Volunteers Plant Native Trees and Shrubs in Scarsdale

Planting1Rick Reuter, Todd Wolleman and Kay Eisenman on Planting DayThe Friends of Scarsdale Parks held their fifth annual planting day at Scarsdale High School on Saturday April 27. The Friends have been reclaiming a waste site adjacent to Dean Field and the Scarsdale Library, clearing it of knotweed and replacing invasive plants with native trees and shrubs. It is now a beautiful meadow. This year, with the help of the Village naturalist, they planted native Sycamores, Northern Arrowwood (viburnum), Cranberries, red twig dogwoods and plum rose bushes along the watercourse. Scarsdaleā€™s first couple, Mayor Marc Samwick and his wife Cynthia stopped by to see the progress of this communal effort. Over the course of the day, 50 people lent a hand and a shovel to the planting effort.Planting2Village Naturalist Sam Weinstock and Dan Girardiwoods