Food Scrap Program Reaches Milestone

dirtScarsdale’s Food Scrap Program has now recycled one million pounds of compostable material. The program, which began in January 2017, was the first such initiative in Westchester County and has served as a model for other communities to follow. To-date twenty Westchester municipalities have implemented food scrap recycling programs based on the Scarsdale model.

One of the main attractions of the Food Scrap Program is that all types of food are accepted including meat, dairy, fish, bones, eggshells, spoiled and cooked foods, seafood and nut shells, bread, rice, pasta, and oily foods. In addition, soft paper products (napkins, tissues, paper towels and wax paper) and products made from natural fibers (e.g., paper coffee filters, wood popsicle sticks and wood/bamboo chopsticks) can also be included.

All of the food scraps and compostable materials collected are taken to a composting facility and turned into compost, which is then used by landscapers, homeowners and farmers. Compost made from Scarsdale’s food scraps is available to residents during the Village’s annual Free Compost Giveback Day in April.

Participation in the Food Scrap Program is easy—starter kits and refill rolls of compostable liner bags can be purchased at the Recycling Center office (110 Secor Road) or at Village Hall (at the Parks & Recreation Dept. desk). Residents can also sign up via email at

Program participants find great satisfaction in knowing that what was once thrown in the garbage is now put to such good use. Residents who haven’t yet joined are encouraged to become part of this impactful initiative!

New Location to Purchase Food Scrap Kits and Rollsfoodscraps

Food Scrap Recycling starter kits and refill rolls of compostable bags are now available at the Parks & Recreation Dept. desk in Village Hall. The desk is open Monday-Friday from 9-5 and accepts, credit and debit cards and checks. Now it is even easier to participate in the Scarsdale Food Scrap Recycling Program! Email with any questions or to sign up.