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Scarsdale Library Hosts Generation S.O.S. to Address Teen Mental Health and Substance Misuse

SOSMaya Rabinovich and SerenaOn Tuesday June 4, 2024, the Scarsdale Library welcomed Generation S.O.S., a nonprofit organization whose goal is to raise awareness of mental health and substance misuse issues. The uniqueness of Generation S.O.S. is that their speakers share stories about mental health struggles, social pressures, and substance use with peers. They do so without stigma or shame and teach things such as coping skills, how to help a friend in trouble, and to get help if they’re struggling.

sos2Robin Aviv Founder Generation SOS, Jim Hood CEO Generation SOS, Speaker Serena and Maya Rabinovich.Maya Rabinovich, a sophomore at Scarsdale High School, organized the event to raise awareness for this very important issue that teens often struggle to navigate. Unfortunately, teens encounter substance misuse and other mental health issues more today than ever before. Addiction/overdose is the leading cause of death for people under 30. Hearing from a young adult who survived addiction and shared her uplifting story, including the coping skills she has learned to navigate life safely, was empowering for everyone in the room to hear. “It was so refreshing to hear someone talk honestly about their experience. I liked that she didn’t preach abstinence and instead talked about red flags to look out for,” said Grace Henry, a sophomore at Scarsdale High School, who was in attendance.

The event was well populated by middle school and high school students and their parents, and even included Generation S.O.S.’s founder and CEO.

After the speaker told her story, the group engaged in a lively discussion. The feedback from both the teens and parents was overwhelmingly positive. Dr Rachel Kowalsky, an attendee, shared that, “Substance use disorder and drug overdose are important topics to me, both as a mom of teenagers and a pediatric E.R. physician. Generation S.O.S. has a great approach because they support open, honest conversations about substance use between teens and volunteers who are young and relatable. I’m so glad Maya was able to bring this event to our community. It will make a significant impact.”
Generation S.O.S. looks forward to holding additional events in the near future for teens and parents in Scarsdale and other Westchester communities.

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