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HatsinairTo the Editor:

Our sincerest thanks from the SHS PTA Scholarship Committee and the Grant Committee to the entire Scarsdale community. All donations, big and small, make a huge difference and allow us to positively impact others in our community who need the assistance. We are pleased to announce that the SHS PTA Scholarship Fund’s College Committee has raised a total of $103,000.00 to help 18 graduating Scarsdale High School seniors. While our community is generally one of means, there are families here affected by hardship, such as illness, divorce, and business collapse. These scholarships will help defray freshman year tuition costs for our students in need of financial assistance.

To donate:, or send a check to SHS PTA Scholarship Fund for College at 1057 Post Rd Scarsdale, NY 10583.


Beth Cukier, Chair
Tracy McCarthy, Chair Emerita
Scarsdale High School PTA Scholarship Fund for College


EdgebannerOn the blistering hot, sunny morning of June 20th 2024, three 5th grade classes of Edgewood Elementary had their moving-up ceremony. The ceremony was held in the outdoor courtyard and was garnished with a beautiful balloon backdrop. The graduating students walked out of the school to the hum of Pomp and Circumstance. The class then recited the pledge of allegiance before taking their seats to sing their alma mater "Edgewood School Song". The fifth graders were welcomed by Principal Karen Eldon. Afterward, the class sang "For Just a Little While" and "Living What I Believe", led by music teacher, Ms. Giustino.

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Assistant Principal, Lauren Drapek welcomed the students by class to commence the graduation for the Class of 2024. Each of the fifth-grade teachers (Mr. DelMonaco, Mrs. Pinto, and Mrs. Mraz) then took pictures with their respective classes. Fifth grade Aides (Mrs Rotiker, Mrs Shkreli, and Ms Garvin) were also present in the audience. A breakfast was held after the commencement, with groups gathering for pictures at balloon photo stations. Congratulations to the Edgewood Class of 2024! This is not goodbye; remember your time at Edgewood, and best wishes as you fly onwards and upwards to Scarsdale Middle School!


Photo Credit: Andi Schrieber: @andischreiberpix on Instagram and Andi Schreiber on Facebook. More of Andi’s work can be viewed on her website,

Fox Meadow Elementary School Moving Up Ceremony

fmprincipalOn Thursday, June 20, Fox Meadow celebrated their 5th grade students with a beautiful ceremony in the school gym. The 5th graders sang Fly Away Home by PinkZebra which is a very moving song about exploring the world but staying connected and always knowing one can return home. Our students heard encouraging words from Principal Melissa Feinberg, Assistant Principal Trish Iasiello, and PTA Co-Presidents, Jeannie Adashek and Leena Gyftopoulos.

The diplomas were handed out by the 5th grade teachers, Sarah Berger, Daniel Brodsky, and Susan Gray. Everyone in attendance enjoyed watching the 5th grade montage which included memories spanning Kindergarten through 5th grade. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the 5th graders walked through the halls and enjoyed a final clap out from the rest of the school.

A beautiful day in the Meado




yearbook2After recovering from the prom celebration, SHS students enjoyed another rite of passage at Senior Transition Day on Monday June 3.

Now that most know where they will be attending college, they listened with interest to a panel discussion from ten college freshman who had just completed their first year at school. What to expect? First, a lot of walking as most freshman don’t head off to school with their cars. About roomates? The veterans advised that your roommate does not have to be your best friend – just someone you can live with. About the work, the freshman said that the rigorous Scarsdale curriculum had prepared them well for college level work.

Following the panel discussion in the auditorium seniors broke out for smaller discussions with their Deans. Some Deans offered advice, while others had their students write thank you notes to teachers. Students received time capsule letters that they had written to their future selves upon entering high school in ninth grade.

The social part of the day started at noon, when everyone received their yearbooks and exited out of the Brewster Road doors for lunch and yearbook signing. They enjoyed a true hometown lunch with sandwiches from Gianonni’s, with chips and various homemade and custom desserts baked by PTA members.

The PTA created an hour-long photo montage with photos of the class members from their elementary years forward, which ran on a continuous loop on a big screen TV with music playing as the seniors ate and signed yearbooks through 2:30pm.

It was a relaxing day to look back on their experiences in school and forward to what's to come in college.

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Photo Credit: Matthew Hill




ParrottLast week we learned that Cindy Parrott, a teacher and coach in the Scarsdale Schools, had been named the first female athletic director for Scarsdale High School. She takes over from Ray Pappalaridi who will focus on Physical Education and Health.

We contacted Parrott to learn more about her and here is what she shared:

-Tell us about yourself, your educational experience and your work history at the Scarsdale Schools.

