Charge Away

Let’s face it, in today’s "need to stay connected world" there’s a whole lotta charging going on. I know I am forever running around looking for my chargers and wondering where I left my Blackberry and iTouch last.

I am not the most organized of souls all the time so I set out to find and neat and tidy way to keep all my charges in one place.

Enter The Crate and Barrel Charging Station. 

Nothing denotes our busy busy happy lives more than our handhelds; or is our tousled hair and mismatched socks when we shoot off the couch after taking a ‘power nap’ realizing we’re late for our turn at carpool pick up? Well, for under $40, your family can look as sleek as an FBI agent, or James Bond himself… or rather your cellphones and iEverythings can, at least.

So get your Crate and Barrel Charging Station and never hunt for your e-devices again.

This idea comes to you from the website - an enlightened look at thriving in the burbs.  Check them out for more fun family ideas.