Police Report: Lock Your Car Doors! Gaylor Road Hit With Four Car Break-ins

snowraidersignSnow Photo by Cliff SeltzerCar break-ins: On Feb. 19, a Gaylor Road resident reported his car had been rummaged through. It had been parked and unlocked in the man’s driveway since Feb. 13. Nothing of value was missing, the man said.

On Feb. 19, another Gaylor resident reported her car had been rummaged through – and a wallet containing $300 cash had been stolen – the previous night. The resident told police she thought she had locked her car.

On Feb. 20, a third Gaylor Road resident reported a car break-in. The resident reported an unspecified amount of quarters were missing from the vehicle. The resident thought the incident occurred after 7:30 a.m., Feb. 20, because that was the time the resident went out to clean his car, and at that time, he did not notice anything out of place.

On Feb. 21, a fourth Gaylor Road resident reported his car had been entered. He thought the incident occurred the previous day, on Feb. 21, and resulted in the theft of his registration and insurance card.

Identity theft
On Feb. 19, a Burgess Road woman reported someone opened a fraudulent Key Bank account in her name.

Fraudulent unemployment claims
On Feb. 16, a Benedict Road resident reported someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

On Feb. 17, a Penn Road resident reported someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

On Feb. 17, a Barry Road woman reported receiving a debit card in the mail related to a fraudulent unemployment filing that she previously reported.

On Feb. 19, a Berwick Road resident reported someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

On Feb. 19, a Swarthmore Road resident reported someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

Domestic matters
A Hamilton Road resident requested assistance in dealing with family members who were given access to his father’s financial accounts and who were accused of “not being transparent.” Police advised the resident to consult with an attorney and initiate a power of attorney for account oversight. The matter was determined to be a civil matter.

At 2 a.m., Feb. 22, a Richbell Road woman noticed a dark colored SUV pulled into her driveway and idled there for a few minutes before leaving. She said she thought the car was occupied by two individuals.

Service call requests
A man in his 20s, alleging to be a water department employee, requested access to an elderly Garden Road resident’s house Feb. 17. The resident called the water department, and the water department had no record of a work order for that house or water work being done in the neighborhood. Police searched the neighborhood for the man, did not find him and noted the incident.

At the homeowner’s request, police stood by while a Con Edison employee entered a Richbell Road house and turned off a gas connection because of a leak emanating from the house.

On Feb. 18, two workers requesting access to a White Road house were determined to be Con Edison sub-contractors on official business.

A Montrose Road resident reported a “Happy Birthday” yard sign valued at $150 had been stolen from his yard Feb. 16. Later the resident called back to say he learned the sign had actually been picked up by the sign rental company.

A Meadow Road resident reported that a neighbor’s plow service removed snow from the neighbor’s driveway and deposited it in a way that blocked the roadway for other drivers Feb. 18. Police addressed the matter with the neighbor, and she said she would speak with her plowing company about it.

On Feb. 18, a Village snowplow accidentally pushed a large pile of snow in front of a Lyons Road driveway. The resident complained, and police notified the highway department for follow up.

On Feb. 18, a Village snowplow also accidentally pushed a large pile of snow in front of a Webster Road driveway. The resident complained, and police notified the highway department for follow up.

A Sprague Road woman alleged her parked car had been damaged by a passing snowplow Feb. 20. The car had been parked in the woman’s driveway, and police observed damage to the rear bumper caused by a bank of snow that had been pushed up against the bumper. There was no identifying indication of the kind of plow or vehicle that caused the damage. Police advised her to follow up with her insurance company.

Police helped a person recovering from surgery call for an ambulance to go back to the hospital due to complications Feb. 16.

On Feb. 19. A Johnson Road man reported that he ordered an Apple computer online but never received it in December 2020. He already addressed the matter with the company. The company required a police report to issue the refund.

