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The Scarsdale 15K and 4 Mile Run on Sunday April 7

race1The Scarsdale 15K and 4 mile runs were held on Sunday April 7, two days after an unprecedented earthquake and a day before a solar eclipse.

Timothy Miley 15K Overall Winner Male copyTimothy Miley was the overall male winner of the 15K. The route of the 54th annual run took competitors through Fox Meadow and Greenacres, where streets were closed. Fire Department crews and police were stationed throughout divert traffic, offer water and cheer on the runners. The race started and ended at Scarsdale High School.

In the 4 Mile Run, the top female runner was Dalia Latzman from Mamaroneck with a time of 26:36 and the male winner was Theo Lynch from Pleasantville with a time of 22:44.race2Shangyuan Luo was the first male winner in the 15K from Scarsdale.

See all the winners here:

In the 15 K, the top male runner was Timothey Miley of Long Beach with a time of 53:01 and the first female to cross the finish line was Claudia Seuss with a time of 1:05:40.

The first male Scarsdale contestant was Shangyuan Luo with a time of 55:07 and the first female runner from Scarsdale was Rachel Rilander with a time of 1:05:47.

See all the runners times here:

(Photo Credit: Michael Galucci, Fire Captain, Scarsdale Fire Department and the Scarsdale Rec Department)


Xiumei MA 1st place 4Mile 80 89 Female copyXiumei MA took first place for women ages 80-89 in the 4 Mile race.

Theo Lynch 4Mile Overall Finisher copyTheo Lynch came in first in the 4 Mile run

 Sahil Bloom 15K 2nd Place 30 39 Male copySahil Bloom 2nd place mail winner in the 15K race ages 30-39. Rhonda Hunt 15K 2nd Place 50 59 Female copyRhonda Hunt 2nd Place winner in the 15K for women ages 50-59. Jack Sheridan 4Mile 1st place 15 19 Male copyJack Sheridan was the first male runner in the 15-19 category in the 4Mile race.





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