Monday, Feb 26th

Fox Meadow School Disconnects to Reconnect

DisconnectFox Meadow Elementary School just concluded its pilot Disconnect to Reconnect program. Led by the Fox Meadow PTA’s Wellness committee, over a two week period, Fox Meadow students and their families were challenged to disconnect from their iPads, cell phones and screens while at home. Instead, students were encouraged to find screen-free entertainment. Students played board games, baked cookies, read books and even rode bikes in the unseasonably warm February weather. Fox Meadow Wellness Chair, Samara Chesler, stated “the program encourages all of us to be mindful of how and when we are using screens and put a priority on device-free activities.”

The children marked the conclusion of Disconnect to Reconnect with a school wide spirit day on Friday, February 17, and received a small gift from the PTA to mark their achievement. Ms. Lynch’s 3rd grade class was particularly enthusiastic and recounted screen-free dinners (even by their parents!), bike rides and card games they played during the two weeks. Fox Meadow PTA Co-presidents, Berit Berger and Michelle Schwartz, were so excited to bring this initiative to Fox Meadow. This initiative follows in the footsteps of the SHS’s successful Off and Away for the Day program but in a way that is age appropriate for elementary students.

Overall, Disconnect to Reconnect was a huge success at Fox Meadow. Congrats to the Fox Meadow students!

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