Cars and roadways
A Varian Road resident reported a “sink hole” in front of his house Feb. 16. The water department was addressing the condition, and police put traffic cones in and around the hole to alert motorists.

On Feb. 16, a caller reported a woman “walking on Heathcote Road with her eyes closed.” Police went to the area and did not see a woman matching that description.
Patrol notified the highway department about a pothole at Weaver Street and Crossway Feb. 16.

A caller reported her car had been stolen from the Bronx and was showing a location indication of being near Popham and Tisdale roads Feb. 17. Police went to the area and did not see the car. Later, police were notified that the caller’s friend found her car.

On Feb. 18, police alerted the water department to a water pipe with s missing cap on Tunstall and Madison roads.

On Feb. 18, police asked driver of parked cars on Montrose Road to move their vehicles for snow plow access.

Police called a tow for a car with a dead battery at Secor and Ramsey roads Feb. 19.

A limousine became disabled at Mamaroneck and Colonial roads due to a lack of transmission fluid Feb. 20. Police helped the driver get fluid for his vehicle to get back on the road.

A caller reported about 10-15 kids out riding bikes and “blocking traffic” at Weaver Street and Bypass Feb. 20. The kids were not there when police arrived to check it out.

Police called a tow for a driver with a flat tire on East Parkway Feb. 20.

A caller reported an unaccompanied dog on Brewster Road Feb. 15. It was gone when police arrived.

A coyote was observed in a Harvest Road yard Feb. 17. It fled when police arrived.

A dead cat was reported on Post Road Feb. 17. Police removed it from the roadway for sanitation pickup.

A Montgomery Road resident reported her dog had been bitten by another dog while out for a walk earlier that day. The resident and her dog were walking on Boulevard when a dog allegedly ran down a Boulevard driveway and attacked her dog in the roadway. The resident said she was unable to separate the two dogs until the offending dog’s owner called back his dog. Two bite marks were observed on the resident’s dog – on its back and side. The resident took her dog to the vet for treatment. Police called the owner of the offending dog, and he said he opened his garage door to put his snowplow away, and the dog ran past him into the street. He said his dog was up to date on vaccinations, and he would supply records from his dog’s vet.

On Feb. 20, a Brown Road resident reported her neighbor allows her dog to “go outside and bark every day at 7 a.m.” When police went to investigate at 7:30 a.m., the alleged dog was outside. It was not observed to be barking. Nevertheless, police advised the neighbor of the complaint and suggested she bring the dog inside if it started barking.

Village code
Following an early morning delivery to 7-Eleven on Scarsdale Avenue, police spoke with the store manager and reminded him to schedule deliveries during times permitted as per Village code, because noise was bothersome to neighbors.

A person was using a snow blower in a Fox Meadow Road driveway at 4:20 a.m., Feb. 19. Police issued a Village code violation summons.

A Barry Road resident reported putting out an electrical fire behind his TV shortly before 5 a.m., Feb. 17. Firefighters went to the house to make sure everything was safe. Upon arrival, firefighters found no active fire. They checked an upstairs bedroom and found an old power strip that shorted out. The power strip was not overloaded. The homeowner told firefighters she had seen sparks and smoke from the behind the dresser, under the TV. The homeowner then shut power to the power strip. Firefighters checked the electrical panel and found no tripped breakers. They advised the homeowner to have an electrician check the outlet. The homeowner also reported a power issue with the TV. Firefighters advised the homeowner to have the TV looked at.

On Feb. 19, contractors working in a Fairview Road house capped an unused gas pipe and residual gas in the pipe causes a gas alarm to sound. Firefighters checked out the alarm and confirmed there was no leak.

On Feb. 19, burnt food in the kitchen of Moscato restaurant, on Scarsdale Avenue, caused an alarm to sound. Firefighters advised the manager to ventilate the kitchen and reset the alarm system.

On Feb. 21, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of gas leak on Heathcote Road.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Feb. 15-21 has been compiled from official information.

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