Friday, May 24th

Columbia University Cancels Graduation Ceremony: A Letter from a Scarsdale Parent

Columbia(The following was written by Sharon Higgins, the mother of a senior at Columbia University School of General Studies.)

To the Office of the Columbia University President and President Minouche Shafik,  

I would not be a responsible parent if I did not protest your decision to cancel commencement. 

Cancelling commencement and moving smaller ceremonies off campus is completely shameful, selfish, pathetic, repugnant and anti-American. You should not give in to the terrorists and professional agitators that took over Hamilton Hall. Columbia campus has been quiet for seven days, the underclassmen will be vacating by the end of this week and Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams have given their unconditional support, reinstate graduation on Morningside campus!

The students that you are punishing, are the students who are hard working, law abiding and are the real future of this country. How dare you beat them down (especially since they were deprived a graduation four years ago.)

Call in the National Guard if you have to but let these deserving, smart and respectful students have their day to be recognized and revered. Don’t let it be the other way around. It is obvious that my words do not adequately express my feelings of anger and sadness that your decision has brought and I am only the parent. What my daughter is feeling is one thousand times worse. If you are to do nothing about reinstating commencement and graduations on the Morningside campus where it has been held continuously for the past 125 years, then the very least you can do is resign.

Reinstate graduation or resign right now! 

A parent from the Class of 2024.

P.S. PS. And to rub salt into the wound, it was insulting that my daughter had to hear about the cancellation of commencement from the New York Times. Your office did not notify the General Studies students about your decision to cancel commencement until late this morning.

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