Friday, Jul 12th

A Dedication In Hartsdale for a Woman Killed by an Impaired Driver

KavouriasFriends and colleagues gathered on Tuesday June 11, 2024 for a ceremony to dedicate the Site A Parking Garage in Hartsdale to Stephanie Kavourias, the former Executive Director of the Hartsdale Public Parking District who was killed by an impaired driver on East Hartsdale on August 26, 2023.

A friend to all, Kavourias was walking on East Hartsdale Avenue when the driver jumped the curb, hit her and then fled the scene. Police later arrested Antonio Robles Sanchez who was found to be impaired by drugs and driving while intoxicated.plaque

Paul Feiner called Kavourias “the unofficial Mayor of East Hartsdale Avenue,” and said that “it was best to remember how Stephanie lived rather than how she died.” William Sicari called her a “friend and a dedicated public servant who managed and guided the Hartsdale Public Parking District for over 20 years.”

Her sister Debbie Kouvarias said, “Most importantly she was our sister, aunt, neighbor and friend.”

The ceremony ended with the unveiling of plaque commemorating Kouvarias that will stand next to the parking garage.