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CNC Announces Candidate Slate for Election on March 19

ScarsLogoCupolaThe Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC) announced January 18 the candidates it selected for the Scarsdale Citizens Non-Partisan Party slate for the following offices:

KenMazer2Ken Mazer is running for a second term for Village TrusteeTrustees: Ken Mazer of 47 Church Lane, a Scarsdale resident for 27 years; Jeremy Gans, of 45 Harvest Drive, a 16-year resident; and Jeremy Wise of 14 Boulder Brook Road, a 33-year resident.

Michael Curti of 70 Brown Road, Scarsdale, was nominated to run for Village Justice. Judge Curti became Acting Village Justice in November 2023 when Cynthia Dunne resigned. He was then appointed Village Justice in December 2023 to fill the vacancy and finish the term through March 2024. Prior to this Judge Curti served as assistant village justice under Justice Dunne.

The general election will take place Tuesday, March 19, at the Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road in the Scott Room. Voting hours will be from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Wise2Jeremy Wise was nominated to run for Village Trustee.Jared Stern served as chair and Mary Pat Jones served as vice chair of the CNC. In addition to candidates for village office, the CNC elected Raju Sitaula as chair and Scott Harris as vice chair for next year’s CNC. The CNC also elected Ralph Geer to serve as vice chair of the Procedure Committee.

Starting in late November 2023, the CNC searched for potential candidates and then conducted extensive diligence. While deliberations and reference JeremyGansJeremy Gans is running for a second term for Village Trustee.conversations are not shared publicly, the CNC considered and carefully researched the background, experience, and qualifications of each candidate and engaged in significant deliberation. We thank the CNC members for their hard work and diligence in selecting this strong slate of candidates.
CurtiVillage Justice Michael Curti

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