Designing Your Holiday Table

flowersThere’s more to Thanksgiving than the turkey. Don’t forget to plan ahead for a festive table. Architect and designer David Cipperman has some wonderful tips about how you can set a beautiful table by combining many items you may already have with seasonal fruit, gourds, foliage and candles for a colorful tableau. Now’s the time to pull out the family heirlooms and mix and match them to create a unique look.

You can do the work in advance so that you can concentrate on the food before the big day.

Here are some tips on assembling your holiday table:

1) Take stock of what you have. Take out colorful tablecloths, napkings and pull from different collections of silverware, plates and glasses. Incorporate family heirlooms or items that trigger treasured memories. This will add to the uniqueness of your table and will start a conversation that shares the love and joy these memories recall.

2) Take the holiday decor beyond the tabletop and add a dramatic arrangement of seasonal branches and foliage in front of a primary window or on a sideboard. This will go a long way to extend a warm festive atmosphere. Build your arrangement with cuttings from your own yard and find dried flowers and at Michaels. Buy gourds, pumpkins and pomegranates to decorate the table.

3) Approach the setting of your table as a fun design challenge. Gradually create your table setting by layering each component; from the table linens to the last seasonal leaf or gourd. This will give you a chance to evaluate the progress and effect of your choices.

4) Mix and match plates from different sets.

5) Top each setting with a colorful cloth napkin and a napkin ring.

6) Pull out your candles: tapes, votives and scented for a holiday glow.

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InventoryTake stock of what you already have.

colorsUse a coloful tablecloth, placemats and napkin rings.

pinkplateMix and match plates from different sets.InventoryScatter the table with pottery, pumpkins, gourds and fruit.

napkin ringTop each setting with a napkin wrapped in a ring.