoolHigh School Tenured Teachers with Board President Bill Natbony

Proud teachers, administrators and their families came to the Board of Education meeting on Monday night May 7 to celebrate the granting of tenure to 16 district teachers and administrators. Board President Bill Natbony explained that the tenure process is taken very seriously, and recommendations reflect high quality work, drive, and achievement. He also noted that many candidates this year were administrators, who should also be thanked.

Dr. Hagerman gave a brief history of tenure at Scarsdale, which was first implemented in 1909 as a way to protect teachers' jobs. Prior to its implementation, board officers could dismiss an entire faculty of teachers. He also noted that the tenure process sets high expectations and that tenure is attained and not obtained.

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Drew Patrick gave a detailed look into the tenure process. Teachers and faculty are given a probationary period of employment where they are monitored and measured against standards of performance. Using the Charlotte-Danielson Framework for teachers and other proven standard for administrators, teachers and faculty undergo multiple clinical observations which are elaborated in written reports and reflections. There are also drop in observations, and both formal and informal mentoring. Candidates create portfolios of their work, and all of these components, along with feedback from other members of the school community, are considered in the decision to grant tenure. He said, “We believe that the rigors of the tenure process are commensurate with the importance of that achievement”.

IMG 9488Middle School Tenured Teachers with Bill Natbony

Before presenting each candidate with a flower and a handshake, Patrick read some reflections from the candidates regarding their teaching and growth. When asked why he/she taught, one candidate responded “I teach because I hope to shape lives and to change how my students feel about learning … It is not about students remembering specific lessons or trips we have gone on … it’s about the way they’re thinking has changed since they have been in my class. I aim to build intrinsically motivated, self-sufficient learners who will be successful in whatever path they choose.” On growth, one candidate said that “Working alongside so many talented and knowledgeable colleagues has undoubtedly contributed the most to my professional growth. I’ve been fortunate to work with an amazing team of teachers who not only supported me in countless ways, but have shared their ideas and approaches to specific lessons, projects, and ways to best differentiate the needs of my own students”.

The board congratulated the newest teachers and administrators who were granted tenure.

Here’s the list of the district’s newest tenured teachers:

5th grade Teacher Ashley Cooper
3rd grade Teacher Lisa DeGrazia
World Language Teacher Shaun Johnson
1st grade Teacher Deborah Rubin

3rd grade Teacher Jaime Deppert

Quaker Ridge:
1st Grade Teacher Lauren Adler
Special Education Teacher Zulmira Muzzio

Scarsdale Middle School:
Social Studies Teacher William Maldarelli
House Counselor Emma Wixted

Scarsdale High School:
Special Education Teacher Cara Kopatz
Science Teacher Dylan Prendergast

Quaker Ridge Principal Felix Gil
Director of Instructional Technology Jerry Crisci
Assistant Superintendent for Business Stewart Mattey
Director of Physical Education, Health, and Fitness Raymondo Pappalardi

elementaryElementary School Tenured TeachersAll but Raymondo Pappalardi received tenure unanimously. Before passing on the motion, board member Nina Cannon said, “I do not support tenure for Mr. Pappalardi at this time. I would prefer a fifth probationary year”. This forced Mr. Pappalardi’s tenure status to be decided by vote. When taken to ballot, Mr. Pappalardi was awarded tenure on a 6-1 vote.

Also recognized that night were new teachers and administrators who will be joining the district next year, including Edgar McIntosh, who will succeed Lynne Shain as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction. Mr. McIntosh currently serves as the Director of Instruction and Human Resources at Briarcliff Manor.

Photo credit Vicki Presser.

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