More Summer Fun with Words

puzzle3How many common words of five or more letters can you spell using the letters in the hive? Every answer must use the center letter at least once. Letters may be reused in a word. At least one word will use all seven letters. Proper names and hyphenated words are not allowed.

Score one point for each answer and three points for each word that contains all seven letters.


16 = Good

22 = Excellent

27 = Genius


Scroll down for answers:















Answers: aglet, allege, angel, apple, eggplant (3 points), gaggle, galette, gallant, gentle, glean, lapel, latent,  legal, nettle, palette, panel, pellet, penal, penpal, petal, plane, planet, plant, pleat, talent, telltale.

If you found other legitimate dictionary words in the beehive, feel free to include them in your score.