Police Report: Greenburgh Police Deliver a Baby, Woman Scammed into Sending $80,000 to Thailand and an Orange Cake is Stolen from a Village Bakery

BraytonRoadA large tree fell on Brayton Road on March 19. Photo credit: Michelle SterlingBaby Boy: A paramedic from the Greenburgh Police department arrived on a call just in time to deliver a baby boy. On March 22 at approximately 5:30 PM, Greenburgh Police officers and EMS units responded to a residence in the Fairview section of Greenburgh for a patient that was experiencing labor pains and contractions. Upon arrival, GPD Detective Paramedic Dean Annicchiarico quickly assessed the 27 year old female who was in active labor. The assessment revealed that the contractions were very close and that birth was imminent. Detective Paramedic Annichiarico realized the situation, set up his labor and delivery equipment, and assisted the patient as she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Both the mother and baby were safely transported to the hospital without incident.

Following a motor vehicle stop of a 2018 BMW at Weaver Street and Hutchinson Avenue after 11:30 p.m., March 19, police realized the driver had a suspended license – related to six scoffs on three separate dates. Investigation also revealed an open container of alcohol and marijuana in the car. The police report, however, noted that the driver showed no signs of impairment. The driver – identified as Gabriel Hinds, 27, of the Bronx – was arrested on the following charges: second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle with three or more suspensions, an open container of alcohol on a highway, driving to the left of markings and unlawful possession of marijuana. Hinds was released on his own recognizance and ordered to appear in Village Justice Court on April 7.

On March 18, an East Parkway business owner reported that an orange cake was stolen from her bakery. It was valued at $14.

Identity theft and scams
On March 15, a Carthage Road man reported someone fraudulently used his credit card for unauthorized purchases totaling more that $8,000. The purchases mostly occurred in January.

An Innes Road business owner reported her email had been hacked, and a fraudulent wire transfer had been initiated, causing the owner to lose approximately $15,000. The owner said she was tricked into believing she was sending payment to a vendor, but instead the payment was sent to a scammer.

On March 17, a Greendale Road woman reported someone had tricked her into believing that a $800 computer had fraudulently been purchased using her Amazon account, and in the process of attempting to resolve the alleged fraud, she was further tricked into wiring $80,000 to an unknown person. Specifically, the woman said that the alleged Amazon rep told her to avoid being charged for the fraudulent computer, she needed to type $800 into a payment refund field that appeared on her computer screen. She did so, and at that time, she noticed two extra zeroes were applied. At that time, another alleged Amazon supervisor got back on the phone and told her she had to wire back the money to Amazon that was allegedly accidentally refunded to her. Over the next three days, the woman made three wire transfers totaling $80,000 to an unknown bank account in Bangkok. At some point, she realized the scenario was a scam and called police.

A Roosevelt Place resident reported someone used her credit card to fraudulently purchase a Macbook computer March 18. She was able to cancel the transaction and the card.

Fraudulent unemployment claims
This week, eight residents reported someone filed fraudulent unemployment claims in their names.

Police assisted in verifying Con Edison workers’ credentials before performing work at a Rectory Lane house March 15 and a South Rectory Lane house March 17.

A mother was allowing her child to play with a toy car in a Mamaroneck Road parking lot March 16. Building security felt it was unsafe and alerted police. The woman left before police arrived.

Police helped Westchester County police search for a fleeing motorcyclist who possibly drove across the greens at Saxon Woods Golf Course March 16. The biker was not able to be located in the Village of Scarsdale.

A Meadow Road woman asked police to check the wellbeing of her husband and three children because her husband was not returning her calls March 18. Police called the husband twice, He answered on the second call. He was out with the kids, and everyone was fine. Police informed the wife.

Police helped White Plains police look for a missing person reported to be roaming outdoors in blue pajamas March 19.

