Village Manager Steve Pappalardo Announces July Retirement

FDPappalardoScarsdale Village Manager Steve PappalardoScarsdale’s Village Manager, Stephen M. Pappalardo, has announced plans to retire in July 2021 after 30 years in Scarsdale. Pappalardo was promoted from Deputy Village Manager to Village Manager in 2015 when longtime Village Manager Al Gatta retired. Pappalardo shepherded the Village through many difficult situations including severe storms, the 2016 tax revaluation, legal challenges and the COVID outbreak. But it wasn’t all crisis management. Under his stewardship the Village undertook a major renovation and expansion of the library and launched sustainability initiatives that are now being replicated in other towns. In addition, he got Con Edison to agree to pay for extensive road repaving in the Village when they disrupt roadways for installation and repair of gas lines.

Commenting on his decision to retire, Pappalardo said, “It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked for the Village of Scarsdale for the past 30+ years and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity afforded me by the Village Board to serve as your Village Manager for the past five. My positive professional experiences working for the Village are too numerous to list, as are the many wonderful people I have encountered, many of whom have enriched me and influenced my life both professional and personally. I consider myself fortunate and it has truly been a great career in public service for the Village.

Mayor Marc Samwick commented, “Steve’s leadership, professionalism, and fiscal stewardship have not only resulted in the Village of Scarsdale being recognized in municipal government circles as a model for local governance, but his efforts to maintain and enhance Scarsdale’s broader reputation as a great place to live and raise a family have yielded meaningful results in that our local quality of life has continued to remain in the top tier of suburban communities regionally and nationally throughout his over three decades of esteemed public service.” Mayor Samwick added, “Steve has been – and will always be – a treasured member of the Scarsdale family.”

Although Manager Pappalardo will be retiring this year, he is continuing to press forward on matters of local importance, with a keen eye on the FY 2021-22 Annual Budget and other important work needing his focused attention. He related to the Village Board, “. . . there is still much Village work to complete over the next five months and I remain fully committed to this effort. My July 12, 2021, retirement date allows for the completion of the FY2021-22 budget process and the close of the finances for FY2020- 21. Both will better inform us toward a path forward for the Village government into the new June 01, 2021, fiscal year and beyond, as we transition from COVID-19 back to normal operations.”

We asked Pappalardo what he planned to do after he leaves Scarsdale and he made it clear that he has lots to accomplish before he steps down in July. He said, “I’ve still got five months to go and much work to complete, not the least of which is the most difficult budget in a decade. That being the case, I plan on taking the summer months to consider my next move, but I envision working in some capacity leaving time for family, friends and hobbies.”