I have been teaching math at Scarsdale Middle School for the past 21 years, serving as the Teacher-in-Charge of Choice for 17 years and the Math Department Chair concurrently for 11 years. I have also coached Modified Volleyball at SMS for 20 years and that program has been extremely popular with 80 - 120 girls participating each season. Prior to teaching in Scarsdale, I coached Girls Volleyball and Softball at Staples High School in Westport, CT.

-What sports have you coached and what sports do you play?

As mentioned, I coached modified volleyball in Scarsdale and high school volleyball and softball in my previous position in Westport, CT for eight years. I played softball since childhood and continued to play recreationally into my forties. As an adult, I took up running, finishing countless 5 and 10ks (placing in my age group in some!), several half marathons, and the New York City Marathon. Recently, I have been playing and enjoying pickleball.

-How big is the high school’s current program? How many teams and how many athletes are involved? What are your thoughts on managing a program of this size?

Scarsdale has 39 teams with approximately 1500 student-athletes participating! It’s definitely a bigh job to address all of the needs of the robust offerings available to SHS students, but I look forward to that challenge. I really look forward to seeing students shine outside of the classroom!

-What attracted you to this new opportunity — what do you believe you can offer the athletes and parents in the high school community?

I have been teaching middle school math for a total of 29 years, supporting students in their academic pursuits. Sports has meant a great deal to me and my family so it is a natural transition for me to now support students in their athletic pursuits.

In my current roles I have had to be extremely organized, detail-oriented, and communicative. I understand the privilege of having worked here for decades and I hope parents and athletes will see how much I care. I will work with coaches and staff to foster the development of student-athletes, promote positive sportsmanship, and help ensure that the lessons learned from Athletics extend far beyond one’s years on the field.

-Recruiting and managing coaches is one of the responsibilities of the job. What will you look for when hiring coaches?

Hiring staff has been one of the duties of my previous position that I enjoyed the most. Scarsdale is fortunate to attract the best and most talented teachers and I am proud of the group that has been hired during my tenure as math department chair. I look forward to continuing that with the athletics coaching staff. Obviously, you want to see their experience, knowledge of the sport, and communication and leadership skills. However, I also want to see a commitment and passion for the Scarsdale community. Our teachers can be our best resources for coaching positions as they are already invested in our student-athletes. If they are not available and we look to hire from outside our staff, then I would like to know why Scarsdale. Do they have a sense of the community and an understanding of what it means to wear maroon and white?

-What are you looking forward to?

With so many teams and limited space, I am looking forward to the results of the field study and seeing how we can provide Scarsdale athletes with facilities we can be proud of. I would like to see if there are opportunities for efficiencies with communication of schedules, events, and any necessary changes that can occur. I really look forward to supporting coaches and student-athletes to be sure they have everything they need to be successful.

-You will be Scarsdale’s first female athletic director. What might this mean for the students and the program?

Being the first female athletic director in Scarsdale is not lost on me. While there has been progress, women are still underrepresented in sports leadership. Hopefully, I bring a different perspective on things and equity will always be a priority. I believe Scarsdale is well positioned in this area, but there are some areas for improvement. Regardless of gender, I hope I am viewed as someone who does the job well.

Commenting on the change in leadership, Moira Crouch and Amy Frank who lead booster organization Maroon and White said this: "Maroon and White has supported Scarsdale High School athletics since 1968. In the 9 years of working together, Maroon and White and Mr. Pappalardi have successfully collaborated to accomplish a great deal for Scarsdale High School’s athletics, including the lights, speakers, windscreens and portable scorers box at Butler field, the fitness center and equipment, the softball scoreboard and windscreens at Supply field, all new banners in the gym, a new sign and flags celebrating our state champions by the Athletic Circle, and other equipment, projects and events. Maroon and White has had a strong partnership with Raymondo Pappalardi and admire his dedication to Scarsdale athletics. We look forward to working with the new athletic director, Cindy Parrott, to continue our mission in support of Scarsdale’s student athletes."

MariachiThe Scarsdale High School Prom is on Thursday May 30, 2024 and some clever seniors are finding novel ways to ask their dates to go with them to the big night. Here are photos of just a few “promposals.” Do you have one to share? Email us at and we’ll include it here.

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening.

Marc Hajjar hired a mariachi band to serenade Emilia Gomez and held a sign that said, “Will you GO MEZ with me to prom?

horseWill Nicholl proposed to equestrian Yuri Sato on horseback asking her to ride to prom with him

uhaulZach Rosenberg rented a uhaul van for his promposal to Mili Fukada . It says, "Will UHAUL by ass to prom?"

amandaDaniel Hoey asked Annika Fuehrer if she would “Spke” to go to prom with him?

 ivyAnd Jose Alava asked flag football star Ivy Boockvar “Will QB my date to Prom?

Send your promposal photos to to feature on Scarsdale10583.