A Greenacres Avenue woman called police to report that her husband was arguing with a neighbor over branches, and she alleged that the neighbor pushed her husband March 16. Police intervened in the dispute. One neighbor thought the other neighbor’s landscaper had cut branches from a tree and placed them on his property. He then moved them onto the other neighbor’s property. A back-and-forth argument began. Police examined the branches and determined they had most likely fallen from the tree during a storm. Nothing had been intentional, the neighbors agreed. They were advised to avoid contact with each other.

On March 16, an adult Mount Vernon man reported he was having a verbal dispute over a trading card with a Rye Brook owner of the card and the owner’s father. The dispute occurred in the Village of Scarsdale. At the end of the dispute, the man said he no longer wanted to buy the card.

On March 17, an employee told police he was experiencing a “hostile” environment at work. Police advised him that none of the described actions were criminal in nature and advised him to make a formal complaint with his HR department.

A Bee-Line bus driver reported an accident involving a white box truck that sideswiped her bus and continued driving on Post Road, near Huntington Avenue, March 15. No injuries were reported.

Cars and roadways
On March 15, Con Edison was advised about a leaning utility pole on Weaver Street.

A washing machine was dumped on Bypass March 15. Police informed the highway department for pickup.

A branch fell and struck a police vehicle parked in the public safety parking lot March 16.

Highway workers addressed low-hanging wires on Popham Road March 16.

Police helped a man look for his parked car on Garth Road March 17. When the car could not be found in Scarsdale, the man was referred to Eastchester police.

Police responded to a report of a BMW parked in the DeCicco’s lot for more than 24 hours March 17. When checking the car, it was determined that the car had been reported as stolen out of Eastchester. Eastchester police contacted the owner of the car and too charge of the case, requesting to review video footage of the parking lot.

Police removed a fallen tree from Saxon Woods Road March 18.

The highway department was notified about a fallen tree at Walworth Avenue and Brayton Road March 19.

Police addressed a loose water cap at Post Road and Kathy Lane March 19.

A woman told police she hit the gas instead of the brake and drove over two of her neighbors’ South Church Lane lawns March 20. Police informed the neighbors and helped them exchange information.

A Bell Road woman came home and found a traffic cone blocking her driveway March 20. Police went to the scene to move the cone for her.

A Brite Avenue woman reported s dog bit her arm in Red Maple Swamp March 15. She told police she approached a person walking two dogs and asked if one of the dogs was friendly and if she could pet it. While petting the first dog, the second dog jumped up and but her arm. She said she did not sustain any injuries and declined medical attention.

A loose black dog was reported on Lyons Road March 16. It was gone by the time police arrived.

The highway department was notified about a dead cat at Post and Ferncliff roads March 17.

A loose tan dog was reported on Overhill Road March 19. It was gone by the time police arrived.
A woman found a loose dog on Boulevard and Nelson Road March 20. The owner picked up the dog before police arrived.

A caller described seeing “out of control” dogs off leash near a Wayside Lane playground March 21. Upon arrival, police did not observe any dogs.

Lost and found
A Meadow Road resident reported losing a cell phone somewhere in the Village March 20.

A Brewster Road resident reported losing a license plate from a car driven by his nanny March 20.

Village code
Police dispersed kids in an SUV from private property on Boulevard March 17.

Police dispersed noisy kids from Oak Lane, after the kids said they were finishing up a game, March 17.

Police dispersed kids from Edgewood School grounds after dark March 20.

After neighbors complained about noise, police advised the instructor of a children’s music and dance class on Rock Creek Lane to lower the volume of music March 21.


On March 15, a landscaper started a leaf blower, and a spark ignited a fire inside a tow behind a landscaper trailer on Heathcote Bypass. The landscaper used a dry chemical extinguisher to put out the fire. Firefighters confirmed the fire was out and no extension had occurred.

On March 15, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak at a Con Edison excavation site for house service on Brite Avenue.

On March 20, firefighters assisted at a car accident, with reported head injuries to a pregnant woman, on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

This report covering public safety in the Village from March 15-21 has been compiled from official reports.

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