Historical Society Offers Reward for Lost Back Issues of the Scarsdale Inquirer

inquirerThe Scarsdale Historical Society is offering a reward of $50 for each issue of the missing Scarsdale Inquirers listed below for each of the first 10 issues found and if you have an issue you are willing to part with, please email scaref@wlsmail.org to make arrangements.  We are happy to accept either a hard copy or microfiche version of the newspapers.

The Scarsdale Historical Society has provided grants over the last several years to the Library to preserve and digitize the older issues of the Scarsdale Inquirer. We have completed digitizing the issues between 1901 and 1977 and they are available through links on the Scarsdale Historical Society website (www.scarsdalehistoricalsociety.org) and the Scarsdale Public Library website (www.scarsdalelibrary.org). The issues of the Scarsdale Inquirer that are missing – and that will qualify for rewards include those between the following dates:

July 1, 1907 – Dec. 31, 1907
January 1, 1908 – Dec. 31, 1908
January 1, 1910 – Dec. 31, 1910
January 1, 1911 – Dec. 31, 1911
January 6, 1918 – Dec. 18, 1918
January 1, 1919 - June 13, 1919
July 1, 1919 – November 8, 1919
October 12, 1961 – Dec. 31, 1961

About the Scarsdale Historical Society
The Scarsdale Historical Society exists to discover, preserve, and disseminate historical information as well as inspire others to learn about and contribute to the history of Scarsdale and the Central mid-Westchester region.