Friday, Jul 12th

Sunday Mornings Come Alive at the Scarsdale Farmers Market

vegetablesThe Scarsdale Farmers Market showcases local produce every Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM just outside of Chase Park. Down to Earth – a company devoted to connecting cooks and consumers with local farms and producers – helped make this weekly venue possible.

This past Sunday, despite the heat, friends, families, pets, and more gathered to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Visitors browsed a variety of foods and drinks such as artisanal baguettes from Wave Hill Breads and rich coffee from the Cano Coffee Company.

Children played in the park while the adults engaged with the friendly vendors and sampled delicious treats. The market also offered live music for attendees to enjoy. Indeed, Sean Lippin hit the stage and captivated the audience with his soulful guitar performance, setting a lively tone for the rest of the afternoon. Amidst the music, vendors passionately explained their products, origins, and inspirations to curious customers.


“We’re among the few potato vodkas in the United States, but most potato vodkas are made from freeze-dried potato flakes,” commented Dorcas Roehrs from 1857 Spirits. “We’re one of the few distilleries in the United States that actually grows, harvests, distills, and bottles all of our own product.”

This dedication to quality was echoed by many of the other sellers present.

“We do granola,” said Bliss from Blissful Table. “We do three different types of grain: local oats sourced from River Valley Community Grains, quinoa, and brown rice. We also sweeten with organic maple syrup or organic agave. We love granola because it’s so versatile – you can make it a thousand different ways.”

In addition, the market featured handcrafted goods such as wood carvings by Casa Cherrywood Carvings and customized decoupaged oyster shells by Sparkle and Splash. These offerings brought a unique charm to the venue, attracting those seeking more than just food. Shoppers took home one-of-a-kind items suitable for gifts, decor, and personal accessories, all while actively supporting the talented local artisans behind them.

The Scarsdale Farmers Market has proven to be a beloved event for the community, offering something special to everyone who visits.


“It’s [the farmers market] vitally important,” Bliss continued. “It’s vitally important to support our local agriculture. When you taste the difference in freshness and quality, you realize how special it is to have this market right here.”

Roehrs corroborates this:

“I think this is all brilliant, especially with the new group that has taken over – Down to Earth. They’re very successful with what they do and are very supportive of us. That’s why this market will grow exponentially. It’s really quite wonderful.”

Be sure to visit next Sunday to experience the unique charm and support your local farmers and artisans.

To learn more about each of the vendors, visit here.

Writer Eian Tsou is a current junior at Scarsdale High School who loves the creative process of writing. Outside of writing, Eian loves to volunteer, play with his dogs, kick around a soccer ball, and eat tasty foods.