Outdoor Sculpture Stolen on Hampton Road

SculpturebeforeGlass warrior Hilda before the vandalism.A Hampton Road resident and artist called police on Monday evening July 13 to report that a sculpture that she made and had placed in her front yard was stolen. She had last seen the sculpture intact on July 11.

The sculpture was caled "Glass Warrior Hilda" and the artist, Simone Kestelman created it as part of the #Resiliart project that she created to bring art and love to Scarsdale. 

Valued at $16,000 the sculpture was made of red glass and was 4 inches wide and 67 inches tall. It was glued into a stone base that was buried in the front yard. Several pieces of the broken sculpture were left on the ground.

Other sculptures on the grounds including glass balls and a tree were not damaged. The artist could not think of anyone who would have a reason to damage it.

scupltureafterGlass shards that remained after the theft.