Wednesday, Jun 19th

Scarsdale Boys Lacrosse Wins Section 1 Quaterfinal

LAXQuater1The Raider’s Lacrosse team has begun their playoff journey to win the section championship once again. Their first game was the quarterfinals on May 20th against Suffern High School on the Raiders' home turf.

The Raiders were able to set the tone in the first quarter with a goal from Junior #8 Jackson Starr. Following that, Sophomore Collin Brennan was able to further the cushion for Scarsdale by scoring shortly after Starr. However, right before the second quarter began, Suffern was able to get on the board making the score 2-1 for the Raiders.

No doubt, the most valuable player for the Raiders during the second quarter was senior #20 Ben Froome. While not being one of the top scorers for the team throughout the season, he was one of their best in this match. He scored 2 consecutive goals early on in the quarter making the score 4-1. Although behind, Suffern had made use of their opportunities by scoring 2 quick goals right before the end of the second quarter. The score at halftime was 4-3 in favor of Scarsdale.

Unlike the first 2 quarters where the first part was in full domination by Scarsdale, there was constant back and forth. Froome continued his streak of goals with another giving him a hat-trick, but shortly after Suffern scored 2 consecutive goals to tie the game at 5-5. However, the Raiders quickly regained their lead. Senior Captain #6 Jake Goldstein, who had just returned from injury, scored shortly after Suffern made the game even, putting the Raiders up once again. Shortly after, Senior Captain #25 Rhett Needleman got 2 consecutive goals at the end of the third quarter. The score at this point was 8-5 for Scarsdale and they had momentum on their side.

To seal the deal, Senior #15 Trevor Knopp got his first goal of the game followed by another from Junior #9 Anders Burrows, putting the Raiders up 10-5. While Suffern would score one more time, it wouldn’t be enough to come back.
The Raiders triumphed with a final score of 10-6.

Some performances well worth noticing are Froome’s 3 goals, Golstein’s one goal and six assists and Needleman’s 3 goals. Scarsdale will move on toward the Section 1 semi-final against Carmel on May 23.

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