Coleus A Summer Stunner

Coleus is a versatile foliage plant that is always at your service, With no special requirements other than water and a little pinching as the season progresses, it thrives in partial shade. What's not to love?

Coleus is an exuberant houseplant, a summertime dazzler and a fabulous filler plant suitable for any and all applications. It looks especially wonderful in pots. Place several varieties together or plant them in a low, wide mouth planter with ferns. Try them in a shady plant bed alongside perennial Ladies Mantle or beneath larger plants such as the weeping blue atlas cedar.

Coleus sports a wide range of leaf types, colors, and color patterns. Some of my favorites are purple Coleus 'Kiwi Fern' and a pink coleus called Pink Chaos. This 18 inch high plant has long weeping leaves of iridescent pink, mint green and cream. It can tolerate some sun although a location with morning sun and afternoon shade is best. Here it is, planted it in a flowerbed along with double impatiens, angelonia, euphorbia 'Diamond Frost” and it also looks great in pots with grasses and flowers. There are so many types of coleus that you can plant a vibrant coleus garden in a rainbow of colors in a shady corner of your garden. See more photos of coleus varieties at HMAplants.

This post is taken from Landscaper Jan Johnsen’s garden blog, Serenity in the Garden, which is devoted to creating harmony, simplicity and peace in the landscape.


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